Chapter 686 Man Eating Flower, monster colored clan Reason that Zhao Hai will stop to come to see this piece of Flower Garden , because flowered Cai'er in this piece of Flower Garden knew that these flowers are not Ark Continent one li (0.5km) flower, but is growing in Demon Realm there the one type of demon is colored. Reason that is called this to plant flowers for the demon is colored , because this plants flowers in Demon Realm there, is the one type of flower that lets the Demon Race very headache, actually the race in Demon Race can control this plant flowers, this plants flowers to have a name, Man Eating Flower. You can listen to doing that this plants flowers to use from this name, this plants flowers is the one type of attack strength very strong flower, the list one by one colored attack strength can be four to arrive at about the 5th level strength, if big piece of Man Eating Flower long in together, even if were 8th level Expert meets also around walking. Cai'er these years in Demon Race there very low key, she did not have attack these Demon Race people, instead to are her leaf can become the Demon Race person and Demon Realm Magic Beast principal food, therefore he is very high in the Demon Realm there status, Demon Race after dying, will bury their corpses in Cai'er spending Toke, becomes Cai'er fertilizer. But this Man Eating Flower is different from Cai'er, their attack strength very strong, they not like Cai'er release toxic gas, near flower petal that but this plants flowers, how is growing sawtooth same thing, this thing very hard, so long as some person or animal approaches them, they like wild beast, one will throw, then flower petal fierce gathers, looks like opens mouth to be the same, bites in the person or animal body, strength very big that this flower petal gathers, flower petal nearby that sawtooth same the tooth in the country, almost can bite Magic Beast Bone. This plants flowers although seems like not high, however their colored canes are very long, moreover this plants flowers the flower seed of perennial, every ten years about can length one meter colored cane, these flowered cane normally curl and shrink in colored below, when the flower wants attack, the colored cane meets to outstretch, the flower can throw to exit to bite. If you think this flowered this, only then this one type of attack method, that has made a mistake, their attack methods return has plenty, their spending Toju minute of tenacity, ordinary Blade and Sword difficult cuts and injures, on the colored cane the family thorn, this thorn is not the belt is poisonous, only then punctures for cutting the skin, you instantaneously will be lulled, ability very strong, general 7th level Magic Beast that lacking in vigilance this planting flowers cane punctures can by instantaneous Ma Dao. If you if has cut off flowered cane, that equal to did not consider as finished, the Man Eating Flower spending Fujisato has plenty juice, this type of juice has very strong corrosiveness, one, but was moistened by this type of juice, will give to corrode the water your flesh and blood, but this type of water still also has the corrosiveness, if you not cruel-hearted reduces to the place of Man Eating Flower juice own moistening, then you on slowly was given completely the formation water by these juice. But this type of water does not have a point injury regarding Man Eating Flower, this water Man Eating Flower best fertilizer, what most important is, Man Eating Flower reproductive property very strong, although spends Fujina's unhappiness, so long as does not injure to arrive at the root, quick will start out one to spend. For this reason, therefore this plants flowers in Demon Realm is also very hard to deal with existence, actually the race of monster flower clan in Demon Realm, can control this plant flowers, Man Eating Flower that Man Eating Flower that naturally, they could not control be, they can control plant, but this piece of Man Eating Flower appearance, possibly by monster flower clan control.

Zhao Hai look at this piece of Man Eating Flower Flower Garden, he knows now why after many adventurers enter to Demonic Abyss, had to be incomparable, did not say other, the don’t know person, had not to Flower Garden here. look at Zhao Hai said : that keeps Young Master, do these flowers have the issue?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at a point, showed a faint smile said : you to have a look to know.” The hand turned, puts out Accra Mountain there Magic Beast to throw down. That only Magic Beast throws down, these Man Eating Flower looked like smells the shark of smell of blood to be the same, one threw, that only Magic Beast wrapping in inside, before long that only Magic Beast has become on the bedding bag a group, when these flowers dispersed time, that only Magic Beast completely vanished, Bone did not have remaining. Their surprised looks at all these, they have not really thought that this piece of Flower Garden will really have such strong attack strength, this made them be surprised. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, suddenly his hand moved, received in piece of Man Eating Flower Space directly, these Man Eating Flower just entered Space, in Space immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently the attack variation flower seed, in flower has Spiritual Imprint of other people, relieves opposite party Spiritual Imprint.” Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like these Man Eating Flower are the monster colored clan raises, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, these Man Eating Flower are the people of that monster flower clan raises, the people of that monster flower clan should not be right to here, Zhao Hai wanted to find him. However Zhao Hai also knows that this is not easy, the people of monster flower clan belong to a very special race in Demon Realm there, this race can be said as Plant Sprite like Cai'er, but not completely is Plant Sprite, they are at partly plant the condition of half beast, very unusual. They can turn into the person, walking in all directions, can turn into the flower, in a place taking root flower bud . Moreover the life is very long, mostly can live about one thousand years, when they die, will form seed, this seed known as monster flower seed, no matter person or Magic Beast, so long as has eaten this seed by mistake, this race will live the root sprouts in his body, finally the broken body, becomes a new monster colored clan. In Demon Realm, the quantity of this monster flower clan is not many, moreover after they must arrive was grown, can attack strength very strong flower of control like Man Eating Flower, normally they be able control is some ordinary flowers.

The strength of grown monster flower clan is very strong, however the monster flower clan strength of childhood very small and weak, the monster flower clan can also carry on the reproduction, their reproduction method very special, the people of two tender flowered clans have also met together, then they will turn into the colored type, must through the process like pollination, form a monster flower seed on their bodies. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, does not have the shadow of present monster flower clan, it seems like they turned into the colored appearance, Zhao Hai not polite, he must this monster flower clan compelling. Zhao Hai then received big piece of Man Eating Flower to enter Space, this Space has not transmitted the prompt sound, Zhao Hai also impolite, received one piece. Finally, when Zhao Hai the fifth Man Eating Flower income to Space , the Flower Garden piece of fluctuation of distant place, then a person slowly has stood from Flower Garden, Zhao Hai knows that was advocating appears . Zhao Hai sizes up the monster that this is standing slowly to spend clansman, his stature very tall and big, unexpectedly about four meters high, his body wears a long gown, the entire long gown is comprised of the flower petal, looks like brilliant purple and red, very fancy, his face is actually the red, the head looks like looks like a fresh flower of being in full bloom, this person of closing one's eyes, did not have evidently probably soberly completely. Zhao Hai static standing in there look at he, some little time this monster spent clansman to open the eye, his eye did not have the sclera with the division of pupil, all over the body was the black, black bright, looked like two reflected light black Crystal is the same, but actually gave people the one type of very evil feeling. This monster spends clansman to be on the rise look at not far away, stands in Zhao Hai that Bone Dragon carries on the back, open the mouth and said: „Did you get so far as there my child? Hands over appears child, otherwise, death!” This monster spends clansman to open mouth, to they give to have a scare, this family Patriarch a mouth sawtooth same canine, is looking like fierce fearsome. The person of Zhao Hai look at this monster flower clan, deep voice said : „are you monster spend clansman? What is your name?” That monster spends clansman to stare slightly, a black eye, had radiance to flash probably, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „were you person on Ark Continent? Why will you know our monster colored clan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how your leave alone I to know that said that What is your name, said that I forgave your undead.”

That monster spends clansman to open the big mouth, laughs, said : boasted the atmosphere, you think that you were 9th level Expert, how can I? You were too naive.” The person of Zhao Hai look at this monster flower clan, showing a faint smile said : suddenly „, you tries to favor.” Person look at Zhao Hai of that monster flower clan, coldly said : you are Human Race Expert, you were present our Demon Race army must come, therefore prevented? I told you, you came late, my Demon Race army quickly, you were impossible to prevent.” The person of Zhao Hai look at this monster flower clan, shows a faint smile said : „I am not prevents, Blood Void could not prevent, that several Demon Race told me, I was only clean up here.” As soon as the people of that monster flower clan listened to Zhao Hai saying that eye only flashed with brilliant rays, look at Zhao Hai said : you actually did know these many? Are you who? Why will know these many our Demon Realm matters.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „I am who is unimportant, so long as you know that your Demon Race person comes out from Demonic Abyss, first stood to prevent your is I was good, he he.” That monster flower clan two eyes cold light sparkles, then raises Tianchang hissing, these Man Eating Flower were under the order to be the same probably, each and every one has raised the flowers, spent Fujinobe was always long, probably was selecting Poison Snake that the person bit. That monster flower clan look at Zhao Hai said : today bumps into me, calculates you to have bad luck, you must die today, the flower fights armor!” His voice just fell, these Man Eating Flower immediately fly toward him, before long has composed one full body armor that the fresh flower comprised on his body. But as the matter stands, appeared his stature was bigger, height is ten meters, but most made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, this full body armor actually probably was this monster spends clansman body part to be the same, a point could not see quite a while the jerky feeling, had at one's command, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai very accidental, but among these Man Eating Flower however all centralized to the body of that monster flower clan, probably turned into the part of that monster flower clan body.