Chapter 671 transformation? This worry and has the reason, the dragon placed in Accra Mountain to manage these many years, can say that Accra Mountain here was their domain, reason that they did not care about these people to come Accra Mountain here to hunt and kill Magic Beast, was because the adventurer can hunt and kill was some Inferior level Magic Beast, could not affect their strength, moreover made these adventurers come here to hunt and kill Magic Beast, will not cause on Continent the attention of major Empire. If Dragon Race turned into to have the incomparable place Accra Mountain here, on Continent major Empire will certainly pay attention to here, because the Accra Mountain here geographical position was really too important, he and Dwarf Race bordered on, in Lyon Empire, small some mountain range in Buddha Empire, but also was near with Elf Forest, in this case, if Accra Mountain turned into a completely independent kingdom, these influences will not agree. Therefore Dragon Race enables Human Race to enter hunts and kills Magic Beast to Accra Mountain, like this has not lost to their strengths, but can also these to pay attention to them, they do is very successful. Beforehand Zhao Hai does not want to be ruthless these Magic Beast, since presently including Blue Eye Rabbit, long-tail chicken this absolutely does not have Magic Beast of attack strength comes attack they the time, Zhao Hai on below decides certainly the heart, must extinguish Accra Mountain here Magic Beast, most at least must let them to become the threat. Dragon Race regarding Accra Mountain here Magic Beast control ability no one can compare, can look from Blue Eye Rabbit and body of long-tail chicken, but they regarding Magic Beast control ability of other places so, compared with saying them, when copes with Lyon Empire, the Lyon Empire Main Force branch of the services are Magic Beast Cavalry, these Magic Beast Cavalry Mount grasp from Accra Mountain, when Dragon Race attacks Lyon Empire, these Magic Beast revolted. However Dragon Race to Magic Beast that other on places produce, when Magic Beast that or Human Race raise, has not actually ordered their abilities, they most can these Magic Beast frightening, even scares to death, but actually cannot like ordering Accra Mountain here Magic Beast, making them go to frantic attack Human Race, therefore Zhao Hai directly has not flown Dragon Mountain, but advancement slowly in ground, all attack their Magic Beast exterminate. But these follow in Zhao Hai their behind mercenary actually already soon crazy, they in each inch land that in Accra Mountain passes through are the red, blood of these Magic Beast already complete gave Accra Mountain incarnadine. The Zhao Hai calm look at present all, this time they face is not the person, therefore Zhao Hai kills not a point burden, looks like the person was looking that kills the pig to be the same, except for some special people, believes that nobody will sympathize with these pigs, they can only arrive at the pork to have delicious how. These Magic Beast attack although very fierce are fierce, but they any organization, only has not met the noisy crowd clashes, but regarding Zhao Hai them, these Magic Beast is in many, delivers the dish to them who comes. Green look at screen Magic Beast on these frantic, sighed said : it seems like to decide that coped with Dragon Race was right, if God Race came, Dragon Race these frantic Magic Beast was looking like Human Race to move attack in command(er), that consequence......”

Speaking of here, Green complexion became somewhat ugly, such result he can imagine, that is a how fearful matter. Kun sighed said : „, these two surprise-attack forces that God Race left behind in the past, was really was too scary, one was Radiant Church, they used the religion *** countless people, but Dragon Race actually used their special status control innumerable Magic Beast, these Magic Beast like Magic Beast of other places, so will not obey most from the beginning certainly Dragon Race command(er), but Dragon Race was too long in the time of Accra Mountain here life, now they already complete regarded as the god Dragon Race, even if were these not what wisdom Magic Beast, is willing to accept Dragon Race command(er), this was the Dragon Race most fearful place, If other God Race came, by that time they will have the army that such does not fear death, Dragon Race such strong existence, is adding on Radiant Church to provide the logistics provisions, God Race these Expert assume personal command, we face what aspect will be?” Zhao Hai sneers said : is we today really has not come to cope with Dragon Race, after , their time to, we can also tidy up them, but must pay some prices, but now we tidy up them, will only make the attack of Radiant Church be ahead of time, has must lose, this was everyone cannot change.” Green and Kun sighed, before although, they have defeated Radiant Church, has defeated Dragon Race, but has saying that they were actually the inferiority, they just in bit by bit destroyed the God Race such my year arrangement, the originally inferiority, cancelling bit by bit, but this was not easy, after all no matter Radiant Church or Dragon Race, have managed these many years. Is good has Space because of Zhao Hai, Space recognize Undead Creature such big efficient instrument, otherwise no matter Radiant Church or Dragon Race, flooded with Magic Beast sufficiently are also drown to death Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai they advance is not quick, these Magic Beast attack were really too frantic, probably will not stop being same, was good because of Undead Creature simply don’t know what is tired, their Assassin Magic Beast came not to be lenient, the frigid incomparable slaughter was still conducted. The slaughter is conducted, Magic Beast that Zhao Hai they meet now wants Advanced level compared with these that met most from the beginning some, now other people face is two, 3rd level Magic Beast, these that did not face most from the beginning, almost all was 1st level Magic Beast. Zhao Hai their present although are still paying attention to these Magic Beast, most from the beginning was not dedicated, they start to discuss that what way following Dragon Race with will attack. The attack of Dragon Race is Zhao Hai had been worried, after all here is Accra Mountain, is the Dragon Race domain, even if existence of his Space monitor, Zhao Hai also continuously very careful. In this time, Zhao Hai was feeling outside weather probably slowly dark, Zhao Hai gawked, the finger looked that really somewhat was actually shocked, outside weather started unexpectedly darkly, in other words, a day passed!

Outside look at Magic Beast of these still frantic attack, did Zhao Hai cannot help but hold breath cold air said : among us however to hit for day? Day that these Magic Beast too frantic, won't Dragon Race have taken a drug to them? Cai'er, what toxin these were Magic Beast?” Cai'er shook the head said : not to have Young Master, these Magic Beast have not been poisoned, because saves wild Magic Beast, their pulp return very good, if as army provisions, that were good not to have.” Zhao Hai surprised, turned the head to look at Green said : this also too frantic, can Dragon Race unexpectedly control these Magic Beast to this degree? It is not good, I must ask.” Said that Zhao Hai immediately did call Dragon Race, Zhao Hai look at this Dragon Race said : you to turn into human-shape?” That Dragon Race nodded, the personal appearance in a flash, turned into an appearance of person slowly, these Dragon Race is the same with Zhao Hai has seen, they also wear the long gown, these long gowns also by their scale changes. In this time, in Space suddenly is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Presently Cyborg-type object has the transformation ability, withdraws the ability, inputs to all Cyborg-type object, the input is completed.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really can be this, Space has withdrawn the Dragon Race this turning human-shape ability unexpectedly, but also this ability join to all Undead Creature, that said that all Undead Creature can turn into human-shape? Thinks of here, Zhao Hai does not have the thoughts to ask that the matter of that Dragon Race about Magic Beast, he was bringing that Dragon Race and Alien flashes body returned to in Space, then came out from Alien within the body, look at Alien said : „did Alien, change the body adult class appearance?” Alien very user-friendly looked at Zhao Hai one, is pleased as punch, what to do appearance don’t know must, Zhao Hai turn the head that Dragon Race said : you how, when turns into the person to do?” That Dragon Race immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, our anything does not need to do, so long as is thinking turned into human-shape to be OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Alien said : Alien, you are thinking turned into human-shape to be OK, thinks, understand?” Alien nodded, looked like Zhao Hai to express understand through the spiritual exchange.

Then saw his personal appearance to shake shaking, then a little bit shrink, Bone of his whole body also in a little bit shrink, finally Zhao Hai front appears a guy of whole body helmet, this guy had more than 2 meters to be high, red full body armor, on their full body armor was bringing many sharp thorns, understood at a glance that attack strength very strong appearance, but on his face did not have full body armor, was revealing a skeleton face. Zhao Hai expressed admiration gathered round Alien to turn into the guy who changed several, the person who presently Alien turns into, was unexpectedly same as true Human Race, are not many tail or anything, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel very happy. However sees the face of Alien, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, said : Alien, you turn into the person, is not the skeleton, come, turns into the appearance of person to make me have a look.” Alien nodded, his white light in time flashes, waits for white light information the time, Zhao Hai front appears a red warrior cloth guy, this guy very tall and strong, ugly and ferocious-looking of face, greatly bald, looks is not the appearance of good person. Zhao Hai to is some new and odd look at Alien this shape said : Alien, your full body armor? Changed does not have?” Shaking the head of Alien is also perplexed, then uses the spiritual exchange to Zhao Hai said : my also don’t know Young Master, turned into this appearance in any case?” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head , is also the somewhat puzzled appearance, at this time that Dragon Race open the mouth and said: Young Master, just the Alien appearance, probably was our Dragon Race the appearance that carried on to fight armor condition, can because of this?” Zhao Hai stares, then claps said : certainly is this, it seems like later all Undead Creature Magic Beast, can three shapes, this be the good deeds.”