Chapter 685 Three Kingdoms historical novel? Standing of Zhao Hai calm on the Bone dragon, in these people of his bit by bit Gan Clan clan, now they are 9th level Expert, they now also some one type of such as same feeling in dream, they have not managed the Law Idol letter, oneself unexpectedly became 9th level Expert, this was too inconceivable. 9th level Expert, on Continent existence of most peak, among their family unexpectedly turns into 9th level Expert now, this made them feel excited. However they do not have the non- feudal official's heart, their understand, their this all, is Zhao Hai gives now, if they dare to have the non- feudal official's heart to Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai immediately will tidy up them. They do not believe Zhao Hai only then their these 9th level Expert under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai can make them turn into 9th level Expert in one day, can make others turn into 9th level Expert in one day, if Zhao Hai has plenty their such under the hand/subordinate, they in dare to revolt, that is not courting death. What most important is, after they became 9th level Expert, how cannot see clearly the Zhao Hai strength, this Gentes they have also believed Zhao Hai beforehand words, now Zhao Hai is God Rank Expert, 9th level Expert and God Rank Expert simply is not level, disparity compared with 8th level Expert and 9th level Expert disparity also on big many, therefore they now are loyal and devoted to Zhao Hai, feared that is Zhao Hai makes them die now, they will not have any hesitation. But Zhao Hai does not have the mood to think these now, now what he thinks, Radiant Church there after knowing the Demon Race sound, what response they will have. The matter lets on Continent such quickly on the public Demon Race matter, this also within the plan of Zhao Hai, he must bring Radiant Church to tell God Race this information, making the God Race quick point begin. Radiant Church these fellow and don’t know Zhao Hai in hand so many 9th level Expert, they after knowing Demon Realm there take an action, certainly within the shortest time, will tell God Race this information, but God Race feared that Demon Race seizes Ark Continent, will certainly dispatch troops. Compares in the Ark Continent here native influence, God Race possibly fearing Demon Race, strength that because Demon Race shows, probably is not worse than God Race many.

God Race is impossible to let Demon Race and Ark Continent here race carries on to rip to kill, then they come out to grab the bargain, to be honest, Zhao Hai thinks that God Race possibly cannot have a liking for the Ark Continent here land, what they want is the Ark Continent here person, if Ark Continent here people by God Race extinguishing, then really does not have what advantage regarding God Race. What most important is, the domain that this Demon Race moves is Demonic Abyss here, but Demonic Abyss here to teaches the country not to be far brightly, but Demon Race also to brightly will certainly teach the country to begin, by the Radiant Church strength, their simply is impossible to block the attack of Demon Race, in this case, the words that therefore God Race look at Demon Realm such makes, their equal to loses Continent sole to aid their people, this will invade Ark Continent possibly to have very tremendous influence to them, therefore their look at two sides will certainly not hit in there lively, but not tube. Demon Race in having a Space rift situation, but must use a Blood Void this type very evilly very Magic Formation that is difficult to use, but God Race there does not have including Space Magic, therefore in this case, Zhao Hai believes that God Race these fellows will certainly take an action, perhaps they now also soon appears on Continent. This is Zhao Hai desired, do not think that God Race came, the Ark Continent here race must simultaneously face two enemies, the polarity, God Race came, Ark Continent here will strive for hegemony by the Ark Continent native place influence and Demon Race Shuanglong, turns into God Race, Demon Race, the Three Kingdoms historical novel of Ark Continent native place influence, God Race will be the same with Demon Race their points, their for Ark Continent here person control in hand, another actually must Ark Continent land control in hand, this although look like does not have what to conflict probably, but the God Race these fellow, will be cannot by. Ark Continent here person, then optional enters God Race to go, possibly in the God Race eye, Ark Continent here is wasteland, but the Ark Continent here person is one crowd of wild man, therefore they will not allow the Ark Continent here person easily to enter God Realm, they will let Ark Continent here that the Ark Continent here person still lives, looked like turned into a sheepfold Ark Continent, but Ark Continent here various races, on were God Race rear in a pen the sheep in sheepfold, that long was only fat, they in drew from the sheepfold him come out to massacre. But Demon Race actually wants to massacre the Ark Continent here people, God Race will certainly not agree, they do not care about the sheepfold, the sheep that but if you want to raise them has killed, they are certainly impossible to agree, therefore this two clans also has the contradiction. So long as they have the contradiction, they impossible true cooperation, such Zhao Hai the surface critical pressure may be smaller. Moreover what most important is, the Demon Race appears place is Demonic Abyss, but Demonic Abyss to teaches the country not to be far brightly, but Buddha Empire behind, Lyon Empire, Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire, Beastman Prairie can draw back, has the strategic depth, but the light teaches country there not to have, they have a place of country, if Demon Race looked for the past, they except for spelled hardly, without any means that in this case, God Race and Demon Race first will possibly hit, but this Zhao Hai desired. Therefore Zhao Hai also attention very brightly teaches the country there situation now, what is a pity, he cannot teach country there carry out reconnaissance with Blood Staff now brightly, because teaches country there to be in the one type of very strange condition of things situation brightly now, Blood Staff to there, the range of can seeing was very unexpectedly small, moreover they domestic all 9th level Expert sent out probably, Zhao Hai was unable to make too near, otherwise by these 9th level Expert that Blood Staff depended present, therefore Blood Staff scout, the first time cannot use. However this regarding Zhao Hai, is not the misdemeanor, Radiant Church is such performance, more was the certificate, God Race there quickly has to move, so long as God Race there had the motion, then regarding Zhao Hai, possibly was the good deed.

The Zhao Hai in hand present strength is very strong, can say one tens of thousands years ago, that, compared with the Demon Race war, Zhao Hai in hand strength big powers, but do not forget, Demon Race has also prepared for tens of thousands years, in that type only knows that slaughters with the place of battle, their fighting strength certainly formidable, this is the Zhao Hai worry place, therefore he must make many preparations. Buddha Empire here, to be honest, Zhao Hai does not believe that they can defend, therefore Buddha Empire here, has prepared momentarily evacuation now, Buddha Empire here will turn into strategic depth place, their generals block Demon Race successively. Naturally, this premise condition, is the God Race person has not come, if the God Race person came, perhaps they in Demon Race behind comes on such to Demon Race, as the matter stands Zhao Hai their days felt better. Now God Race of Zhao Hai worry does not move, although said that Blood Staff scout does not arrive at the Radiant Church there situation, God Race will possibly take an action, what motion but this motion is, Zhao Hai is also in doubt, this matter not in the condition that oneself grasp, is not very good, Zhao Hai does not like this feeling. Bone Dragon penetrated into the abyss in now, Darkness life form and Undead Creature that all Zhao Hai see, Zhao Hai has not let off, can kill kills, like Undead Creature, sends some Undead Creature to catch in Space directly, then makes Space surrender, turns into own under the hand/subordinate. However Zhao Hai also present a point, Undead Creature Darkness life form that now they meet is some level is quite low, is not very strong appearance, must know that they now already very thorough Demonic Abyss, Demonic Abyss here Darkness life form and Undead Creature did run in returned to Demon Realm? They have followed in Zhao Hai, they have seen with one's own eyes the Zhao Hai fierce place, the place visited, Zhao Hai release a batch batch of Undead Creature, in all places to Demonic Abyss combs, so long as existing Darkness life form Undead Creature, immediately will be eliminated, it can be said that was ruthless. They are also Dark Magician, moreover is very near to Demonic Abyss here, they have also used the undead summon, has surrendered Demonic Abyss here many Undead Creature, making these Undead Creature become in their undead army, however their these Undead Creature and Zhao Hai Undead Creature compared, has fallen far short, difference was too far, fighting strength simply was not level, they understand, why Zhao Hai cannot have a liking for their fighting strength now, was too weak, if before their level have not promoted, they do not say facing Zhao Hai, facing Zhao Hai these Undead Creature also only then by second. The share, this also has certainly strengthened them to follow the determination of Zhao Hai. Quick, they went down to Demonic Abyss deep place, here was the place that the beforehand these people have not investigated, they were also careful.

Zhao Hai still stands on Bone Dragon, at a moderate pace toward forward flight, but these Undead Creature in ground still in cleaning up life form in Demonic Abyss, without any omission. suddenly Zhao Hai noted same very interesting thing, he light well, slowly made Bone Dragon fall, stopped to stop to leave a ground several meters high place, interestinging look at downward. They also follows Zhao Hai at present downward is looking, they also want to take a look are any thing have brought to the attention of Zhao Hai. This downward looked that they cannot help but were attracted, in their below, is actually piece of Flower Garden, this piece of Flower Garden is very attractive, various color flowers, bloom everywhere is, beautiful serious. They somewhat surprised look at this piece of Flower Garden, they have not thought, in Demonic Abyss will really have a such place, beautiful is such place possibly Demonic Abyss? This simple ratio any Empire King latter garden is attractive, this was really too inconceivable. But these Undead Creature that at this time Zhao Hai release went to also arrived at this piece of Flower Garden, but they did not have advancing, but stopped near Flower Garden, look at this piece of Flower Garden.