Chapter 666 declares war officially Let Ritchie is Lyon Empire Merchant, he is a marine trader, does the marine business specially, in Lyon Empire is also known. However nearest/recent these days, the change of Lyon Empire, actually somewhat left has let Ritchie's understanding range, first was Dragon Race cooperating with these Great Noble, suddenly has broken through country, to the slaughter is clean Lyon clansman that is getting together in the imperial palace, then Dragon Race suddenly has become Lyon Empire Imperial Clan, but also changed name to call Saint Dragon King Lyon Empire toward. Let Ritchie think that the matter also like this, on Dragon Race powerful Continent all people know, moreover Buddha Empire, Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire, with changing known as taught Ocean Waves Dynasty of country's to approve the rule of Dragon Race to Lyon Empire brightly, in this case, later Lyon Empire feared that was really turns into the Dragon Race rule the country. In letting Ritchie look like, this does not have anything not to be good, on Dragon Race formidable Continent all influences are clear, moreover they have also tied the pledge with Radiant Church, although this point makes Ritchie not approve of very much, but he is only Merchant, simply has not said the power, even if some word power he does not dare saying that now is in power can Dragon Race, he not suffice exactly. Thought to be all right, but makes Ritchie know quickly that rule of Dragon Race also not necessarily good, Dragon Race extremely in keeping aloof, their simply has looked down upon Human Race, all Human Race in their eyes, but is ants like existence, even if these Inferior Dragon Race is so, these days light has in Lyon Empire, commoner that innocent massacred has achieved about thousand people, these commoner simply any mistakes, they possibly had not noticed that Inferior Dragon Race has not saluted, or sold to Inferior Dragon Race thing to receive money, by Inferior Dragon Race massacring. Such rule is impossible to obtain popular sentiment, making the person who Ritchie presently presently in the city does business fewer and fewer, even if many small Noble, normally nothing will not go out, various dance parties, the cocktail party is vanishes negligently completely, nobody also had the mood to participate what by the cocktail party and dance party, only then these Great Noble also had such mood. These time gains the benefit in a big way was these Great Noble, although said that was Dragon Race is ruling Lyon Empire, but they after all were the foreign family, was unfamiliar with the people and place, all matters almost processed by these Great Noble, therefore these Great Noble authorities compared with former even bigger. This also lets Ritchie not shame these Great Noble reasons, to be honest, making Ritchie not like the rule of Dragon Race, Dragon Race is tyrannical, not only foreign, even if to commoner is also same, this there is anything rules, simply is a slave, but these Great Noble each and every one for the benefit, actually the slave face in front of these Dragon Race bow, is really letting Ritchie very not shame their behavior. However he is also Merchant, is famous, rich, does not have the strength, he also really somewhat worried that these Great Noble will begin to him, is good because of him also with several Great Noble a little friendship, these Great Noble have not coped with him.

Today he is the preparation travelled by boat to go out of town, because he must make the ship to go to sea, goes to Golden Island there to do business, he is a marine trader, now has that marine trader not to go to Golden Island there to do business? When he prepares to go out, the accident lived. Make Ritchie's courage not small, his all the year round on the sea runs, in the sea Magic Beast he has experienced, the pirate he has experienced, after the person of life and death, naturally cannot the fear like average person, therefore the national capital here entire combat process, he almost watched. When continuously the fight ended, lets feeling that Ritchie some have not recovered, he has not thought that Dragon Race that cannot be regarded lets the person unexpectedly to the cleanness of exterminate, moreover turned into Undead Creature. Let Ritchie stand in own house top layer garret dull, outside that four directions Great Formation through window look at, with composing that four directions Great Formation Undead Creature army, the heart is shivering, he feared that he feared really very much, must know on Continent, but also few individuals do not fear Undead Creature, especially is such formidable Undead Creature. In this time, a that Undead Creature block Great Formation suddenly fluctuation, Bone Dragon is carrying on the back house appears in sky, that house all over the body is the red, seems like red Crystal makes probably, then a person pushes door walked out, the age of this person looks like not big, appearance also very ordinary, but his appears , making Ritchie be actually shocked, because this person he knew. Golden Island Island Lord, Buda Family Patriarch, is called on Continent strongest Dark Magician, on Continent most has lucky in love Noble, on Continent most successful Merchant, on Continent strongest Patriarch wait / etc., the owners of this series of strings, Zhao Hai Buda! Because has the business in Golden Island there, therefore he attended that Zhao Hai wedding fortunately, he has seen with one's own eyes the entire process that Zhao Hai and Laura they married, Zhao Hai also has even revered his liquor, how he possibly could forget the Zhao Hai appearance. However now Zhao Hai appears , makes him dumbfounded, his ten thousand never expected, this only formidable Undead Creature army, unexpectedly is Zhao Hai command(er). Zhao Hai house that turns into from Staff walked out, stood on Bone Dragon dragon's head, the Lyon Empire national capital that look at following calm such as died, deep voice said : Lyon Empire friend, hello, I was Zhao Hai Buda, Buda Family Patriarch, reason that this time I will wield the armed forces to come this, for copes with Dragon Race, shameless Dragon Race, has usurped our Human Race state unexpectedly, slave our Human Race, this was my Zhao Hai Buda institute is intolerable, today my Zhao Hai Buda announced in here that my Buda Family officially will declare war in Dragon Race, today I already in Lyon Empire national capital all Dragon Race, Inferior Dragon Race, With along with Noble of Dragon Race rebellion, General, all kills with Magic Beast, yesterday, I have filled and flying in circles spatial Dragon Race and Inferior Dragon Race Cavalry kill completely, tomorrow, I will wield the armed forces to go to Accra Mountain, fights to the death with Dragon Race, asking Lyon Empire friend not to need to be worried that your securities, I have no intention to encroach upon Lyon Empire, asking everyone/Great Clan vital part not to fear!”

The Zhao Hai words through Magic blessing/additional support, have spread over the entire national capital, all people static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, many commoner opened the window, in look at sky is similar to god landmass general Zhao Hai. Slowly, some people's walked out from own house, afterward increasing number of people from own in the room walked out, under Zhao Hai look at the Lyon Empire person, calm said : asked everyone/Great Clan not to need to be worried that I had no intention to encroach upon Lyon Empire, this time I was am Dragon Race come specially, I hope that the national capital here garrison troops, did the work of maintenance public security, do not live the confusion, then I will open protective shield, sees the army that outside the city these Noble composed, hopes that everyone/Great Clan do not run all over the place, in order to avoid injured accidentally.” Said that Zhao Hai command(er) square-shaped formation, slowly the north gate toward city expunges, has closed also Magic protective shield of national capital, protective shield disappearance of earth yellow slowly in in the city. But here Zhao Hai also appears in North City gate there of Lyon Empire country, slowly compels toward these Noble armies, outside the city these Noble are actually shaking, Magic protective shield of although national capital opened, they do not have the means to enter a city, moreover city wall has also tunnelled their vision, they could not see clearly in the city to live anything, but that protective shield actually could not block the sound, the Zhao Hai words passed to their ears clearly, they know finally what was who, general what guessed correctly in the city to live. Heard that these Dragon Race and Inferior Dragon Race by exterminate, these Great Noble were started to be afraid, reason that Lyon Empire will fall to today's this situation, has direct relationship with them, they hire oneself Dragon Race, Lyon Empire will not fall to today's this situation. But now Zhao Hai brings Undead Creature to kill, these Dragon Race exterminate, their equal to lost the backer, below looked how Zhao Hai must cope with them. When they noticed that Zhao Hai brings that to be blotting out the sky Undead Creature army that kills, these Great Noble want crazy, is seeing that Bone Dragon of Zhao Hai under foot, these Great Noble believe finally that Dragon Race ended. Why their also understand Zhao Hai can in such a short time extinguish Dragon Race, because his command(er) these Undead Creature almost will fly, Undead Creature that can fly? Is 9th level? Had not heard has 9th level Undead Creature? However here real appears , these Great Noble also understand, these Undead Creature had actually feared that has 9th level, not so was impossible in such a short time to give exterminate these Dragon Race. These Great Noble felt that their two legs are shivering, they think ***!

Zhao Hai stands in the head of Giant Dragon, coldly look at these Great Noble, coldly snorted said : „you are the Human Race rebel, hires oneself unexpectedly Dragon Race, helping Dragon Race come to meeting our Human Race, I was thought exterminate you, but I do not want such to do now, yesterday I must go to Accra Mountain and Dragon Race fight a decisive battle, do not have time management Lyon Empire all, therefore I hope that you can manage good Lyon Empire, when I and Dragon Race fought a decisive battle do not go wrong, otherwise, my first destroyed completely you!” These Great Noble that also dares to say a non- character now, their very clear, if the meaning of a little rebel, next one made immediately be able by exterminate. They know that they the value in Zhao Hai eye, Zhao Hai are not short of money, he is on Continent one of the most famous big Merchant, moreover control Golden Island , he if short of money, on that Continent nobody is not short of money. He does not lack for the person who he fights, now follows to have several hundred thousand in his behind Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature may all meets flying in the sky, now has added on more than 40 Giant Dragon, but also so many Magic Beast and Inferior Dragon Race, by the Zhao Hai present strength, can destroy completely any country with ease. But now Zhao Hai lacks possibly manages the capable person, Dragon Race in Lyon Empire was extinguished, if Zhao Hai in extinguishing them, there surface Empire really nobody has managed, will fall into to a confusion, this was not Zhao Hai wants to see that obviously, therefore Zhao Hai kept their life, making them help him manage Lyon Empire, this feared that was they final the value in the Zhao Hai eye he, their dares to have silk rebel, immediately complied, had some Noble Zhao Hai tables to be likely loyal, the oath must give loyalty to him.