Chapter 682 unimportant person Bass understand Zhao Hai makes him remove all armies, wants to make their these garrison troops little die several people, but the Zhao Hai in hand army is comprised of Undead Creature, making them go against before most, this can also withstand the Demon Race army some time. Bass is not a fool, his very clear, considers by demon here, is impossible to block Demon Race army, the Demon Race previous time attacks, moved entire *** 6 strengths hit Demon Race, the matter has 9th level Expert of many positions, does not hesitate the life, has used Sacrificial Offering same Magic, gives to seal up that several Space rift, it is said that time 9th level Expert, compared with the present 9th level Expert strength must on strong many, is after that war, Forbidden Magic that on many Continent became famous has been lost, can say now on Continent. Magic level, compared with first time with the Demon Race war time, feared that is not, possibly in taboo class Magic this aspect, but also wants on weak some. Reason that Bass said that is because on Continent Magic is also continuously the progress, looks like the people on Earth, the people on Earth evolve firearm from the cold weapons, evolves from stone implement Stone Dai to machine civilization, feared that has also used tens of thousands years of time, but Ark Continent here Magic show, has used tens of thousands years of time, to ten thousand years of time, the achievement of section research Magic, did not obtain is also very astonishing. Counts on the people now, tens of thousands years ago Magic on Continent did not have now to be so complex, that time Magic was only Might is very big, especially some Forbidden Magic, were Might huge enough to can move mountains, this point although present Forbidden Magic can also achieve, but do not forget, now can use Forbidden Magic Magician not to be many. The people research history presently, tens of thousands years ago, at that time probably was the people was promoted into 9th level Expert, be much easier than the present, even often transmitted some people of success ascend to God Realm information at that time, can nearly tens of thousands years of time, on Continent had not been spreading some people of ascend God Realm, the people were most to 9th level on Dingtian. This point although makes the people feel very puzzled, what result but did not have research to have, the people can only sum up in finally, now the Magic element on Continent is possibly inferior for ten thousand years ago such was thick, therefore meets appears such result, but is the matter really this? Nobody knows. However before although Forbidden Magic on Continent was inferior now, but on Continent regarding Magic research actually has taken another road now, some Inferior level Intermediate level Magic Might be bigger than before on were many, moreover Magician that this Magic can use are also many, if compares, present Magic also not necessarily tens of thousands years ago difference. However also not tens of thousands years ago misses, nobody dares saying that now Ark Continent here strength, certainly tens of thousands years ago strong, but tens of thousands years ago, is defeated is the entire Continent strength that Demon Race depends, these time wants to defeat Demon Race, depends must be the entire Continent strength.

Bass although don’t know Demon Race there situation, but he is a smart person, his very clear, tens of thousands years ago appears that Space rift, is appears , Demon Race before these Space rift appears , don’t know has existence of Ark Continent. However now is different, Demon Race there tens of thousands years ago knew had existence of Ark Continent, although they were defeated, Space rift also by seal, but Demon Race has prepared tens of thousands years of time, waited in one time to invade Ark Continent. The invasion of previous Demon Race is it can be said that hasty, does not have too to prepare, but these time has actually prepared for tens of thousands years, has made the completely safe preparation, these two situations are no comparison between them, therefore wants to block Demon Race with demon here, that certainly is impossible, they must do in here, but many blocks Demon Race several days, are been many some setup times by Continent on. Plan that therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that Bass has thought does not want on said : good, presses the office that mister said that my immediately arrangement, what does mister have to tell?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, but I must go to Gan Clan clan to have a look, then has a look in Demonic Abyss there, I want to be best we before Demon Race has not come, these Magic Beast also Undead Creature in Demonic Abyss cleans up, otherwise waits for Demon Race to arrive, these Magic Beast and Undead Creature have become the Demon Race soldier.” Bass has gawked, then knit the brows said : mister, this was too dangerous, I looked that mister do not go.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : general feel relieved to be good, Forbidden Land on Continent, I had rushed to several, North Polar Icefield I have gone, Carrion Swamp I have also gone, I to have a look at Demonic Abyss here to have any difference with that two places.” Said that Zhao Hai bows to Bass, turn around walks toward outside. Bass one hear of Zhao Hai said that one was actually shocked, Zhao Hai goes to the North Polar Icefield matter on Continent also few personally to know now that he goes to the Carrion Swamp matter also few personally to know, but reason that Bass is shocked, because Zhao Hai said that he has rushed to Carrion Swamp there.

The person on Continent has thought more secret territories of Buda Family certainly also on Continent, otherwise in their Clan these good thing to come from there? However the people had still not found this place, now Zhao Hai said that he has rushed to Carrion Swamp, moreover now he fortunately good standing at this time, but Buda Family a piece fief or Black Wasteland, the here thing first successive, Bass immediately has thought that the Buda Family that mysterious territory, possibly is they the a piece territory on Continent, Black Wasteland. What? Did you say Black Wasteland there steadily thing? Whose in hand that must look, other Dark Magician are most also just can command(er) several hundred Undead Creature carry on the fight, but heard that the Mr. Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature army quantity crosses 1 million, he can achieve this point, why can't make Black Wasteland there grow thing? Zhao Hai has not managed Bass to think anything, reason that he told Bass these, was because he has prepared to make entire Continent the Black Wasteland there situation know now, at this time, even if came out Black Wasteland there brightly also no big deal. Zhao Hai General's Residence, that cart driver immediately walked, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, I am the general ration your cart driver specially, you must go to there, my immediately/on horseback delivers you to go.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to send me to Gan Clan, can you find?” That cart driver immediately/on horseback said : naturally can mister, not have the place that I could not find in this Demon Capital City, asking mister to board.” Zhao Hai nodded, sits horse carriage, cart driver doorkeeper Guan Hao, catches up with horse carriage to directly soar Gan Clan clan to go, in Demon Capital City, but also really few individual don’t know Gan Clan, but their Clan Encampment, to is not special, looks like very ordinary, there does not have what tall building, but is one piece looks like very ordinary courtyard. horse carriage just arrived at in front of the door of Gan Clan clan to stop, that cart driver immediately ran from horse carriage, but the Gan Clan clan here also two disciples stand in in front of the door, sees that cart driver, actually the understanding, that two disciple immediately/on horseback said : Barn, has not thought at this time, you really have to live, is who came? I told you, Mr. Zhao Hai must arrive at our Clan to come, the ordinary person we do not have the time to receive now.”

Barn showed a faint smile said : I to present General Bass order to that two people, starting today, temporary became the Mr. Zhao Hai special-purpose cart driver, these time was Mr. Zhao Hai must come Gan Clan clan, I delivered him to come.” Said that nearby arriving horse carriage of Barn half step, opened the vehicle door, Zhao Hai walked from horse carriage. That two disciples of Gan Clan clan already by Barn's words shocking, them have not thought, on Barn vehicle draws can be Zhao Hai unexpectedly, the although Barn's driving technology is the entire demon is best, his horse carriage is the entire demon is also best, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai will sit Barn's horse carriage unexpectedly, wants to come in them, Zhao Hai in what kind, also will sit special-purpose horse carriage of general. Actually this arrangement is the Bass arrangement, this arrived did not say that he did not give up his horse carriage, but was Buddha Empire King has told him, Zhao Hai this person very low key, he do not make the too big ostentation, such words Zhao Hai can not like, therefore Bass has made such arrangement, was very obvious, such arrangement also very heart of Zhao Hai. Looked at Zhao Hai to come out, that two disciple immediately responded, their quickly has arrived at Zhao Hai, bowed said : to see mister to Zhao Hai, mister invited.” A person directs Zhao Hai to walk toward inside, another person is actually fast runs toward the palace, obviously was gives Patriarch of Gan Clan clan to notify. Zhao Hai has been unalarmed by strange sights to this situation, does he turn the head to smile said : what? you to that disciple to be very familiar with Barn?” That disciple has not thought Zhao Hai such polite spoke to him, he opens mouth for a while, don’t know said any good. Zhao Hai look at that person of appearance, shows a faint smile said : not intense, replied that my issue and that's the end, I will not eat you.” That disciple then recovers, his cannot help but face one red, said : is unfair to mister, I have been disrespectful, yes, I am very familiar with Barn, he grows up in Demon Capital City since childhood, the parents are the adventurers, afterward one time went to Demonic Abyss to take risk, was not having, he has been a beggar to grow up in Demon Capital City, afterward in growing up has worked for the person, in afterward him with a money that oneself accumulated, bought has measured horse carriage, he was in entire Demon Capital City the best driver, in adding on him grew up in Demon Capital City since childhood, therefore in the city. Nobody will bully, his in the city day passes good, this Demon Race must come, people who in the city these do not have fighting strength ran, he remained, he said that although do not have no fighting strength, cannot help to be pressed with overwork Demon Race, but he can actually help the army transport thing with horse carriage, General Bass thinks of gratefully his heart to be honest, kept in him General's Residence the attendant.”