That Dragon Race sees these Bone Dragon, the look cannot help but shrinks, was actually replaced by the anger, how his very clear these Bone Dragon come, these Bone Dragon are their clansman, their clansman were killed, then changed the prestige Bone Dragon, was coping with them in turn, this was arrogant Dragon Race does not have the tolerance! The Zhao Hai look at that Dragon Race appearance, cannot help but laughs said : arrogant Dragon Race, haven't you managed to accept your clansman to be turned into Bone Dragon? Good, I become [gold/metal] you, turns into another appearance you, you like that one type of shape!” The hand wields, one group of black gas emit from in his hand, anti- these Bone Dragon slowly give to wrap up, when black gas diverges, these Bone Dragon turned into another appearance. That Dragon Race look in one time shrinks, the anger in his eyes was also simultaneously more prosperous, because these Bone Dragon [gold/metal] turned into the true Dragon Race appearance, their bodies cannot see a point extravagant mark, their scales in the sparkling light, their body Huo Qilai are still also powerful, but this Dragon Race goes, knows that his these clansman turned into Zombie, corpse that their pingpong can move, they are still Undead Creature. This is also the reason that Dragon Race is angry, when formidable Dragon Race can also make human form manipulate the toy same to look into the distance to manipulate, this is unforgivable! That Dragon Race face upwards long and loud cry said : to be unforgivable! How you dare to treat Dragon Race! Death!” Said that both wings, toward taking advantage of the sea flushes away, has followed also to cry loud and long in his behind these Dragon Race, threw. Zhao Hai actually laughs said : Dragon Race, holds the unwarranted reputation to survive present Magic Beast, you should prepare for by that the time washes to secrete!” The hand wields, 40 Zombie dragons threw, fights with that ten Dragon Race in together. 50 colossi in airborne fighting, attracted the attention of all Inferior Dragon Race, they have not thought really that one will face such challenge in formidable Dragon Race, in giving people a hard time Acher traces in Yashan, there is that Magic Beast to call to the Dragon Race beak to call one? In entire Fontein Continent, had that race to dare to Dragon Race so to say deceive? They have thought Dragon Race is really Unparalleled Under The Heaven, the pingpong wants Dragon Race to act, does not have the enemy who could not conquer, but they saw Lunatic today, Tu Long's Lunatic! Not wrong, in these Inferior Dragon Race eyes, Zhao Hai is one wants Tu Long's Lunatic, his too frantic, their his strengths have also made these Inferior Dragon Race feel shocking, similarly, makes these Dragon Race feel shocking. In these Dragon Race wants to come, to turn into Zombie Dragon Race to have the big strength? How possibly with their true Dragon Race string? However true exchange hands they know that these changed the prestige the Zombie clansman strength were not worse than them, even strove to excel! What taste was besieged by 40 stronger clansman is? Today these Dragon Race knew, they can only dance now block attack of 40 Zombie dragons, actually simply not counter-attack opportunity. Zhao Hai has not actually been idling, he looked down has limited the ground to be able these Inferior Dragon Race people, coldly snorted said : you also to leave is being deep, join my undead army.” The hand wields, command(er) in the room Megan and Lizzy of army, immediately/on horseback command(er) flower bud these Undead Creature has pressed.

These Inferior Dragon Race people somewhat were in a tumult, they were scared, time that before undead army pressed, they felt to have the pressure, because there is Dragon Race to assume personal command, they according to believe fiercely one can conquer the enemy, since this has been many years Dragon Race in the impression that they make, in their opinion, Dragon Race is invincible existence! However has a look now, ten Dragon Race, by 40 Zombie dragons hitting the [gold/metal] does not have the strength to hit back, they lose the life are also the issues of time, but at this time, Zhao Hai in wielding Dong Jundui pressed, then regarding these Inferior Dragon Race, completely was different, now they not only felt the pressure, even felt scared! If this to the period of five days, has Dragon Race to come out in the roar two, the department can also stably live in the morale of troops, what what a pity is, these Dragon Race were gathering round by the Zombie body punches crazily, that has the mood to manage them. But Zhao Hai here also has the arrangement, he fills and flying in circles spatial fight through the national capital and Cavalry, altogether obtained 42 grey clans, now 40 are punching that ten Dragon Race, is carrying on the back the house to him, remaining were sent attack gate flight of steps leading to a palace hall Inferior Dragon Race by Zhao Hai! Has to recognize, the arrangement of Zhao Hai do really dangerously, these Inferior Dragon Race people have one type of to fear regarding Dragon Race inborn, now look at this and true Giant Dragon not any area in addition! Dragon Race threw toward them, many Inferior Dragon Race person simple scream, discarded oneself in hand weapon, turn around ran toward humble carat Yashan, they completely lost the fight to be able the courage. Zhao Hai sat in carrying on the back of Giant Dragon at this time, is actually slightly smiles, high-sounding talk that just he displayed, then frantic, Portugal prepares for this, he must attend to making the enemy think that with such table he is Lunatic, must know that looks like the strength of bamboo, you will also be afraid Lunatic, because Lunatic is most impervious. Slaughters is not Zhao Hai likes, he wants to reach louse his point, sometimes to achieve own point, slaughtering is the essential method, however some moment, have not tested necessary slaughtering, is actually completely avoidable. What the army fears in opposing the enemy is anything one feared that walks the appears military deserter, only then a appears military deserter, will have loose military deserter appears , these military deserters will form a chain-like response, finally leads the big rout of system entire army, now Inferior Dragon Race here is so. They had the spiritual prop, has Dragon Race, they have the courage of opposing the enemy, when Dragon Race hit did not have the Péng air/Qi, their spiritual prop collapses!

The routs of these Inferior Dragon Race people, affected these Dragon Race people, this was the influence in one type of energetic aspect, had nothing to do with the strength, these Dragon Race also had one Chu that at heart wanted to escape, but destiny that this type wants they to suffer a defeat and flee! Giant Dragon was killed, he was turned into the Zombie dragon, threw to own companion, another Giant Dragon was killed, adjoined also changes the prestige the Zombie dragon, threw to welcome toward own companion, fight thus and such and such, let the heart of that several Dragon Race, has sunk the valley, they completely lost the hope of going on living now. However these Dragon Race are not an ability of counter-attack calmly does not have, in Dragon Race also has one type of Secret Technique, this Secret Technique is an advantage is called the Divine Dragon violent Secret Technique, this is one type of suicide Secret Technique, they can make Dragon Race take their flesh and blood as to direct, takes own full strength as energy, has a huge explosion, this can explode Might very big, Dragon Race self-destruct, the foot can be killed ten Dragon Race people by one, but this side, was actually past God Race passes to them. Now remaining that several Dragon Race have wanted to use this side, what is a pity, they have met Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is a very particular about practical person, he does not like wasting the time, does not like wasting the strength, looks like opposes the enemy, can a move kill the enemy, he will not use two moves absolutely, any cat inserts the game of Old Mouse, looks like in Zhao Hai, these are the floating clouds, refers to seizes Old Mouse time, seems like , is actually is praising to train, because Old Mouse will not pose any threat to the cat. When you oppose the enemy, if you also seize the Old Mouse mentality to oppose the enemy with this cat, finally that dies possibly is you, makes sense good that said that acts out of desperation, the rabbit anxious has also bitten intimately, so long as the enemy of bamboo has not died, will pose the threat to you, do not say the powerful enemy like Dragon Race. After these Inferior Dragon Race people retreat, the Zhao Hai work has not pursued these Inferior Dragon Race, but is command(er) the undead six armed forces, carried on to remaining several Dragon Race has covered kills, redeemed the surface, has not used the Divine Dragon violent Dragon Race submerging by perishing tribute army with enough time, honorable became in undead army. Zhao Hai they overcome Accra Mountain here Dragon Race large camp with ease, they then must do traces in Yashan to enter toward Acher, carves the finger of Dragon Race den, Dragon Mountain! Reason that Zhao Hai they must such quickly rout all Inferior Dragon Race in this camp , because here was too near to a Human Race a city place, Accra Mountain here is the adventurer disperses Heaven, everyday has the innumerable adventurers, seeks to plan own dream to here, they will go to Accra Mountain to hunt and kill Magic Beast, same is also seeks for these dead in thing that inside adventurer keeps. The adventurer is one type of high risk profession, especially the Accra Mountain here adventurer, their although traces the surrounding activity of Yashan in Acher, but might also meet some Advanced level Magic Beast, was given instant kill by Magic Beast directly. Because of life of this being in a precarious state, therefore these adventurers will be bringing their property Portable generally, can therefore the has plenty unfortunate person die in Accra Mountain every year, met the has plenty lucky person to sort the properties of some dead adventurers, overnight punctured the wealthy man, although this situation was few, but actually stirred up the severe 7 these following adventurers, participation of taking place of the fallen to braving in Mo army. This looks like buys the color chestnut to be the same, all people in buying think one can be that lucky fellow, but going that draws a prize-winning ticket truly, is very few.

Because so many adventurers go to Accra Mountain to set at the danger, therefore in the Accra Mountain mountain corner/horn, there is one not to be small The town, this town makes up to Accra Mountain nearest/recent one To, every year here risk person has plenty, the prosperity of small town position ten points. However the adventurer day in most town does not feel better, Dragon Race control Lyon Empire, has built up the military compound on the mountain chest of Accra Mountain at one fell swoop, the military compound is not quite far from the town, what most important is, these Inferior Dragon Race people did not make the adventurer in entering Acher trace in Yashan to hunt and kill Magic Beast, these adventurer everyday in small town can only eat their initial capital, hoped Dragon Race also to completely timid cancellation this order! Because the adventurer in town , not [gold/metal] to take risk to come, some criminals of crime, will run away to here comes, because here is very near to Accra Mountain, even if the Lyon Empire army, will not manage the here person, these can free and unfettered be then merry in here, even if were the army came, at the worst in ran away to walk into the mountain to walk, therefore they did not dare the leave town to other The place, went to other place, they will be grasped to catch up.