Chapter 662 prepares to move Zhao Hai sits in on the ship, the look at in hand beast skin volume, actually does not have attractively what, thing on this beast skin volume, he pours the back to carry to come out, but now in this beast skin volume were also many Elven Race signature with the special mark. The Spirit Race there matter has processed, in Elven Race altogether has dug out more than 100 spy, this lets Elf Queen being furious, she has not thought that in Elven Race was sent these many in jn by Radiant Church unexpectedly, thinks, if these people, when Elven Race and Radiant Church fight, suddenly from explodes completely, moreover Might also equivalent to 9th level Expert that explodes fully strikes, Queen feels to be afraid. Now Zhao Hai were also many a status, Elven Race Foreign Elder, but Zhao Hai has not cared now, the Elven Race here matter has handled, that then must carry on next, copes with Dragon Race! Billy sat in Zhao Hai nearby Zhao Hai received the beast skin volume, Billy then smiles said : now you have become Elven Race Foreign Elder, on Continent in history, you were also unique.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „is also catches up at this time, otherwise is impossible to let my so many status, this matter also calculates is smooth, not only helped Elven Race fix Divine Artifact, but also helped them discover the rebel, we then can carry on next.” Billy look at Zhao Hai said : Dragon Race?” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, Dragon Race, Dragon Race we must annihilate, the position that they are at now, regarding us, was really too important, cannot in waiting , to eliminate them as soon as possible, some of my always one type of unlucky premonitions, probably are on Continent have any matter to live finally to be the same, you were certainly careful.” Billy nodded said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, we will be careful that to is you, this time you can be certainly careful, you must face, but Dragon Race.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I will not have feel relieved of matter to be good.” Billy regarding the Zhao Hai method is to also know, therefore he is not worried about the Zhao Hai security. Five days later Zhao Hai returned to Dwarf Race, Zhao Hai in Dwarf put has rested for day, next morning on leave, he has prepared to begin to Dragon Race. these days although Zhao Hai continuously in Elven Race and Dwarf Race there, but he may not idle, he makes Cai'er control Blood Ghost Staff monitor the Dragon Race sound in Lyon Empire there. Not only Lyon Empire there, Accra Mountain there Zhao Hai made Ghost Staff go, to have a look at the Dragon Mountain there situation.

Dragon Race is known as invincibly on Continent, Zhao Hai does not dare to have a general idea, is good so long as, in takes in the map to Space, Space can monitor Dragon Mountain and Lyon Empire there at any time. Dragon Race for these years, almost appears on Continent, they have not been managing in Accra Mountain there, almost managed an independent kingdom Accra Mountain there, moreover their under the hand/subordinate also had numerous Magic Beast and Inferior Dragon Race, wanted to cope with them, the non- ratio was relaxed to any big Empire. The plan of Zhao Hai is, first Lyon Empire, was Saint Dragon King has tidied up toward there these Dragon Race, was wielding the armed forces to attack Accra Mountain. This matter Zhao Hai on any country with Continent had not said that knows this matter has Beastman Race, Sea Race, Elven Race and Dwarf Race such different race. Zhao Hai did not fear that these different race know, these different race inside rebels are few, moreover there are Divine Artifact these large clans, inside rebel was eliminated, but Sea Race there, Radiant Church simply is impossible to arrange spy, because the Sea Race there situation was too special, even if were 9th level Expert went to there, person who also immediately by presently, their simply will be been impossible to catch Mermaid Race. Zhao Hai comes out from Dwarf Race there, immediately entered Space, this several days Laura they have been also paying attention to the Dragon Race trend, Dragon Race now present although control Lyon Empire throughout, but wants to obtain recognize of these general publics, needed for a long time, Human Race can contact Clan not to defeat Lyon Clan to rule them, but wants to make them accept the rule of Dragon Race is actually somewhat difficult. Dragon Race is very formidable, but do not forget, is formidable they in the Human Race eye is also Magic Beast, how Human Race possibly to accept Magic Beast to their rules. However this Dragon Race has made obviously also the completely safe preparation, Lyon Empire there many Noble by their control, had the help of these Noble, although these people have not been able to accept the rule of Dragon Race, but has not made any matter. But in the Lyon Empire national capital, 40 Dragon Race, 40 Dragon Race in which ten are 9th level Expert, 30 that saves 9th level, although has not arrived at 9th level, but the Dragon Race formidable status, they will also fly on, therefore their attack strength fear not compared with the 9th level Expert difference. Besides Dragon Race of these 40 name brands, in the Lyon Empire national capital population in five thousand Inferior Dragon Race in that guarding, these Inferior Dragon Race each people is also also bringing Magic Beast, these Inferior Dragon Race fighting strength in six arrive at about 7th level, but these demon Magic Beast fighting strength also in 6th level about, this are the strengths that cannot be estimated lightly. In order to insure, Zhao Hai has also spent some time, received in Lyon Empire throughout the Space map, he wants to have a look at Lyon Empire other sides also to have existence of Dragon Race. Really has, in Lyon Empire Rosen Empire and Buddha Empire j Yi Chu, has Dragon Race to assume personal command, has in there for the number is not many, but the fighting strength formidable Inferior Dragon Race army guards, for is prevents Rosen Empire and Buddha Empire to their attack.

After Zhao Hai returned to Space, immediately they welcome Kun and Green to Space, together discussed how coped with these Dragon Race. On the Zhao Hai monitor demonstrated the Lyon Empire map that to Green and Kun their said : Grandpa Green, Grandfather Kun, currently Dragon Race separately has the garrison in these places, you looked that we do want to cope with the there army first?” Zhao Hai altogether has referred to four places, but on the monitor, these four places also with green è showed that these four place distinctions country of Lyon Empire, with the Rosen Empire j place, with the Buddha Empire j place, are the Accra Mountain surrounding, there also has Dragon Race to assume personal command, a population in 2000 Inferior Dragon Race armies. The Green look at map, sank yin next step: At our under the hand/subordinate army quantity, must cope with them not to be a problem, therefore I think that we can definitely divide forces to attack, first guarding in Rosen Empire and that two Inferior Dragon Race armies of Buddha Empire j place eliminating, me has thought that this evening's time was enough, moreover Dragon Race could not have been inescapable, then we can give the elimination inside Empire national capital there Dragon Race army, is wielding the armed forces to take Accra Mountain.” Kun nodded said : I to agree that Green words, the army quantities on our hand are many, even if these Sea Race Undead Creature cannot make a move, divides forces to attack is also handles, moreover our merit, will be the person more will also hit, so long as we that three armies in Lyon Empire tidied up our army quantity to increase much, then in the direct Jebel Akra sub, gave to extinguish Dragon Race at one fell swoop, now sole must do on was informs Sea Race our specific motion time, was taught the country there army to destroy completely by Sea Race brightly, had not been sent by their means. army helps Dragon Race, the army in Lyon Empire, I to was not worried that at the worst we give to extinguish and that's the end, in any case us them currently have such strength . Moreover the army in Lyon Empire, died was loyal to Lyon Clan by Dragon Race eliminating, the remaining these armies, were these Noble armed forces eliminated did not have anything.” Zhao Hai nodded, in said : for the matter thorough solution of Lyon Empire there, should firmly decide the time, good, that such has decided that tomorrow we move.” Kun nodded, now after Space Level Up, most convenient cannot at any time puts in any place on map the army, flexibility that like this their tactics can add, but Zhao Hai they want to fight to decide, in the time that requires to require surely Dragon Race these people annihilates, perhaps this can not need to fight with these Noble army j. The truth, Zhao Hai does not want the army fights with these Noble, no matter what they also to be Human Race, later when facing God Race, they possibly also becomes with the new force who God Race j fights. After having completed the plan, Zhao Hai has rested well, but Green they are still actually staring at the screen, they want to take a look at Rosen Empire and Buddha Empire there are anything responded now. Because of don’t know their motions, Rosen Empire and Buddha Empire any response, they still fully have not alerted the army of Saint Dragon King Royal Court, that is Dragon Race, they do not dare to treat it lightly. one day on the past, on Continent the person was still living quickly the life of calm, the Dragon Race there army, is idle guarding when their large camp, them was not worried that Buddha Empire and Rosen Empire army will come attack they, in their opinion, so long as revealed that the Dragon Race person status, on Continent dares rebel on nobody they. In Accra Mountain there, Dragon Race has been at the position that keeps aloof, even if these Inferior Dragon Race these people, in Accra Mountain is to also be existence of walking sideways.

Because long-term in such environment, therefore these Inferior Dragon Race people very overbearing, their present although population are not many, but they in the Lyon Empire status actually very high, even if an ordinary Inferior Dragon Race soldier, has met Lyon Empire Noble, looks cold and indifferent, do not say that anything saluted, when was needless to say facing these commoner, these commoner in these Inferior Dragon Race, simply cannot be a person, how they want on how, to be in charge of Lyon Empire these days in Dragon Race, the light was for no reason killed commoner on had several thousand people, this. It is not a decimal.( .yuun? é. o Has not given full expression, then on popular other which chapters! ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ u