Chapter 681 influential figure Zhao Hai stands in the city follower surface, he extremely in the performance of high-sounding talk, that has not been his disposition, although now he in name is Lyon Empire King, but he is almost knows nothing regarding the Lyon Empire matter, he has not regarded himself Lyon Empire King, he just to let Lyon Empire stabilizes, therefore temporary takes the post of this King. He has not regarded himself influential figure, in his opinion, he is only a average person on Continent, the matter that he handles is on Continent all people should be done, reason that other people have not done , because they do not have the help of Space. Zhao Hai actually don’t know, his present status, on entire Continent absolutely is influential figure, now the people on Continent knew, Zhao Hai is Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, is Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, is Elven Race Foreign Elder, he is the Sea Race foreign general, naturally, this status is Queen Sea Race just sealed. So many status add on a body of person, on Continent certainly by the place is unprecedented, behind feared that did not have the future, therefore on Continent all people, think that now Zhao Hai was influential figure, only then Zhao Hai did not have this type not to plant the consciousness. Demon city gate opened slowly, what making Zhao Hai accidental is, first runs, unexpectedly is Magic Robe Dark Magician, this fellow looks like over 40 years old is, the body puts on one not to calculate that new black Magic Robe, a chaotic grass same head, face scattered beard, the whole person looks like very thin, but he actually likely was one saw the Top Grade Loli’s strange uncle now, look at Zhao Hai that blood flushes of face, two eyes shone, to had a scare Zhao Hai. This person naturally is, he was too excited, he has not thought that when defend city wall, can see the god in his heart curtain unexpectedly, this let his happy, his excited all control did not live in itself. Under the gaze of Zhao Hai, this strange uncle's same Dark Magician fast ran up to Zhao Hai, then the plump kneels down on the ground, before Zhao Hai has not responded, has kissed Zhao Hai shoes. This to makes to stare Zhao Hai, then his immediately/on horseback pulls up this Dark Magician said : how mister not to need, mister are you?” Responded at this time that he presently Zhao Hai in asking his name, his immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai, then excited said : respect Mr. Zhao Hai, I called unexpectedly, was Magician of in the city Gan Clan clan, I represented Gan Clan clan to welcome your arrival in here, if possible, asking mister to seat guests to Gan Clan clan.”

In was extremely excited, he wants not to go to Gan Clan clan to seat guests on invitation Zhao Hai, in his opinion, Zhao Hai, if can comply with Gan Clan clan to seat guests, then regarding Gan Clan clan, is the greatest honor. Zhao Hai look at, in fact regarding the matter that Gan Clan clan handles, he also knows that Cai'er has been monitoring the Demon Capital City here situation, Zhao Hai was fearing demon here has by the Demon Race control person, when the Demon Race attack, suddenly comes one to collaborate from outside with the inside, that has troubled, but those who make Zhao Hai not think, demon here actually did not have by the Demon Race control people, especially this Gan Clan clan, most advocates and Demon Race war, therefore his impression very deep to Gan Clan clan carves. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback smiles said : originally is unexpectedly mister, matter that your Gan Clan clan handles, I knew, I must on all people for Continent thank you, your feel relieved, I will certainly go to Gan Clan clan to visit, but I must go to greet with the garrison troops now first, something must with their communicate.” That dares not to say unexpectedly, his immediately/on horseback said : mister invited, I do not dare to hit to gather together the mister proper business, but asked mister to come Gan Clan clan, we welcome you at home, my immediately/on horseback went to Clan to inform.” Said that turn around runs toward in the city, that general Warrior could not have overtaken him. Zhao Hai look at back unexpectedly, shows a faint smile, he to thought that Magician of this Gan Clan clan is very interesting, in this time, military officer has been arriving around Zhao Hai, good military salute said : welcome the arrival of Lyon Sovereign to Zhao Hai, I am the demon garrison troops east gate garrison troops Captain Riault Fernand.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Riault Captain not to use such politely, does not have no Sovereign in here, you called Zhao Hai to be OK, we now were the allies, jointly coped with the Demon Race ally.” Riault has not thought that really Zhao Hai so is unexpectedly good to speak, his quickly said: Yes, Mr. Zhao Hai, mister invited, I have informed the general, invited mister directly toward General's Residence.” Zhao Hai nodded, takes a step to walk toward demon, in this time, is dashing to ride horse carriage from the demon, this horse carriage driver very fierce, horse carriage although dashes unexpectedly, but actually steady stopping in the Zhao Hai front, that driver ran from the vehicle, bows said : to ask mister to board to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not declined, sat horse carriage, horse carriage turned the head, direct in the city rushed, but Riault does not dare to neglect, told several, immediately was leading 20 under the hand/subordinate, rides a horse, protects in horse carriage side.

Zhao Hai has not been regarding such allowance surprised, his although has not regarded itself King such influential figure, how however to say that he is also Buda Family Patriarch, in demon here feared that was his status is considered as on is the highest person, had the authority to enjoy such allowance. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at General's Residence, this General's Residence very fills the acid actually, because original demon here does not have no General's Residence, now this General's Residence is the demon here beforehand Merchant dwelling, now that Merchant ran the returned to Buddha Empire home to go, therefore his house was taken over for use, has become temporary General's Residence. horse carriage just arrived at General's Residence, Zhao Hai has not waited to open the vehicle door, the vehicle door is opened from outside, Zhao Hai has gawked, sees a wear the middle-aged person of military uniform, the forehand grabs horse carriage handle. That general bows to Zhao Hai said : Buddha Empire in demon general Bass Mil, welcome the arrival of Mr. Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai walked out from horse carriage, bowed said : General Bass to be too polite to that general hastily slightly, how to feel the work general to open the door for me.” Bass smiles said : „should hastily, mister for running around that the entire Continent person spares no efforts, compared with mister, I and others really deeply felt ashamed, mister invited.” Zhao Hai also quickly said: General was too polite, please.” Said that walks toward General's Residence in Bass together. This temporary General's Residence is not very big, but is courtyard that two enter, Bass asked Zhao Hai to sit to the living room, but this living room seems like more like sits the fighting room now, on the wall was hanging several stretch a map, the middle put a big table, on the table is also spreading stretch a map, this map about demon and outside Demon Capital City already verified Demonic Abyss map. This Demonic Abyss map is certainly incomplete, but is some places of Demonic Abyss surrounding, but this regarding this fight, is very helpful. Zhao Hai regarding Bass such procedure to is favoring, he nodded, turns the head to Bass said : general very diligently, does not know that what the general does arrange now is?”

Bass has not thought that Zhao Hai just came Demonic Abyss here, without wasting breath, directly asked his arrangement about the demon here, but he also knows now is not too the smalltalk time, his immediately Zhao Hai welcome to the map by, then the command(er) map mister please look at to Zhao Hai said :, terrain very beneficial defense of Demonic Abyss here, because from Demonic Abyss toward the demon here attack, was a gentle slope, gradient although of this gentle slope was not very big, but will have certain influence to the army of attack, therefore I planned to use this gentle slope, carried on layer upon layer to the Demon Race army. Blockade, meaning of don’t know mister?” Zhao Hai look at this map, the knitting the brows head of gently, to be honest, Bass the arranges an issue not to have, but that premise, is the army quantity of enemy has not achieved a very terrifying figure, if the quantity of enemy has achieved a very terrifying figure, such arrangement does not have a use, counter- attended the meeting to lose many military strength, regarding defending a city disadvantage. Bass looks at Zhao Hai to frown, probably is to his arrangement very discontented appearance, a heart has cannot help but raised, Zhao Hai is existence that he cannot stir up absolutely, do not say him, even if Buddha Empire King cannot stir up Zhao Hai, therefore he looks at Zhao Hai to frown, knows that Zhao Hai is not quite satisfied to his arrangement, he is certainly scared. What Zhao Hai he intertwines is must tell the quantity of Bass Demon Race army, he feared that he told the quantity of Bass Demon Race army, will rout the confidence that this general defended a city directly, but did not tell him the quantity of Demon Race army, how can urge him to change the plan? Zhao Hai frowned to think for quite a while, this open the mouth and said: „The arrangement of general does not have the issue, but I think that general possibly slightly a matter, is the quantity of Demon Race army.” Bass one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then his face heavy look at map, more looks is ugly, he turns the head mister to mean to Zhao Hai said : that the quantity of Demon Race army will be many?” Zhao Hai nodded said : general to think that Demon Realm uses a strength to attack our Ark Continent, will the quantity of their army be small? First did not say Demon Realm big, said our Ark Continent here, if uses a strength, how many armies can gather? Demon Realm gathers the quantity of army certainly not to compare our Ark Continent here to be few, moreover Demon Race fighting strength very formidable, previous time I and Demon Race 9th level Expert to the war, a sword handle his head breaks out, he has not died unexpectedly for a while, but also moves attack to me, such fighting strength really very astonishing, therefore I think that the general should remove from outside the city the army, defense of aid from others, but several defense lines that outside defending the general prepares, on giving me.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Bass immediately understand the Zhao Hai meaning, Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature army fighting strength, had already spread on Continent, he does not suspect Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature fighting strength, moreover before him, has not thought that really the quantity and fighting strength of Demon Race army issue, by a Zhao Hai such saying, he was also felt now own arrangement has some issues.