It looks like in these Noble, Zhao Hai said that anything to not encroach upon Lyon Empire comes, that simply is impossible, a person when facing a King such big authority enticement, how possibly not to have a point ambition. Is looking like in these Noble, Zhao Hai obviously is not only wants to work as the whore and wants to set up the memorial arch, therefore their immediately looks like the Zhao Hai table to be loyal, Zhao Hai does not have what expression, but looked at these Noble said : to remember to me, with my play tricks, do not think that Dragon Race can also save you, you think that with Dragon Race these people, how many hundred thousand 9th level Undead Creature can cope with? Therefore you best honest, do not annoy my not happy, does not want play tricks, any plots and schemes, in the absolute strength surface, the department futile effort, because of own error in thought that do not fall into by own entire Clan to the danger, remembers words that I spoke!” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, he and his behind these Undead Creature almost simultaneously vanished. Zhao Hai does not have in Lyon Empire here is dull, he must prepare tomorrow to go to the Accra Mountain matter, simultaneously he also wants to have a look at the responses of these Noble is anything, moreover he believes that today's matter, will spread over entire Continent in the shortest time, Zhao Hai also wants to know, after knowing this matter, what response on Continent other Empire will have. Reason that Zhao Hai this time the convention appears own strength, prepares for later, after this time he has tidied up Dragon Race, will say with these Emperor the matter about God Race, if his strength is insufficient, he feared that these people will not believe him, therefore he must show his strength, the person who lets these understand his such strengths will not crack a joke at will. Extinguished Dragon Race, next target was Radiant Church, this Zhao Hai showed the strength, immediately must cope with Dragon Race, Radiant Church will certainly guess correctly that Zhao Hai presently their plan, when the time comes perhaps they have been able immediately/on horseback to move, therefore after Zhao Hai prepared to extinguish Dragon Race, immediately with Human Race several big Emperor explained why he must cope with Radiant Church, otherwise from bucket words these Human Race Emperor feared that will be a drag on his. These Human Race Emperor met look at Zhao Hai to extinguish Dragon Race, because Dragon Race was too formidable, can pose the threat to their rules, however the similar truth, after Zhao Hai extinguished Dragon Race, these Human Race Empire to Dragon Race dreaded that shifted to Zhao Hai on, if Zhao Hai were beginning to Radiant Church at this time, they think that Zhao Hai wants with own in hand strength conquer Continent, when the time comes they to meet alliance to cope with Zhao Hai, even if Rosen Empire King will do such, because regarding Emperor, any can threaten existence that they ruled, was their enemies, must. Elimination, no matter that person is his son-in-law is his son, is the same Therefore Zhao Hai before wanting to cope with Radiant Church, must process with these big Empire King relationship, he does not want with entire Human Race for the enemy. Zhao Hai returned to Space, Laura they use the one type of difference look look at Zhao Hai, this arrives at makes to stare Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai puzzled look at their said : What happened? why such look at I? Strange.” The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, Ye Chi smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I have not thought, you have overbearing such time, but your overbearing appearance, is really graceful!” Megan their also young lady has smiled.

Showing the whites of the eyes of Zhao Hai not bears, turns the head to Green and Kun said : Grandpa Green, Grandfather Kun, has delivered to father-in-law's letter?” The father-in-law who Zhao Hai said is Rosen Empire King, Zhao Hai knows that this matter immediately will spread, therefore he must give King to send a letter first, although he cannot the meeting believe to explain anything now, but he told King, after handling the God Race matter, he will give him an explanation. Reason that Zhao Hai will do such, actually because of Lizzy, Lizzy is the King daughter, Zhao Hai does not want to make Lizzy awkward after all, will therefore send the letter to give King, stands firm King. Green nodded said :Young Master feel relieved to be good, to deliver, but Young Master just this truly was very attractive, your such suddenly leave, not only has not made these Noble produce other anything to think, instead to their sole scruples cancelling. Kun also smiles said : „, Little Hai you reveal this, tells them obviously, you are Space Divergent Warlock , they to you to had the confidence, must know that the person wanted the clan to look like, not only Space Divergent Technique the attack strength was formidable, what most important was, they escaped, nobody can overtake, they now complete trust, even if were you do not hit Dragon Race, can escape from Dragon Race in hand.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to think that also has such advantage, ok, no matter they, we said how must cope with Dragon Race, I think that here matter Dragon Race will quickly also know, our yesterday first placed that military compound of Accra Mountain under foot sweeping Dragon Race, then in entered toward Accra Mountain.” Green nod said : I think that Dragon Race knew the Country Department here fresh matter will not rescue, the Dragon Race quantity is not many, lost much in Sea Race there, lost more than 40 in here, they are impossible to lean the strength of [gold/metal] clan to retaliate, said it, even if they want to retaliate, did not have that time, today they obtain information, person ** good to have been able to retaliate, has hit to us to that in the past.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, these time is best to live with the Dragon Race war in Accra Mountain there, because the there person are few, will not injure and to innocent.”

Kun sighed said : these time to extinguish Dragon Race, feared that was Radiant Church there will have to respond, possibly God Race will come quickly, but now the preparation is also not very full, the time was not enough.” Zhao Hai sighed „the matter that said : this has not handled, one, but made Dragon Race end the [gold/metal] really control Lyon Empire, we have troubled, if other God Race came to cope with Dragon Race that on the evening.” Kun also nodded, adjusted Accra Mountain there the screen, Accra Mountain there to was piece of calm, these Dragon Race have not thought some people dare to move them, in their opinion, their Dragon Race on land was invincible existence, is existence that nobody dares to annoy. Invincible this reputation, not only can frighten the enemy, same can also lull itself, Dragon Race somewhat by this reputation lulling, them had thought that so long as Dragon Race exits, nobody dares to annoy them, these anything slaughter Dragon brave warrior, only exists in the novel and recites in the poetry of tour poet. Zhao Hai carefully looked at Accra Mountain here the military compound, this military compound is not big, many by Inferior Dragon Race and Magic Beast give priority to, but Zhao Hai actually thinks that this military compound hits awkwardly, must be more difficult than to hit the Lyon Empire national capital, because here backs on Accra Mountain, although here to the Dragon Mountain also distance, so long as the military compound one by attack, Magic Beast in that Accra Mountain will certainly be caught up with support, how many entire Accra Mountain does have Magic Beast? This issue nobody can return to obtain comes, only knows until now, but also nobody can penetrate into Accra Mountain in also the golden body draws back. But Accra Mountain there Magic Beast almost under the rule of Dragon Race, even if these low level Magic Beast does not have what wisdom, but Magic Beast this thing, inborn has existence of level, level high inborn can command(er) some and other low level Magic Beast, therefore these Dragon Race end the [gold/metal] in command(er) entire Accra Mountain all Magic Beast to fight for them. This regarding Zhao Hai is also very troublesome, but Zhao Hai was not worried that his in hand Undead Creature level was too high, these Magic Beast want the beast sea tactic submerging that these Undead Creature is impossible, said it also has him, his in hand Undead Creature more will only hit. How Radiant Church there after knowing this matter will do, can support Dragon Race, will invite God Race descend directly, if they support Zhao Hai not to fear, but how they, if direct invited God Race descend, that troubled.

Attacks Accra Mountain here with attacking the national capital is different, attacks the national capital the time, he can make these Undead Creature shake Lyon Empire these garrison troops, these garrison troops will be afraid, will not participate in the attack, like his motion will facilitate many. However the Accra Mountain here [gold/metal] is Magic Beast, Magic Beast although will be afraid, but they after all are Magic Beast . Moreover the quantity are too many, under Dragon Race command(er), they possibly will not be scared, attack that can only go all out, even if Zhao Hai can turn into Undead Creature with the black demon these Magic Beast, overcomes Accra Mountain also the several days time, this is the most optimistic estimate, but in this several days time, Radiant Church there made anything to suffice. Zhao Hai frowns to look at the map, is thinking the consequence of this war, what response the same war will provoke on Continent, these are Zhao Hai must consider. The Green look at Zhao Hai appearance knows that Zhao Hai in thinking anything, Green shows a faint smile said : Young Master, did not need to be worried, all right, we will attack Dragon Race, these people on Continent will not meddle, if Radiant Church can immediately invite God Race descend, also did not need to wait till now, so long as we we extinguished Dragon Race, was getting up four country alliance, even if were God Race immediately/on horseback descend, we will not use.” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : hope so, hopes that God Race gives us the time, enabling us to be able smooth Dragon Race extinguishing, right Grandpa Green, what information Sea Race there had?” Green shook the head said : not to have, I think that now Radiant Church these fellows had not obtained us to extinguish national capital here Dragon Race information, therefore they will not have anything to respond that Young Master does not need to be worried that Sea Race is the in the sea genuine overlord, even if Radiant Church in fierce, impossible in the sea to be what kind of Sea Race, will not have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, the map on look at screen, muttered said :Dragon Race, and other day, was your does not have the date!