In Chapter 678 history most special ascending the throne All right, these two people are Evan and Ryan, now Zhao Hai in hand really not that many available people, but before Evan, how saying that also has ruled a duchy, how regarding to manage a country, he is some attainments. But Ryan in is also very good these days, possibly is not because Zhao Hai long time that Aksu Empire there does has not gone to visit her, therefore her not has been happy, this also affected her body, therefore she now will look like the somewhat sickly appearance. Actually must manage here, enabling Evan to be OK, simply had no need for Ryan, but Zhao Hai did not have the means that if only made Evan come, these Great Noble so will be dishonest, calling Ryan not to be different, these Great Noble think that Ryan was the Zhao Hai woman, they celebrated this do not dare to act unreasonably. Zhao Hai very clear, these Great Noble do not dare to offend them now, first did not say his strength how, before them , the matter that handles, sufficing made on Continent all people tear to shreds them, reason that has not moved them to the present, was because had him, he will make them manage Lyon Empire, on Continent other countries should several points of face not move them to him, if leave his Zhao Hai, these Great Noble had feared that will be immediately will get up dismembering by Continent several big Empire alliance. First did not say on Continent this matter of several Great Noble after knowing, what response to them can be, on the light is these commoner in Lyon Empire, if knew matter, they will not have the auspicious day. Therefore now these Great Noble can only relying on Zhao Hai, only be able dependence Zhao Hai of heart and soul to go on living, can say, if later Zhao Hai establishes a country, these people might very much become Zhao Hai crew, because of except for Zhao Hai, will use them in nobody. Reason that Zhao Hai has not made Laura they manage Lyon Empire in here , because Laura they have not managed an experience of country, although Laura in managing entire Markey Family, even also Buda Family matter, is she in managing, but Buda Family is different from other Clan, in Buda Family, can keep in balance Laura without any strength, therefore she manages very relaxed, but management Lyon Empire here, did not have same, they will certainly come across this and that issue, as the matter stands, Laura possible on not to process. Is adding on Zhao Hai to have any matter to be also willing to discuss with Laura, therefore Laura cannot keep the management, but Megan they are not good, because Zhao Hai immediately must make war with Demon Race, to be honest, in the commanding a war aspect, Zhao Hai also really relying on Meg and Lizzy, therefore he cannot leave behind them in here. Meg and Ni'er say nothing, having made them manage a country? You are cracking a joke, they must be built on stilts in less than one day, simply cannot have any doing to use, let alone the Zhao Hai present fresh sea daily life is also Meg and Ni'er is looking, how he possibly keeps them, therefore Zhao Hai does not have the means that has invited Evan and Ryan, making them manage Lyon Empire. Really, that several Great Noble see the Ryan appearance, thinks that Ryan is the Zhao Hai woman, therefore immediately/on horseback has seen the madame to Ryan respectful said :.” On Ryan pale face cannot help but one red, she just about to refutes, Zhao Hai actually calm beckoning with the hand said : this is Grand Duke Evan, is the Ryan father, later you can handle something, but if has the matter of being in doubt to give them to process, they will find the way to contact with me.”

These Great Noble have complied with one hastily, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, nodded said : to be good, the here matter my explain/transfer ended, wait a minute I will exit, announced like entire Lyon Empire that my temporarily substituting for Lyon Empire King position, however country's management I will give Evan, you will also continue to help to manage these countries, after I walk, your immediately is ready, entire Lyon Empire moves, must be ready for war in the shortest time, Lyon Empire strongest is Magic Beast Cavalry, this you do not need to be worried, I release in the original Inferior Dragon Race military compound Large quantities of Magic Beast, after you may these Magic Beast minutes to Magic Beast rides, uncle in hand, listened to understand?” These Great Noble immediately/on horseback said : are, Venerable the Your Majesty decree.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around walks outward. To Great Hall outside, Zhao Hai release Bone Dragon, he has stepped on carrying on the back of Bone Dragon quickly, called Evan, Ryan and these Great Noble together, then made Bone Dragon fly. Their this flying is not high, but circles in the above low altitude of Lyon Empire country, these commoner can look that arrives in Zhao Hai that Giant Dragon carries on the back they. Flies Zhao Hai while deep voice said : Lyon Empire subjects, you listened, I evil Dragon Race completely exterminate, asking everyone/Great Clan not to use in being worried about the Dragon Race matter, however in Dragon Race there, I present Dragon Race and Demon Realm Demon Race had the evidence of relation, they also using Magic Formation, wanted to open Ark Continent and Demon Realm Space rift, release Demon Race come, seven days later, Space rift will open, this Space rift in Demonic Abyss there, I will go to there to meet head-on Demon Race, now I announced that I replaced the Lyon Empire King position temporarily, because immediately must go to battle, I. Appoints Evan is Lyon Empire, manages Lyon Empire with these Grand Duke together!” This fears is in history the most special ascending the throne ceremony, is in history the most special ascending the throne speech, was in history most special King, just met the King position, immediately must exit to go to war, Zhao Hai this was first one. But along with the Zhao Hai words, the entire Lyon Empire national capital is actually piece of chaos, but immediately had intermittent Undead Creature appears at this time, has stabilized their mood. Zhao Hai knows that now on Continent biggest Empire moved, Lyon Empire is last, moreover Lyon Empire here situation very special, is adding on him not to have the time to make too many preparations, therefore can only use this method. Looks at the following these people under the management of Undead Creature, already peaceful, Zhao Hai then said : everyone/Great Clan should not be startled, on Continent several big Empire knew with several big different race this information, everyone/Great Clan alliance, asking everyone/Great Clan to obey our arrangements, don't be upset.” These commoner although or very scared, however under the gazes of these Undead Creature, actually do not dare to act unreasonably, so long as does not have the fresh confusion, that all were easy to do.

After Zhao Hai said these, horse sat on Bone Dragon returned to in the imperial palace, entered the imperial palace, his immediately made these Great Noble exit appease these commoner. These Great Noble do not dare to neglect now, they also know when now is, Demon Race immediately must hit, if they have not been able to help the Zhao Hai stability Lyon Empire situation as soon as possible at this time, Zhao Hai will be impolite with them, therefore these Great Noble have complied with one, immediately ran. look at these Great Noble walked, Zhao Hai then turned the head to Evan said : Uncle Evan, Ryan, Lyon Empire here on temporary give you, my immediately wanted Demonic Abyss there, these time went to Demonic Abyss there , the don’t know situation was what kind, but Lyon Empire here you must favor, must prepare for momentarily aids Buddha Empire and Dwarf Race, Demon Race was not good to hit, Buddha Empire there, feared that could not defend.” Did Evan knit the brows said : situation to be so serious? Your in hand present Undead Creature quantity crossed surely, what fighting strength these Undead Creature are, should you very clear, Demon Race so many Expert?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : has, Demon Realm that Demon Race is at still continues on big compared with Ark Continent, moreover Demon Realm there living environment extremely bad, Demon Race since childhood passed in slaughtering and battle of keeping, this time they have made the completely safe preparation, feared that is very difficult to deal with.” The Evan knitting the brows head, sighed said : well, the Lyon Empire here matter I will process, you went to Demonic Abyss there to be certainly careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : watches these Noble, my not too feel relieved they, if they have anything to change, your immediately/on horseback told me, my immediately has tidied up them.” Evan shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, looks at their appearances, does not dare to have any change, now on Continent except for us, but also who dares to use them.” Zhao Hai cold said : also had Radiant Church besides us, do not forget previous Dragon Race to be able to attack Lyon Empire to succeed, is their merit, I do not believe Dragon Race direct lobbied them, lobbied their certainly is the Radiant Church person, perhaps has given them any advantage, now although they knew the God Race matter, but light year God Race and various Continent clan wars time, the under the hand/subordinate Human Race army may be many, must prevent their reversed image God Race there, especially in hearing frontline war not too ideal.” Did Evan knit the brows said : meeting? Even if the frontline war is disadvantageous, they should also not reverse to God Race? What can God Race give them?”

Zhao Hai sneers said : „to them to shelter, although Human Race historical not record about God Race, but do not forget, Radiant Church, moreover God Race also has that strength, they do not fear Demon Race, if God Race promises them, must shelter them, that these fellows hire oneself God Race also to have possibly, regarding these fellows, protect their Clan, protect their status is more important than anything.” Evan nodded said : well, feel relieved, I can look at their, not have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, puts out Message Fish said : this Message Fish you to take, has any matter to contact me directly, I will be leaving behind 1000 Undead Creature to turn over to your command(er) to have these Undead Creature, no matter Lyon Empire here lives any matter, you will protect oneself will not have the issue, even if were God Race came, believes that these Undead Creature can also keep off to keep off, when the time comes I naturally will pick you.” Evan has complied with one, received that Message Fish, at this time Zhao Hai the vision image rotation Ryan, Ryan crazy look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at Ryan, deep voice said : Ryan, you also knows why I have not gone to see you these days, knows you in being busy at anything, after the Continent situation is clear, I will give you a confession.” Meaning of Ryan understand Zhao Hai, her face cannot help but red, nod of gently, low voice said : I’ll wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to nod said : to Evan here on give you.” Said that his personal appearance flashes, entered Space.