Chapter 679 demon Zhao Hai sits in Space, let out a long breath, he looked at a screen, the screen appears picture is not Lyon Empire there, but is a fortress same city. This city in Lyon Empire very famous, because here has a very interesting name, called the demon. Naturally here is not the capital city of devil, here to Demonic Abyss closest city, here is different from that city of Accra Mountain under foot, that city of Accra Mountain under foot, almost will not receive Magic Beast attack, but demon here is different, demon here may receive come from Demonic Abyss attack in Darkness life form. But the demon here characteristics, are here Dark Magician are most, because Demonic Abyss here Undead Creature Darkness life form are many, if Dark Magician can subdue several, then to their advantage is very many, therefore here was called the demon. Even if in Radiant Church , on Continent is sightest, they easily in arriving at demon here will come, because here Dark Magician were too many, will cope with Demonic Abyss here Darkness life form, will obviously be Dark Magician has a means point, therefore the Radiant Church person, will turn a blind eye regarding demon here Dark Magician. But demon here Dark Magician, in the person by Dark Magician was called sacred land, in their at heart, here is sacred land, but another person of sacred land is Calci Family. To the management of Calci Family that Clan type, demon here Dark Magician is more like an alliance, demon here that they have lived, relying on hunts and kills Darkness life form is to live, if hits, feared that is demon here Dark Magician, fighting strength also want on strong some compared with Calci Family there Magician. Zhao Hai after asking Buddha King, makes Cai'er command(er) Blood Staff one step look at the terrain to demon here first, but he handles the there matter. Originally demon here or has plenty Merchant and adventurer, but now entire demon here is almost a adventurer, Dark Magician and Buddha Empire army, all commoner evacuated. The Zhao Hai gaze is bewitched here, possibly is reason that because year to year has going on an expedition, therefore demon here city wall very thick, moreover appears somewhat broken, can see the stained bloodstain on city wall, comes compared with city wall of other places, demon here city wall, more several points of killing aura. At this time Meg carried one cup of sub to Zhao Hai, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, grieved said : Young Master, rested, I gave you to massage.”

Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Meg one, how many showed a faint smile said : their to do? How not in here?” Meg has arrived at the Zhao Hai skill, is massaging the head of Zhao Hai with the hand gently, at the same time said : Laura Elder Sister is examining some of our in hand altogether many available commodities, and with Billy Patriarch their several was discussing that the mixing issues of these commodities, Megan Elder Sister and Lizzy Elder Sister are looking at the research map.” Zhao Hai nodded, capture gently Meg hand said : was good, all right, I am not tired, you accompany me to sit a while.” Meg has complied with one, bypassed the sand, sat side Zhao Hai, snuggling up to gently in the Zhao Hai bosom, Zhao Hai has been holding the Meg soft body, hears the intermittent delicate fragrance on her coming out, the nerve relaxed finally. Meg also felt that relaxation of Zhao Hai, she by the chest of Zhao Hai, is listening to his powerful heartbeat, said : Young Master, can we be able to win in a soft voice?” Calculation that Zhao Hai deep voice said : energy, certain energy, our destinies, can only we say, anybody cannot be in control of our destinies.” Meg nod said : of gently Young Master, the person said us, if after having repelled God Race and Demon Race, then can do? Also returned to Black Wasteland does there live in seclusion?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : why we must live in seclusion, if has repelled God Race and Demon Race, we go to Demon Realm and God Realm have a look, has projected on God Realm and Demon Realm them goes, removes the bottom projects on them to be honest, otherwise makes them get strength back, what to do also has the idea of Ark Continent, our impossible live forever and never die, later we also to have the child, if we died accidentally, our children, God Race and Demon Race hit, that what to do, must therefore hit the clothing/taking them the line.” Meg face one red, pushed Zhao Hai to sit, blushes to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, just say a few words earnest words, was not proper, said any child.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this to have anything unable saying that you looked that we married such long time, does not have a child to the present, I looked most worried should be Grandpa Green and Merine Grandma is right, they are hoping we bloomed a loose leaf to Buda Family.”

Meg blushes, white Zhao Hai, does not have leave, instead to is gently according to the Zhao Hai bosom, said : really the hope forever this, everyone/Great Clan happy in together, forever does not need to think that many matters, Elder Brother Hai, you said everyone/Great Clan this isn't forever good? Why does the God Race Demon Race person want to invade us?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „can also because of anything, the ambition, Ark Continent in the God Race eye, be their manpower resources places, they naturally must here control in hand, then like choosing the slave soldier from Ark Continent here elects , then manpower resources join to camp, makes the war with their enemies, but in the eyes of Demon Realm person, Ark Continent was in itself the a piece giant cake, the Demon Realm living environment too difference, they want in occupying Ark Continent here, on has settled down in here, what a pity, they went on an expedition be used to it in Demon Realm there, they not. Has thought must come the Ark Continent here survival through peaceful method, conversely, they wholeheartedly are only thinking kills off Ark Continent here all races, then they in moving to Ark Continent here come, but I think that the Demon Race person has also feared, before we coped with that several Demon Race time, that Demon Race person did not say, they can through Space rift appears in Ark Continent here, therefore to the Ark Continent here situation can also have some understanding, how they certain presently Human Race to suppress different race, but the Demon Realm there person was also different race, in their opinion, the Human Race nature was impossible. Lives in peace together with them, after its was suppressed by Human Race, might as well directly passing that comes attack Human Race to come quick.” Meg puzzled said : Young Master, Cai'er did not say that Demon Realm there is much bigger than Ark Continent here? That was they snatched here, feared that was the Ark Continent here also not staying entire Demon Realm person?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : naturally does not use the staying entire Demon Realm person, so long as these higher Demon Race can live were well good, these low level Demon Race, they being disinclined manage, in Demon Realm there is this, you are high level Demon Race, that anything good thing to be possible you to come, if you low level Demon Race, even if has good thing, you must give high level Demon Race, will otherwise bring in the fatal disaster, to put it bluntly, low level Demon Race on is the higher Demon Race slave.” Meg then nodded said : originally is this, does army that this time attacks how many have? Does Cai'er know?” Zhao Hai nodded, forced smile said : Cai'er how possible don’t know, to say, information in Demon Realm quickest was Cai'er, Demon Realm army that she can plants, how be able don’t know, this time to attack steadily, no less than 50 million.” Meg in great surprise said : 50 million? These many?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : this was toward being short said that what I said was only the Demon Race person has 50 million, Demon Realm Magic Beast has not calculated, moreover in the Demon Realm person, the has plenty people can like Dark Magician, use the undead summon, the real labor went to war, their army quantities dropped will not be quick, this time we were run into the match.” Meg complexion big change said : that what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiled said : to be good, all right, feel relieved, fears anything, they have the 50 million army, our army population are also many, they can summon with undead, can have me to use, do not fear, all right.”

Meg then nodded, Zhao Hai looked at a screen, demon there to did not have what change, these adventurers and Dark Magician had some leave, more did not have leave, they think that was keeping there, was helping Buddha Empire army common resistance Demon Race. These Magician and adventurer understand, Demon Race will not let off on Continent any race, they walked today, sooner or later one day also with Demon Race to, these Dark Magician and adventurers, is year to year in the character who on blade point sways back and forth, their has average man no making an all-out effort at heart, therefore knows after Demon Race information, they not only have not run, instead to was the preparation remains to spell with Demon Race. said it, Buddha Empire there also said that so long as they in coping with the fight of Demon Race render meritorious service, later can directly become hereditary Noble, this regarding these Magician and adventurers, the attraction was too big. Must know that hereditary Noble is different from ordinary Noble, ordinary Noble is impossible hereditary, like some Magician, because the strength is good, country that they are, to them a Noble status, but this Noble actually not hereditary, one, but this Magician died, then his Noble status did not have, only if in his child has to make every effort to succeed, becomes good Magician, has the right Empire to apply likely, inherit title. But this Buddha Empire has gotten down the initial capital, they are not many in demon this nearby army, in the short seven days of time simply is impossible to build up large quantities of armies, therefore Buddha King has thought means that promised the senior official, let these risks and Dark Magician also strives, these adventurers and porch Magician, year to year in the demon here survival, coped with Darkness life form to have the means very much, was good fighting strength. Because of this, therefore currently also has large quantities of adventurers and Dark Magician keeps demon here, prepares to cope with Demon Race with army together. But Buddha Empire in seven days , can only gather toward demon here the two hundred thousand regular troops, in adding on the demon here adventurer and Dark Magician, the population also in four hundred thousand about, although depends upon the firm city, but wants to keep off to believe Demon Race army, is almost impossible , because of this, Zhao Hai will arrive at demon here to assume personal command!