Chapter 691 prepares

Zhao Hai nodded said : although not to be many, but did not calculate little, was good, first arrived at outside in the city, then I made you subdue these Undead Creature, wait for you everyone have subdued enough many Undead Creature, I in handled other matters.” They naturally will not say anything, this regarding them is the good deed, they have not thought Zhao Hai will harm them, in any case they already sincerity with Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai thinks really vital part they, simply will not make their friend arrive at 9th level suddenly, therefore they to Zhao Hai trust. Zhao Hai was leading several people quickly on returned to Demon Capital City outside the city, then release large quantities of Undead Creature, in these Undead Creature obtained from Demonic Abyss there, had human-shape had the beast shape, regarding Dark Magician, did not have what difference, naturally, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature although they had been given to subdue by superficially probably, but effectively grasped in Zhao Hai in hand, but was Zhao Hai orders them, by their especially He/She they. Because there is an order of Zhao Hai, very smooth that therefore these Undead Creature coordination, they carry on, but or their strengths, simply is impossible to subdue these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature may also be the 9th level strengths. Before long they have subdued these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai look at their said : you in here familiar one these Undead Creature, perhaps also familiar here base operation's base, tomorrow we must in here with Demon Race Great Formation, I return to the in the city also a little matter.” immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, or I go back with you, Demon Capital City I am quite ripe, have any matter, I can do, avoid Zhao Hai begin.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : you to stay in here, I want to go to your house/family to rest, a while will come back, over the two days I will have rested in here, you did not need to manage me.” No matter in saying anything, the immediately/on horseback nod should be, Zhao Hai then returned to in the city, entered in the house of Gan Clan clan, but Berry has actually followed in his. Zhao Hai entered the room of Gan Clan clan, turns the head look at Berry said : Berry, if you are determined with me, I lead you to see my wife now, I will treat impartially to you, I hope that you can being together well, can you achieve?” Berry look at Zhao Hai said : I am a man who I recognize, my naturally all listen your.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I lead you to have a look at I biggest secret.” Said that then Berry, personal appearance flashes, entered in Space. The scenery in Berry look at Space, how beauty that although Demon Realm there continuously Ark Continent here said that but Berry, since Demon Realm came out, in Demonic Abyss there, there could not see that had anything to be different from Demon Realm, although with Zhao Hai to demon here, but demon here constructed for look at Demonic Abyss, the scenery also very arrived at that to go, but in Space was different, Space here put on Continent is also the beautiful scene, was born has seen such scenery of beautiful in Berry there of Demon Realm that place. In this time, the Space Villa gate is shoving open, Laura their walked out, Laura they heard Cai'er to introduce that a situation of Succubus clan, to be honest, their although somewhat is jealous, but they are not the stingy people, does not think that a look at person such dies before them, therefore they decide to raise by Berry finally. Actually Laura their responses, somewhat stem from Zhao Hai to be unexpected, on Earth, Zhao Hai read too many novels, these books on the woman will not have not to be jealous, is Laura their present appearances, probably was really not actually jealous, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat not think understand. Afterward Zhao Hai had asked Laura they, why they will not be jealous, but Laura they actually looked at strange look look at Zhao Hai with one type of, asked back that Zhao Hai they must be jealous anything, wanted a little skill man on Continent, that was not several wives, compared with these men, Zhao Hai only then their several wife, is few. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura they said that has smiled bitterly, he always on own initiative on the vision with Earth does not weigh Ark Continent here all, that simply is inconsistent, on Earth, the people have been used to all people being equal, was used to the monogamy, however in Ark Continent here, actually simply was not this, a man, married several wife normally. Therefore now sees Laura their response, Zhao Hai is not surprised, he nodded to Laura, this turns the head to Berry said : Berry, they are my wife, this is Laura, this is Megan, this is Meg, this is Lizzy, this is Ni'er, later you must well is together with them, these days, you live in here, they speak here all with you well.” Berry nodded, in the vice- outside that ice cold appearance, Zhao Hai presently Berry does not look in her look, unexpectedly many a dependence. Zhao Hai understand, Berry this just arrived at spontaneous reaction after a new environment, before she was Demon Race, she was Succubus, all by oneself, therefore after new environment, she can study the adaptation, but now is different, now Zhao Hai is her husband, looked like in Berry Zhao Hai is her dependence, therefore she will have such expression. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to be worried to Berry, here my Space, in here, so long as can not arrive at my agreement, anybody cannot come, feel relieved was good, will not have the matter.”

Berry nodded, Laura smiles said : to Berry Berry, you do not need to be worried that the Elder Brother Hai person is very good, later we like sisters was together, come, I said this mysterious Space to you.” Said that must then Berry walk toward Space Villa. Berry had not cared, they walks toward Space Villa in Laura, was to in front of the door of villa, her suddenly stopped, then look at villa, some little time she complexion big change turning the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai said : what? What happened? Berry pointed at has been being covered with Seven-Colored Flower of villa, her finger was shaking. Zhao Hai look at her to point at Seven-Colored Flower, what she was thinking on understand, Zhao Hai cannot help but showed a faint smile said : „, you say Cai'er, all right, this planted flowers you people should not be strange was right?” Berry nodded said : I not to be certainly strange, is why Saint flower President in here? This plants flowers I only to see in our Demon Realm, how can appears in here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Cai'er, comes out to see Berry, you ran up to that.” Cai'er whiz appears in the Zhao Hai side, wing said : that wielded Young Master, you made big pile of matters to do to me, I was very certainly busy, that looked like you, a day was so idle.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to Berry said : Berry, this is Cai'er, is in the Seven-Colored Flower flower Elf, she is also the Seven-Colored Flower genuine main body that your Demon Realm can see everywhere.” Berry puzzled look at Cai'er, Cai'er look at Berry, shows a faint smile said : what? small Succubus, do you feel being startled very? In your Demon Realm long everywhere is the flower, will really have the flower to work, he he, small Succubus, your too underestimated I, I know that I am in Demon Realm the person of most longevity, is in Demon Realm the influence biggest person, you in Demon Realm has seen Seven-Colored Flower, but is my branching, has anything to be quite strange.” Berry is listening to the Cai'er words, some little time she recovers, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, is this real?” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : „, real, I know all the matter about Demon Realm is Cai'er tells me, he he, was good, later you knew, this Space is very mysterious, we enter the room, I have many matters to manage.” Said that their several people entered the villa with Laura.

Entered Space of villa, Zhao Hai immediately has put out that several Message Fish, started to give various countries' Patriarch of various King and clans conveys a message, tells them to fight possibly ahead of time matter, moreover Zhao Hai also and Buddha Empire King said that making him prepare the Buddha Empire here people as soon as possible to shift, simultaneously Zhao Hai also gave Ryan and Evan ordered, making them probably reinforce and defense line between Buddha Empire, opened the defense line big gate, met all Buddha Empire refugees, to settle down was good. Naturally, this regarding Empire is not that easy matter, but in Zhao Hai they already some such plan, ahead of time had made the preparation well, now Buddha Empire there started to shift toward Lyon Empire the domestic people organized. Did not want underestimated this shift people, the matter that the here machine involved, but are many, considered to arrange the food and lodging of these refugees is an issue. However is good because of Zhao Hai has Space , the grain he has is, the place that lives, Lyon Empire there does not lack, therefore this secure governs the person to come, naturally is twice the result with half the effort. Buddha King although does not think leave their country, but their understand, Demon Race is not good to cope, if they were insisting in here is not willing to walk, finally by Demon Race killing, therefore they obeyed Zhao Hai suggestion leave. But Dwarf Race and Elven Race there also prepared, Zhao Hai shifted Black Wasteland there the Dwarf Race there valuable cargo, but Dwarf Race has not actually planned completely leave, they prepared to use Dwarf Iron Mountain, ambushed the Demon Race person, naturally, has stayed behind in Dwarf Iron Mountain here, was the Dwarf Race soldiers, these women, the child, shifted to Black Wasteland went, this did not have the matter of means that after all Dwarf Race itself in Buddha Empire, was not far from Demonic Abyss here. But Elven Race there is also same, people who they their clan do not have fighting strength in shifted Black Wasteland, but the remaining these Elf soldiers, prepared to be backed by Elf Forest, launched the fight with Demon Race. Zhao Hai to these two clans to is very feel relieved, these two races' fighting strength are not weak, is adding on them to fight to benefit, Zhao Hai to does not need to be worried about anything. Instead to is Black Wasteland there, has gotten down too many people, bright to settle down they need for a long time, is good has Space because of Zhao Hai, immediately adjusted many tents from Beastman Race there, making them live in the tent first, then in constructing house slowly.