Chapter 677 Your Majesty, you have no alternative but to manage us What can seven days make? If this issue makes ordinary common people reply, he can give big pile of answers, probably is he can handle many matters to be the same, but regarding King, will already supervise the surface will possibly be receiving attack King, these seven days , were really too short. Buddha Empire King is so, he felt that these seven days of were really too short, his don’t know must do completely. Zhao Hai leave Buddha Empire, he went to Aksu Empire now, tells Boris this information, although said Boris before Zhao Hai has a grudge, but regarding present Boris with Radiant Church enmity even bigger, moreover this invasion, but Demon Race, no matter Zhao Hai has the big enmity with Boris, he must tell Boris this information, because of no matter what, Boris is also Human Race one. Told after information Boris was strange, Zhao Hai has to returned to Lyon Empire, Zhao Hai very clear, Lyon Empire there now be any situation, Lyon Empire there now is the anarchy, by these Great Noble alliance in managing entire Lyon Empire, but in these Great Noble eyes, Zhao Hai is Lyon Empire King, therefore the Lyon Empire here matter, must result in him to process is good. Zhao Hai not from Space directly to Lyon Empire, but came out outside Space, then stands in a head of Bone, flew to the Lyon Empire national capital. Zhao Hai just arrived at sky over the Lyon Empire national capital, suddenly presently in the Lyon Empire national capital, the violent cheers, Zhao Hai downward looked, presently Lyon Empire these average people, stand on the avenue, look at he cheers. This situation to stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Lyon Empire here commoner will like him unexpectedly so much, this makes him very puzzled, in his opinion, what he has not made, will these people such welcome why him? His there knows that Dragon Race although rules Lyon Empire not to have several days, the appearance that because these Inferior Dragon Race in the city bluff and bluster, was adding on has killed very my commoner for no reason, therefore these commoner had already despised Dragon Race. But Dragon Race continuously powerful, they invincible name on Continent too loud, therefore these people do not dare to resist, now Zhao Hai one gives to extinguish these Dragon Race, these commoner naturally are very happy.

Zhao Hai directly ride Bone Dragon has flown in the Lyon Empire imperial palace, as soon as he went to the square of imperial palace to fall, these Great Noble immediately welcomed, they have not lived in the imperial palace, but in handling each one on matter, was hearing on hand now Zhao Hai came, their immediately has caught up. Zhao Hai look at these stand in his front Great Noble, nodded said : to come to Great Hall with me, I had the matter to you tell.” Said that turns the head to walk toward Lyon Empire Great Hall. These Noble look at Zhao Hai appearances, being hostile to without point, conversely, their each and every one also happy expression, in their opinion, Zhao Hai to Lyon Empire Great Hall, then on equal to official determination own status, he prepared, when Lyon Empire King. Moreover Zhao Hai came back at this time, that explained that he and Dragon Race fight did end? Looks at the Zhao Hai safe and sound appearance, this explained that these time with the Dragon Race war, he has not suffered a loss, he has enough strength facing Dragon Race! These Great Noble have not thought that Zhao Hai can extinguish Dragon Race, in their opinion that is impossible, even if Zhao Hai strength formidable, did not suffer a loss in Dragon Race in hand was good, how possibly to extinguish Dragon Race. Zhao Hai to Lyon Empire Great Hall, these Great Noble also followed, the throne on Zhao Hai look at Great Hall, sighed, but he has not sat, but turned the head to look at these Great Noble, these Great Noble saw a chill in the air from the Zhao Hai eye, a they cannot help but heart startled, they know that Zhao Hai could not have a liking for them, therefore now they very honest lowering the head. What Zhao Hai look at these Great Noble said : „did you know don’t know you to do? You almost make entire Ark Continent fall into to the beyond redemption region, for that benefit, for your Clan, you can make such matter to come unexpectedly, I want to kill you, wants to kill you really very much!” These Great Noble one lowering the head, they listened to killing intent in Zhao Hai words, if that killing intent had substance to be ordinary, pressed them not to gasp for breath. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the hand turned, has put out the beast skin volume, stole had a look to Great Noble said :, having a look at me to exaggerate.” That Great Noble received the beast skin volume to open, looked at several, then eye unconscious opening, looks was more careful, looks to him that he gains ground look at Zhao Hai, the cold sweat on face braves were more.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the waist of that Great Noble cannot help but bent, then has given his person the in hand beast skin volume, that person of his side responded that with him almost, in entire Great Hall all Great Noble have read the beast skin volume, in which Great Noble the beast skin volume has then given back to Zhao Hai, but their each and every one complexion is pale, probably was frightened is excessively same. Zhao Hai look at these are still breaking into sweat Great Noble, cold sound said : „the present knows why I want to kill you, you lead a wolf into the house unexpectedly, entire one group of idiots.” That Great Noble does not dare to make noise, a person lowers the head in the there hear scolds. Zhao Hai swept is sighing said : „the present to scold you not to use, I was not familiar with Lyon Empire here, I do not want to work as this King, the truth you told that I did not have the time to work as this King, on Continent immediately want the chaos, you had seven days to prepare.” Said that Zhao Hai came across the Demon Race matter to tell these Noble in Dragon Race there. These Noble people are opening the big mouth, two eyes straight look at Zhao Hai, probably turned into the idiot to be the same, how regardless of they have not thought that this matter has drawn out unexpectedly such in calamity, now Demon Race immediately must arrive on Continent unexpectedly, Demon Race, that was Demon Race, killed without batting an eye, day that how can like this! The Zhao Hai look at these Great Noble appearances, coldly snorted, calling recovers these Great Noble, their each and every one complexion is pale, they have not thought that the change really such rapidness of matter, in having seven days, Demon Race army must come, what these seven days can they do? Zhao Hai look at their appearances, coldly snorted said : also seven days, you well think that these seven days should do, I impossible to be staying in Lyon Empire here, I must go to Buddha Empire there, will already arrive at Demon Race army with the Buddha Empire together resistance, Lyon Empire here was what kind, looked your, you want to let a Lyon Empire confusion, wants to make Lyon Empire again buoyed up, coped with Dragon Race with our together, look at you, I do not want to manage.” Zhao Hai just a saying ended, that several Great Noble one has knelt, in which old Noble is crying said : Your Majesty, you have no alternative but to manage us, we know that we have made a mistake, but our real don’t know matter convention to this degree, asking Your Majesty you to remain, starting today, you were Lyon Empire King, asking Your Majesty you to remain.” Actual Noble also creates a disturbance, Zhao Hai looks at the appearances of these people, cannot help but has the headache, now he does not have the time to manage Empire, Demon Race immediately wants appears , he must rush to most frontline to go, blocks Demon Race army, only then he can Buddha Empire, Rosen Empire, on the major races to Continent win the time like this, making them make the arrangement. Zhao Hai look at these Noble sighed said : I not to have the time to manage Lyon Empire in here, clan clan immediately must come, I must go to Demonic Abyss there now, if wants the means to block Demon Race attack, only then this can win time for entire Continent, that had the time to keep here.” These Noble you have a look at me, I have a look at you, they also know what Zhao Hai said is real, however at this time, Lyon Empire could not leave Zhao Hai, after this Dragon Race matter, their these Great Noble in Lyon Empire commoner status at heart, reduced, regardless of they that wanted, when King, these commoner will be will not comply, when the time comes Lyon Empire met piece of chaos, do not say that coped with Demon Race, oneself were chaotic first.

That old Noble also said to Zhao Hai this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but headache, he also knows what these Great Noble said is right, these people were lost the popular support, because Dragon Race can such quick control Lyon Empire, definitely have big relationship with them, these commoner was very hostile toward these fellows, if selected a person to manage Lyon Empire in them, that Lyon Empire met piece of chaos, but looked at just the Lyon Empire person to his manner, when if he this King, these commoner were acceptable. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but headache, he looked at these Great Noble one, cannot help but sighed, said : I can work as this King, a while to outside announced that I became Lyon Empire King, but my immediately must go to Demonic Abyss there, therefore Lyon Empire here wanted give you to manage, but I will send for supervising your.” These Great Noble one hear of Zhao Hai said that is the great happiness, Zhao Hai such does on equal to he works as enrolling King, but the true real power grasps in their in hand, but they to not obtain such big authority now but happy, what their happy was only Zhao Hai received King this position, if Zhao Hai did not meet this position, that Lyon Empire ended. If Lyon Empire is really chaotic, what that loses is biggest is they, their although is millenniums Great Clan, however their roots or Lyon Empire, therefore most does not hope Lyon Empire chaotic was they. Zhao Hai looks at Lyon Empire Noble one that these have liked wear a look, coldly snorted said : „you are waiting.” Said Zhao Hai flashes body disappearing form, before long he in appears , his side with two people, a man, stature very tall and big, fully about two meters, a woman, long very beautiful, but complexion is somewhat pale, looks like resembles some to be not quite healthy. Zhao Hai look at these Great Noble said : I must go to Demonic Abyss there, Lyon Empire here jointly manage on give you, this is Evan, this is Ryan, what indeterminable matter if you have to give them, understand?”