Because of such reason, has plenty of this also in the small town of Accra Mountain at the foot of the hill enters, but these people also had to be popular witnessed a genuine Tu Dragon good play, on this day, a true legend started. Reason that Zhao Hai will use all sorts of sides, making the Inferior Dragon Race person retreat to Accra Mountain in quickly, because of this small town! What no matter in this small town lives is who, Zhao Hai does not hope that they receive affect of flames of war, innocent tragic death, therefore before him, with all sorts of methods, let the person rout of Inferior Dragon Race fast, like this they can burn the flames of war to Accra Mountain in went, but Accra Mountain there now few individuals. Because Inferior Dragon Race that military compound is very near to the small town, therefore these adventurers in small town fortunately saw today's Zhao Hai and Dragon Race the war. This cannot be a war actually, can only be one-sided slaughter, but this slaughter, looks at these adventurer two eyes to shine, must know the Zhao Hai slaughter, but Dragon Race, Dragon Race, on Continent invincible existence, today lets human form type ordinary Magic Beast unexpectedly same to exterminate, how they possibly not to look at two eyes to be straight, the heart such as burns down. Zhao Hai after exterminate that ten Dragon Race, had not stayed, command(er) undead army, is dashing to Accra Mountain, Rubik's Cube Great Formation has not changed, is still Rubik's Cube Great Formation, is similar to motion huge mountain is the same, overran toward Accra Mountain. But these adventurers in small town, each and every one is also the bold generation, looks at Zhao Hai command(er) undead army, killed in Accra Mountain, their these fellows also ran from the small town, then in undead army, touched Accra Mountain. They to did not save to sort the cheap thoughts what, they believe that a such magnificent scene, if did not have a look, that was really too regrettable, so long as can live coming out from Accra Mountain, that had the capital of boast, but boasted, often was also the adventurer most loved. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these adventurers, although he present these adventurers followed, but he does not have the time to manage them now, these fellows like with, he has made himself to do, these fellows also with it seems like court death, that Zhao Hai has not managed. Now Zhao Hai does not want to divert attention, what he faces is Dragon Race, although by the beforehand several fights, he has defeated Dragon Race, but that several Dragon Race, Dragon Race, when these tens of thousands years , the nest has been managing in Accra Mountain here, now they have the strong strength, Zhao Hai also don’t know, he not because will be only exterminate several Dragon Race was pleased with oneself, now also not to his happy time.

Zhao Hai undead army just entered Accra Mountain, his immediately felt that the here differences, here to the military compound under mountain corner/horn, in that military compound did not have Inferior Dragon Race, has Magic Beast, but their rout, but Accra sub here, everywhere is Magic Beast, now these Magic Beast looked like was insanely same, no matter Magic Beast of any thing level, the department they threw toward Zhao Hai, climbed mountains in in addition on is forest, in this case, was using Rubik's Cube Great Formation to be not quite suitable, Zhao Hai read, entire demon Great Formation vanished instantaneously, turns into plate fine sand same removing to enter. In Accra Mountain forest. Commencing of action of frantic, Zhao Hai already from that Bone Dragon carried on the back, entered Alien within the body, but these Bone Dragon actually flying in the sky, because Accra Mountain here had flight Magic Beast of mass similarly, these flight Magic Beast attack strength were not weak, happen to made these Bone Dragon attract the attention of these flight Magic Beast in the space, but they coped with these below in Magic Beast that the ground walked. This simply is a screen kills, in the Accra Mountain surrounding, simply does not have what high level Magic Beast, what side also don’t know these Inferior Dragon Race have used, they let entire Accra Mountain Magic Beast insane same attack Zhao Hai they, let Zhao Hai their each advancing one step, will become very difficult. However Zhao Hai is turned into Undead Creature these by Inferior level Magic Beast that they kill, because does not have that necessity, these Magic Beast level were too low, build also too small, although looks like Blue Eye Rabbit, the long-tail chicken and so on Magic Beast, going all out looks like these Undead Creature attack, but by their strengths, how possible wound to have resulted in these Undead Creature, even if these Undead Creature stands in there makes them hit, they do not move. But these Magic Beast builds are too small, even if turned into Undead Creature them, does not have the too big use, moreover behind Zhao Hai also lets these adventurers, sorts some Magic Beast, then withdraws from Accra Mountain, like this their casualties also on small. Now Zhao Hai their although entire Rubik's Cube Great Formation disassembling, but does not make the war alone, but takes 500 people as a squad, is coordinating advancing. Accra Mountain was too big, Zhao Hai impossible , must therefore come all Undead Creature, if that Undead Creature walk alone were given to issue to sneak attack by the dragon, the loss of that Zhao Hai is not small, therefore Zhao Hai lets their 500 people of squad, this facing Dragon Race sneak attack, he only can also be able to block, after all they currently have the 9th level strength, moreover these Undead Creature that Space leaves, will ponder, how to know facing enemy. However is this, their pushing progress are not quick, after all these insane Magic Beast is really too many, Jebel Akra sub here simply don’t know has many Magic Beast, now the insanity of these Magic Beast collectives, but also is really very scary, is Zhao Hai, if has changed others, is simply cannot attack. Zhao Hai they each advancing one step is stepping on these Magic Beast corpses now in moving forward, no matter flying in the sky, the ground walks, advancing that these Magic Beast that digs a hole, crazy same attack they, they have to one step kill, entire Accra Mountain, so long as is the place that Zhao Hai they pass through, the [gold/metal] department was given by the blood of Magic Beast incarnadine.

These follow them to enter the Accra Mountain adventurer after Zhao Hai, shocking look at in front of them these Magic Beast corpses, although these Magic Beast are on Continent is very ordinary, sees very much long, even if they saw that also Magic Beast that is disinclined to kill, but this appears these many, truly are make them feel shock. However these adventurers may not have no Space equipment . Moreover the thoughts that now they watch the fun are bigger than gather the Magic Beast thoughts, therefore Magic Beast of these person of simply ground, then have not traced toward Accra Mountain. Zhao Hai does not have the mood to pay attention to them, but Cai'er actually noted, her immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, these adventurers has not moved these Magic Beast corpses, should we receive these corpses? No matter what, these are also the meat, if later war, but needs many grain, but if these ordinary soldiers do not eat the meat, their fighting strength will also reduce.” One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai has to turn the head to look at these adventurers, presently some place Magic Beast corpses of their simply ground, most have not met some Advanced level Magic Beast, took away Magic Crystal of these Magic Beast within the body, other thing simply have not moved. Looks at this situation, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighs said : that to receive in Space, instead is putting in Space will not be corrupting, later we did not lack the meat to eat.” Before Green laughs said : „, we do not lack the meat to eat, but by our such lane, was feared after is, Accra Mountain here was not having any Magic Beast, turned sits the dead mountain.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : these Magic Beast are Dragon Race control, if did not die them now, if later Dragon Race straight command(er) their attack Human Race, that fearful, that feared that is Blue Eye Rabbit and long-tail chicken such Magic Beast, if blots out the sky flushes away to the Human Race army, that is also very dangerous, why we not changes class food.” Green they nodded with Kun, he only knows what Zhao Hai said is right, these Magic Beast although normally look like does not have any danger, but if really one day, they insane same attack Human Race, that is also very terrifying, thinks that a troop the insane rabbit has fired into, tear and bite, that scene, lets others Mao Zhishu. Waited till that time with it, was coping with these Magic Beast, might as well now has killed cleanly, even if stockpiled army provisions for the later war.

Reason that Green they have such big assurance these Magic Beast to massacre , because their present command(er) army is not comprised of the person, is not comprised of Magic Beast, but is Undead Creature, you had heard Undead Creature can also be afraid? No! Undead Creature will not fear that feared what is the front clashes is one crowd of two eyes braves the red rabbit, that feared what in front of them clashes is one crowd face upwards long and loud cry Giant Dragon, their all does, takes up own weapon, attack, so simple. undead is undead, that feared that he is intelligent undead, they never will also violate the meaning of their Master, the order of Zhao Hai kills off all enemies, no matter Magic Beast or Dragon Race, they will comply, they were become intelligent, will be starts to ponder, but this did not interrupt them to carry out the order of Zhao Hai, order of execution Zhao Hai a discount did not hit. One crowd does not have fear person at heart to be fearful, because this wants, therefore Green they believe that these Undead Creature can their Magic Beast kill off all attack, if the Human Race army, is impossible to achieve this point, they facing the Magic Beast raging tide of blotting out the sky, cannot wield all strengths that possibly can frighten, finally by Magic Beast army submerging. Zhao Hai their all has not flown to go to Dragon Mountain there directly, but advancement bit by bit in ground, because of Zhao Hai bloodthirsty, could not kill Accra Mountain Magic Beast was willingly, because he was worried. These time copes with Dragon Race, Zhao Hai has confidence to destroy completely Dragon Race, but must say that did not make any Dragon Race run, that Zhao Hai has not grasped really achieves, if made some Dragon Race run, they came in returned to Accra Mountain here, was the same can Magic Beast in command(er) Accra Mountain, when the time comes Zhao Hai the trouble was big. ( to be continued )