Chapter 657 suspicious Great Elder Billy has not spoken incorrectly, reason that Dwarf Race can compare other different race to be good from now on, with their in hand iron hardware, but these iron hardware are Buddha Empire according to it able to move unhindered world efficient instrument, therefore in all different race, has the Dwarf Race day to pass best. But Elven Race artware although first expensive, but also because of so, no matter the output or the sales volume are not very big, but Elven Race in has not done before Dwarf Race j is easy, their living materials really extreme lacking, after all they do not have the means and Human Race contact, does not contact with other races, therefore in all different race, not best, Elven Race that crosses. When Great Elder one hear of Billy such between actually don’t know must say that any was good, but this also lets angry that she adds, Great Elder has thought Elven Race is on Continent the noblest race, because of Elven Race long most attractive, their lives are longest, moreover artware that they make, is on Continent most elf beautiful, therefore Elven Race at heart is very arrogant, they look down upon other races, Dwarf Race in their eyes, is the uncouthly synonym, if not wants to trade some useful thing from Dwarf Race there, they also disdain to contact with Dwarf Race possibly. Reason that will create such psychology, because of them with other reasons of race contact, they in own kingdom, does not think one are in the world noblest person, this looks like sits the frog in well, he commission had entire world. But has Elf of this idea to be many, after all they too long time had not contacted with other races, slowly has fostered the one type of arrogant mentality unexpectedly. Queen already present this point, but she does not have means change this point, because Elven Race cannot contact with Human Race, contacts also very dangerous with Beastman, to be honest, Queen is also somewhat helpless. Do not look that Elven Race is manages by Queen, but one but Crown Prince and Great Elder alliance gets up, Queen is also helpless, but what unfortunately is, present Elf Queen is at such one type of region. Normally Queen with is more intimate, because they who Crown Prince should add after all are the husbands and wives, however the present Queen situation is actually somewhat special, she and Crown Prince although is a husband and wife, but Crown Prince is actually Great Elder son, in other words Queen equal to is Great Elder daughter-in-law fu, but Crown Prince grows up with Great Elder since childhood, all things take the Great Elder words as the standard, when comes across any matter, Great Elder often can get up with Crown Prince alliance, even if Crown Prince does not help Great Elder, will not help Queen, can therefore nong to a today's this aspect. But nearby Crown Prince hears Billy unexpectedly so does not revere to Great Elder, has gotten angry, he one has stood, is pointing at Billy said : impolitely, do you dare not to revere to Great Elder? immediately/on horseback apology.” Did Billy turn the head, looks at Crown Prince one, coldly snorted said : I had to speak incorrectly? The matter not to such that I did say? Moreover do not forget, I am Dwarf Race am long, is are treated equally with your Queen status, your does Crown Prince, why order me? What thing are you?” The Dwarf Race violent temper is became famous on Continent, Billy already could not get used to seeing Elven Race that nostril appearance upwards, his will be polite, straight has gone against.

Zhao Hai looked at Great Elder and Crown Prince, he is really do not understand, why the matter will turn into this, this Great Elder and were the Crown Prince two people's responses some j? This time they come to form an alliance with Elven Race, has not made Elven Race pay any thing, moreover has reached an agreement, is when God Race arrives, meets together to make the war shoulder to shoulder, in this case, Great Elder counter- should be this is right? Why can like this? Zhao Hai frowns look at Great Elder and Crown Prince, don’t know is the misconception, the time that Zhao Hai now Billy and Crown Prince quarrel, in the Great Elder eye flashes through a happy expression unexpectedly. Zhao Hai alarm immediately at heart has sounded, he remembers Beastman Race there clearly, but has appears by Beastman of Radiant Church brainwashing, that Elven Race here been able also appears by Radiant Church brainwashing Elf? Did Great Elder meet is brainwashed by Radiant Church? However changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai thought is unlikely, if Great Elder is really the Radiant Church person, she should already tell Radiant Church their plans, but looks at now the Radiant Church appearance, knows obviously his plan, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat be in doubt. At this time Crown Prince also heard Billy saying that his handsome face air/Qi extended red, ou used own matching sword, was pointing at Billy said : with the sword apology, otherwise, death!” Billy coldly look at Crown Prince, bah one said : has depended on you, making I apologize, do not have a dream, does what? want to fight? Come, whom do I have a look at dead?” Because sees Queen, Billy and do no carry weapon, but when Dwarf Race fears fights, even if died in battle, they will not wrinkle the brow. Queen frowns said : to suffice, Gaye, stop, do not forget, Billy Patriarch is our politeness, you were disrespectful.” The Queen words just a saying ended, Great Elder immediately connection said : has anything to be disrespectful, we have not formed an alliance with them now, they want to press our one, if we have tied the pledge with them, that also has the auspicious day, sooner or later our Elven Race will be grasped to work as the slave by them.” Zhao Hai look at Great Elder, now he to was suspicion Great Elder of in addition, but Zhao Hai has not said that he was only look at Great Elder said : Great Elder this saying I to does not approve, you and we formed an alliance, your will fighting strength instead to reduce? Meets our capture? Does not form an alliance with us, were you safe? Are you self-confident can block the attack of God Race?”

Great Elder coldly snorted said : surrendered God Race to be also what kind, most at least they cannot the slave we.” Zhao Hai one hear of Great Elder said that the look cannot help but shrinks, in the eye flash of cold light said : „does Great Elder know God Race unable the slave you? If God Race really not slave you, before that why you do want to participate and the God Race war? Why don’t know does Great Elder make such judgment? Person but who has Radiant Church contacted Great Elder?” Zhao Hai these b asked an exit / to speak, somewhat discussed the sound hall one peacefully, all Elf look at Great Elder. Spirit Race is not stupid, in fact they are more intelligent than Dwarf Race and Beastman Race, because of their long extremely in delicate and pretty, in adding on instigation of Radiant Church, therefore they cannot contact with Human Race, must know beforehand Elven Race can also with Human Race contacts the time, on Continent Elven Race, but many big Merchant, even if in some countries, Elven Race can also be the high-ranking, this demonstrated sufficiently Elven Race person was intelligent. Zhao Hai just this b asked that these Elven Race person immediately present incorrect place, this Zhao Hai comes to have the sincerity really very much, he had not said that now makes Elven Race go out of the forest, had not said makes Elven Race unified obeys their command(er), he said that must form an alliance with Elven Race . Moreover the together fight after God Race appears , in this case, the response of Great Elder truly was some j, moreover she just added that must surrender God Race, this by the suspicion that other Elven Race person added. Great Elder also presently says the 1 u mouth probably, but she had not explained that rope ing steels one's heart said : well, person who has Radiant Church came, they have the sincerity to come, they said that so long as our Elven Race helps God Race control Continent, can guarantee that the safety of our Elven Race person, guaranteed our Elven Race person can also live in the Elf forest.” Zhao Hai look at Great Elder said : their ensure Great Elder has believed that but my guarantee doesn't Great Elder actually believe? I am Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, a guarantee of my guarantee unexpectedly can't compare with Radiant Church? I want to know that is why?” Great Elder look at Zhao Hai, sneers said : to be short in there installs to calculate that your Zhao Hai is who? Dark Magician? You to the dead such does not respect, but also there is any prestige to say, why I do not believe that Light Magician of helping others do well, actually must believe Dark Magician.” As soon as these Elven Race people listened to Great Elder such actually humming sound the discussion, obviously they approved of the viewpoint of Great Elder. Does Zhao Hai actually sneer said : to help others do well? Great Elder, were you too naive? Why will different race turn into this? Why your has Elven Race been grasped to work as the slave by Human Race? Why beginning Human Race can being together with different race peace, but can actually 't now? don’t know these issue have Great Elder thought?” Great Elder coldly snorted said : „is also not your Human Race greedily becomes, therefore everywhere the suppression our different race, what this will have to be good to think?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : I said Great Elder to be naive, reason that Great Elder also not recognize, Human Race such treatment different race, will be because some people modified the Human Race history book, before, in the history book of humanity, fair price very frontage to Beastman Race and Dwarf Race, although Beastman Race combative, the Dwarf Race temperament will not be good, but they actually will be the good races, pure race, but regarding Elven Race depending on the price will be very good, Elven Race not only gentle good, but also very intelligent, has will not have and discusses compared with rigid regarding the art, these will be are worth the person respecting.” These Elf nods of Zhao Hai such hall cannot help but, even if Great Elder also nodded, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, then said : „, but at the later some time, some people heavy has revised the Human Race history book, in these history books of revision, Beastman Race turned bravely has quite fought the ruthless barbarian, Dwarf Race turns into the temperament to explode the dry, uncouthly not race, but Elven Race actually turned into except for the race that the beautiful appearance had almost no merit to speak, Human Race by these history books is affected, start slowly in liking and different race contacted, moreover under instigation of person with high aspirations, started to suppress different race, who don’t know Great Elder knew don’t know does. These?”( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u