Chapter 656 gets angry! After Zhao Hai sits down, behind the feeling has innumerable vision è to come , some have very big hostility, even some are also having the loathing. Why Zhao Hai very clear these people will use such look look at he, because he is Human Race, is Dark Magician, these two status no matter that sufficiently made these Elven Race people look at him with such look. Human Race was needless saying that Elven Race hated Human Race possibly also when God Race, after all the hatred of God Race and Elven Race, passed was too long, even if were the Elven Race life must be longer than Human Race , some impossible people to have lived for ten thousand years, was impossible to remember that lived the matters tens of thousands years ago. But with the hatred of Human Race actually just in the past shortly, even within millennium matters, but Elven Race some the people of longevity, can definitely live 1000-year-old, therefore they have borne in mind regarding the hatred of Human Race. In adding on Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, Dark Magician is Elven Race most repugnant profession, the Elven Race person respects the life absolutely, loved the peace, although said that they appeared in the pursue of art very biased, but they regarding the life enthusiasm, regarding the peaceful pursue, the pursue in art were similar to them, soon became the one type of morbid state was biased. But undead that Dark Magician uses summoned Magic, in the Elven Race eye, to life biggest did not respect, the person died, you must suspend nong their corpse, that was to the life biggest did not respect, was because of this, therefore these Elven Race people, will use such look look at Zhao Hai, completely in expected of Zhao Hai. After they sit down, Queen look at Billy and Zhao Hai said : Billy Patriarch, Zhao Hai Clan lord, what I want to know, matter that Billy Patriarch said real? Zhao Hai Clan clan, has to be used to show what you said is real?” look at Queen that Zhao Hai not bears, he has not thought that until now the Elven Race person actually does not believe him, but he already had also prepared to extend, put out that to have Dwarf Race, Beastman Race, the beast skin volume that Sea Race signed, then has stood, Your Majesty please have a look at this to know to Elf Queen said :.” Spirit Queen nodded, beckoned with the hand, immediately had Elf to walk, received the Zhao Hai in hand beast skin volume, then took to Queen. Queen opened the beast skin volume, the careful look at above content, he noted Billy finally their signature, on the face of Elf Queen cannot help but 1 u left one startled to accommodate. Dwarf Race, Beastman Race and Sea Race, this is on Continent several other big different race, before they and Elven Race also had the contact, since Radiant Church started to instigate Human Race and different race relationship starts, the contacts of Elven Race with these races were getting fewer and fewer, dug to Dwarf Race through the tunnel, the Elven Race talent and Dwarf Race had the contact.

although had for a long time not to contact, but about these races marked Elf Queen to know that uniquely, these marked other simply unable to pretend, was adding on Billy to sit in there, very obviously these marks real. Queen looked at the content on beast skin volume, has given Great Elder the beast skin volume, what this turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : looks like mister says was real, before that mister said that Dragon Race and Radiant Church began, have they also seized Lyon Empire and Ocean Waves Dynasty also really?” Zhao Hai nodded, he did not have to speak the idle talk, his really understand, why Queen must believe him, he with so had the sincerity that Billy displayed, but Queen was suspecting him, this made Zhao Hai not bear very much. Great Elder also looked at the content on beast skin volume at this time, she made people deliver to Crown Prince the beast skin volume, but Queen look at Zhao Hai said : what that did mister have to plan at this time?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this Dragon Race suddenly moves, I think that is not accidental, this is very likely a signal that God Race must attack, therefore I and others from Elf forest leave, my immediately must cope with Dragon Race, must Dragon Race from Continent, except that not so, when God Race came, danger of our in addition.” Spirit Queen look at Zhao Hai, in her eye the radiance person builds up, this makes originally attractive, noble aura full Elf Queen appeared beautiful yn was moving, her did deep voice mister have confidence to cope with Dragon Race to Zhao Hai said :?” The Zhao Hai look at Elf Queen appearance knows that she in thinking anything, Dragon Race on Continent is the invincible synonym, now Zhao Hai suddenly said that must cope with Dragon Race, no wonder Elf Queen can be such expression. Zhao Hai not polite, but nodded said : to have directly, Dragon Race now control Lyon Empire, Lyon Empire at Continent most, he divides into two entire Continent, if we cannot cope with Dragon Race, so long as the God Race person came, they can take Lyon Empire as the base, first with Ocean Waves Dynasty around the converging attack, extinguished Buddha Empire at one fell swoop, is wielding the armed forces to go north, copes with Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire directly, that situation on in addition is not petite, what most important is, Lyon Empire also had Elven Race to separate to open with Beastman Race Dwarf Race, in this case, we must eliminate Dragon Race, by the Human Race control area and Dwarf Race, Elven Race, Beastman Race links in together, like this we can with a God Race war.” Spirit Queen nodded, at this time Crown Prince also looked at beast skin Zheng, he curled j to give Elf beast skin, making these Elf give back to Zhao Hai the beast skin volume. Crown Prince look at Zhao Hai said : what that don’t know does mister want our Elven Race to make?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need to make anything, now God Race has not come, I want to make Elven Race know this matter, if God Race one, but came, I hope that Elven Race can make the war with our together shoulder to shoulder, resists God Race.”

Great Elder suddenly said : „do that you assure our Elven Race security with what? How we can feel relieved makes the war with you shoulder to shoulder, but wasn't grasped to work as the slave by you?” Zhao Hai had already thought this issue, his deep voice said : I, so long as Elven Race forms an alliance with us, my Zhao Hai can assure the Elven Race security absolutely? I have this strength.” Great Elder coldly snorted said : „do you want to make our Elven Race the ally with you with a few words? Were you too naive?” Zhao Hai has gotten angry, since he lets Billy and Elven Race communicate starts, Elven Race one is hauls, now finally is willing to see him, he has also shown enough sincerity, but opposite party unexpectedly is such does not trust him, this lets Zhao Hai very angry, he looked at Elf Queen, Crown Prince and Great Elder, cold sound said : I come here am hope and Elven Race form an alliance, I hope that Elven Race can know, if God Race attacked, that, not only our Human Race and Dwarf Race, Beastman Race and Sea Race matter, this also relationship arrived at Elven Race similarly, I was come and you form an alliance. Does not want to request you to bestow, if you do not form an alliance with us, what advantage then has to Elven Race? About strength, divides a strength to be weak, what matter I have not wanted Elven Race to handle, so long as, when God Race comes, you and we together do to fight have been OK, if God Race attacked , will also have Human Race to grasp Elven Race to be the slave? Will they have such mood?” Some Billy also vitalities, Elven Race don’t know, but Billy is actually very clear, these days Zhao Hai has made anything, for the alliance each every race, Zhao Hai keeps rushing bo back and forth in each every races that did not say other, considers this labor, is honourable, but Elven Race now the manner that Zhao Hai this type does not trust completely, thorough j this love distinct Dwarf Race was long. Billy one has stood, he looks angrily at Elf Queen, what meaning with Great Elder said : „you are? Doesn't trust Zhao Hai? I had told you before, Zhao Hai besides is Human Race, he is Foreign Elder of our Dwarf clan, Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, and has helped Sea Race busy, hasn't such status been worth your Elven Race trust? Are you looking down upon us?” The Dwarf Race temperament is straight, in their eyes rou does not get quite a while the sand, Zhao Hai now has regarded as by Billy is Dwarf Race, in this case, how Billy possibly tolerates Elven Race so does not trust Zhao Hai, this simple does not trust their Dwarf Race to be the same with the Elven Race person. Spirit Queen knitting the brows head, she also thinks that the Great Elder words are somewhat improper, in fact Elven Race with already carried on multiple research at these matters that Dwarf Race sent, Queen has already wanted they to form an alliance with Zhao Hai, but did not have the means that Great Elder continuously very j fierce opposition this matter, will therefore drag now. Just the Great Elder words, j had gotten angry Zhao Hai and Billy, this point Elf Queen also looks, he to is believes Zhao Hai and Billy words, even if she has the suspicion to Human Race, impossible to have the suspicion to Dwarf Race, Elven Race and Dwarf Race contacted time was longest, their very clear Dwarf Race is what temperament, Dwarf Race will not help Human Race cope with different race, this point she can affirm. Why at this time did Great Elder actually I trust Human Race in time coldly snorted said :? Even if he is Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince is also what kind, he was Human Race, these year our Elven Race and people Dwarf Race j was easy, your Dwarf Race can the last present life, laughable!” Hears Great Elder this saying, the face of Billy one was black, his look at Great Elder, cold sound said : originally unexpectedly has become in Elven Race our Dwarf Race Savior, HaHaHa, this is I had heard most laughable joke, our Dwarf Race with your Elven Race makes j easy time, is j easy what thing? However is the artware that you make, what these can thing help our Dwarf Race? Our Dwarf Race iron hardware entire Continent becomes famous, the light relying on iron hardware, our Dwarf Race can also not worry the food and clothing, but your Elven Race is actually relying on these artwares, trades the living materials that you have needed from our Dwarf Race there, I to must please ask Great Elder, is not easy before our Dwarf Race j, what your Elven Race is what day? After our Dwarf Race j is easy, your Elven Race what day is?”( .yuun? é. o

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