Chapter 683 house slave Zhao Hai static is listening to the words of this disciple, undeniably, if his Zhao Hai on Continent is influential figure, Barn is an unimportant person, small cannot in the young unimportant person, he be only a cart driver, belongs to the life in Continent besides the slave, lives existence in Continent lowest level. However Zhao Hai now actually somewhat by this unimportant person being touched, him did not have the strength, but he actually with his method, to defend his homeland makes contribution, but entire Ark Continent, has innumerable to have these people like the unimportant person, Ark Continent will not perish, not by the God Race slave, Demon Race will not eliminate, Zhao Hai incomparable believing this point. Zhao Hai hears the words of disciple, he stopped under has drawn, turns the head look at to stand in in front of the door horse carriage nearby Barn, Barn stands in there peacefully, he was sizing up all around scenery, although this scenery he was already looking at don’t know many to spread. Zhao Hai felt that present Barn looks like 19 oo in «Marine Pianist», Barn does not have leave since childhood Demon Capital City, but 19 oo does not have leave that ship, their destinies with the place tight relation that they were in together, outside world was very big, because outside world was too big, they were afraid, they rather stayed in their world, before looking like, Zhao Hai on Earth, ordinary nerd. That disciple puzzled look at Zhao Hai, why his don’t know Zhao Hai will stop, moreover with one type of very strange vision look at Barn, but he has not said anything, his status does not dare to say anything to Zhao Hai, not only he, even if Gan Clan clan Patriarch sees Zhao Hai, must revere the respect respect, do not say his disciple. Zhao Hai turns the head, walks to that disciple said :.” He has made a decision, he must lead Barn to go out of this world, he must to Barn his world , he so long as makes Barn live in Space. although said the place that Gan Clan clan lives is common, but area is not small, Zhao Hai they just passed through first to enter courtyard, hears a sound of footsteps to transmit, then the distant place walks several people, these several people put on Magic Robe, they are the core members of Gan Clan clan. What lead is one looks like 50-year-old Magician, he puts on one is not very magnificent Dark Magic robe, in hand takes one probably is being Magic Staff that beast bone makes, his head was somewhat gray, but is actually very neat, if unexpectedly who combs to the first feeling of person is very sloppy, that this Magician gives the first feeling of person is very serious. However now this old Magician actually appears very excited, sees Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback half step welcomed, arrives around Zhao Hai, splash one has knelt, said : Mr. Zhao Hai does not arrive, has to lose welcomes, asking mister to excuse me I am Patriarch of Gan Clan clan.” His behind these Magician have also knelt, this action is to let that disciple frightens heavily, they when see Zhao Hai, but only saluted, but has actually knelt, he just may be disrespectful. Zhao Hai has not thought that can line of this big rituals, why does he help up said : hastily Patriarch to my line of so big rituals? Zhao Hai.”

Bow body said : mister can be receiving, if mister by, nobody could be received, our Gan Clan clan is willing to become the mister house slave, asking mister to give shelter.” Zhao Hai stares, must know that this becomes the house slave with becoming the vassal race is different, how many becomes some vassal race also independent authorities, so long as obeyed orders at the appointed time has been OK, but became the house slave, did not have a point right to independence, later they must forever with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has made them do them to do, Zhao Hai did not think understand, why can suddenly say that wanted to become his house slave? Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to comply, but was calm said : Patriarch was too polite, now first did not say this matter, this time I came to have the matter to look your, whether we could go to say?” quickly said: Has been disrespectful, mister invited.” Said that directs Zhao Hai to walk toward courtyard, before long arrived at a lobby, asked Zhao Hai to sit, but they were actually standing. Zhao Hai looked at one eyes, calm said : why don’t know can Clan become my house slave?” Bottom the head, deep voice said : is open about the facts mister, after this Demon Race war, no matter what, demon here we cannot stay, our Gan Clan clan these years at the demon here show, did not have what friend, if are hire oneself other Clan, we will not receive the heavy ritual, even if hires oneself Calci Family is also same, but Mr. Zhao Hai, you are Continent first formidable Dark Magician, therefore we want to hire oneself you, we know that our strengths, are insufficient into mister your vassal Clan, therefore we want to become mister your house slave on can.” The Zhao Hai look at appearance, is his also understand this sorrow of small Clan, Zhao Hai nodded said : how many people your Gan Clan clan altogether some?” immediately/on horseback said : our Gan Clan clan altogether has the Dark Magician 17 people, 4th level Dark Magician seven people, 5th level Dark Magician three people, 6th level Dark Magician three people, 7th level Dark Magician they, 8th level Dark Magician they, family 32 people, servant ten people.” Zhao Hai nodded, the population to is not many, does he turn the head you to be willing to become to said : my house slave really? You can think.” Listens to the Zhao Hai words to be somewhat loose, quickly said: Wants, to want, to invite mister feel relieved, we want.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I accept you, starting today, you called me to be short, set your Clan these servant and family in had, I must send them to a safe place, remaining Dark Magician remained, I must lead you to exit.” immediately/on horseback complied with said : is, Young Master, my immediately/on horseback arranged.” Said that his immediately told his behind that several Dark Magician arranged the Zhao Hai instruction the matter, but he remained to await dispatching of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at said : „the people on entire Continent know that I am Dark Magician, but how they become Dark Magician regarding me did not understand that you are my house slave, I am also open about the facts us, after this matter, I will tell you, a while I will send to Black Wasteland your families with Space Divergent Technique, there is our Buda Family den, I will be giving you some Potion, lets promote 9th level your strengths, then I will be leading your Demonic Abyss there, cleans up to fall Demonic Abyss there Darkness life form and Undead Creature, cannot become Demon Race by him In army.” Zhao Hai words although are not many, but actually Gentes excited not by, because Zhao Hai told his some, was bystander don’t know, now Zhao Hai tells them these, was real recognize the status of their house slave. although to others the Boss slave is not the honored matter, but this must think you to the who Boss slave, house slave each and every one of emperor is the power and influence is dreadful, but Zhao Hai now is King. The people of Gan Clan clan are not many, their thing are not many, in Demon Capital City such place, they cannot accumulate too many thing. Zhao Hai arrives at outside, looked at these person of one, nodded, you arranges two people to go with them to said :, after Black Wasteland there, some people will arrange their dwelling, arranges the matter to do to them, making them not use anxiously, obeyed the arrangement on the line.” Complied with one, immediately/on horseback has done, before long arranged, Zhao Hai opened Space rift, has delivered to Black Wasteland there these people. Just when he agreed to accept their Boss slave, has made Cai'er tell Green this situation them, in saying this person of sending to were not many, therefore Green they almost did not need to make anything to arrange, when the person arrived, has been OK to the place that they arranged sitting, this regarding moving , then arranged tens of thousands people of Green them, was really too relaxed. However the person of this time Gan Clan clan, Green they specially will also look, because Gan Clan clan becomes the Buda Family house slave, this looks like the children of domestic slaves in these slaves is the same, is can definitely the feel relieved person, therefore they must be arranged in Iron Mountain Fort there.

Before long with Gan Clan clansman came back, these two with the person are Dark Magician . Moreover the strength is not very strong, Zhao Hai looked that they came back, this turns the head you to go to people Clan in all Magician to said : to call, then I to your some Potion, this Potion will make you in the shortest time 9th level Expert.” They somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai them told that must promote to be them 9th level Expert, although just Zhao Hai had said that but thinks one misunderstood, they strongest also 8th level , think that now is promoting 9th level, don’t know must wait till lord knows when goes, therefore they think what just Zhao Hai said enhances their level, does not make them promote 9th level, but Zhao Hai also said now, said that must promote them to 9th level, this time they truly had not heard, but how is this possible? The Zhao Hai look at appearance, coldly snorted said : do not suspect that my words, my under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature is the 9th level strength, otherwise you think why I go to Tu Dragon, why dares to come here with Demon Race to the war.” One startled, immediately/on horseback knelt has gotten down said : to ask Young Master to forgive, in does not dare to suspect the Young Master words.” The people of Gan Clan clan also knelt have gotten down said : to ask Young Master to forgive.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „, do not suspect that my words, Young Master I now am God Rank Expert, does not have ascend to go to any God Realm, I told you, this Realm Law, could not manage Young Master my body, this time I went to Demonic Abyss to increase my strength, but now were many you, that also increased your strength, after all after Zhao Hai me , the impossible tube to Continent all places, there are some places I am will send you, if your strengths were insufficient, lost, but face of my Buda Family.” They kneels should be, but person mood excited serious, they have not actually thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is God Rank Expert, no wonder Zhao Hai dares Tu Dragon, they were really too excited, they unexpectedly were God Rank Expert under the hand/subordinate, to the God Rank Expert Boss slave, did not lose face, will also make countless people envy.