Chapter 687 Flame Demon Zhao Hai has not thought that really this monster spends clansman really also to have this few tricks, at this moment, the people of that monster flower clan actually flew high to fly, this was makes Zhao Hai be surprised, Cai'er was the present arrived at the God Rank Expert strength, her main body was unable to fly, has not actually thought that the people of this monster flower clan can fly unexpectedly. The after people of that monster flower clan fly, his hand wields, attaches on him these Man Eating Flower, direct Zhao Hai they throw, looks like Poison Snake. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, hand armed forces, several Bone Dragon appears before his body, have spent clansman to throw toward that monster, that several Man Eating Flower one that several Bone Dragon blocking. At this time the people of that monster flower clan were actually startled, he has not thought, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release came unexpectedly such fierce. Is wanting to hide in the people of that monster flower clan, actually suddenly present, his all around has covered entirely Undead Creature, these Undead Creature have composed a big ball, revolving that then starts to keep, the people of that monster flower clan one have gawked, in matter period of five days that his don’t know must not know what to do, suddenly together Space rift appears , then the people of this monster flower clan one was advanced in Space rift by these Undead Creature. The people of that monster flower clan just entered Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits „the Man Eating Flower not monster that said : not yet now surrenders, surrenders the small monster, has surrendered the Man Eating Flower small monster, the small monster has to order the Man Eating Flower ability, withdraws the ability, integrates in Space, Space Manager has to order the Space audiences plants ability, Space plants to be possible increasing the Monsterized ability, increases the Space plants armor ability.” Such result to Zhao Hai expected, Zhao Hai and with having too many surprised, must say that this monster colored clan many abilities, to have not brought too many pleasant surprises to Zhao Hai. However this monster flower clan to Cai'er increased much can listen, the meaning of Space prompt sound, the Cai'er main body currently also has to fly, can the leave Space ability, this arrive is a good deed, later Zhao Hai were also many a helper of force. Naturally, they and don’t know these, they only noticed that these Undead Creature have composed a big ball, then the people of that monster flower clan disappeared, their although don’t know what's the matter, actually does not dare to ask. Zhao Hai wields, received these Undead Creature, command(er) Bone Dragon was then going toward the forward flight, crossed piece of Flower Garden, Darkness life form and Undead Creature to were many, Zhao Hai not polite, received in Space.

Zhao Hai they more downward fly, is slower, all around visibility is also lower, Zhao Hai already present, his Divine Sense was affected, does not search the too far place. But now this all around Darkness life form and Undead Creature strength was actually stronger and stronger, even if were Zhao Hai these 9th level Undead Creature, wanted to tidy up them also to spend many trick/hand and foot. Is tight, Zhao Hai very clear that the brow of such Zhao Hai wrinkles, wants Demonic Abyss here these Darkness life form and Undead Creature, what not to be regarded in Demon Realm there, is not Demon Race main fighting strength, however their strengths so were strong, that Demon Race army, strength strong to what degree? Zhao Hai some cannot think. In order to as soon as possible has tidied up Demonic Abyss here Darkness life form and Undead Creature, Zhao Hai also sped up, in place that they cannot see, Undead Creature that his release comes were also getting more and more, their advancing also sped up. However this Demonic Abyss is very deep, looks like a bottomless pit is the same, Zhao Hai walks not the son, is flying, Zhao Hai suddenly felt the aura that a ten points prestige danger heads on, Zhao Hai stares slightly, immediately stopped, Zhao Hai just stopped, calls out fiercely transmits from his front, then his front appears piece red light, steam has headed on, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback kept off with Magic protective shield in his front, if were not the Zhao Hai movement is quick, feared that was his must catch fire. In front of Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at, he wants to know that is any thing unexpectedly such heat, in this time, one group of red light slowly approached Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai stares at the eyeball to look that is actually a whole body the human-shape monster comprised of the flame, this monster is growing big mouth one hissing howling, a fire flame spouts from his mouth, shoots toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stares slightly, he can feel in this fire that formidable destructive power, Zhao Hai moves, water ball appears in in his hand, then Zhao Hai raises hand, this water ball welcomed toward that fire that monster spurted. Zhao Hai the group of water are not the common water, but is in Space that type of profound Ice God water, cold degree of this type of water compared with general ice don’t know will also want on the cold multi- younger generations, the average person only person to point at stains point water, immediately will freeze to death. water ball leisure welcoming of Zhao Hai that fire, this water ball was not big, gets up to compare with that fire, probably is side of watermelon is putting a walnut, what surprises people are, Zhao Hai the Fireball with a that fire contact, that fire one has extinguished unexpectedly, then that group has not changed small many water ball straight welcomed toward a that monster. That monster probably is also being startled, his immediately/on horseback keenly blowing, the hand has raised, fire moved forward to meet somebody toward Zhao Hai that water ball, this Zhao Hai that water ball could not block, by this fire vaporizing.

Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, this Flame Demon also is really very hard to deal with, this is also Zhao Hai from Cai'er there knows that this thing called Flame Demon, was in Demon Realm one type of unusual life form, it can be said that in Demon Realm one type of Fire element God Rank Magic Beast, their strengths were very strong, wanted compared with general 9th level Expert on strongly many, although has not gone to the God Rank Expert situation, but its strength did not accommodate underestimated. It seems like what Demon Race is realistic to this time line is the very heavy ritual, first is a monster flower clan, is Flame Demon, don’t know also will then have any thing to wait for Zhao Hai they. To tidy up this Flame Demon, can only use Bubble, Zhao Hai has not wanted to make Bubble cope with this Flame Demon, now Bubble is busy, Bubble now already soon in the essence of technique of learn Fire Refining, if made him cope with Flame Demon at this time, Zhao Hai thinks that is not worth. said it, even if were he can also cope with this Flame Demon, but Zhao Hai thought that this Flame Demon was certainly useful to Space, therefore under he did not have Assassin. Is entering in this, his suddenly felt that in Space sky has thing to move, Zhao Hai stares, then immediately has thought thing, is that is installed in looking for thing in not broken jar, that thing looks like a small Sun is the same, entered to Space arrives at the Space sky to stay was being motionless, became the Space small Sun, but at this time, he transmitted the feeling of wanting unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has gawked, then he cannot help but at present one bright, if Bubble is the source of Myriad Water, that which wasn't thing the sources of ten thousand fire? Thinks of here, in the Zhao Hai heart moves, that small Sun one on appears in his front, Zhao Hai has then wielded, that thing to move forward to meet somebody toward good Flame Demon. That Flame Demon also felt probably the danger was the same, cannot attend to looking for Zhao Hai has troubled, immediately/on horseback turn around runs away toward Demonic Abyss. However his does not have that small Sun to be quick, but skill of flash by that small Sun overtaking, then that small Sun one sneaked in the body of that Flame Demon, on that flame Demon Horse stopped, in hissing is being howling, before long that Flame Demon sound that slowly there keeps changed small, the body also in shrink slowly, finally completely vanished, only the remaining that small Sun floated in there, moreover looked that what did not come out to change, but Zhao Hai actually felt comes out, a that small Sun has one type of to eat probably. Good thing same feeling of satisfaction. The Zhao Hai intention moved, has taken back that small Sun, let his returned to in Space, this command(er) Bone Dragon was continuing advancing, but they stood in Zhao Hai was actually looked silly, they were startled really the Zhao Hai method, in just, the method that Zhao Hai has been used together two keeping copes with that Flame Demon, but these two methods looked like although are common, but they can actually feel that in Zhao Hai this common method, powerful strength that includes, this was really by their being startled.

Zhao Hai has not actually noted their response, now Zhao Hai was more curious to Demonic Abyss inside situation, he thinks to say really that in this Demonic Abyss also has any thing. Also flew a while toward Demonic Abyss, what disappointing Zhao Hai somewhat is, this time they in have not met any thing, the Demon Race method have exhausted probably were the same, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. suddenly was actually stopping in moving forward Zhao Hai, he felt that a little does not suit, before just coped with that Flame Demon, change that he continuously toward forward flight, although all around scenery keeping, but some of his one type of strange feelings, are his simply do not have advancing to be the same probably. The Zhao Hai immediately color Cai'er, having a look at their present situations to be what kind, finally Cai'er told Zhao Hai, on the Space screen looked that they have not moved probably, has stopped in same place there. This to made Zhao Hai feel curiously, because he also obviously has been flying to the present, Cai'er said stopped in there, this what's the matter? Zhao Hai calmed the mind, has closed the eye, was feeling all around change, but also let alone, made him present really many thing, he felt own all around probably was has plenty thing keeping moved is floating, these thing looked like head filaments is the same, but Zhao Hai can affirm that these thing did not exist, this was just the one type of energy manifestation, in other words, Zhao Hai they are given the group to live like silk same strange energy by one group now. The Zhao Hai static feeling that silk same energy, he is wanting to know that this is any thing, Zhao Hai can feel, these silk same energy, do not have what physical attack ability probably, in other words, these energy cannot direct creates the meeting to their bodies the injury, but these energy very dangerous, this strange and contradictory feeling, lets Zhao Hai probably is very the accident.