Chapter 673 wicked Demon Race! Green they have not come out, but they are gazing at the Zhao Hai movement in Space, Zhao Hai command(er) these undead army, have been composing Rubik's Cube Great Formation, slowly flies toward Dragon Mountain on. Quick they arrived on the Dragon Mountain summit, however in there, Zhao Hai still has not actually seen any Dragon Race, his Zhao Buting look at completely empty Dragon Mountain, he is really some lanes does not gawk, did Dragon Race run away really? Could not see any effect, Zhao Hai immediately has given change monitor, wants to have a look on monitor whether presently anything, Zhao Hai carefully can be gazing at the content on monitor, Dragon Race these cavern also, these thing of Dragon Race these year of collections also, but was only these Dragon Race, disappeared. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback searches with monitor, he wants to have a look at Dragon Race to run or, he believes that certainly will have the clue, quick Zhao Hai left the clue, in volcano that lake water, Zhao Hai present, that lake water very special, monitor cannot see the matter in lake unexpectedly, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, this situation he only in devil oceanic trench and ** reefs there appears , but he in that two places present extraordinary treasure, in this lake water also has what treasure to be inadequate? Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately receives majority of Undead Creature, release some Sea Race Undead Creature, his shell sat in the body of Blade-Scales Whale, dived toward the lake water. Naturally, monitor is not a point cannot see the situation in lake water, but compares outside, thing that on monitor can see was really too near, had about 500 meters, this was the Zhao Hai strange reason. This lake looks from above is not very big, after Zhao Hai release Blade-Scales Whale, most can only in release more than 100 Undead Creature, are many unable to install on the lake. This more than 100 Undead Creature composed small Rubik's Cube Formation to protect Zhao Hai in the middle, slowly dived toward the lake bottom, but dived is diving the place that Zhao Hai present has not actually been suiting, this lake probably was too deep. He entered to this lake water in had about ten minutes, but these ten minutes of times, even if were very slow words that he dived, feared that also penetrated to arrive in the lake several kilometers, he did not have. However is a lake, so will be unexpectedly deep? Zhao Hai to was more curious, slowly downward is diving, Zhao Hai look at monitor, occasional gaining ground looks at all around one, what does not have presently, Zhao Hai has not cared, then look at monitor, the suddenly Zhao Hai feeling probably a little does not suit, is there does not suit? Zhao Hai thinks that finally understand, he just occasionally had looked up all around situation, actually presently area of this lake water probably increased much, thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, immediately/on horseback looked up all around one.

Really, he enters lake most from the beginning time, the level of the lake is not big, his even eyes want to see both sides spate, but he did not have the means to see these soils now, probably lake water area one big don’t know many. Zhao Jingleng, his immediately/on horseback stopped the movement of submergence, making these Undead Creature scatter in all directions, he must look for this lake side in there. Looked for half-day these Zhao Hai appears this lake side, area of this lake bottom actually also wants on big don’t know many times compared with the level of the lake, the shape in entire lake seems like backing off the large bowl, level of the lake there is smallest, is downward is big. Zhao Hai to was more curious to this lake, command(er) Blade-Scales Whale submergence slowly submergence Zhao Hai while recording is calculating, now he feared that was penetrated into the level of the lake following about ten thousand meters, actually did not have. But most makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in this lake Magic Beast does not have, not only Magic Beast, water plant Zhao Hai present, this has not made Zhao Hai be careful, this lake water have certainly the strangeness. Zhao Hai careful look at monitor, is paying also attention to all around situation with the look, in this lake water does not have Magic Beast, does not have the water plant, the lake water is very limpid, can see very far place, with using monitor that the eye looks looks is farther. suddenly Zhao Hai noted same thing, not far the place under them, had one layer black gas thing probably, Zhao Hai present, monitor bumped into that layer thing, a point could not search, Zhao Hai stopped, then clenched teeth, making Blade-Scales Whale then downward dive, directly soared that layer thing. Quick Zhao Hai arrived around that layer black thing, to that thing nearby Zhao Hai present, this black thing, is not the lake bottom, but is one layer protective shield. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he felt that this protective shield is not simple, this protective shield can block the investigation of monitor unexpectedly, moreover probably also gave to block the lake water, what thing this was thing? The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, comes out from Blade-Scales Whale within the body, then he puts out a hand to trace that layer protective shield, has not actually thought that his hand one passed through from protective shield, that protective shield probably is only unexpectedly same, puts on passes, but actually blocked the lake water. Zhao Hai is greatly wonderful, turn around received Blade-Scales Whale, the personal appearance moved, in facing set toward protective shield, this protective shield not very thick, actually very black, thing of Zhao Hai in protective shield could not even see, but he just wormed one's way into, flew less than two meters, at present is one bright, he came out from protective shield, but appears is makes Zhao Hai be surprised very in his present scenery.

here is very enormous Space, feared that has entire Accra Mountain to be so big, in this huge Space, very enormous Magic Formation, this huge Magic Formation has almost covered the entire Space ground. This Magic Formation is mysterious exceptionally, comprised of innumerable Magic Symbol, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, these Magic Symbol unexpectedly all are the blood reds, inside also has the blood to flow probably, in this huge Magic Formation, Zhao Hai had all Dragon Race people, altogether 10,000 Giant Dragon, static lying on this Magic Formation, their position also very strange, probably composed a strange design to be the same, this design had a face of point image devil. In these Dragon Race sides, but also is lying innumerable Inferior Dragon Race, they also lie in there, with these Dragon Race together, has composed that huge demon ghost's face hole, Zhao Hai present a detail, no matter Dragon Race or Inferior Dragon Race, they died, on their neck very big wounds, but their blood inflow bit by bit to Magic Formation these symbol. Zhao Hai in this Magic Formation sky, that protective shield is looking in the lake now is the black, however looks in the Zhao Hai present position, is actually the red, with blood same color, moreover from this protective shield, is having the red liquid to raining same dropping, after these liquids fall to the ground, immediately integrated in these Magic Symbol, mentioned also strangely, besides these Magic Symbol, other places, has a that type of red liquid to fall, immediately can the class to symbol, not leave a trace. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he felt that this Space is really strange, entire Space although is very bright, but takes a broad view to look, actually still demonstrated that the one type of very strange red, making the person look like thinks constraining. Zhao Hai put out a hand, catches drop of red liquid to put under own nose to smell, smell of blood immediately of irritating the nose transmitted, Zhao Hai complexion was uglier, these tours the red liquid unexpectedly all was the blood! Zhao Hai turned the head to look at this huge Space, these blood were similar to rained same downward are falling, real don’t know this must have many blood. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head , the hand wields, one group of black gas flew from in his hand, has wrapped up these Dragon Race Inferior Dragon Race corpses, Zhao Hai must turn into Undead Creature them. In this time, suddenly a sharp whistle is transmitting, then sound speaking sounds: you dare! then a blood red big hand flies from protective shield of Zhao seaside not far away, blocks directly, in that has rolled in front of black gas, rolled black gas blocking that unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has gawked, complexion is somewhat ugly, this big hand clearly is comprised of the blood, but can also protect the Black Magic that Zhao Hai release goes, this explained that uses this big person strength is very only strong, Zhao Hai turns the head the look at that Blood Hand appears direction, deep voice said : anyone, comes out!” HaHaHa!” A strange laughter transmits, then one crowd of person suddenly drilled from protective shield, sees these people, the eye of Zhao Hai cannot help but shrinks, body very tall and big of these people, the height in 2.5 m about, their bodies wears the beast skin clothes, but has actually been covered with the scale, the head is growing two curvingly, such as Argali corner/horn same steep, in each hand is growing six fingers, the nail point and long, but also is dodging blue light, their is after death long a pair of giant meat wing, kept is whipping, their behind, is unexpectedly long. tail, that tail is very long, fully five and six, in the head of tail, but also steadily is similar to the arrow same point, shaking that tail keeping, is similar to Spirit Snake.

In this time, the suddenly Cai'er sound is conveying said : Young Master, they are Demon Race, is in Demon Realm a very formidable race, wicked Demon Race, in fact, Demon Realm was ruled by wicked Demon Race.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er words, two eyes cannot help but in one time shrinks, his look at these person of said : have not thought that unexpectedly is the Demon Realm wicked Demon Race person, how can everybody appears in here?” As soon as that wicked Demon Race person of lead listened to Zhao Hai saying that to gawked slightly, pulling he cannot help but laughed said : not to think that on this Continent actually still some people remembered us, HaHaHa, was too interesting, was too interesting.” Zhao Hai look at how many wicked Demon Race people, deep voice said : „can you why appears in here? Does here have Space rift?” That wicked Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : you to be very intelligent, you are also very stingy, one on all Magic Beast Accra Mountain has killed unexpectedly, I to am well thank you are good.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at that wicked Demon Race said : your what meaning?” That wicked Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai said : you cannot in any case be inescapable, tell you it doesn't matter, here do not have Space rift, but the place has, is Demonic Abyss in your Human Race mouth, there also like your Human Race said that truly Space rift, direct connectivity Demon Realm Space rift.”