Chapter 672 did not have appears Dragon Race Green their also very happy, Magic Beast fighting strength although very formidable, because their builds were too big, in the Accra Mountain here forest, doing that can wield with fearing is also can't compare with that human-shape Undead Creature, now had this ability, will make these Magic Beast Undead Creature wield doing of even bigger to use. although Zhao Hai presently now Alien will not have spoken, still exchanges with Elf, but this it doesn't matter, does not have what influence regarding their fighting strength. Did Zhao Hai call nearby said : that Dragon Race Undead Creature What is your name?” That Dragon Race Undead Creature said : Young Master, I called haughty Saari.” Why did Zhao Hai nod said : you to know don’t know these Magic Beast such to listen to Dragon Race? This what's the matter?” Ao Saer nodded said : to know, Young Master, this is actually Secret Technique that the God Race light year leaves behind, this Secret Technique called to lead into the path of virtue Divine Light, after this Secret Technique very fierce, for Magic Beast used, this Magic and his descendant, can the generation after generations gave loyalty to our Dragon Race, so long as we ordered, they will comply, that feared that was makes them commit suicide, or will bite to death own children they to comply, but this leading into the path of virtue Divine Light in the use, the limit of has plenty, was useless regarding some wisdom high Magic Beast, was almost is not useful to the person, moreover each use, needs. Magic also very big, even if our Dragon Race, is impossible to have the use of long time, but our Dragon Race is long in the Accra Mountain here time, therefore here all Magic Beast, are used to lead into the path of virtue now Divine Light, they can frantic such.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is good thing that God Race keeps, this leading into the path of virtue Divine Light your meeting?” That Dragon Race nodded said : meeting, all our Dragon Race almost study transition Divine Light.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to mention listens, I to have a look at this to lead into the path of virtue Divine Light am anything.” That Dragon Race person has complied with one, leading into the path of virtue the Divine Light application method told Zhao Hai. This leading into the path of virtue Divine Light application method has a point image is Light Element Magic, but also incomplete, is one type of Light Element Magic and spirit is Magic is adding on the Blood Demon method the aggregate.

When the use leads into the path of virtue Divine Light, must take own blood as to direct first, is using Magic, this Magic not only will affect Magic Beast itself, even if will be his descendant will also make a sound, it can be said that one type of very evil Magic. Zhao Hai after understanding this Magic has not wanted to use, he wants to understand through this method what Magic of God Race use is, now looks like, God Race truly is fierce, they can combine the use several completely different Magic unexpectedly, this may not be the simple matter. although outside is still hitting now, but Zhao Hai they do not have anxiously exiting, this weaponry unconscious hit unexpectedly for day, Zhao Hai they had not noted most from the beginning, now the present day was black, they also felt that was somewhat hungry, wants to finish eating in Space all. Outside although only then these Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature may be now 9th level, their strengths are very strong, Zhao Hai is not worried about them. Zhao Hai they eat meal to discuss in Space at the same time daytime fight, Green has eaten liquor, what meaning puts down wine glass deep voice said : Dragon Race now is, should Inferior Dragon Race that these ran away tell Dragon Race our fighting strength? Why do they also make these Magic Beast bring death?” Kun shows a faint smile said : this point not to be strange, Dragon Race does not know that has existence of Space, in their opinion, these Undead Creature are also the important person comes command(er), Magician spiritual force, also impossible command(er) these Undead Creature fight too long time, they must let the attack that these Magic Beast keep, lets Little Hai has not rested time, when Little Hai spiritual force exhausts, they can come out to tidy up Little Hai, he has not thought that Little Hai command(er) Undead Creature simply does not use spiritual force, but is Space, these Undead Creature can fight.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Dragon Race that if thinks on fantastic, we really can on all Magic Beast entire Accra Mountain to the slaughter, this equal to the Dragon Race card in a hand extinguishing, when the time comes was makes Dragon Race run, could not produce anything to threaten to us.” Green nodded said : „, if makes Dragon Race preserve really in this only Magic Beast army, after that also is really very troublesome, moreover this Accra Mountain war, no matter can instead Dragon Race extinguish, the Dragon Race invincible reputation was also broke, later Human Race also had with the courage that they fought.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to think that Radiant Church there could not certainly tarry, they will certainly let God Race motion as soon as possible, otherwise arrives at God Race comes the time, feared that was a person of aiding did not have, adopted this point, Radiant Church person also understand, their simply was not our matches.” Kun nodded said : looks like must prepare dozen of major battles.” Several people sighed, the mood of continually eating meal lost.

After having eaten meal in a hurry, Zhao Hai they arrived at Space, static look at outside ripping kills, rips to kill is still continuing, these Magic Beast still in the attack of frantic, many of but now Magic Beast level in an enhancement, has attacked were four, 5th level Magic Beast, but was this, did not have any influence regarding Undead Creature, in these Undead Creature eyes, Magic Beast of these several levels was the same. Magic Beast that Zhao Hai look at these attacked, actually knit the brows said : „the present day to be black, these Magic Beast have not actually stopped, Dragon Race does not have appears , what plot can the here surface have?” Green also knit the brows said : „, does Dragon Race actually think? Wants such to attack? This probably is not too right.” Kun shook the head said : not to think that many, they attack attack, we also fear them to be inadequate, these time is extinguishes Dragon Race in any case, extinguished them was good, calculates that many did do.” Zhao Hai nodded, his brow wrinkles said : I always to feel that matter some do not suit, is not good, cannot in this way, cause some Undead Creature, must solve the here matter in the shortest time.” Regarding the decision of Zhao Hai, Green they naturally will not have any opinion, now in Space is saving the massive Magic Beast corpses, these Magic Beast corpses can turn into Undead Creature. Before these Magic Beast level were too low, Space although can make into Undead Creature, Undead Creature that but level too low Magic Beast, changed, impossible in having the 9th level strength, after all this phase difference was too far, therefore Zhao Hai has not turned into Undead Creature these Magic Beast, but was remaining, when army provisions, but now outside appears is four, 5th level Magic Beast, can definitely turn into Undead Creature them. Goes ahead, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback came out from Space, then all killed Magic Beast, were all turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, his in hand Undead Creature army fast is increasing. Accra Mountain [lineage/vein] enormous extremely, inside Magic Beast also has numerous number, Zhao Hai considers as finished, now in his Space was only one, 2nd level Magic Beast adds almost nearly surely only, in adding on these three, 4th level Magic Beast, Magic Beast in his Space feared that was crosses 20 millions only, was used, when army provisions was enough, remaining these level high Magic Beast, can definitely turn into Undead Creature, later his undead army formidable, he in coping with God Race on will have to refer to grasping. What most important is, Zhao Hai currently always some one type of not good feelings, probably have any matter to live to be the same, therefore he wants to solve the here matter as soon as possible.

But these follow in Zhao Hai behind adventurer, now was actually somewhat scared, they could not be seeing that Magic Beast corpse everywhere, however the front war was hitting obviously still, the ground still had the blood of Magic Beast, did not have the Magic Beast corpse. Zhao Hai does not have the mood tube now that many, increase that his in hand Undead Creature army flies, slowly is not these Magic Beast attacks them, but was they chases down these Magic Beast in turn, except for the ground , the fight in sky has also been continuing, Accra Mountain here flight Magic Beast were many, these flight Magic Beast had attack to these Bone Dragon now, naturally, they possibly are not these Bone matches. With increase of undead army, the Zhao Hai pushing progress is also getting quicker and quicker, their more and more close Dragon Mountain, now they must also face is seven arrives at 8th level Magic Beast, the although these Magic Beast quantities are not many, but fighting strength is actually not weak, even if Undead Creature must tidy up them, needs to spend turns trick/hand and foot. However Zhao Hai has not seen that to fear that is Dragon Race, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai be surprised. Weather slowly has shone, now on Accra Mountain almost could not see Magic Beast, all Magic Beast died. But Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate undead army has also achieved number surely, now Zhao Hai command(er) undead army is killing toward Dragon Mountain on, what makes Zhao Hai very puzzled is, still does not have appears to present Dragon Race, Zhao Hai do not understand this what's the matter. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at the under foot of Dragon Mountain, this Dragon Mountain is the Accra Mountain high point, but here is an extinct volcano, although is the extinct volcano, but on the mountain still is very hot, therefore plants long very lush, but in the summit position, is the place that the dragon occupies, there is a very deep crater, the bottommost is a lake water, on the endophragm of crater, is opening cavern, these cavern on is the Dragon Race dwelling. The here terrain beforehand had been used Blood Staff scout by Zhao Hai, therefore his very clear, what Zhao Hai is not clear, why he arrived at Dragon Mountain following Dragon Race still not to have appears , this was not too right. Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback brings undead army to fly toward the mountain on, he to wants to have a look at this what's the matter, did Dragon Race travel? Is unlikely? This is not the Dragon Race disposition!