Chapter 680 protection homeland Is Dark Magician, demon here that he has lived, he is not the Calci Family person, can say that he does not have with Calci Family point occurring together, but do not think that his character it's that simple, in fact his ancestor has been also sight, his ancestor more than thousand years ago , is Empire big Magician, in his family even also has a title of duke. However what is a pity, that Empire that his Clan guarantees, finally by Lyon Empire extinguishing, because their Clan ancestor to that Empire extremely in the loyalty, looked for a reason by Lyon Empire finally, title taking back, moreover carries on suppression in every way to them, finally their Clan person cannot, run up to demon here to settle down. Any Empire, will have some places is this Empire strength strongest place, looks like Lyon Empire that in small formation of Accra Mountain under foot, looks like the Buddha Empire here demon, but demon here very suitable Dark Magician survival, therefore they have certainly settled down in demon here, demon itself in Buddha Empire, but Buddha Empire is also very weak in the here strength, therefore their Clan has stabilized. However, demon here is unfortunately unsafe, here several hundred years ago, Darkness life form and Undead Creature in Demonic Abyss have time large-scale from Demonic Abyss runs out, carries on the attack event to the demon, that Demon Capital City was almost broken through, the although final demon has defended, however in the city the loss of Dark Magician and adventurer is very serious, but that time is also their family puts to lose most serious one time, finally in the demon is a Gan Clan clan of very strong influence, decline slowly. Now in entire Gan Clan clan only then several Dark Magician, but is this, does not have that person of Mercenary Group or that influence in Demon Capital City dares underestimated they, because Gan Clan clan handed down in the family Black Magic is really very strong, what most important is, Gan Clan clan has regarded their families demon here, therefore they in the Demon Capital City here status very high, these Mercenary Group and other influences to Gan Clan clan very respectful, what if even has to conflict, their also please Gan Clan clan act to mediate. Is only Clan Magician, he is not Patriarch, this is the Patriarch successor, he is only in Clan ordinary Magician. Buddha Empire told them, what matter Demonic Abyss there must live, Empire is massing troops toward demon here, asked Gan Clan clan to act, invites in the city Mercenary Group and adventurer, other Dark Magician influences remained, protected Demon Capital City with their together. Gan Clan clan has not disappointed Buddha Empire, they act in all directions lobbied these Mercenary Group and adventurers, finally made in Demon Capital City the majority of influences remain.

Not only this, Gan Clan clan also sends out Magician in Clan, helping the army inspect on city wall, because of Dark Magician to Dark Energy Fan Gan, therefore there is Dark Magician to help the army inspect in city wall, army also relaxed many. Must say that the demon here place opens also is really very strange, the construction of entire Demon Capital City, to defend Demonic Abyss, the Demonic Abyss there terrain, listening to this name to know that there is an abyss, deep, nobody knows that all wants to search the abyss bottom person, has not come out from Demonic Abyss. Surface Demonic Abyss big? This really person has also looked, Demonic Abyss is actually giant cracks in the earth, this giant cracks in the earth long ten thousand li (0.5km), the widest place also more than 2000 li (0.5km), besides demon here are one group to the gentle slope of ground, other places are the cliff, Magic Beast cannot crawl, what most important is, in Demonic Abyss Dark mist covers all the year round, in making your simply unable to see clearly is any thing. Because of this, therefore demon this city will exist, must speak on Continent to have the year longest city, possibly Demon Capital City must be counted one, possibly from Demonic Abyss appears that day, had Demon Capital City existed, many years, this nobody has recorded to calculate, no matter in any case war how hitting on Continent, almost nobody can touch Demon Capital City, because the Demon Capital City here almost what regular army has not defended, in here was some Mercenary Group, the adventurer and Dark Magician, they drift away one group of people beyond this world probably, but like this one. Group person, actually year to year on the people for Continent is guarding Demonic Abyss, these people take Demonic Abyss as to live, actually also in guarding Demonic Abyss, therefore the people's on Continent regarding the Demonic Abyss here sentiment are very complex. On this day still look at in all directions on city wall, position that actually he is at now, is not Demonic Abyss eastern city wall, in other words, here directly does not face Demonic Abyss city wall, here facing city wall in Continent that aspect, this piece of city wall is very safe, but in inspecting, because the Buddha Empire people had said that was possible to have Demon Race to submerge in Continent in advance, must add by them many carefully. look at all around army, these armies are not in Buddha Empire most Elite cavalry, but they also know that they come here are do do, therefore expression very strict of these person of people austere. In this time, suddenly feeling distant place is resembling one group of very enormous Dark Energy to fly toward their here, this should be Darkness life form. Black Magic on Black Magic and Continent of Gan Clan clan has some differences, they regarding Dark Energy very sensitive, therefore he felt this energy, moreover this energy flew toward demon here from Continent, one has thought of the warning of Buddha Empire, his immediately anxious, said loudly: „The everyone/Great Clan attention, had Darkness life form to fly toward here from Continent, the strength was very strong, alert!”

Buddha Empire these time adjusts the armed forces toward demon here, although reassignment is not most Elite cavalry armed forces, these that but adjusts are also Elite in some local forces, moreover before coming, told them, demon here Dark Magician copes with Darkness life form very has the means that must with their many coordination, therefore now demon here Dark Magician, in Emperor Buddha *** the status in team is very high, one hears Gan Zheme to shout, these person immediately in army moved, Magic Cannon, Ballista. They just prepared, distant place on appears black spots, then by one type of very quick flies toward here, these people were tense, especially these bed Crossbowman, they anxious look at that black spots, because now Ma Nu is almost their sole defensive weapon, the opposite party is flying, can attack to the opposite party, only then they. black spots increasing slowly, the person on quick city wall can see that black spots is anything, but sees that black spots time, on city wall no matter the Buddha Empire soldier or Dark Magician were scared, that black spots unexpectedly is Bone Dragon, in this Bone Dragon top of the head, is standing look ordinary Dark Magician. However who in demon here actually nobody don’t know this person is, perhaps they at the same time have not seen with this person, but this does not interrupt them to affirm the status of this person, Zhao Hai Buda, Buda Family Patriarch, Lyon Empire King, Continent first strong Dark Magician! Now Zhao Hai is recognition Continent first strong Dark Magician, no matter that Empire person, their adult this point, with a several strength, has completed Tu Dragon great undertaking, any several strength, presently Demon Race plot, before one several, has regarded Lyon Empire King, this makes on Continent all Dark Magician almost he regards the god same supply, regarding these Dark Magician, Zhao Hai is that keeps aloof, overlooks their Deity. Zhao Hai has rested in Space well, has arranged Laura their work, this comes out from Space, he had already looked at the demon here situation, an demon here matter does not have, therefore he, from leaving the demon very far place drills Space, then stands in the head of Bone Dragon, by ten points eye-catching shape appears . Saw demon city wall, Zhao Hai had not flown to enter a city directly, but made Bone Dragon outside the city fall, then he walked from the head of Bone Dragon, since received Bone Dragon, this slowly walked toward demon city wall. But the garrison troops on here Demon Capital City wall, responded, military officer immediately/on horseback to city gate there garrison troops said loudly: Quick, opens the city gate quickly, hurry up!” Was saying while runs toward city wall, but runs in front of him unexpectedly is.

In this Gan Clan clan common Magician, now is quicker than one, made that army look at look that is 7th level Warrior military officer runs is not right, don’t know is he Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation demon Warrior. Naturally is not demon Warrior, he is only Magician, reason that he can run is so quick , because he was too excited, when these armies arrive, the people in army told them that Zhao Hai personally will arrive at Demon Capital City here to assume personal command, they excited, regarding Dark Magician, can have a look at Zhao Hai with own eyes, that absolutely is an extraordinary matter, but the has plenty person does not believe that in their opinion, is Zhao Hai who? Buda Family Patriarch, now or Lyon Empire King, although this information they just obtained, but Zhao Hai they already knows at the Lyon Empire there Tu Long's matter, therefore regarding this information, they are not accidental, a such person, will violate the danger by oneself, runs up to demon here to come? Has lived regarding these demon here person, status the person like Zhao Hai, is existences of keeping aloof, they are impossible to handle the too dangerous matter, that fears for entire Continent, therefore many people do not believe that Zhao Hai will come, only thinks that this is Buddha Empire comforts them, but these people kept demon here, because they have regarded their family demon here, they must protect their homeland, Noble that no matter these keep aloof how said that they will protect own homeland. They have not protected Human Race, protects the entire Continent that great sentiment, regarding them, with Demon Race to war, but to protect own homeland simply, so.