Chapter 660 repairs the Elf bow Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I am also don’t know this matter, but these time went to Sea Race there, historical completely understand of Sea Race there to Human Race, is they tells me.” Billy yn calm face said : Radiant Church, good vicious Radiant Church, our understand, why Human Race suddenly had not suppressed different race to come, originally all because of Radiant Church, I wanted all Radiant Church people to extinguish, completely!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry Patriarch, will have opportunity, certainly will, our sooner or later must with Radiant Church to, when the time comes we have in any case is opportunity copes with them.” Billy coldly snorted, he also knows that this matter anxiously not, later has in any case is opportunity, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Billy said : Patriarch, you said how Elven Race will process Great Elder and Gaye?” Billy snort|hum said : will not have made them feel better, besides Human Race, any race regarding the revolting clan big crime, easily will not let off like this.” Sighing that Zhao Hai not bears, truly is this, no matter Beastman Race or Dwarf Race, even if temperament best Elven Race, easily will not let off regarding the people of revolting clan, but Human Race actually exactly not in this row, Human Race inside has plenty Empire, but Human Race regarding the Empire sense of belonging, wants distant to the sense of belonging of entire Human Race, this is also other Human Race and race most different places. In this time, Gellar was walking from outside, Zhao Hai and Billy presently Gellar face è probably not fantastic, but they did not say anything, Gellar came to the person who they delivered to eat, Elven Race here eating unusual of, they almost did not eat rou, ate generally by fruits and green vegetables give priority to, therefore they gave Zhao Hai and Billy send the meal also by the green vegetables with fruits give priority to, the staple food was one type of looks like Bread Fruit same thing, this type of fruit not Bread Fruit same outer covering, moreover appearance looked like probably is a sheep's horn. Zhao Hai to these thing to not dislike, but Billy is not good, Dwarf Race also likes eating rou compared with the effect, therefore presently arrives on the table within however is the green vegetables and fruits, felt that does not have the appetite. After thing they suspend to table on, Gellar to Zhao Hai and Billy bows said : please two slowly to have, if two have any need, so long as swings Little Bell on table, some people will come to await to tell.” Zhao Hai nodded said : thank you Gellar Captain, this was very sumptuous.” Gellar bows to them, appearance that a yu word stops, but had not finally said that turn around walks outward, Zhao Hai looks at her appearance, shows a faint smile said : Miss Gellar please wait a minute, what matter important matter do you have? If any, that please say.” Gellar one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stopped, she turns the head look at Zhao Hai, some little time said : mister, I want to ask, you know why Great Elder and Crown Prince will betray Elven Race?”

Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that Gellar actually will ask this issue, his puzzled look at Gellar said : why Gellar Captain must ask that this matter, what relationship Great Elder and Gaye do have with you?” Pale said : of Gellar face Great Elder is my nana, Crown Prince is my father, if Mr. Zhao Hai knows, please must tell me.” Zhao Hai and Billy stare, they have not thought that in front of really them Elf clan princess Your Highness of unexpectedly, the look at Gellar appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat sympathizes with him, he sighed said : I to have a guess, and don’t know real, but I think that possibly was being very big, Great Elder possibly was Radiant Church sends spy that Elven Race came.” Gellar somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, what because Zhao Hai said is Radiant Church sends Elven Race, did not mean that Great Elder betrayed Elven Race, both's meaning is different. Zhao Hai look at Gellar appearance, dark tone said : Radiant Church long ago in implementing a plan, they catch some children to major different race, then brings in returned to Radiant Church, brainwashes them, making them have Radiant Church, only then Radiant God, they can give up all for Radiant God, when trains after these people, in delivers returned to in them their clan, like this they will become Radiant Church spy, I run into such person in Beastman Race there, therefore I want Great Elder possible on to be Radiant Church sent in this spy to Elven Race long ago, but. Gaye, he is Great Elder son, therefore he possibly is the small time by Great Elder brainwashing, has met such, naturally, these are only my guess, my also don’t know real.” Gellar hear of Zhao Hai said that face è adds was pale, her look at Zhao Hai said : mister meant, Great Elder actually small time by the Radiant Church person seizing, after the brainwashing, was delivered, to cope with our Elven Race? Why is the Great Elder normally management so but attentive?” Zhao Hai smiles said : she is spy not wrong, but your Elven Race extremely in sealing up, simply will not have coped with Radiant Church, therefore she naturally does not need always to deliver information, is adding on spy also to have characteristics, they often add management diligently, then obtains the top digit, the core of meeting authority only then they can add like this, obtains many secret.” Gellar and Billy nodded, matter also truly is this, Great Elder is in Elven Race under one person above ten thousand people existed, this time must by Supreme Elder present the words of trail, that Elven Race and their forming an alliance will be destroyed, this is the spy fierce place. Gellar bowed said : to thank to Zhao Hai for me unties has doubted uo, I did not disturb Mr. Zhao Hai to dine.” Said that bows to Zhao Hai and Billy, turn around walked. Gellar comes out from Zhao Hai there, immediately looked for Queen, to Queen said the matter that Zhao Hai said that after Queen listened, thought that this matter no small matter, immediately looked for Supreme Elder, this matter resulted in Supreme Elder to act to be good. Queen to Supreme Elder there, said to Supreme Elder the matter, did Supreme Elder sink yin, look at Queen said : how Your Majesty you have planned to do?” Queen said : I suspect in the clan, not only Great Elder spy, these many years of Great Elder in clan, has trained many trusted aide under the hand/subordinate, therefore something hard to deal with, I plan the Hai Clan lord to send to Zhao the Elf bow today, if Zhao Hai Clan main can repair the Elf bow, that all said that if he cannot repair the Elf bow, this matter must ask Supreme Elder you to act, we must in the person to clan carry on a thorough check.”

Supreme Elder nodded said : this matter truly to need to look up well, in our Elven Race cannot have the Radiant Church inner room absolutely, it seems like Radiant Church perishes my heart undead, Your Majesty, must determine as soon as possible with the matter that Zhao Hai Clan lord forms an alliance that this regarding our Elven Race, only then advantage processing, moreover made everyone/Great Clan not want to make the artware, many weapon, if God Race came, these artwares did not have weapon to be useful.” Queen complied with one, turn around retreated, Supreme Elder sighed, he was worried for the Continent future really very much that this God Race prepared for tens of thousands years to move, that did move naturally is as powerful as a thunderbolt, Continent really can block? Zhao Hai actually has not thought these many now, he finished eating the food with Billy now, to be honest, Elven Race these green vegetables and fruits are not unpalatable, but absolutely is also far delicious, was extremely light, moreover does not add any seasoning, does not have what tastiness. The liquor flavor that however Elven Race ferments to is very good, they sit in the living room drink to chat, in this time, outside is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Your Majesty harnesses!” Zhao Hai and Billy stare, but they were immediately/on horseback have stood, at this time Elf Queen also opened room mén to walk. They look like Queen to salute hastily, Queen returned to ritual said : two mister to please sit down, today I am ask Mr. Zhao Hai to help.” Said that she waved, Gellar double grasped longbow to walk. This longbow green è, seems like is made by green è Crystal all over the body probably, is also twining the green è vine on the bow arm, above is also bringing the light green leaf, but bowstring actually don’t know makes with any thing, is not thick, transparent, if you do not pay attention, almost cannot see his existence. Queen has stood, extends both hands, received that longbow respectfully, lifts before the body of Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai said : mister, this is our Elven Race Divine Artifact Elf bow, don’t know mister whether to repair, if possible, asked mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to make contribution, invites Your Majesty feel relieved, but requires evening's time, tomorrow Your Majesty can know that in the morning fixed, tonight hopes that Your Majesty can tell, to disturb me.” Queen one hear of Zhao Hai said that naturally will not have any opinion, his immediately/on horseback said : mister invited feel relieved, I will certainly arrange, that did not disturb mister, was right, Billy Patriarch, I also passed through your other have arranged a dwelling, you looked at yes or no? The meaning of Billy understand Queen, Queen is feared that they disturb Zhao Hai, this point he is understandable, therefore Billy nodded said : Your Majesty feel relieved, our understand, this leave.” After Queen looks like Billy expressed gratitude, leading Billy to walk, entire in the room has only left behind a Zhao Hai person. Zhao Hai has not solved is entering in Space, but sits in there carefully sizes up this Elf bow, bow arm don’t know of Elf bow is also making with any thing, looks like probably is Crystal, but somewhat is also strong, but understanding that the bowstring adds, not only very tenacious, but also is very sharp, it seems like wants to use the Elf bow, needs the special system to coordinate with the method.

Looked some little time had not seen any positive result, Zhao Hai then took Elf to bend the flashes body to enter in Space, he just entered Space, in Space transmitted the prompt sound: Presently the damaged procedure, repairs procedure, the procedure repairs, surrenders the procedure, presently special Crystal, withdraws Crystal, the improvement shrinks advocates the Crystallization Crystal ingredient, improves.”( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u