Chapter 665 is easily accomplished

although had not heard Undead Creature that can fly, but this does not interrupt his judgment, he can affirm that these Undead Creature strengths are uncommon, because of this, therefore he wants rebel, because he listened, in the opposite party words regarding Dragon Race and Radiant Church did not have no dislike, the opposite party was impossible to let off their these Light Element Magician. In because has thought of this point, therefore this Light Element Magician immediately/on horseback said loudly: Do not fear them, these are deceive people, that has Undead Creature 9th level Expert, that is impossible, everyone/Great Clan attack!” He just shouted that suddenly felt a chest pain, he lowers the head looked, sword tip passed from his front, then sword tip withdraw to slowly his back, his difficult turning the head in the future will look at one, present black-clothed appearance Undead Creature, slowly takes back own Rapier, is don’t know the misconception, this Light Element Magician felt that skeleton Undead Creature, grins to him probably smiled. Splash, a sound conveys from this Light Element Magician side, his difficult turning the head looked at one, presently on city wall all Light Element Magician, is almost standing Undead Creature, but these Light Element Magician were also killed. finished! this is that Light Element Magician last thought. But city wall Undead Creature on these garrison troops fearful and apprehensive look at these suddenly appears , they have to think the attack, presently are actually shaking, weapon can only be exempts strong asserting with confidence, simply does not have the means to attack. These Dead-soldier Undead Creature, turned the head to look at these ordinary soldier one eyes, flashes of personal appearance, appears in their front in midair, on there fluttering slowly in there, then such Dead-soldier Undead Creature that flew from all around city wall were then getting more and more, these Dead-soldier Undead Creature slowly have also composed square-shaped formation, then turn around flew toward in the city. The soldier who these defend a city, relaxed, in this time, that sound I was saying in appears said :, today we come for Dragon Race and Radiant Church these people, other people, so long as rebel, we will not injure you, if rebel, executes.” These ordinary soldiers, you visit me, I visit you, dares to move heedlessly in also nobody, to be honest, their these ordinary soldiers regarding the Dragon Race strong sense of belonging, they have not thought one are the Lyon Empire person, after all Lyon Clan has ruled the Lyon Empire more than thousand years.

Now nobody takes the lead, they naturally cannot rebel, even if will be these military officer will not move heedlessly now, they do not want to be killed by suddenly appears Rapier, therefore honestly will select. At this moment, in the city suddenly has heard sound of the huge Dragon's Roar, along with this Dragon's Roar, Dragon's Roar in the city various places transmits, these garrison troops know, Dragon Race that these rested awoke, their cannot help but complexion is white, how now they also real don’t know must handle, Dragon Race was formidable they to see with one's own eyes, but the great strength of these Undead Creature, they also with own eyes saw speaking the truth, how their real don’t know must choose. As Dragon's Roar transmit, various in the city place Giant Dragon soar, blotting out the sky Dragon's Power, one gave to gather together to cover the entire national capital, these timid people could not bear kneel. However these garrison troops quickly presently, these Giant Dragon although appears , but their immediately has also met these Undead Creature attack, these Undead Creature although have composed each and every one square-shaped formation, however the Dragon Race build is not small, these square-shaped formation also exempt strong and these Dragon Race is equally big, but these square-shaped formation actually very flexible, looked at Dragon Race appears , immediately these Dragon Race threw likely. In process of flight their also immediately changed, each and every one square-shaped formation suddenly turned into an only giant scorpion probably, has attacked toward these Dragon Race. These Dragon Race also keenly blowing, moved forward to meet somebody, looks like in these Dragon Race, these Human Race Undead Creature, but is similar to ant like existence, a palm of the hand can clap several, does not have anything specially. However true exchange hands, these Dragon Race presently have made a mistake, they think that before these Undead Creature were used any special method to fly by Dark Magician, simply is impossible to have the 9th level strength, because on Continent simply does not have appears in 9th level Undead Creature. However this begin the exchange these Dragon Race presently, these Undead Creature were not spatially has put up, they were really the 9th level strong talents, had the 9th level strength really! This makes these Dragon Race be surprised. Dragon Race body formidable, 8th level Dragon Race can fight to a draw with Human Race 9th level Expert generally, but 9th level Dragon Race, is almost same level in invincible existence, this is also Dragon Race is called 6 on invincible reasons.

However Dragon Race , is also impossible 9th level Expert attack that can put up several hundred fierce not to fear, these arrived at the dragon of 9th level strength to return to be able truly to support, but these 8th level Dragon Race just appears , almost by these Undead Creature extinguishing. Leader Giant Dragon called out pitifully from airborne is asking the price with no intention of buying by Undead Creature, but afterward one group of Dark mist wrapped up them, then Bone Dragon shot up to the sky, join to has slaughtered in the Dragon Race ranks. there city wall all on garrison troops dull look at eye previous existence, they cannot believe that really this is real, these look like power and prestige incomparable Dragon Race, came up unexpectedly to exterminate, was turned into Undead Creature, turn around flushed away toward own companion, such situation already complete left their imagination, left their thought that was too scary. Many person in hand weapon unconscious fell the ground, but they have not actually noted. 40 Giant Dragon, after puts in an appearance lets the person has killed ten, then these ten Giant Dragon turn into Bone Dragon to fly in sky, then slaughters his agreement, quick, 40 Giant Dragon only remaining final ten were still insisting that but these ten Giant Dragon are without any exception, is true 9th level Giant Dragon, but their present situation prestige danger, along with these Bone Dragon join, they also has also creakied. In suddenly final ten Giant Dragon, left a pitiful yell from airborne to fall down, this pitiful yell how great hammer same knocking on the hearts of these garrison troops, they now in has not dared a little rebel thought that these in hand also to take the weapon person, like discarding Poison Snake lost their in hand weapon to the place, each and every one complexion pale standing in there. But what these garrison troops don’t know is, presently the in the city that Inferior Dragon Race military compound, turned into a slaughter house, inside all Inferior Dragon Race and Magic Beast had been given the slaughter to be clean, but in the city several other military compound in front of the door, was given to stop up by Undead Creature, all dared the rebel people killed, was adding on these garrison troops also to see these unceasingly fallen Giant Dragon, did not have the rebel thoughts, entire national capital unexpectedly in a short time on calm, but outside the city these have formed the army, wants Noble that entered a city to help, was actually given to keep off by protective shield of national capital in outside the city, simply could not enter a city, these. Noble also wants to make the garrison troops hit to open them protective shield to enter a city, but these garrison troops that also dare to move heedlessly now, these were known as that ignorant Giant Dragon, let human form butchered the chicken same butchering, they in rebel, that were not in toilet hit the lantern to look for the excrement( dead). look at outside fight of Zhao Hai calm, Laura they also sit in the Zhao Hai side, this time battle plan, is Lizzy and Megan also has Green, Kun and Zhao Hai their together discusses, the anti- Undead Creature strength shows, with Sea Race Rubik's Cube Great Formation, with quickest, copes with Inferior Dragon Race and these Dragon Race first, so long as extinguished these Dragon Race, what storm other people in that Lyon Empire cannot be popular. But their these time wants exterminate Dragon Race, must in front exterminate of all national capital garrison troops, only then this can set up the prestige, can blow in Lyon Empire these Noble, lets these Noble understand, Dragon Race is not invincible existence. From dark clouds appears in the sky of national capital, finished to the fight, entire fight time, does not have three hours, 40 Dragon Race, 5000 Inferior Dragon Race, near hundred thousand Magic Beast, about thousand people of Light Element Magician, participate in the rebel 10,000 garrison troops, 30 Noble, 20 generals, completely by Zhao Hai with thunder method exterminate at the scene, moreover all turned into Undead Creature them, although turned into Undead Creature them, blood that but they flow, was incarnadine in the city some streets, especially the blood of some Dragon Race, gave the houses of some residents incarnadine, but there The residents actually only dare to hide in house, does not dare to go out of door one step.

This fight, but also ruined the private residence to enter 200, had commoner dead 87 people, was injured 302 people, but these were pressed commoner in private residence, immediately will have Undead Creature to come to rescue, all injured commoner, will be given to cure with Light Element Magic by some Undead Creature, these Undead Creature gave back to these houses to be destroyed, the family member liked the wound and death commoner one bag of gold coins, each generation of gold coins quantity, was no less than 1000. After three hours, the entire Lyon Empire national capital calm has gotten down, in has not fought, does not have any disturbance, these defend a city person honest staying in city wall and military compound, nobody dares rebel. In this place, these just still in Tu Long's Undead Creature, from the sky had been composing huge square-shaped formation, but these Dragon Race, before Inferior Dragon Race and all, person who killed, has become in this square-shaped formation, some courageous residents also quietly opened the window, look at in midair that incomparably huge square-shaped formation, is waiting for the arrival of unknown destiny. In this time, in that huge square-shaped formation, suddenly appears a red house, this red house appears slowly in square-shaped formation front, has been carrying on the back by Giant Dragon in this house is carrying on the back, then the door opens, goes out of a person from the house. This person very young, black Magic Robe, long is very ordinary, a very ordinary face, but actually nobody dares underestimated he, so long as is saw that his person knows, this person certainly is these Undead Creature control!