Chapter 684 Gan Clan clan and Barn Reason that Zhao Hai dares to speak these words to these people , because he is in a planned way, he did not fear that these people carry to sentence him, he must rise these people to the 9th level strength, then leads these people to grasp Undead Creature and Darkness life form in him to Demonic Abyss there works as summoned creatures of this person, helping them fight, promoting their strengths, Zhao Hai to want in this way, what response will come to see these people to have. If they are the sincerity with him, their advantage naturally will not be short, if they are not the sincerity with him, that Zhao Hai will be impolite to these people. However this Zhao Hai to was too careful, really house slave who they wanted into Buda, do not think that to others the Boss slave was the matter that lost face very much, the fact also just as was such that thought that to King and God Rank Expert Boss slave, was not the average people have opportunity that. Zhao Hai has put out one bottle of water, this bottle of water naturally are Spatial Water, this bottle of water help in Gan Clan clan that several Inferior level Magician enhance level, but these Advanced level Magician, must use God's Blood this thing to be good. Zhao Hai gave said : here to promote your level Potion that jar, but was only effective to the 8th level following person, this bottle of Potion can all 8th level following to promote 8th level , wait for you promoted to 8th level the time, in looked for me.” Shivered to begin to receive that bottle of Spatial Water, this water regarding them was really too precious, on Continent had some to promote Magician or Warrior level Potion, but these Potion some characteristics, expensive! Even if general Great Noble does not hate to spend that money, looks like in these Great Noble, spends that much money with it, causes that Potion to come, might as well changes a person to train, therefore on Continent can promote level Potion few. After Potion has given, Zhao Hai on turn around returned to the room, he has wanted to have a look at they to with the long time be able own level to promote. Must know that present Potion was better than before, Zhao Hai believes that they want to promote level, should they be quicker than initially Laura, Zhao Hai just also saw, in Gan Clan clan that several level quite low Magician, their not because of the innate skill difference, because they are young, if in fact on the standard according to Continent, these people of Gan Clan clan, practices innate skill is good, must know that on Continent must 9th level Expert be very difficult, is 8th level Expert, general small Clan training does not come out, but Gan Clan clan. In demon such place, unexpectedly can train two 8th level Expert, this sufficiently said understand their practice innate skill. Demon here does not have too many controls, but similarly, the here commodity does not have the means to compare with Continent, if the Buddha Empire national capital is an demon metropolis, that demon here is a hill village, is one often by the wild beast attack hill village.

Regards through in the middle saw that they have practiced, Zhao Hai also from in the room walked out, he must see Barn, now Gan Clan clan here all servants may walk, original wants to keep several people, but Zhao Hai had not agreed that one, but hit him not to have the thoughts in tube these people, let their earlier leave, minor matter that but such one, like this calling person, do on can only Zhao Hai Crown Prince. Barn also sits on outside horse carriage, static row is waiting for Zhao Hai, is very obvious, he was a very patient person, the Zhao Hai look at Barn's type, showed a faint smile, to Barn said : Barn, you came.” Barn is sitting dull on horse carriage, he knows that his family feared could not preserve, this is his dull reason, he does not have leave demon here, since childhood how leave here his even don’t know to and life, therefore Barn chose to remain. Barn hears the Zhao Hai sound, one recovers, looked that Zhao Hai stands in Gan Clan in front of the door calls him, he stares slightly, immediately/on horseback jumped down from the vehicle, half step has arrived around Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, what matter do you have?” Zhao Hai look at Barn said : Barn, comes in me, my something must tell you.” Barn has complied with one, entered Gan Clan with Zhao Hai. Enters Gan Clan, Barn on some ignorant, he came Gan Clan is not once or twice, he recognized Gan Clan clan almost all people, but entered from him to Gan Clan clan starts, he in has not actually seen any person, the people of probably entire Gan Clan clan disappeared were the same. Barn actually may I ask, with Zhao Hai to the living room, Zhao Hai sat, Barn's respectful standing, Zhao Hai look at Barn that gingerly appearance, shows a faint smile said : not to use such intense, Barn, I wants to ask that your, do you want leave Demon Capital City?” Barn stares slightly, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will ask this issue, his really some are not good to reply that he can flatly refuse, looked like to these generals said that he wants to help them defend a city, but in this saying also had the unreality, the feeling of when facing Zhao Hai, some Barn actually one type of by Zhao Hai being seen through, therefore this saying he also really somewhat said that but he real has not wanted leave Demon Capital City, he rather perished with Demon Capital City together. Does the Zhao Hai look at Barn's appearance, show a faint smile said : not to be good to reply? Don't you think the leave demon? here is your family, here has all your right? However you also saw, here is also the family of Gan Clan clan, here also has their all, but they meet leave finally, now their family's Magician remained, but their families had packed off by me, Barn, if you if thinks that leave, I can also send off you, delivers to our Buda Family territory you, making you live in there, forgets to tell you, the place that I said was not Golden Island, but was in addition a place, are you willing?” Barn stares, he has not thought of this point, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : why can mister such help me?”

What Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have, but saw the shadow of another person on your body, Barn, I knows that your idea, you do not have leave since childhood demon here, after exiting, your don’t know must live, therefore you are afraid leave here, but I give you to arrange Buda Family there, you arrived at some there naturally people to arrange the work to you, you can also drive a cart, you did not need to worry that your life had the too big change, but was all around not that many your familiar people, but you will know many new friends, how? To go?” Barn look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : suddenly mister, I went to there, gives back continues to give you to drive a cart?” Zhao Hai to making to stare by this issue, he has not thought that Barn will ask such, he thinks, shows a faint smile said : „, if you want to drive a cart to me, that is not, but you have not practiced, this point is not good, after there, I will make them teach you to practice, the wait for you practice has, can drive a cart to me.” Barn knit the brows said : this, mister, I had not practiced before, now my age was not small, from now on will practice, was late?” Zhao Hai laughs said : not to be late, Barn, your feel relieved, no matter you were learn Magic or Battle Qi, was only small your learn, I can make you promote level in a short time, you can become quickly Expert, what kind of? Wants?” As soon as Barn listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes bright said : real mister? I want, I wanted.” Zhao Hai laughed said : well Barn, demon here immediately to go to war, to be honest, you remained unable to help, I send you to Black Wasteland there now, the there meeting person had to you arranges the matter to do, was right, if you thought, can catch up with your horse carriage together to go, what kind of?” Barn face excited said : real mister? That fantastic, thanks mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : starting today, called me Young Master, went to catch up with from the back door your horse carriage.” Barn has complied with one, outside ran up to having driven a cart, Zhao Hai made Cai'er tell Green Barn's situation them, making them give Barn secure arrange a place to live, Barn has come before long, Zhao Hai delivered to Black Wasteland Barn and his horse carriage together through Space. After completing these, Zhao Hai looked at their there situation, now these Magician of Gan Clan clan, majority have reached the 8th level level, two had two also soon to achieve 8th level , but was very faithful execution the order of Zhao Hai, when all people achieved 8th level to look for Zhao Hai.

To noon time, in Clan all Magician have reached the 8th level level, they then went to the living room, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, nodded, puts out vial red liquid said :this vial Potion fully all your from the 8th level liter to 9th level, some while people will ask me to go to the General's Residence there three meals a day, I dined, you practiced in here, when I came back, you should also almost achieve 9th level, then we on exiting in Demonic Abyss. They have complied with one, is entering in this, outside transmits sound speaking sounds: Mr. Zhao Hai in? General Bass asked Mr. Zhao Hai to dine.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head you to practice to said :.” Has complied with one, but they have delivered to out of the door Zhao Hai. Is waiting for Zhao Hai in out of the door in one team of Cavalry, looks at Zhao Hai to come out, that Cavalry long immediately/on horseback bows said : general to ask mister to dine to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, walks, Barn was received to be the servant by me, has packed off, you later did not need to give me to arrange horse carriage, I walked want.” Said that Zhao Hai moved, summons Alien, he sat Alien within the body, walked toward General's Residence with that team of Cavalry. look at Zhao Hai leave, did this turn the head not to hear the Young Master words to his clansman said :? immediately/on horseback practices, if Young Master comes back, who has not arrived at 9th level, looked how I tidy up him.”