Time of Chapter 690 miscalculation Quick that the fight finished, although said that Zhao Hai in hand 9th level Undead Creature, when facing same level 9th level Expert, will suffer a loss, but faces these compared with them and other low level Darkness life form and Undead Creature, Zhao Hai in hand these 9th level Undead Creature displayed their formidable fighting strength, after all 9th level with 8th level was the completely different two concepts. After all Darkness life form and Undead Creature have cleaned up, Zhao Hai then toward inside flies, before long they arrived at the Demonic Abyss valley. To the Demonic Abyss valley, is Space rift that Zhao Hai noted first, from that Space rift, bunch of black gas was braving, was good is not big because of this Space rift, only then less than one meter, the width about half meter, only was unable to exempt the drill of a person, wish made even bigger thing come is impossible. But now is centered on this Space rift, huge Magic Formation is sparkling white radiance, is spatial in Blood Void. Zhao Hai is gazing at this Space rift, he wants to have a look at this Space rift to have any different place with his Space rift, looked at for quite a while not to see that has place that anything varied to want, but was one hangs in a in midair slit, probably was a canvas is poked a hole to be the same. But in behind of this hole, is actually a nihility, you cannot see inside have any thing, even if were the illumination goes in probably is also swallowed were the same. In Zhao Hai look at that person of Space rift time, his suddenly presently were surrounded, but surrounds his is ten wicked Demon Race people. Zhao Hai was not strange regarding the wicked Demon Race person, he looked at that ten person one eyes, showing a faint smile said : suddenly wicked Demon Race match, your feel relieved, I am not destroy Blood Void, I will be waiting for you in demon there.” Zhao Hai such performance made that ten wicked Demon Race person be shocked, their puzzled look at Zhao Hai, really understand Zhao Hai this was not any meaning. Zhao Hai look at they, show a faint smile said : everybody not to use anxiously, usually I called the different race people call with the brothers or the friends, but your Demon Realm person was coming to invade Ark Continent, that was my enemy, I naturally cannot call your friends or the brothers, can only call your enemies, everybody did not need to be worried that I was not destroy Blood Void, I knew Blood Void one, but started on the means has not stopped, now was I wants to prevent also without enough time, therefore I will exhibit the pattern in demon there, and other everybody's attack.” That several wicked Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai, some little time a talented person to Zhao Hai said : „, no matter you are, you won our respect, we will defeat you in the battlefield, making you know fierce of Demon Race army.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he also from Cai'er there knows that Demon Race although combative, but their similar respect brave warriors, the clear attention, respects the brave warrior, is not Expert. Between the brave warriors and Expert have distinction, has the brave warrior not necessarily is Expert, but Expert not necessarily is a brave warrior, when you facing the formidable enemy, actually strong at a war, you is a brave warrior, but the Demon Race person respects such brave warrior, to such brave warrior, they will find the way to defeat him, moreover must defeat him open and aboveboard, this is the Demon Race respect way. Berry also somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, she presently Zhao Hai probably really to Demon Realm there completely understand, this makes her feel that very puzzled, she really does not think understand, will Human Race, why know about the Demon Realm there matter? This was too inconceivable, that Human Race has not entered to Demon Realm. That that at this time in that ten wicked Demon Race people led, actually turned the head look at Berry said : Berry, you why with him in together? Do you want to betray Demon God?” Berry looked at that wicked Demon Race person said : I not to betray Demon God, I Venerable to illuminate a custom of our Succubus clan to manage, this person has worked loose my Spiritual Attack, therefore I according to a custom of our Succubus clan, will marry this person.” That wicked Demon Race person heard Berry saying that cannot help but gawked, is wicked Demon Race the custom of his naturally not don’t know Succubus clan, he was only has not thought that Zhao Hai can work loose Berry Spiritual Attack unexpectedly. Must know a Succubus clan strongest is Spiritual Attack, but Berry is 9th level Succubus, her Spiritual Attack in Demon Realm was known as that the strongest wicked Demon Race person may not work loose, has not actually thought that had actually been worked loose by Human Race. look at Zhao Hai that person one face of that ten wicked Demon Race envies, the person of that lead is congratulates the person to Zhao Hai said :, the Human Race brave warrior, you can obtain Succubus to take the wife unexpectedly, the Human Race brave warrior, we attack you, our fights, may not destroy Blood Void now, you can walk now, our Demon Race army, in Demon Capital City there, open and aboveboard defeats you.” Zhao Hai look at that ten Demon Race people, his suddenly a little appreciated these Demon Race, what was a pity, they can only be the enemies, but Zhao Hai has not thought the present begins to these Demon Race people, just as was that several Demon Race people said that they, if begins now, might destroy Blood Void very much, making Blood Void move ahead of time, no matter Zhao Hai these Demon Race people, do not want to see this result. Zhao Hai looked at that ten Demon Race person one eyes, nodded said : well, I am waiting for you in demon there, said goodbye.” Said that Zhao Hai command(er) Bone Dragon, is flying toward Demonic Abyss outside, that ten wicked Demon Race person has not really attacked him. Zhao Hai comes out compare is quicker, Zhao Hai has calculated, they arrive at Demonic Abyss thoroughly, underwent the fight of that several times, has used nearly two days, but they come out, actually only then quite a while came out.

Like this, now Zhao Hai they already in four days about, when three days, Demonic Abyss that Space rift must open. Zhao Hai stands in carrying on the back of Bone Dragon, muttered said : three days, three days.” Berry puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : three days? You were said that blood Rong Zhen moving also did have three days of? It is not right, how I remember Blood Void moving, only remaining day of much time?” Zhao Hai stares, then shakes turns the head look at Berry, running together of two syllables in rapid speech said : „are you one day? How can be a day? Blood Void isn't seven days of will start?” Berry nodded said : „, right, is seven days, there from Blood Void moistens to the first drop of blood, to the present the past five days of much time , more than day, Blood Void starts now.” Zhao Hai one hear of Berry said that the brow one wrinkled, he keeps is thinking is what reason, why Berry said that also day of much time Blood Void can start? What has he leaked? suddenly Zhao Hai thinks that he has leaked there, he left out the Blood Void time way, the Blood Void time way, the Blood Void time way has moistened from them to the first drop of blood starts, but Blood Void in Accra Mountain below, in other words, entered Accra Mountain from them, killed each Magic Beast to start, Blood Void possibly in timing, but was not since they found Blood Void started to time. If, the time also really almost can like this to, in other words, in the one day of much time, Blood Void must move, Demon Race must kill from Demon Realm. Zhao Hai regrets has tapped own head, he has not recorded to calculate this matter unexpectedly, this really should not, his immediately/on horseback make Bone Dragon speed up, was quick their returned to Demon Capital City, Demon Capital City these garrison troops and adventurers, knows that Zhao Hai was who, look at Zhao Hai and Zhao Hai that person their one face envied, the has plenty adventurer was knew that they, they have not thought that they can in such a short time draw in relationship with Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this by their envy. Zhao Hai these time did not have to be so low-key his immediately to fly General's Residence there, fell General's Residence in front of the door, walked toward General's Residence in directly. The General's Residence in front of the door guard naturally cannot block Zhao Hai, they do not dare to block, after is highest in the here Zhao Hai status, then defends a city must depend on Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai half step enters General's Residence that to make the fighting room, Bass in the there look at map, hears the sound of footsteps, he looks up unexpectedly is Zhao Hai, welcomed hastily has come up said :mister, over the two days did you go to there? Now the arrangement of demon here has adjusted to be completed, and other mister Undead Creature moved into. Zhao Hai then nodded said : well, so long as the general adjusted my feel relieved, this time I calculated appears some faults, Demon Race will possibly have been ahead of time appears , in the one day of much time, Blood Void will move, I also really feared that your here arrangement was not good, since your here has adjusted, my feel relieved, Continent there you have not needed to be worried that I will inform their.” Bass stares, then complexion changes, his immediately/on horseback said : really? mister, this what's the matter?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : now that many time explain, the in the city matter has not handed over give you, the outside the city matter I will process, my present immediately must inform on Continent major Empire and major races prepares, so long as you completed the in the city matter to be OK.” Bass nodded, he also knows that now did not ask these issues time, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, invited mister feel relieved, in the city has prepared, all logistics supplied me to complete, mister did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, I first walked, I must inform on Continent to prepare.” Said Zhao Hai leave hurriedly General's Residence, returned to in family. In a returned to family, Zhao Hai on release big pile of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature obtained from Demonic Abyss there to said :, I strengthened their strength, they received to do to summon undead, was right, how many undead you can everyone command(er) make the war now?” Zhao Hai also real don’t know 9th level Dark Magician can command(er) many undead make the war, therefore he such will ask that bow the body is standing in Zhao Hai said : returns to Young Master, now our strength although was 9th level Expert, but did not have the complete adaptation 9th level Expert strength, now each of us most can about command(er) ten thousand people undead, when we fully adapted, everyone can the command(er) twenty thousand person.”