Such that just like Zhao Hai thinks, they attack information of Lyon Empire national capital, already ** on the wing of wind Fu, flew entire Continent, entire Continent was shocked at once! Dragon Race, from ancient to present, is on Continent the invincible synonym, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, what is Dragon Race? Is on Continent most fearful existence, on Continent has some people even to believe that Dragon Race was a god. But these anything slaughter Dragon brave warrior and so on, but is some recites tour poet yy comes out, in fact on Continent record in history, listens to information that writes has Dragon Race slaughter. In fact naturally and has the Human Race slaughter the dragon, but these records do not have appears in the Human Race history book, because the Human Race history book is the Radiant Church revision, for they have not written the Human Race Tu Long's matter, for must stand erect Dragon Race to be invincible in the heart of Human Race, the invincible image, regarding later their motion on very heavy must like this. This looks like two Warrior at the preparation duel, Warrior is his reputation is ordinary, but another is actually world first Expert, moreover that vicious and merciless world first Expert, in this case, first Warrior is impossible to wield 100% strengths, some courage people who the shell carves will possibly have, but will not be everyone will have. On Continent prepares big Empire, when obtains this information, the first response is, this is impossible, this certainly not real. How possibly some people of Tu Dragon to become, moreover a slaughter 40 dragons? This was too inconceivable. When this information was confirmed that prepares the big Empire mixed reaction, Radiant Church is a confusion, their present descriptions were just good a point, because there is a Dragon Race this ally, but a immediately ally is given to hit now, this makes them somewhat be at a loss at once. But the first response of Buddha Empire is shocking, then did not have the response, how their don’t know must respond truly. Lyon Empire was extinguished by Dragon Race, Dragon Race has established Saint Dragon King toward, this itself hit their one to be caught off guard, but under the Dragon Race prestige, they have to the prestige recognize the Dragon Race status, but now Zhao Hai Dragon Race hitting, moreover public made war with Dragon Race, how this made Buddha Empire don’t know probably respond at once, their don’t know should support Zhao Hai and Dragon Race makes war, should help Dragon Race and Zhao Hai makes war. Makes war with Dragon Race, floats screen Empire currently speaking not to have this courage, but makes war with Zhao Hai, that somewhat cannot be justified, Zhao Hai is making the war with Dragon Race after all, they cannot help other families cope with Human Race, puzzled! But now on the Rosen Empire King table is also suspending two thing, one is that about the information that Zhao Hai and Dragon Race battle against, another is actually Zhao Hai gives his letter. King dull sitting in there, looked at that information, read that letter, some little time anything had not said that he don’t know must say anything.

Regarding own son-in-law, old King first time had the feeling that one type of could not understand, Zhao Hai looked like does not have the ambition appearance probably, defended on own one mu three points of ground, does business, although he on the major countries with Continent, relationship of major races was good, has not actually shown the inkstone to leave a points ambition to come, therefore since, old King to this son-in-law has been very satisfied. However that prestige thinks that he either does not do, must do makes the world-shaking important matter, one extinguished 40 Dragon Race unexpectedly, but also made war with Dragon Race, he somewhat cannot respond. But at this time, he in one time received the Zhao Hai letter, in the Zhao Hai letter to has given the explanation, he said that he such did has the field, he not for the Lyon Empire domain, but had the point, he was unable to say now that he can only wait till after the Dragon Race war tied with the old King explanation. This is letter a like letter, not only in this letter has the Zhao Hai words, the Lizzy words, the Lizzy words are she write personally. Old King look at these two letters, sighed, deep voice said : what to do did you say should?” A sound conveys said : „!” Old King also sighed said : well, waited, it seems like we also only then waited.” Is dies certainly to seek the earth to the person who he spoke, that forever did not make an appearance, only lived the death adviser in Darkness. Under the gaze of [gold/metal] Continent, one day fast passed, all people are paying attention to Accra Mountain there, they want to know that Zhao Hai can make war with Dragon Race. But in the Inferior Dragon Race military compound of Accra Mountain at the foot of the hill, these Inferior Dragon Race actually and don’t know this matter, on Continent all influences has almost own situation organization, Dragon Race also has certainly, moreover Radiant Church is their allies, even if the situation organization of Dragon Race does not work, the Radiant Church intelligence organization meets the sentiment, they should receive information to be right, but in fact, they have not actually received any information, yesterday looks like in this world any ordinary a day is the same, past that they shut long-drawn-out. Actually yesterday Zhao Hai although rests in Space, is not has not actually sat, in outside of Inferior Dragon Race military compound, has arranged a giant net, this net has not been used to monitor Inferior Dragon Race, but is used to intercept and rob these to give Inferior Dragon Race to deliver the information wind Fu.

Zhao Hai must Dragon Race unable to obtain the information through this side, similarly, he such does also has another point, to do not arrive at who to give back to Dragon Race to deliver the information at this time through this Fang Cha. Zhao Hai such does has not wasted, the person has attained 15 to give the Dragon Race situation at the yesterday tribulation, only then five in Radiant Church, but another ten, are Lyon Empire Great Noble comes out, it seems like these Great Noble in playing the game of gambling game, they submit to Zhao Hai at the same time, does not cause trouble in the rear area, this equal to has completed the Zhao Hai explain/transfer matter, but on the other hand they actually give Dragon Race to deliver the information, this does not offend Dragon Race, later no matter Zhao Hai won Dragon Race to win, they will not receive to implicate, actually this was also the survival of Great Noble, but at this time., This life saves actually appears such is inappropriate, Zhao Hai will not let off these people. Has rested one day later, Zhao Hai no matter the spirit or the body, has achieved very perfect condition, can deal with following fighting fully, in Space has had the breakfast, Zhao Hai their several people from Space came out, sits on a bone of Bone Dragon, turns into a house Staff, making Undead Creature compose Rubik's Cube Great Formation, slowly has pressed toward Inferior Dragon Race large camp. This time they have not made any mystery, such has exhibited solemn, has pressed slowly, however such war, makes people feel fearful, that pressure was not inferior to see with one's own eyes huge mountain to press. Now Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature had several million, has plenty is Sea Race, however after turning into Undead Creature, these Sea Race Magic Beast can also make the war in the six . Moreover the fighting strength level is not low, therefore Zhao Hai let out, several million 9th level Undead Creature, has also composed huge Rubik's Cube Great Formation, opening slowly to Inferior Dragon Race large camp. These Inferior Dragon Race also present this several million people of army, several million people of Great Formation, the double pendulum leaves such they have not seen completely the lineup, truly is makes these Inferior Dragon Race people be startled. army that these Inferior Dragon Race person fearful and apprehensive look at slowly press, look at these flying in the sky Undead Creature, they felt that their small heart and liver is shivering. Inferior Dragon Race person immediately makes the person deliver a letter to Dragon Race, the request supports, at the same time organizes the person to prepare the full defense, now their simply does not have the courage of attack, the look at several million people, the pressure like huge mountain, few people have the courage of driving attack. Zhao Hai their is not quick, his slowly presses toward large camp here, if they make this pressure, must make these Inferior Dragon Race people feel the fear. In this time, huge Dragon's Roar, from Inferior Dragon Race large camp, in ten Dragon Race that Inferior Dragon Race large camp here assumed, finally could not be sitting still, they turned into Dragon body, flew from large camp, static stopping in the large camp sky, undead army that look at pressed slowly.

And golden dragonscale(s), the head is growing two curvingly like Giant Dragon of blade same silique, opens the giant mouth, leaves such as stuffy thunder general sound speaking sounds: „ What opposite comes is friend? Can know here is my Dragon Race domain? ” His b bucket voice state falls, the Rubik's Cube Great Formation fluctuation of opposite party, Bone Dragon carried on the back a red house to fly, stopped in his front about hundred meters places, then the gate of house opened, goes out of now young man from inside, this now young man naturally is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at that Dragon Race one, sneered said : I naturally to know that here was the Dragon Race domain, was not the Dragon Race domain I have not come, what's wrong, didn't everybody know me?” That Dragon Race person looked at Zhao Hai one, two eyes cannot help but shrank said : Zhao Hai, were you Zhao Hai? You really do not have dead in the sea, said that was your exterminate we have sent in the sea clansman?” Zhao Hai laughs said : Dragon Race, your extremely arrogant was too long, you think on really this Continent nobody does dare to cope with you? Laughable! I told you, my not only exterminate you have sent in the sea these clansman, you sent Lyon Empire these clansman also by my exterminate, I must let your Dragon Race starting today, removed from Continent!” ! A huge calling out sound, from that Dragon Race mouth, his two blood red eyes look at Zhao Hai, shouts wildly said : Extremely arrogant ignorant ants, depend on you also to dare exterminate our Dragon Race, you were too extremely arrogant, how I to have a look at your exterminate we!” Zhao Hai sneers said : to stop talking, the God Race running dog, comments you, there is qualifications to call out in my front, I make you have a look today, how I am exterminate your.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, departs more than 40 Bone to come from big in the formation, these Bone Dragon set up in an array side Zhao Hai, one is flashing in pairs the eye of red quiet fire, the gaze of coldly these Dragon Race.