Chapter 664 ominous reactionary forces in the ascendant But the second reason was very simple, near the Lyon Empire capital city, four Wei Zuo, these four fortress looks like the guard same protection near the Lyon Empire capital city, they are not far from the Lyon Empire national capital, a fast horse day may, in other words, if Zhao Hai makes war in Lyon Empire national capital here, he has one day, in one day he cannot the Lyon Empire national capital breaking, him will have been facing inside and outside a game of converging attack. These four fortress first in the city are guarding the hundred thousand army, moreover is Cavalry, although is not Lyon Empire most Elite Magic Beast Cavalry, but is not good to cope. Zhao Hai does not certainly fear these Cavalry, he does not want anything to conflict with these Cavalry, speaks the truth, Zhao Hai does not have any favorable impression to these Cavalry, these Cavalry when Lyon Empire by Dragon Race attack, simply any moving had not been done, but Saint Dragon King after being established, they do not have any change, was enjoying with former same allowance, this explained that these person the Dragon Race these person has given to receive to sell, therefore has not rescued. Zhao Hai wants to kill these people, but the reason told him unable such to do, these soldier although were only the Lyon Empire ordinary soldiers, but do not forget, they were not in Stone jump, they also had the family member, if Zhao Hai has killed really these soldiers, their family members will certainly hate him, when the time comes the person with high aspirations in an agitation, that Lyon Empire met the chaos, that troubled. Because had scruples these, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to hit too long time with Dragon Race, if can the quick point tie to be best. But these time was unable to use the night assault, because of present Lyon Empire national capital there, since there is Dragon Race to move into starts, everyday spins the good curfew in the evening, moreover they will also protect Great Formation to give to open of national capital, such Zhao Hai is wants sneak attack not to be impossible, therefore he can only strong attack, but must be daytime strong attack. After attack Knight has filled and flying in circles spatial, Zhao Hai is the preparation next day on the attack Lyon Empire national capital, but has thought several plans are not quite finally successful, Zhao Hai has to decline for day. Zhao Hai they discussed in Space with Green a day, suddenly has thought a plan, this plan Zhao Hai to thinks feasible. Has rested for day in Space, next morning, Zhao Hai began on the preparation, he and Green they sat in the Space living room, then the Lyon Empire national capital on static look at screen. The Lyon Empire national capital compared with the Rosen Empire national capital difference, no matter what they are not on Continent the national capital in second powerful nation, naturally cannot miss to that goes, now in the Lyon Empire national capital, 40 Dragon Race, but these Dragon Race are not get together, they disperse various places in city, some side also many people of everyone in protecting, said is the protection, actually on is for them to direct.

These Dragon Race strengths are not weak, Zhao Hai wants like previous time copes with Cavalry Cery's that Dragon Race to cope with them is impossible, the place that they are at has to forewarn Magic Formation. Now so long as Lyon Empire national capital here will be the evening certainly will open is forewarning Magic Formation, daytime instead to not having to be so strict in the evening, will only open in these Dragon Race dull places forewarns Magic Formation, this will be Zhao Hai cannot in the reason that the evening will attack, protective shield Zhao Hai of Lyon city was not worried that Space can put directly these Undead Creature, but these will forewarn Magic Formation actually very repugnantly, simply will unable to lie down. Now the sky just now shines not long after, the city gate has not opened, these common people who wants in the city to do business have not entered a city, but this is also the best opportunity of Zhao Hai attack, when these common people entered a city, the words that they must attack will certainly injure accidentally to these common people, now they attack, these common people will only run toward elsewhere, do not injure them. Zhao Hai looked at the time, the city gate of national capital soon opened, he turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, started.” Green nodded said : to start, altogether 50 square-shaped formation, Young Master your careful control.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wielded, moved attack! But at this moment, Lyon Empire national capital there, sky one dark, then dark cloud appears in sky, many dark clouds was tumbling, momentarily will rain evidently to be the same probably. However makes in the city these people feel what is strange, they have not heard the thunderclap, had not felt that has the wind, floats the dark cloud on every day. These garrison troops felt first does not suit, that simply of space likely is not the ordinary dark cloud, they cannot help but has grasped oneself in hand weapon. In this time, in sky suddenly is transmitting one has been similar to Thunderous general sound speaking sounds: Shameless Dragon Race, dares the attack Human Race city, today I want your blood debt blood to recompense!” As this sound just fell, the dark cloud start minute in sky slowly has launched, one turned into 50 small dark clouds, now the idiots know that this dark cloud had the issue, an entire imperial capital piece was in chaotic situation, these people of morning getting up work, immediately threw down their work, with quickest has run back in the home, has closed the windows and doors.

But these soldier immediately anxious, military officer said loudly of some immediately person of garrison troops: Quick, informs the general, opens protects Great Formation, sounds the alarm, Magician that lets takes place!” Along with command(er) of these generals, in the city Magic Great Formation was opened, was good also just closed because of them, must open is also very convenient, Great Formation this opened, on in the city city wall earth yellow flashed with brilliant rays, semicircle earth yellow protective shield of slowly the entire national capital covering in inside. However this Great Formation this moves, in the city these garrison troops were not quite right that this Great Formation moved, but that group of dark clouds actually in protective shield, before these these garrison troops presently why, will feel that this dark clouds were so strange, because this dark clouds were really too low, left the ground not to be far. protective shield has not used, the in the city garrison troops do not have one at heart hurriedly, these Magician that at this time defended a city also arrived on city wall, these Magician saw that these dark clouds gawked, Light Element Magician was complexion pale said : all Light Element Magic Formation leaves ranks, used Light Element Magic to attack, the Dark mist technique of there Dark Magician!” This Light Element Magician this shouted that immediately/on horseback has plenty Light Element Magician has stood, used various Light Element Magic, in the direct that dark clouds the bang went. Now Dragon Race has formed an alliance with Radiant Church, Radiant Church there sent many Light Element Magician to help them, therefore Saint Dragon King helps them defend a city toward here has plenty Light Element Magician now. Also let alone, these Light Element Magic also really useful, strikes on that several groups of Dark mist, Dark mist immediately vanished slowly, these garrison troops cheering. However these Light Element Magician actually do not think that now should happy, they regarding Dark Magician completely understand, the Dark mist technique are Black Magic are not fake, but that is 1st level Black Magic, does not have no attack strength, the biggest ability blocks the regarding silk of enemy, their Light Element Magic just Dark mist scattering, no big deal. Dark mist diverged slowly, the garrison troops that inside appears thing makes these cheered, one like letting the person seized the neck duck, in a point voice. Sees in these Dark mist groups, reason that in each group of Dark mist appears strange four directions Battle Formation, this four directions Battle Formation said him to be strange, was because this Battle Formation unexpectedly was a cube, they so were floating in in midair, probably was each and every one huge square stone blocks flutters in in midair is the same, but composition this four directions Great Formation unexpectedly all was Undead Creature.

These Dark mist just vanished, these four directions Battle Formation immediately moved, their one mentioned the limit, flies toward in the city some specific places. These garrison troops looked direction complexion that these four square-shaped formation fly changes, because of the places of there these Dragon Race rests, it seems like that the opposite party comes prepared. In this time, appears in one time was transmitting said : „the in the city garrison troops to listen in Space that sound before, this time I to cope with Dragon Race come, Radiant Church and Dragon Race, shameless alliance in together, jointly copes with Lyon Empire, my these time wants exterminate Dragon Race and Radiant Church person, hopes that do not participate comes, otherwise, kill on sight!” These garrison troops eat the city these flying in the sky four directions Great Formation, their strength although are not much, so long as is the Ark Continent here person, nobody don’t know will fly to represent anything, if were flight Magic Beast that said fortunately, if were the person is flying, that represented him to have the 9th level strength, these although that now flies were Undead Creature, they had not heard Undead Creature will fly, but they felt that to intermittent fearful and apprehensive, they knows these Undead Creature was not affable, can also maintain lineup in the flight like this, this fully explained these Undead Creature uncommon place, but that. The command(er) these Undead Creature people were more fearful. Simultaneously these garrison troops also present an issue, Battalion that these Undead Creature are divided into also really like that sound said that specially to cope with Dragon Race came, direction that their these corps flew, was the Dragon Race rest places, or was the Inferior Dragon Race dull place, their these ordinary garrison troops simply nobody paid attention! But beforehand command(er) these Light Element Magician attack Dark mist that Light Element Magician, are complexion is now pale, Undead Creature that to be honest, can fly he has not heard, Continent record in history, about strongest Undead Creature also 6th level, but strongest Darkness summoned creatures that Dark Magician summoned, was not Undead Creature, Darkness life form that but summoned from Underworld, these life form strength very formidable, if were level high Dark Magician, used the Sacrificial Offering method, can summon 9th level Darkness life form to help them do to fight, that regarding request also high of Dark Magician , will use from now on, their lives. Also will be greatly affected, but also appears the situation of Darkness life form backlash summoner.