Chapter 675 seven days Zhao Hai has not managed these to be seriously injured wicked Demon Race that the present has not died, he believes that wicked Demon Race died, but wicked Demon Race Life Force was too strong, therefore made him after receiving such attack, but can also move. The judgment of Zhao Hai is correct, that wicked Demon Race person truly was soon died, but wicked Demon Race in Demon Realm such living environment very bad place survival, since childhood in slaughtering grew up, therefore their Life Force very strong, were arrives most to govern the life the wound, can immediately/on horseback not die, but after carrying on a counter-attack, will die, that Demon Race person on was so. Middle that read Incantation Demon Race not to stop, his coldly look at Zhao Hai, Incantation of mouth has not actually stopped, his body has not moved, has not made any avoid movement, Zhao Hai this sword one jabbed into his throat, that wicked Demon Race person coldly look at Zhao Hai, Incantation of mouth also stopped, his corners of the mouth appears a blood thread, however on his face actually appears the smiling face, has used finally strength look at Zhao Hai said : useless, Blood Void simply did not need to start, so long as there is an enough blood he on to move, now here The blood was enough, has been adding on our blood to come, when catalyst/introduction, enough Blood Void moved, you wait for my clan army to come for us to revenge.” Zhao Hai coldly look at that Demon Race said : „your should Incantation be self-exploding Incantation? The point that you read passed through me, wants my together dead with self-exploding way pulling, he he, I knew Blood Void fierce, knows that fierce of your Demon Race, was a pity, your don’t know my fierce.” complexion of that Demon Race person finally changed, Incantation that he just read truly is one is used for self-exploding Incantation, this Incantation can concentrate the strengths of their several people, has the explosion, Might very big, that all that he made before, to Zhao Hai looked that making Zhao Hai think that he is using Incantation to start Great Formation, then waits for Zhao Hai to arrive, he can with this method Zhao Hai killing. Actually he tries in the risk, if Zhao Hai this comes, this plan failed, but that Demon Race also knows one are impossible to live, he must make catalyst/introduction with his blood, enabling Blood Void to wield bigger Might, can kill Zhao Hai to be best, explodes undead Zhao Hai, he has also completed his point. But he has not thought that Zhao Hai knows doing of this Incantation uses, he presently Zhao Hai probably to the appearance of Demon Race very understanding, must know first Demon Race and Human Race war time, Demon Race did not have clear(ly) this Incantation, normally will not have Human Race to know that this Incantation use, Zhao Hai laid bare the truth, this is that Demon Race real surprise reason. Zhao Hai look at that Demon Race said : you in strange, why I will know these, he he, I do not plan to tell you, works as a silly ghost.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, distant leave there. Reason that Zhao Hai will know these, naturally is Cai'er tells him, in Demon Realm nobody knows, Cai'er this type in Demon Realm long everywhere is plants, can be unexpectedly, what most important is, nobody knows that has existence of Cai'er.

Cai'er these year continuously indifferent look at Demon Realm there all, he understanding Demon Race by far in Demon Race, she in all matters regarding Demon Realm almost knows, therefore looks like Blood Void, like that Incantation, she is not naturally strange. This Blood Void truly like that wicked Demon Race said that this was one type of is very evil, but Might very enormous Magic Formation, this Magic Formation some destructive power very enormous, but unusually strange, this Magic Formation destructive power not in here, but in another place. This Magic Formation is also called child Primary Formation, is Complete Set Formation, entire Magic Formation has two some compositions, part is blood, another part is spatial, blood on the equivalent to Magic Formation energy collector, they collect all kinds of blood, transforms Magic Formation energy, but this energy, blood is unusable, but shifts to spatial there, spatial is to wield this strength key is. What most important is, this Magic Formation is irreversible, cannot break, in other words, establishes after this Magic Formation, so long as meets a point blood, this Magic Formation started, but the blood is few, Magic Formation Might is small, the blood is many, Magic Formation Might is big, at the quantity of present this blood absorption blood, Might certain very enormous that the spatial there violent comes out, but Zhao Hai suspected, spatial in the position, the certainty on is in Demonic Abyss there. A Blood Void start has time, in first time is stained with the blood arriving at the start, altogether seven days, in these seven days, if some people want to destroy this Magic Formation, that will only make him start ahead of time, therefore Zhao Hai has not been making Dragon Race try to destroy this Magic Formation, because of his very clear, if in wants to destroy this Magic Formation, that this Magic Formation ahead of time will start, such might as well was calling these seven days, makes some arrangements. But reason that Zhao Hai meets the attack that several wicked Demon Race person, wants to know that wicked Demon Race person fierce, later opposes the enemy, is at heart good to have the integer. These wicked Demon Race people truly are very fierce, they are 9th level Expert, but in the Cai'er words, these people's status in wicked Demon Race should not be too high, is the medium grade status, in Demon Realm, returns has plenty like the person, but in their army, almost does not have existence of too low level, worst also has the Human Race 6th level strength, if spoke of fighting strength, Human Race 7th level Expert may not defeat fighting strength lowest level Demon Race. Hears these Zhao Hai at heart heavy, he thinks that they with can be God Race that it fights finally, now looks like is actually not, Demon Race moved first. Regarding the motion of this time Accra Mountain here, he did not regret that although said the homicide these Magic Beast, started Blood Void to help to Demon Race, but Zhao Hai knows, even if he does not kill these Magic Beast, these Demon Race will also begin, can look in silent these Dragon Race exterminate from them, they have their method to kill these Magic Beast, Zhao Hai just exactly sew its meeting.

Zhao Hai instead to somewhat rejoiced that he rejoiced he came, rejoiced one knew all these, he also seven days of setup times, otherwise, Demon Race army suddenly kills from Demonic Abyss, certainly will kill their one to be caught off guard. Zhao Hai just leave that several Demon Race simultaneously exploded, but Zhao Hai under that they explode, has supported protective shield, blocks destructive power that they exploded, otherwise makes this explosion the destructive power explode arrives at following blood, that Demonic Abyss there spatial feared that will be immediately will start. These Demon Race self-exploding Might are very big, by the present Zhao Hai God Rank strength, exempted has blocked, that several wicked Demon Race people the skeleton has not saved, their blood also fell Blood Void in the formation, Zhao Hai sighed, he knows, as the matter stands, feared from spatial Might on even bigger. Zhao Hai sighed, the flashes body entered in Space, Green they complexion ugly sitting in the Space living room, the matter that outside looked unfamiliar they knew now, but they have not thought that on this day can come was so quick. Zhao Hai entered the living room, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, your immediately/on horseback returned to Black Wasteland there prepares, I prepared Black Wasteland there to turn into a rear, was meets the has plenty refugee to go to our there with the fear, you must be ready.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai turns the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, you also go to Golden Island there to prepare, prepares all ships, goes to war, Golden Island there feared that will become a commodity stopover station.” Kun also nodded, Zhao Hai sighed, has put out Message Fish, did he to Message Fish said : Your Majesty, you hear? Heard please answer.” The Message Fish that Zhao Hai takes, with Sea Race Patriarch hold a conversation that fish, therefore he called Your Majesty. The voice of queen conveyed said : to hear mister, what matter did mister have?” Zhao Hai sighed, him presently Demon Race, said with a Blood Void matter, after saying, he to queen said : I hopes that Your Majesty was ready, war immediately must come, when the time comes I hope that Sea Race can enter through river channel to Continent comes up, gives us some suitable support.”

The queen has not thought that the change of matter so will be unexpectedly rapid, but her immediately/on horseback said : good, invited mister feel relieved, my immediately arrangement, making the Sea Race army leave to go to Ark Continent now.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I first thanked Your Majesty, I must inform other people, did not say to Your Majesty, Your Majesty took care.” Queen deep voice said : mister takes care, you regarding Human Race, want regarding entire Ark Continent very heavy now, I hope that mister can protect itself good.” Zhao Hai calm said : Your Majesty invited feel relieved, I will protect my, Your Majesty said goodbye.” Said that Zhao Hai received this Message Fish, has put out another Message Fish, this Message Fish with Beast King direct hold a conversation, Zhao Hai immediately has put through Beast King, said to Beast King the situation, let his immediately set army, prepared to fight at any time, Beast King has not said anything, immediately agreed that the nearest/recent Ark Continent here fresh matter, Beast King passed Message Fish to know, he has made some preparations, the present to has not put to be thrown into confusion. Then is the Dwarf Race person, Queen Elf, after waiting the situation told these people, Zhao Hai immediately from Space came out, place that but this time he comes out, actually in Rosen Empire imperial palace. The Zhao Hai too much time had not delayed, he has seven days, but now on Continent knows nothing regarding the matter that is going to live, can say that a preparation does not have, but leaves their time, has seven days, seven days of that the time was too short. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai must save the first time, therefore his first looks is Rosen Empire King, he must make King believe him, must make old King sign in that beast skin volume, then in looks for several other King.