Chapter 688 best wife candidate: Succubus Zhao Hai calms the mind, the static feeling these silk same energy, he is wanting to know that what doing these energy like silk have to use. However Zhao Hai has not displayed point different often come, besides closing eye, all are usual, Bone Dragon is flying, they also stand in Zhao Hai, like a moment ago. Zhao Hai was feeling these silk same energy, he presently these energy although any physics attack abilities, actually have not extended like to the small stick in water, is centered on these energy silk, emits toward all around is being similar to the wave same ripple, this ripple very vague, even if is also exempts by Zhao Hai God Rank spiritual force strongly presently. Zhao Hai was feeling carefully this ripple, was quick he present, these ripple unexpectedly were one type of very strange thing spiritual force, this spiritual force very special, not only ten vagueness, but also their assimilation ability very strong, Zhao Hai spiritual force contacted that spiritual force, that spiritual force immediately with his fine God Race fusion in together, then slowly vanished. Zhao Hai is feeling strangely, this spiritual force was also too weak, but his immediately present not, his suddenly felt opposite party spiritual force fluctuation suddenly quickly, big, but his spiritual force probably was actually directing to receive opposite party spiritual force for has used to be the same, felt one resembled whole body Shu. However Zhao Hai because has not felt happy like this, the fact is he is being startled now, moreover complexion very difficult looked that he believes these silk same spiritual force absolutely will not be that the good intentions, was unifying the Zhao Hai strange condition, Zhao Hai understand, all that oneself present experiences, but was an illusion. He just thought through this point, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Host receives Advanced level hypnosis attack, Host from is separated by the hypnotic state voluntarily, Space increases the hypnosis attack ability.” Zhao Hai stares, then the great happiness, he opens eyes, presently in front of not far away is standing Demon Race, very attractive Demon Race, on this Demon Race wears the clothes that being bewitched leather becomes, but for clarity, this beast skin is one type of very Advanced level beast skin, the black, on the skin does not have the wool, like the diver's suit, the tight wrap on her body, is more perfect her originally, his only skin that is better much the stature to highlight is the wheat color, has regular facial features exquisitely, one is actually silver-white, moreover very long, she leaves Zhao Hai their minimum to have ten. About rice, but that actually they have actually given surrounding Zhao Hai, now ancient Dragon simply has not moved, was only static floating in in midair, Zhao Hai curious turning the head looked at their one eyes, they still probably stood in Bone Dragon carried on the back same look at in all directions, presently has not left they less than ten meters that woman. Zhao Hai turns the head, surprised look at that woman, this woman was too fierce, can let the [say / way] that he has to think unexpectedly, he got suspicious, moreover there is Space in words, these time feared that is don’t know how he suffers a loss.

In this place, Young Master of Cai'er said : in Space, that Succubus, is in Demon Race most is being good at Spiritual Attack, but Young Master, you currently have troublesome.” Zhao Hai puzzled did said : have troublesome? What troubles, now I broke his Demon God attack, immediately can kill him, what can also have to trouble? Is I now all these illusion is inadequate?” Cai'er smiles said : naturally not, Young Master now how possibly illusion, but Succubus in Demon Race is hardest to deal with existence, moreover their clan has a very unusual turning over to gauge, each grown Succubus, uses the spiritual force attack enemy in her, but person who the enemy can escape voluntarily, they will marry him, Succubus that only then got married did not use in like this, but all Succubus of getting married, among their foreheads, can a appears Crystal Stone piece, moreover their Spiritual Attack strength great strength, but in Young Master your present this Succubus, on is one. Grown, in the person to the war, has not defeated Succubus, therefore she had not gotten married, but now Young Master you actually voluntarily has been separated from her Spiritual Attack, feared that is this Succubus meeting must marry give you.” Zhao Hai one dull, his ten thousand never expected can be this, his puzzled to Cai'er said : is this? Can cope with this Succubus in Demon Race there on nobody? My recognize, his Spiritual Attack is very fierce, situation that but impossible to break to nobody?” Cai'er smiles said : they possibly not to be certainly invincible, otherwise now Demon Realm there is not calculation that wicked Demon Race said that but a Succubus clan is also a very careful clan, they Spiritual Attack, but also has plenty attack method, if they have not grasped, will not use Spiritual Attack, an assassination technique of their clan in Demon Realm is most famous, is adding on existence that these they cannot stir up, they will not provoke, therefore wants to use this method to marry Succubus is not an easy matter, many Succubus are only marries voluntarily their. Husband, but is not in this way, if other people want to marry a demon clan with the method of force, that Succubus will be the suicide will not comply, if Succubus were compelled to commit suicide, before she will die, on compelling his person, will leave behind Spiritual Imprint, but this person will receive chasing down of entire Succubus clan, must know the Succubus in Demon Realm influence, but very big, many Succubus married some had Demon Race of power and influence, moreover their unreasoning passion were also most become famous, one, but got married., All take the husband as Venerable, that feared that is their husband makes them die, they will not hesitate, therefore in Demon Realm, all demons wants to look for Succubus to become the wife, they are not only skilled in the assassination, after the marriage, spiritual force attack will also increase, in adding on each Succubus long very beautiful, therefore in Demon Realm, they is almost in all Demon Race hearts the most ideal wife candidate.” Some Zhao Hai headaches, his quickly said: „After if broke their Spiritual Attack, doesn't want to marry her?” Cai'er smiles said : that is very troublesome, a temper of demon clan clan is also very fierce, Succubus that especially has not married, if you do not marry her, she will commit suicide in your front, but after the suicide, they will turn into tattoo, forever moistening on your body, this is also a Succubus clan most unusual place.” Zhao Hai felt that own head was more painful, he presently has probably met an impervious race, if makes this Succubus know that he has extricated from her Spiritual Attack, don’t know she will be what kind of? Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but raised a hope, his immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you looks, I am not Demon Race, will be that demon clan will not marry me?”

Cai'er shook the head said : impossible Young Master, no matter you are any race, so long as you broke this Succubus Spiritual Attack, she will marry you, do not say that you are not Demon Race, even if you are Magic Beast, they will also marry your.” Zhao Hai hears is dumbfounded, he had not heard has such race, this is really a fearful race, complete can't use common sense it, what to do this to be possible? Zhao Hai is thinking deeply about the method of getting out of trouble, cannot make this Succubus presently he extricate from her spiritual force attack, if wants the means to get out of trouble, this matter is really not small. In this time, Cai'er is actually smiling said : to congratulate Young Master, you were also many a wife, she presently you have been separated from his attack.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but a crack mouth, gains ground look at that Succubus, that Succubus has opened the eye now, correct use one type of very unusual vision look at Zhao Hai, on wheat color skin, raises blushing. Has saying that this Succubus long was too attractive, especially now the bashful belt timid appearance, is annoys the person to love tenderly, but thinks in their clan this special regulation, a Zhao Hai cannot help but forced smile. That Succubus also saw the Zhao Hai expression, her face was redder, she shook, has taken back her head, gained ground look at Zhao Hai, her a while, she cold sound said : could hear with monster flower clan the dialog of that Clan from you, you to Demon Realm should be completely understand, said that you also know what race I was?” Zhao Hai wants to say don’t know, but a look at that Succubus face expression decidedly, he says, he must sigh, nodded. But his behind they dumbfounded look at that Succubus, don’t know, their front when appears such a big beautiful woman. That Succubus looks at Zhao Hai to nod, probably relaxed, her look at Zhao Hai said : „did that you also know a custom of our Succubus clan?”

Zhao Hai in one time is smiling bitterly nod, his is also don’t know own misconception, he felt that the opposite party knows words is true or false that he said that if he said that the lie deceives this Succubus clan, the person possibly immediately/on horseback suicide of this Succubus clan. If an ordinary enemy, must commit suicide in the Zhao Hai front, the Zhao Hai eye will not wink, but after Cai'er told him a custom of Succubus clan, if Zhao Hai committed suicide in front of oneself in look at this Succubus, actually really could not tolerate, therefore he can only smile bitterly now. That Succubus looked at Zhao Hai said : you to know well, I starting today, was your wife.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „, but the woman, you must know that I had several wife, I love them very much, this, do you look at you?” That Succubus is actually cold sound said : „I do not mind.” What the Zhao Hai sea actually smiled bitterly don’t know to say, he has not thought that the opposite party can be such reply, in his don’t know must say what good time, that Succubus flew toward him, they actually don’t know must do now what responded, in front of them the woman was their enemies, now they could affirm, but this woman also said that she now is the Zhao Hai wife, what to do this made their don’t know probably, was prevents her, should stand in there is motionless?