Chapter 689 Undead Creature shortcoming Finally they have chosen motionless, because of Zhao Hai not a meaning of beginning, therefore they thought that good that at this time do not move. Zhao Hai look at that arrived at side him, stands in Bone Dragon head Succubus, facial expression Righteous Path: You may, if wants, I to be the intermediates of various Ark Continent here race alliances, is first stands rebel Demon Race, if you have married me, you must with your clansman, with entire Demon Race, entire Demon Realm for the enemy.” That Succubus looked at Zhao Hai one, cold sound said : you must kill off the entire Demon Race people, I will also help you sharpen the blade.” Zhao Hai one, he is really don’t know said that what was good, but he also knows that now is not the time of deep love between man and woman, can he long vent anger, turns the head front also to have Demon Race to that Succubus said :? Why can you appears in here? Blood Void is not cannot destroy?” Succubus looked at Zhao Hai said : „we are comes here to guard Blood Void, so long as although Blood Void meets the destruction ahead of time to move, to let Blood Void wielded biggest Might, we were sent here, but was sent the here person is not many, only then a Flower Monster clan, Flame Demon, was adding on me, behind was some Demonic Abyss here original Darkness life form Undead Creature, could not add on too big busy, only then also had ten wicked Demon Race people in protecting in Blood Void there, if you in proceeding, these. Darkness life form and Undead Creature will come out to prevent you, but in these Darkness life form and Undead Creature, only then ten 9th level Expert, remaining is below some 8th level , what could not produce to threaten to you, if you have killed them, these wicked Demon Race people will come out to prevent you, the dragging of entering quantity you destroyed a Blood Void time, but I thought that you don't want to destroy Blood Void probably? Otherwise will you attack blood, how far away already run up to here to come attack spatial?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly was nodding said : you to say right, I have not wanted to destroy Blood Void, let Blood Void ahead of time moving with it, might as well made some preparations with this several days time, Blood Void moves with ahead of time naturally moves, how many its can Might miss? Right, my also don’t know your name?” Succubus looked at Zhao Hai said : I to call Berry, Blood Void, if were destroyed, ahead of time, reduces about 1/10 compared with Might that naturally moved.” Berry sound compared with most time from the beginning slow has gathered, was not having the feeling of that Leng Bing ice. Zhao Hai actually has not paid attention to these now, he is pondering, how many difference can 1/10 miss? Wants now on destruction Blood Void? Finally Zhao Hai decided that first does not destroy, if on destruction Blood Void, Blood Void immediately will move now, but now Demon Capital City there did not have absolutely prepares, although 1/10 Might seem like not small, but regarding Zhao Hai them, this 1/10 Might reduces follows not to reduce does not have what difference.

Even if the Space rift size, because Blood Void Might reduced changes small, but by that Blood Void enormous degree, will break very big Space rift, but was enables Demon Race one time to come the difference between 1 million people and nine hundred thousand people, cannot have too big doing to use. Berry look at Zhao Hai said : „don't you want to destroy Blood Void really?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, destroyed was also useless, this time, to clean up Demonic Abyss here Darkness life form and Undead Creature, did not make these Darkness life form and Undead Creature Demon Realm army, the real don’t know Demon Race person thinks that reduced Might that ten points decided that was useful regarding us? What can a Demon Realm time come the 1 million people and nine hundred thousand people have to distinguish?” The Berry eye puts different light looked at Zhao Hai one, will then sigh said : you not to understand that Demon Realm for the day, when was too long, the 1 million person will not have what difference with nine hundred thousand people in your opinion, because these will be your enemy, will be regarding Demon Realm, will be different, that means that can hundred thousand to see Ark Continent ahead of time, this regarding Demon Race, really will be very important, that feared that will be for can see the Ark Continent quota ahead of time, Demon Realm there can also struggle badly beaten.” Zhao Hai in speaking, he to was understand the meaning of Berry, this seemed like stranded the people in Darkness, one day some people of suddenly told you, you can see sunlight, the first time can exit ten and first time can exit nine significances of people are completely different. Zhao Hai sighed, was not speaking, but he was command(er) Bone Dragon is flying toward front, he prepared to complete his original plan, first have tidied up well to these Darkness life form and Undead Creature. Such that just like Berry said that then Zhao Hai has not encountered any nice resistance, resists Zhao Hai is some ordinary Darkness life form and Undead Creature. Zhao Hai relaxed, he turned the head look at Berry said : you just to leave me to be so near, why didn't use the assassination technique? Instead to using Spiritual Attack?” Berry one hear of Zhao Hai such asked that cannot help but face red said : I taking advantage of you and Flame Demon fight the time, dives nearby Bone Dragon, however our Stealth Technique, will alarm Bone Dragon, is the impossible successful assassination your, but so long as we drag you in here, when Blood Void moved has been OK, therefore I have used Spiritual Attack.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knows, before Berry, saw that he spends the fight between clansman with the monster, then saw fight between him and Flame Demon, is taking advantage of the shield of this twice fight, she can dive the Bone Dragon, but not presently, but also because of such two fights, making Berry know his strength, Berry has not grasped copes with him, therefore she cannot, have to use Spiritual Attack, has not actually thought that was worked loose by oneself. Zhao Hai had not been asking that this issue, he turned the head to look at place one of the following fight, deep voice said : should also come.” That ten 9th level Expert of opposite party Zhao Hai said. Really, along with the Zhao Hai words, flew ten black spots from the distant place, black spots proximity slowly, appears slowly in the Zhao Hai front, this was eight Darkness life form and two Undead Creature. Darkness life form is actually some special Magic Beast, anything has not been worth Zhao Hai paying attention, but that two Undead Creature to have brought to the attention of Zhao Hai, he has not thought really that has Undead Creature automatic evolution to arrive at 9th level, he is the first time sees. That two Undead Creature are human-shape, their bodies put on tattered full body armor, in hand is taking weapon is also already damaged Great Sword, complete conforms to the Zhao Hai heart the Undead Creature appearance. However these two Undead Creature have actually given the Zhao Hai one type of special feeling, he felt what he faces is the person, but is not two Undead Creature, when this feeling compared with him facing 9th level Undead Creature that in Space makes, but also is much more intense. Zhao Hai curious look at that two Undead Creature 9th level Expert said : „are you evolution become 9th level Expert? Why do you want to listen to the words of Demon Race person?” Devil's consciousness, unsurpassed honor! Kills!” Zhao Hai thinks that the opposite party will not reply itself, has not thought that they replied, is reply few of a little. Zhao Hai wields, since suddenly put on a Undead Creature squad from the ground, this only Undead Creature squad, immediately wanted Space to compose small Rubik's Cube Formation, kept off in the Zhao Hai front, fought one with that ten 9th level Expert.

Zhao Hai has not managed these, he was only the look at following fight, Demonic Abyss here Darkness life form and Undead Creature real undead, Zhao Hai general has calculated, was only Undead Creature has almost about 1 million, but Darkness life form quantity also over 2 million. However now these Darkness life form are not killed, was grasped in Space, but these Undead Creature had been grasped in Space, has become Zhao Hai in undead army. The time is not long, that ten 9th level Expert already by the Zhao Hai hundred people of 9th level undead squads to exterminate, but some Zhao Hai actually happy do not get up, 9th level Expert that he presently these nature evolution come out, in the fighting strength aspect, is not probably weak in 9th level Undead Creature that Space promotes, even in one-to-one, often stronger on these Undead Creature of Space manufacture. This makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, but changes mind thinks that he also on understand, one is Space directly promoting, actually had been through repeatedly the innumerable years, in the innumerable life wars, grows slowly, this middle fight experience disparity is very big, Space Undead Creature when suffers a loss to the war, possibly on difference at this fight experience. These Undead Creature although in Space also had the 9th level strength, but with these continuously in spelling to fight 9th level Expert that grew up, was bad, because lacked the fight experience, therefore these 9th level Undead Creature in Space, don’t know how better use own strength, looked like played the weight lifting in the person of great strength, he can one hold up several hundred jin (0.5 kg) thing, if made them mobilize to carry on the wrestling with the wrestling, feared finally lost possible on plays the weight lifting. However this issue cannot be solved, these Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space, they had not run into the genuine match before, moreover they before becoming 9th level Expert, some strengths are not very high, they will not use their strength are also feel emotion to be possible original, this issue Zhao Hai does not have the means solution, the sole solution is, after war, by their accumulations slowly fight experience, only then they can like this perfect utilization own strength. Now Demon Race invasion, God Race feared that is can also insert a foot, later the war has is, must have exercised opportunity, waited for these Undead Creature, their fight experiences enriched, that Zhao Hai in hand almost grasped an invincible regiment, no matter God Race or Demon Race, Zhao Hai did not need to fear, not only will not fear that he will also wield the armed forces to enter God Realm and Demon Realm, removed the bottom eradicated these two hidden dangers!