Chapter 674 Blood Void although this guess on Continent was not the news, was confirmed from the mouths of these wicked Demon Race people, Zhao Hai was startled, he has not thought of this unexpectedly real. That wicked Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai surprised appearance, probably is enjoying, he laughs, said : that then clenches jaws in the past our Demon Realm people, presently Space rift to Ark Continent, has sent for arriving at here, presently Ark Continent here unexpectedly is better than Demon Realm over a hundred generations, has warm sunlight in here, has to drink the endless clean water, has the green grass, had the grain of not being able to finish eating, this was a how good place, was being occupied by your low level life form, this was unforgivable, therefore we moved the holy war.” That person spoke of hatred of here cannot help but face, then said : actually has not thought that among Ark Continent here however very strange Law, demon God Rank Expert actually did not have the means to come to here, finally our Demon Race army, had actually defeated to alliance by your low level life form, before drawing back returned to Demon Realm, our Demon Realm also held back one trick, was Demonic Abyss there Space rift.” Speaking of that Space rift, this Demon Race face proud said : that Space rift was not cannot help but big, passed through our careful covers, your Human Race not presently he, but our Demon Race can actually come up once for a while sending to Ark Continent, understood that your Ark Continent here situation, more than thousand years ago, the Demon King Your Majesty decision to move the second holy war prepared, to move the holy war, must open Space rift, but Space rift was not good to open, therefore we thousand many years ago on starting to get ready, prepares to use Blood Void to open Space rift, but wanted to use Blood Void Must have many enough blood to be good, if we if kills your Human Race massively, you presently our plans, will destroy, finally we decide in Magic Beast and Dragon Race to Accra Mountain begin.” Speaking of here, look at Zhao Hai said : that Demon Race smiled for this plan, we in Accra Mountain below, have dug out this Space first, then has established Blood Void in this Space, light had to dig this Space, constructed Blood Void, has used our nearly millenniums, but in this process, we presently, among this Dragon Race however are one race under the hand/subordinate that called God Race, their points were also for Ark Continent, how we were succeeded by them possibly, Ark Continent was our, therefore this stepped up to decide. We must to determination that they begin, that think of it, when we must begin, you actually began to Dragon Race, you are really also ruthless enough, has killed unexpectedly Accra Mountain here all Magic Beast, but this has been just right for our regard, avoid we began, HaHaHa, to be honest, I appreciate you really very much, if you are our wicked Demon Race person, you will certainly be the high-ranking.” Zhao Hai complexion is actually very difficult looked that he has not thought that he must cope with Dragon Race, instead to has actually helped these Demon Race busy, moreover Demon Race is not short in the time of Ark Continent here arrangement, really had more than thousand years. This wicked Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai chest color, probably was excited, he laughed said : to have these blood, Blood Void has succeeded, when the time comes incomparably huge Space rift appears , my Demon Race army from that crack, continuous killing to Ark Continent here, will not kill your low grade life form, seized entire Ark Continent!” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : do not have a dream, even if opened Space rift to be what kind, your Demon Race demon God Rank Expert cannot arrive at Ark Continent, depending on your Demon Race army, wants to seize Ark Continent? Your ideas are very naive.”

What that wicked Demon Race coldly snorted said : is naive is you, you think really depends on your Human Race these armies, can cope with our Demon Race? Our Demon Race person, since childhood in slaughtering grows up, first clansman is the most outstanding soldier, depends on your Human Race, how possibly to block my Demon Race army!” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : does not fear to tell you, I presently in hand Undead Creature army had thousands of people, does not use the Human Race army, is only I, coped with your Demon Race to be enough.” That wicked Demon Race laughs said : well, good that you said that your strength truly is very strong, but you were underestimated our Demon Race army, your Undead Creature army truly was very strong, but our Demon Race has plenty Undead Creature, the strength was not weak, not necessarily could not hit your Undead Creature army, the most important point was, you must die in here today, your Undead Creature army, along with it disappearance, when the time comes our Demon Race army one, on depending on your Human Race army in a state of disunity, can block our Demon Race army?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : not necessarily, are you so definite to be able me to remain?” That wicked Demon Race laughs said : I to know you to be able Space Magic, but also has plenty Undead Creature, what my don’t know is, this Blood Void, although after moving can opening Space rift, before has not moved, can actually imprison all Space, even if your undead Space cannot open, you are impossible to call your Undead Creature to cope with us, although you have the 9th level strength, but our also 9th level, several of us hit your one, you cannot be inescapable today.” Zhao Hai coldly smiles said : that to be possible not necessarily, I also to tell me today thank you these many matters, I also will turn into Undead Creature you, becomes in my undead army.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in this huge Space, threw toward that several wicked Demon Race people. That how many wicked Demon Race people looked that Zhao Hai release Undead Creature has gawked, that wicked Demon Race of special lead, is squawk said : is more impossible, can you possibly also put Undead Creature? here has Blood Void, in here imprisons all Space.”

Zhao Hai sneers said : whether to imprison other Space my don’t know, but you actually cannot imprison my Space, if my Space is so easy to be imprisoned, I already died don’t know many to return.” look at Zhao Hai of that wicked Demon Race person face hatred, a side bumper the attack of Undead Creature, said : was being you knew at the same time can be what kind, now blood Rong Zhen has succeeded, immediately will wield his Might, when the time comes Space rift opened, army of my clan arrived, you died.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : I already know that your Demon Race will come, but has not thought that so will be quick, came also to have anything to be great, Ark Continent was our Ark Continent, no one want to rob him.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, one group of black gas flew, falls to these Dragon Race and on the corpse of Inferior Dragon Race person, turned into Undead Creature them. That wicked Demon Race person looks at Zhao Hai such movement, his face color on hatred was heavier, his very clear, although Blood Void has succeeded now, but actually lacks the blood of some high level to direct, the blood of these Dragon Race are just qualified, so long as the blood of these Dragon Race enter to Blood Void, that Blood Void Might even bigger, will open Space rift also to meet even bigger. However Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature these Dragon Race now, blood of that Dragon Race naturally in entering to Blood Void, Blood Void Might on will be much smaller. However he is actually being entangled by Undead Creature now, simply anything could not do, this wicked Demon Race person clenched teeth, he knows that this motion cannot be defeated absolutely, otherwise Demon Race forever did not have opportunity in coming out on Ark Continent. Thinks of here, he greeted companion one, that several companion immediately/on horseback have depended, encircled this in the middle, has blocked these Undead Creature attack for this person, but these stood in there, gesturing that also the hand kept, in the mouth kept was reading Incantation. Zhao Hai knows that he wants certainly to move this Blood Void, just his trying let turn into Undead Creature Dragon Race attack one this Blood Void, a point with does not have, this Blood Void is simply had not responded probably that simply does not have the means to destroy, if were making this person move Blood Void, at the appointed time Demon Race army one, that Human Race disaster also came. Therefore Zhao Hai also moved now, but he bright same strength, deals with these wicked Demon Race people yes.

However through just fight, Zhao Hai also present, fighting strength of these wicked Demon Race people are very strong, his under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, may have the 9th level strength, general 9th level Expert simply is not these Undead Creature matches, feared that was one puts in an appearance these Undead Creature to be able 9th level Expert to the second, can these wicked Demon Race people actually block these Undead Creature attack, but also has kept off such long time, this was some stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai knows that he cannot in waiting, his in hand Magic Staff in a flash, turned into a blood red long sword, then the personal appearance moves, appears in a side of wicked Demon Race person, the in hand long sword has wielded, cuts toward neck of that wicked Demon Race person on, response also very fast of that wicked Demon Race person, his personal appearance suddenly downward falls, head two siliques move, one hits toward the body of Zhao Hai, at the same time behind tail, was similar to reveals Poison Snake of poison fang to be the same, punctured toward the Zhao Hai back of the body. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, in hand long sword fast moves, changes sweeps away chops for below, this move changes will draw near the extreme, that wicked Demon Race person simply will unable to shunt, was chopped by a Zhao Hai sword in the top of the head, a Zhao Hai sword handle his head one will divide two halves from the middle. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, received this sword, that wicked Demon Race person actually does not have immediately/on horseback dead, but is two hands gathers, gripped the Zhao Hai sword, the straight thrust Zhao Hai back of the body that tail has not actually stopped. Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought this wicked Demon Race person within however such hard to deal with, Life Force unexpectedly such, was broken out, returns undead unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai does not fear him, his hand moves, in hand long sword fierce shrank, turned into a short sword appearance, has pulled out from in hand of that wicked Demon Race person, simultaneously his personal appearance flashes to the side of another wicked Demon Race person, this also dodged tail attack of this wicked Demon Race person, simultaneously in hand changed the sword of original design, was reading the Incantation wicked Demon Race person to puncture toward middle that.