Chapter 676 rushes about Position of Zhao Hai appears from Space, is outside old King study room, its this must say that he can definitely appears in old King study room, but Zhao Hai such has not done, saves a face to old King. Old King study room although looks like very ordinary, but the here surface has several Secret Protector, stands the old court eunuch out study room, is actually Expert. Zhao Hai just appears , these Secret Protector immediately had locked Zhao Hai, stands that court eunuch out old King study room, coldly is sizing up Zhao Hai, this court eunuch Zhao Hai knew that year to year follows that side old King, normally looks like a point is also common, however in this moment, imposing manner that he comes out, actually does not compare a 8th level Expert difference. Moreover Zhao Hai also knows that fell beside old King in study room also the person, that person is Dead-soldier Expert, but these regarding Zhao Hai, are unimportant, he do not assassinate old King, therefore he supervises to that Old Lady bows said : to ask eunuch to tell the father slightly, Zhao Hai interview.” That Old Lady supervises naturally knows Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai such suddenly appears , he will reveal that a hostility, one hear of Zhao Hai said now, his deep looked at Zhao Hai one, bows said : to ask the emperor's son-in-law to wait a bit to Zhao Hai.” The Old Lady prison opened the study room door to walk, before long Old Lady supervised on walked out, bowed said : emperor's son-in-law to invite to Zhao Hai.” Said that has opened door to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai supervises to Old Lady bows said : thanks a lot eunuch.” Said study room. The old King back is standing to Zhao Hai in study room, Zhao Hai comes, immediately/on horseback bows said : to see the father to old King.” Old King has not turned around, is only calm said : Little Hai, I have thought person who you are ten points have the discretion, to make how such such matter to come?” The meaning of Zhao Hai nature understand old King, old King was blames rushing of his such suddenly to arrive in the imperial palace to be extremely crude, Zhao Hai deep voice said : matter left suddenly, moreover extremely urgent, Little Hai has to the accident final volume, asking the father to excuse me.” Old King has turned around, looked at Zhao Hai said : to consider as finished, I know that you were a sensible child, if did not have any matter, you such will not do, said that any matter.” Zhao Hai has put out the beast skin volume, after double grasped is giving old King said : first to invite the father has looked at this, I with you were relating in detail.” Old King nodded, received the beast skin volume, slowly opened, carefully looked, then he fiercely opened the eye, carefully looked.

Some little time he puts down the beast skin volume, gains ground look at Zhao Hai said : this is you copes with the Dragon Race reason? Now Dragon Race how?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : died, not only Dragon Race, Magic Beast on entire Araqis Yashan died, live does not have.” Old King gently knit the brows said : you to do?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : half, 50% is I does, has half is not.” Old King puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what's the matter, told carefully me.” Zhao Hai nodded, how to fix short Human Race Divine Artifact him, how also to find Divine Artifact for Beastman Race, how to help Sea Race, how to go to Elven Race, how present Demon Race is also, all said. Old King static is listening, finally said to Zhao Hai that his complexion became a paleness, he gained ground look at Zhao Hai said : you saying that in seven days, Demonic Abyss there Space rift will open, Demon Race can army kill?” Zhao Hai nodded, forced smile said : feared that is this, moreover that Blood Void does not have the means to destroy, if we want to destroy him, his immediately will start, will only make Space rift open directly.” Old King has stood, in room slowly is walking, some little time to Zhao Hai said : that God Race? You just said that God Race possibly can also come?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : is father, God Race possibly must come, otherwise Dragon Race will not move , because of the motion of Dragon Race, I have to cope with him, after I want to wait for me the Elven Race there matter handles, in you told that this matter, then on several other big Empire King with Continent said this matter, our together diligently, preparation slowly, copes with Radiant Church first, when the time comes was God Race, our clan alliance , can God Race resists under one, but now actually not line, Demon Race. suddenly appears , but also in the suddenly motion of Dragon Race, has disrupted our complete plan, if we do not cope with Dragon Race, these Magic Beast will also begin to Dragon Race, even if these Demon Race has not begun, lets Dragon Race complete control Lyon Empire, good to we also ten troubles, when the time comes God Race one, almost does not need the fee small effort to be able Great Formation control in hand south entire, we also passive.” Old King turns the head look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : originally your such long time to come, in being busy these matters, oh, has not thought, God Race, Demon Race, actually in this time appears on Continent, it seems like on Continent immediately wanted the chaos, your feel relieved, I will let the person immediately/on horseback preparation, you? Also can go to other countries?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is father, next one stands I prepare Buddha Empire, Demonic Abyss in Buddha Empire, I must make them prepare to be good, the father, please sign in the beast skin volume, I prepare to go to Buddha Empire with the beast skin volume, if you do not sign, I feared that they do not believe.” Old King nodded said : well, my immediately bamboo slip, your immediately begins.” Said that with beginning a stroke to have signed own name in the beast skin volume, then has given Zhao Hai the beast skin volume, Zhao Hai received the beast skin volume, to horse King gave a salute, then the personal appearance vanished in in the room.

Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, old does King how you think on deep voice said :?” Chilly sound speaking sounds: „, The chaos will get up.” Old King nodded, turns the head to said loudly: Strikes the liter palace drum, called Jingshizhong!” Old Lady prison complied with one, turn around has arranged. Rising palace drum and Jingshizhong that old King just said that is Rosen Empire the heavy items of country, the important matter that only since birth concerned the national life and death will beat a drum to sound a bell, rouses sound Three Contacts, Zhong calls 21, all civil and military minister in imperial capital, count above title, if not arrive at imperial palace Great Hall, exempts the Noble title, sentences to beheading, obviously this different thing fierce place. But Zhao Hai does not have the mood now in the tube these many, he appears outside the Buddha Empire imperial palace, in Buddha Empire here, he could not direct appears in the imperial palace, after all he with Buddha Empire, be only dealings on some transactions now, in Buddha Empire here, his status does not have Rosen Empire there to be high. Zhao Hai knows, if his suddenly appears in the Buddha Empire imperial palace, that Buddha King will have dislike to Zhao Hai first, this regarding the matter that he must handle is very disadvantageous, therefore he chooses appears outside the Buddha Empire imperial palace. Zhao Hai arrives at outside the imperial palace, immediately has arrived at registration dwelling there, the here registration office is also similar to Rosen Empire there, inside has two Old Lady prisons to be responsible for registering, several young court eunuches are responsible for running about. Zhao Hai enters the registration office, immediately that two Old Lady supervises bows said : two eunuch to be good, below Zhao Hai, wants to seek an interview King Your Majesty, please two eunuch arrange.” That two Old Lady supervise one hear of Zhao Hai to send out the status, does not dare to neglect, their simultaneously has stood, Zhao Hai bows said : „, but Buda Family Patriarch Mr. Zhao Hai to?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Zhao Hai, please two represent the arrangement, really has the urgent matter to request to see Your Majesty below.” That two Old Lady supervise does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback said : good, invited mister feel relieved, our immediately/on horseback arrangement, mister please slightly sit.” Said that Old Lady supervised immediately to write to begin a stroke to give Zhao Hai to make the registration, another Old Lady supervised immediately to arrange the under the hand/subordinate young court eunuch to go to the imperial palace to notify. These two Old Lady supervise such performance to be also normal, Zhao Hai is not low in the Buddha Empire here status, he with the Magic Beast business that Buddha Empire does, the Buddha Empire people knows, moreover King is very good with Zhao Hai relationship, hosts a banquet to welcome Zhao Hai in Great Hall, with conversation of Zhao Hai at banquet really happy. What most important is, over the two days some rumors said that Zhao Hai exterminate has seized Lyon Empire Dragon Race, enough 40 Giant Dragon, by Zhao Hai to exterminate, Zhao Hai have become Human Race had the history to record the spirit first Tu Dragon brave warrior.

Therefore these court eunuches when facing Zhao Hai, do not dare neglecting a little, to give them the day to make a courage, they do not dare to offend Tu Dragon brave warrior. Before long that young court eunuch ran, bows said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai, Your Majesty summoned mister in study room.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward the imperial palace in that young court eunuch, before long they arrived at outside Buddha King study room, stood supervises in study room outside Old Lady looks at Zhao Hai to arrive, immediately/on horseback said : mister please come in, Your Majesty was in wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, entered study room. Buddha Empire King is standing in there is waiting for Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to come, King immediately/on horseback laughed said : mister your honorable self light to supervise, what such anxiously was seeing my don’t know so-called?” Zhao Hai bows said : to see Your Majesty to King, these time has the important matter to with Your Majesty discuss.” King smiles said : mister not to use such politely, please sit down, slowly said.” After Zhao Hai apologized King, put out beast skin to curl said : to ask Your Majesty to have a look at this, then I was relating in detail with Your Majesty.” Buddha Empire smiled, received the beast skin volume, opening slowly, looked, his response is similar to Rosen Empire old King, he is also a face shocking has looked at the content on beast skin volume, what this gained ground look at Zhao Hai said : mister to say is really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : so the important matter, how can deceive Your Majesty, on this only then partial content, why is I copes with the Dragon Race reason, when I cope with Dragon Race, actually had the accident......” then Zhao Hai also to say to King the Demon Race matter, King one hear of Zhao Hai said that Space rift immediately must open, moreover opened the mouth when Demonic Abyss, complexion one turned into iron cyan.