A Chapter 663 night takes Twin cities Aya is a Inferior Dragon Race person, he is raids the clan and descendant of 8th level Magic Beast shadow leopard, he can change éng human-shape, but he strongest fight strong condition is actually turns into the shadow leopard the time. The shadow leopard is in the jungle best Assassin, their Stealth Technique almost nobody can presently, fighting strength be Dragon Race can feel to admire. But Aya changes behind shadow leopard, its fighting strength does not compare genuine shadow Panther Cha, will not be possibly stronger, because of his within the body not, only then the gene of shadow leopard, Dragon Race gene. However is this, status of Aya in Inferior Dragon Race is also not very high, he is only Junior Captain, now is guarding in Lyon Empire and Cavalry of Buddha Empire j place. Cavalry fills with Lyon Empire and Buddha Empire most important fortress, is guarding iron Cavalry of fifty thousand person in here Buddha Empire, but before Lyon Empire, stations Magic Beast Cavalry of fifty thousand person in here. Now Aya guards in here, but he defends in here to not prevent the attack of Buddha Empire, Aya believes Buddha Empire does not dare to attack them, they defend in here against is the Lyon Empire original army, many want to run away to commoner that Buddha Empire goes. these days their days pass may really be good, Lyon Empire original these Magic Beast Cavalry, although fighting strength is very strong, however their riding beasts actually all grasp from Accra Mountain, but these Magic Beast under the rule of Dragon Race, now they one, these ride the beast naturally to listen actually their, but these did not have Mount Magic Beast Cavalry, has become fangless tiger, simply to fear insufficient. What in calculation that adding on here says now is the Dragon Race person, moreover he but only the Dragon Race descendant, therefore their status want compared with these Magic Beast Cavalry on high many, these Cavalry saw that their each and every one is the smiling face that a face flatters, has delicious any amusing first may they come, can say that they in the ratio that the here day passes in Accra Mountain must the shed heart. Today is one's turn Aya to stand night watch, looks like in Aya this is completely unnecessary, simply does not have this necessity, he does not believe that the Buddha Empire person comes to dare to carry on, does not believe that there Lyon Empire Magic Beast Cavalry dares to revolt, but does not have the means that the above order, they have no alternative but to listen. However besides beginning on that day, remaining several days, when being on night duty time, Aya can on nong pot liquor, small side dish in the point, a person is drinking small liquor, this easy life has is also flavorful. Now his happy, their Dragon Race endured in Accra Mountain really very much these many years, this time make a move, one on control Human Race Empire, had human form i waits Uncle same i to wait them in here finally daily, naturally is comfortable incomparable. It looks like in Aya, Dragon Race already should come out from Accra Mountain, by the Dragon Race formidable strength, already should be the control of Ark Continent, simply does not need to endure these many years.

Just drank liquor, Aya suddenly stopped, has raised up own ear, he just probably heard any sound, must know that the hearing of shadow leopard was very strong, the Aya body had the gene of shadow leopard, that hearing naturally weakly will not go to that. Aya has put down wine glass, static is listening, good, very strange sounds, this sound is not sound of the wind/rumor, is not the sound of leaf, probably some people when the sound that hurrying along comes out. Aya has gawked, slowly has stood, looks toward in the city, because this sound has conveyed from in the city, fills here in Cavalry, night at execution curfew, therefore night coming out commoner and does not work as soldier of duty, will be executed by the crime of according to conspiring. Because of this, therefore Aya is strange, this big evening, was who runs? He believes that possibly is not these garrison troops rebellions, they do not have that courage, must know here, but Dragon Race assumes personal command personally, that is equivalent to 9th level Expert, how these garrison troops dare to revolt. However are these garrison troops, commoner? They do not dare, has executed the martial arts restriction command in fortress here, all people can not hide the weapon, dares to hide the weapon to seek the counter crime execution, these commoner are weaponless, does not dare rebel, who is that this sound of footsteps? Aya decides to look clearly in the direction that the sound conveys, the shadow leopard wants much stronger in the nighttime vision compared with the average person, he believes one can see is who. Quick, the person's shadow appears in the city street on indistinctly, the population are many, Aya careful is actually on the face changes, these person of in hand that because walks are taking weapon, Aya knows that this definitely is an enemy, he just about to makes under the hand/subordinate light a fire, draws the warning, actually suddenly felt that an own throat pain, a sound does not come out, Aya looked down own neck, Rapier slowly ou from his neck exited, he noticed that own blood has spurted coming out, he knows that died to decide, but what is strange, he actually from beginning to end. What has not seen enemy long. Undead Creature Dead-soldier appears in Aya, has supported him, has put on him the chair slowly, this turn around goes toward another person. When his turn around, pours Aya on Mount has disappeared, he disappeared, then immediately appears on the chair, he has moved trick/hand and foot, then has taken up own double sword, walks toward city wall another side, Aya now became unemotionally, two eyes was straight, did not have the breath, was very obvious, he now is Undead Creature. Zhao Hai this main point copes with Dragon Race, therefore Cavalry fills the here Lyon Empire original these garrison troops, Zhao Hai does not want to move them, but these ride the beast, Zhao Hai will not actually let off, he must make Cavalry fill here all Inferior Dragon Race, Magic Beast also has that Dragon Race to turn into Undead Creature! By his under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature 9th level Expert strengths, in has without any preparation sneak attack in addition, if Cavalry fills the here garrison troops also to end any u types, that felt strange that night fights very smoothly, that Dragon Race that carries on is when has not responded, was given exterminate, during is silent, Cavalry fills here all Inferior Dragon Race, Magic Beast and Dragon Race vanished was clean. But similar situation also appears filled here in Lyon Empire and flying in circles of Rosen Empire j spatially, Dragon Race are not many on garrison troops originally that these two places put, a Zhao Hai place has sent two hundred thousand Undead Creature, if was unable to extinguish these people in silent, that Zhao Hai these Undead Creature too do not make every effort to succeed.

A night has no children, next morning, flying in circles spatial will fill the here Lyon Empire garrison troops with Cavalry present, all Inferior Dragon Race, Dragon Race and Magic Beast will disappear, in the ground will only see a beach beach the bloodstain, has not actually seen including the corpse. These two fortress garrison troops have feared, looks at the ground the bloodstain, that is these Inferior Dragon Race and Magic Beast comes out obviously, even in the place of that Dragon Race rest, saw the bloodstain, but has not seen the corpse, this makes them very puzzled, feels to be startled. No matter Cavalry fills or flies in circles fills the here garrison troops spatially, they are some veterans of having fought many battles, can infer from the situations of these bloodstains, yesterday had certainly a large number of elderly persons army in the evening, attack these Inferior Dragon Race and these Magic Beast, that Dragon Race has not let off, but looks at the present situation, they were more unfortunate than fortunate. These garrison troops have flustered, this matter no matter who does, with them feared that cannot escape the responsibility, must know that now here is not Lyon Empire, but is Saint Dragon King toward, what said is Dragon Race, Dragon Race very hides shortcomings , is very mindless, now his only under the hand/subordinate all vanished in here, these do Dragon Race possibly let off them? these days these garrison troops saw clearly these Inferior Dragon Race and Dragon Race are any were good, no matter Inferior Dragon Race or Dragon Race, simply did not work as people them, now Dragon Race one lost these many people, if did not take them to be buried along with the dead that is the strange event. How these garrison troops don’t know must handle, these ordinary small soldier some travelled secretly, but these military officer want to travel also the road, they have a very complete file in military headquarters there, the there surface live in there, the clarity that in the family several people write, how they run. Naturally, has military officer to travel, military officer that but these travel completion has made his whole family die, a live he preparation, they did not only have to return to Lyon Empire, but put on make-up to run away Buddha Empire or Rosen Empire. Because of this, therefore these two fortress garrison troops immediately have not told Dragon Race this information, Dragon Race and don’t know these two place fresh matters, but this has also given the Zhao Hai time. Zhao Hai has believed to Sea Race in the time of motion, lets Sea Race, when brightly teaches the navy of country's to request reinforcements Saint Dragon King toward, their navies gives to constrain, but his here in having one day, almost can give to tidy up these Dragon Race. An evening has tidied up two fortress garrison troops Zhao Hai not too happy, this is expected in him, but copes with Lyon Empire national capital there Inferior Dragon Race and Dragon Race with this method is not good, there Dragon Race Expert are too many, moreover they just control Lyon Empire didn't have long time, the national capital is a very sensitive place, careful that therefore these Dragon Race people can add, in wants to use this sneak attack method was impossible, therefore Lyon Empire national capital there, only then means that strong attack! However defending of Lyon Empire is not good to attack, Lyon Empire with Rosen Empire similar, in the surrounding of capital city, a Noble castle, in these Noble families also has the soldier, the light is these Noble soldiers gathers, feared that will be will not be less than two hundred thousand, Lyon Empire national capital there will be all the year round guarding five hundred thousand garrison troops, two hundred thousand will be Lyon Empire trump card Magic Beast Cavalry, three hundred thousand for Heavy Armor Infantry, must add on 5000 Inferior Dragon Race now, and 40 Dragon Race. If is only this, Zhao Hai can also guarantee that in a short time the Lyon Empire national capital with, letting also two points that Zhao Hai some have not had scruples \; first, Lyon Empire national capital there has one huge Magic protection, was hearing Lyon Empire u about hundred years of time nong came out, Might very enormous, previous Dragon Race , if no Lyon Empire some rebels to help, is impossible on to give to break through the Lyon Empire national capital that quickly, gave to extinguish Lyon Clan.( .yuun? é. o

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