Chapter 658 rebel Great Elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that actually stares, their although has in own clan history, how however in their clans in history only recorded Human Race to suppress their, why has not recorded Human Race to suppress them, why will therefore suppress them regarding Human Race, but also grasped to work as the slave Elf, Elven Race has put the blame on this greedy of Human Race, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that her talented person present, the matter did not look like simplicity that they imagined. Great Elder look at Zhao Hai said : you know that is who does?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I know, Human Race not like Elven Race, Dwarf Race, in your clan peace, therefore after these many years, you still has the complete historical preservation to get down, Human Race has ambitious family, the Human Race interior does not unite, even passed through the multiple war, the history does not have the complete preservation, underwent the multiple revision, but the organization of nearest/recent revision history has one, is Radiant Church.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, not only these Elven Race, Billy was also startled, look at Zhao Hai that they stare, wants to make Zhao Hai receive to say. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then said : Radiant Church already existed, but before , their continuously very low key, only then nearest/recent several hundred years slowly is formidable, before Radiant Church was in order to artificially already, no matter what, in the multiple war, Radiant Church Priest could appears in the battlefield, sought help the injured soldier, sought help commoner, this made Radiant Church win universal praise on Continent, afterward slowly, these victorious nations also revising heavy responsibility j of Continent history have given Radiant Church, but started to revise the Continent history to start from Radiant Church, Human Race started to suppress different race, all these with the source, was because the Radiant Church string changed the Human Race history, They described the low grade nationality different race, therefore Human Race is not willing to contact with different race.” look at Zhao Hai that all people are startled, they have not thought of here surface unexpectedly also so many matters, but this, and unexpectedly all because of Radiant Church. Zhao Hai then said : in the history book of Radiant Church revision, Dwarf Race, Beastman Race, Sea Race, is some low grade people and others, on them is the ma sickness, does not have the good place, probably is anybody and they contacts, will turn into the low grade person to be the same, as the matter stands Human Race naturally in liking contacting with them, but Radiant Church in the history book actually Elven Race description beauty of, is only beautiful, how beautiful they only decide Elven Race are, actually does not write other's thing, moreover some common Human Race in the history book, grasped Elven Race to be the slave, finally actually in this way., Obtained the Elf same life, in this case, Human Race naturally starts massive seizing Elf to take the slave, but Great Elder you, actually believe the Radiant Church words, is not willing to believe that my words, HaHaHa, this is really in the world the most laughable joke.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these Elf look at Great Elder looks changed, Great Elder is face è pale said : this is only your statement of only one of the parties, what who knew you said is real.” Zhao Hai coldly look at Great Elder said : that don’t know can Great Elder be able to believe me? Right, I just arrived forget to ask, I think that Billy Patriarch in giving your letter told you, I help they have repaired Divine Artifact in clan, I can also help you fix Divine Artifact in clan, but Dwarf Race Divine Artifact Sir Artifact Spirit, why must be the matter that fights to say with God Race them, because not only this God Race wants the slave you, because of a god of your Elf clan, in God Realm and Radiant Church the Faith god is the opposition, they are the enemy, Radiant Church on are want to use this race law to rule Ark 6, by Ark On Continent all races can only Faith Radiant God, in the gods of Faith your this clan, making the gods of your this clan lose the strength, loses the backing, finally can only by their exterminate, but my Sir Great Elder, you must hire oneself unexpectedly the Radiant Church Faith god, betrays own Deity, my don’t know Great Elder you are what mind.” Great Elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that the face was completely black, she could not be sitting still, one has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : talk nonsense, your talk nonsense, no matter what what you said that you can fix Divine Artifact to fix Divine Artifact? Your talk nonsense!” Zhao Hai look at Great Elder, coldly snorted can said : fix Divine Artifact, my simply could not deceive people, so long as you gave me Elven Race Divine Artifact j, naturally knows that I wanted to fix.”

Great Elder screamed that said : why we give you Divine Artifact j, who knew can you Divine Artifact of my clan stealing away.” The Zhao Hai look at Great Elder appearance, affirmation Great Elder of in addition certainly was doing an inside job that Radiant Church sent, otherwise she is not such response, he spoke in the words this type of share, if he were not the Radiant Church undercover, she so will not insist. Zhao Hai cannot help but is sneering said : Great Elder, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, if I snatch your Elven Race Divine Artifact, you cannot block me, I am not worthwhile with such method.” Quite a while in this fruit, Crown Prince actually coldly snorted said : that has not spoken utter nonsense, dares saying that must snatch my Elven Race Divine Artifact, do you die?” Said that a sword punctures toward Zhao Hai. Nobody thinks that Gaye can suddenly begin, Queen looks at Gaye to begin, immediately/on horseback said : Gaye, stop!” However already late, Gaye this sword already thorn to Zhao Hai. Must know Daugai, but big Warrior of qin and sword outstanding in both fields, their strength very formidable, but Gaye is a talent, although is also young, but is the 8th level Peak strength, is adding on Elven Race Sword Technique by quick give priority to, but Gaye this sword, almost sneak attack does not have what difference, he is not far from Zhao Hai, was almost the voice just fell, his sword arrived at the Zhao Hai throat place. Billy face è crazily changes, his although is very near to Zhao Hai, because does not have weapon, now did not have the means to prevent Gaye, even if this, Billy has roared, a fist hits toward Gaye's head, wants to let Gaye, because hides his fist, can give up to Zhao Hai the sword. However evidently Billy had underestimated Gaye's strength, Gaye's sword really quick, he has not cared about the fist of Billy, because he has confidence before Billy projects on him, has killed Zhao Hai, is evading the fist of Billy. However Gaye similarly has also underestimated Zhao Hai, their sword punctured the throat of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not actually hidden, but is a face contemptuous look at Gaye, Gaye looked that the Zhao Hai look thinks well, however his sword has not used old, now thinks that change the maneuver is impossible, Gaye Szo ing steels one's heart, this sword adds to puncture toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai simply has not moved, Gaye this sword one punctured on his throat, on Gaye's face one happy, he thinks that Zhao Hai died, but he had not actually felt that the sword jabbed into that feeling of throat, actually heard one of the biting, his sword was blocked unexpectedly. Gaye stares, he actually presently Zhao Hai throat there turned into Crystal same face è, when he stares, the hand of Zhao Hai has grasped on Gaye's sword, his hand also same turned into Crystal to be the same, the Crystal same hand caught Gaye's sword, on effort twisted, ka ka several transmitted, Gaye in hand sword turned into hemp u.

Gaye in great surprise, immediately/on horseback loosened the in hand sword, tip of the toe point place, the personal appearance will have drawn back in the future anxiously, has evaded the fist of Billy, returned to by his chair, has put out a hand to work on his harp. However at this moment, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in Gaye's side, capture Gaye's neck, has raised Gaye single-handed, his coldly look at Gaye said : „do you want to kill me? Because I did speak the truth you to kill me?” Gaye throat was seized by Zhao Hai, the scant of breath, the face had been suppressed red, his face frightened look at Zhao Hai, he really has not actually thought that the Zhao Hai strength so is unexpectedly strong, moreover he only knows that Zhao Hai is Magician, actually don’t know Zhao Hai is Warrior, moreover is so formidable Warrior. At this time Great Elder and Queen also responded, Great Elder shouted angrily, in hand Magic Staff wielded must begin to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was actually coldly snorted one, body suddenly emitted formidable imposing manner, although Zhao Hai has not used oneself God Rank strength, he own strength control in 9th level, but was so, Great Elder somewhat could not endure, she then presently, Zhao Hai unexpectedly is 9th level Expert. Zhao Hai coldly looked at Great Elder said : Great Elder, feared that is not Radiant Church sends for contacting with you have been so simple, your simply is the Radiant Church person.” If the Great Elder although face the dying embers, are actually struggling said : your talk nonsense, do not think that you are 9th level Expert, you can talk nonsense eight, do not think that our Elven Race does not have, our Elven Race also has 9th level Expert.” Zhao Hai is actually shows a faint smile said : „the Elven Race friend, you paid attention to here such long time, why does not come out to see.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, old sigh transmits said : my Elven Race to be unfortunate, made mister look to laugh unexpectedly, was open about the facts mister saying that I am also nearest/recent presently she actually am the Radiant Church person, mister invite feel relieved, she to the letter that Radiant Church passed on, had been deducted by me, I want to know that what motion they also had, has not thought that she actually really betrayed including her race, oh, big of my Elven Race was unfortunate.” Along with this sound, old Elven Race walked from Great Hall, this Elven Race appears , in Great Hall all Elven Race people have stood, bows said : to see Supreme Elder to this old Elf.” old person nodded, bowed said : to ask mister to put them to Zhao Hai, we will give a mister satisfactory answer.” Zhao Hai loosened Gaye, turned the head to bow said : Supreme Elder to be polite to old person, the Elven Race internal matter below hand, this person is not the Elven Race person, naturally wanted j to Elven Race processing, today Elven Race has the important matter, the matter of forming an alliance, our tomorrow does not know that can be good?”

That old person bowed said : so to apologize to Zhao Hai mister, mister invited.” Zhao Hai bows to old person with Billy, turn around walked.( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u