Chapter 661 Radiant Church, Zhao Hai heard this prompt sound to stare, he has not thought really that this Elf bow can also bring such advantage to him unexpectedly. However had not finished pleasantly surprised, at this moment, the prompt sound in one time transmits said : presently the exotic material silk thread, the silk thread is the variation spider web, is very tenacious, the prompt ingredient, improves the Host Combat Suit ingredient, Host Combat Suit Level Up, the Combat Suit sleeve cuff place increases the è mouth, but the è spider's silk ties down the enemy.” Zhao Hai this time may be shocked , the function of this increase does he sound to be so familiar-sounding? How probably is the Spiderman ability? Shook the head, Zhao Hai in thinking this matter, in any case Space already sufficed strangely, in living any strange matter did not feel strange that Space himself has Spiderman Combat Suit to exist, now gave on his Combat Suit to add the Spiderman ability not to have what strange. Zhao Hai lowers the head the look at Elf bow, what he wants to have a look at Artifact Spirit of Elf bow is, at this time saw on the Elf bow green light to flash, then a person's shadow slowly floated off, this person's shadow with Dwarf Race Artifact Spirit Iron Hammer, Beastman Race Artifact Spirit Bloody War is different, this person's shadow appears time, is lying down unexpectedly, when her personal appearance complete after appearing, she has had a yawn unexpectedly, then sat slowly, probably a person just awoke to be the same. Zhao Hai puzzled look at this Artifact Spirit, she is a nvi spirit appearance, her body puts on is not the Elven Race long gown, but is green è tight-fitting armor, this made her look like were also many several martial-looking air/Qi, this Artifact Spirit is also in look at Zhao Hai now. Artifact Spirit has sized up Zhao Hai, this bows said : Green Vine to see Master to Zhao Hai.” Does Zhao Hai size up this Artifact Spirit said : you to call Green Vine?” Artifact Spirit nodded said : is Master, I called Green Vine.” After Zhao Hai nodded said : „, called me Young Master to be good, what material did you have to make? How is not quite probably same as Iron Hammer and Bloody War material?” Artifact Spirit shows a faint smile said : to return to the Young Master words, Bloody War and Iron Hammer manufactures in Ark Continent here, just their Master strengths have achieved God Rank, after going to God Realm, they became Divine Artifact, but I was manufactured in God Realm, makes the material that uses is also the God Realm materials, therefore is different from Iron Hammer and Bloody War.” Zhao Hai nodded, no wonder he when repairs Iron Hammer and Bloody War has not obtained any advantage, when repaired Green Vine to obtain these many advantage, originally she made unexpectedly in God Realm. Thought of this time, in Zhao Hai heart suddenly moves, Green Vine was manufactured in God Realm, these made Zhao Hai obtain these many advantage, that explained that God Realm there has plenty good thing was Ark Continent here does not have? If this is really the case, that later has opportunity to go to God Realm to have a look. Now Space wants Level Up to fear that in Ark Continent here was not quite easy, nearest/recent this several times Level Up besides strange lotus u, has almost relationship with god demon 2 Realms, it seems like later wants Level Up, can only go to god demon 2 Realms to be OK.

Zhao Hai turns the head look at green rattan: Green Vine, does Divine Artifact have the division of level?” Green Vine nodded said : „is short of him, Divine Artifact also has the division of level, like Bloody War and Iron Hammer, belongs to Inferior level Divine Artifact, but I belong to Intermediate level Divine Artifact, one type of Advanced level Divine Artifact, this Divine Artifact, only then God Realm there has, Might on very enormous, but manufactures also very difficult, therefore Advanced level Divine Artifact in God Realm also few.” Zhao Hai nodded, asked Green Vine about previous time with the matter of God Race war, these that Green Vine said to also similar, Zhao Hai that Bloody War and Iron Hammer said did not have to ask, but let say with Green Vine that making him then protect a Elf clan, moreover exited after Space, did not want to call him Young Master. Green Vine had been surrendered by Space, naturally cannot oppose that Zhao Hai then puts down the heart, sits in the living room, adjusted Elven Race here the screen, what response he wants to have a look at Elven Race here to have. Has rested a evening in Space, next morning Zhao Hai on returned to in the room, will then open the room, several Elven Race people are standing outside his mén, Zhao Hai did not have the accident, yesterday he to know, this was Queen feared that some people disturbed Zhao Hai specially to arrange. The Zhao Hai book thinks that this method is somewhat unnecessary, but yesterday after looking at the situation in Elven Race, Zhao Hai actually does not think that this method was unnecessary, in Elven Race really has many rebels, these person of yesterday actually want to cope with him in the evening, because Queen ordered to declare martial law, therefore has not succeeded. However Zhao Hai was not worried that these Elven Race rebels, now he has repaired the Elf bow, the matter that saves can j be done to the Elf bow. Gets up this Divine Artifact also is really mysterious enough, they can fresh hide the rebel in their race, Green Vine so, Bloody War so, Iron Hammer is also so. Looked at Zhao Hai to open room mén, outside stand guard these Elf facial expressions was a loosen, Gellar immediately of team leader was walking, bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister, got up, does not know that mister can succeed?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, bent j to succeed to Gellar said : in hand Elf, please transfer j Your Majesty the Elf bow.” Gellar facial expression j moves received the straight sea in hand Elf bow, bows said : to thank mister to Zhao Hai, mister was very certainly tired, invited mister rest well, I will send for giving mister to prepare delicious, when mister wants to eat, only then told that was OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, knew said : so to thank Gellar Captain slightly, I first went back to rest.” Said that to a Gellar ritual, turn around returned to the room has closed mén. Actually Zhao Hai yesterday has been resting, now simply does not need to rest, to demonstrate one repair the Elf bow time truly has taken very big effort, therefore he pretended very tired appearance returned to the room, then entered Space, what response after he wants to have a look the Elven Race person attained the Elf bow, to have. Gellar was taking the Elf bow, to Great Hall that facial expression j moved, Queen in there and other information, she was one night has not rested Gellar to take Elf to bend, Queen one has stood, said : that look at Gellar, Gellar j moved has succeeded, Mom, mister succeeded!”

look at Elf bow that Queen let out a long breath, then two eyes shines, arrives around Gellar quickly, both hands respectful received the Elf bow, turn around walks toward Great Hall outside, she must see Supreme Elder. In Elven Race not, only then Supreme Elder, in fact in Elven Race all 9th level Expert are Supreme Elder, altogether has more than 20. Today these Supreme long also all sent out, whether their also attach great importance to Elf bow can repair , and other information. Queen brings the Elf bow to arrive at that tree dong that Supreme Elder was, this tree dong is very big, but in does not have what decoration, is only air-to-air tree dong, must set up in dong to suspend several straw braids praying mat, these Elven Race Supreme Elder sit on these praying mat. Queen before has set up dong mén stopped, respectful said : report Supreme Elder, Mr. Zhao Hai has repaired Divine Artifact.” A Supreme Elder sound conveys said : Your Majesty to come.” Queen complied with one, both hands has lifted Elf to bend. Is putting a bow frame on this mountain range middle, these Supreme Elder now have stood , after Queen entered mountain range, immediately has arrived around that bow frame, has put above the Elf bow respectfully, this has drawn back two one side In these Supreme Elder, goes out of oldest nving Supreme Elder, she also puts on green è the long gown, in hand is taking Magic Staff, before she arrives at the bow frame, is bending gave a salute to Elf, this said : respectfully requested Sir Artifact Spirit to come!” Green Vine appears slowly in has bowed on, she looked at these Elven Race one, nodded said : well, my deep sleep these many years, the Elven Race strength also restored was similar, this is very good, Mr. Zhao Hai told me present outside situation, it seems like God Race has attacked in a preparation, I said to Mr. Zhao Hai, our Elven Race will form an alliance with them, the common tackled enemy, didn't you have what opinion?” These Elven Race person that dare to say anything, simultaneously said : does not dare, I and other your father decrees.” Green Vine nodded, then slightly knit the brows said : I to feel currently in Elven Race to have the bodies of many person to have the aura of enemy? What's all this about?” One hear of Green Vine said that oldest Supreme Elder immediately/on horseback said : Sir, this is Radiant Church conspiracy, they grasped to brainwash our Elven Race child, then in putting returned to Elven Race, when spy, yesterday we caught two, but other person of we actually could not look, asking Sir Artifact Spirit to help, looked for them.” Green Vine nodded, look at these Supreme Elder said : this is not a problem, but after discovering them, can do? Can you think?” That Supreme Elder has hesitated next step: Sir Artifact Spirit, we prepares to go to cultivation level them waste, closes, does not know that the opinion of Sir is?”

Green Vine snort|hum said : silly! These people cannot remain, I felt the God Realm aura from their bodies, it seems like Radiant Church, not only let them, when spy was so simple, their bodies were used the special method by the Radiant Church person, in their within the body seals God Realm energy, this energy you felt not only, so long as there is God Realm Expert to arrive, immediately can turn on that seal, releases release that to say energy to come, that energy wild , after being released release, on will live the explosion, its Might one did not strike the difference compared with 9th level Expert fully, how can you leave behind them? If the God Race person came, released that energy to be what kind of? Have you thought?” Green Vine such Elven Race these Supreme Elder face è one changed, they have not thought that Radiant Church also will really have such subsequent party, if abandoned to close really cultivation level of these people, when God Race one attacked, these person of detonations, that Elven Race ended. Thinks that here their cold sweat has gotten down, that Supreme Elder immediately/on horseback bows to Green Vine said : is Sir Artifact Spirit, we know how should do!”( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u