Chapter 692 Demon Dragon King Zhao Hai static standing outside Demon Capital City, in his is demon city wall, has in their surface is huge, in base operation's base, has plenty Undead Creature, these Undead Creature is similar to statue general standing in there. Zhao Hai stands in carrying on the back of Bone Dragon, they stand in the Zhao Hai side, now Undead Creature on base operation's base mostly is their, Zhao Hai Undead Creature did not have release. Now to Zhao Hai and various countries' King and clan Patriarch communicate already past day of time, in this day, Zhao Hai almost in Space busy, is busy carrying on communicate with various countries' King, is busy mixing of various types of commodities, is not a relaxed matter. However was good because of before he was good with various countries' King communicate, words that various countries' King understand, how these time cannot unite truly, that sooner or later was makes Demon Race extinguishing, therefore their these time united. However this unites always to have one to take the lead, because status of Zhao Hai in various clans, he invisible in became that has taken the lead. In adding on him has in Space, transports commodity very convenient, therefore various countries' King currently has any matter to be able first to discuss with Zhao Hai that this was also complying with Dwarf Race that words to predict, the king of non- king. Zhao Hai to has not cared about these, to be honest, must say that this commodity mixes the aspect, his simply does not need to hold too many hearts, now his in the hand has many commodities, various countries also many commodities, Zhao Hai at heart really did not have the accurate number, conversely, to is Laura very clear, is adding on Cai'er, their two fully had to mix various types of commodities, but Lizzy and Megan are conserving strength now, waited to deal with these Demon Race person. Instead to is the Berry present to is not busy, how going to war she with they are studying with Lizzy, familiar Space situation while convenient. More is understood that Berry more felt the mystery of Zhao Hai Space, simultaneously a bold idea also has braved, but she had not said to Zhao Hai now that was only this idea burying silently in bottom of the heart. Zhao Hai stands in Demon Capital City here now, in waiting for that Blood Void prestige, information that obtains from the Berry mouth, now has not remained how long to a Blood Void real start, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, when this Blood Void start what can be. They stand in the Zhao Hai side, the facial expression somewhat anxious look at Demonic Abyss direction, they know certainly that there one will live anything, but this, therefore they anxious. Zhao Hai turned the head to look on city wall the appearances of these soldiers, presently these soldiers also very anxious, Zhao Hai cannot help but lightly sighed, although and Demon Race war passed tens of thousands, but Human Race here has spread saying that Demon Race legend, legend Demon Race how overbearing, was how good to kill, how fierce, but all these slowly turned into the one type of psychology suggestion, therefore these soldiers so anxious.

However the Zhao Hai location does not have the means that he can only wait, sighed lightly, Zhao Hai slowly sat the head of that Bone Dragon, then has put out small table from Space, a wine pot, wine glass, thought from drinking. Soldiers and these cities see Zhao Hai such performance, stares, then the facial expression is a loosen, in the hearts of these people, Zhao Hai is their pillars, Zhao Hai performance calm of such, this also affected them, their tight atmosphere vanished unexpectedly slowly. In this time, suddenly is transmitting a very fierce vibration from Demonic Abyss, shakes the place to shake, Demon Capital City capital city in swaying gently. Zhao Hai has probably not actually felt, has drunk the liquor in cup, then muttered said : finally to come, wait for you half of the day.” Zhao Hai said that is also one fierce rocks to transmit, probably was the earthquake is the same, then saw in Demonic Abyss that year to year non- fog Dark mist strong, then Dark mist rose slowly, turned into group dark clouds. Zhao Hai look at that group of dark clouds, show a faint smile said : „is very magnificent, good, good.” Was saying that suddenly transmits fiercely, then a naked eye obvious shock-wave toward all around protects to launch from the Demonic Abyss most center, place visited, no matter Stone or plants, were given by this shock-wave to the powder. In the Zhao Hai heart moves, suddenly appears in front of base operation's base large quantities of dense and numerous Undead Creature, these Undead Creature appears , immediately/on horseback rose one layer dark green protective shield from their bodies, kept off in front of them, that shock-wave rushed to that protective shield, immediately by protective shield blocking, no matter base operation's base here or Demon Capital City, have not received silk bold affect. But Zhao Hai in hand was actually carrying wine glass in there, because he saw from Demonic Abyss raised unexpectedly slowly one mushroom clouds! Before Zhao Hai, has seen the mushroom cloud, but that is only the picture, is the picture of nuclear detonation, he has not thought that among this Blood Void however such, within however causes one mushroom clouds in here. Zhao Hai could not bear mutter said : I to go, true or false, made unexpectedly including the mushroom cloud, was too false? Didn't Demon Race these fellows fear oneself killing?” Their although stands in the Zhao Hai side, has not actually heard the Zhao Hai words, they also by that mushroom clouds attracting, that scene was really too magnificent.

In this time, suddenly Demonic Abyss there was having the change, was appears a whirlpool was probably same in the middle of group mushroom cloud, then this whirlpool getting bigger and bigger, turned into greatly was revolving the funnel, then that all dark clouds, all were attracted, then finally vanished. When dark clouds complete disappearance, Zhao Hai they have held cannot help but breath an cold air/Qi, now in Demonic Abyss there the big change machine, originally Demonic Abyss was good to be extravagant on very wide, one was becoming was broader, the Demonic Abyss base, incomparably huge Space rift float was takeoffing half meter high place, an intermittent Demon Race soldier from inside going out slowly, was deploying troops each and every one block Great Formation. Now Demonic Abyss there after just accident, became was very smooth, there turned into a piece of incomparably huge flat land, all around mountain wall vanish from sight, at the scale of that stretch of flat land, could not be called the flat land, should call the plain to be right. That is a piece of incomparably huge plain, in the middle of plain, is good huge Space rift, at the scale of this plain, if stationed in the army, feared that can be stationed in the several ten of millions person. Zhao Hai has not thought that really that Blood Void Might unexpectedly such as why big, must know that they must go to Space rift there, with flying must fly about two days, but when Blood Void explosion the shock-wave that has in can affect them unexpectedly, obviously this Blood Void fierce place. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these Demon Race come out from Space rift, does not have immediately/on horseback to attack demon city here, but started to build up the camp same place. No, looks at their appearances, simply is not constructing the camp, but is constructing the city, sees this situation, Zhao Hai complexion was also cannot help but cloudy several. If Demon Race comes out to attack them, Zhao Hai did not fear, but Demon Race is actually is constructing the city now, this explained that they want to build a base, then with the Human Race long-term doing war, this is not Zhao Hai wants to see. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, received the in hand small table wine pot, turns the head their said : you to wait in here.” They complied with Yu sound, immediately jumped from the head of Bone Dragon, stopped in in midair, Zhao Hai has then waved, innumerable Undead Creature army appears in his surroundings, composed Demon Race Great Formation, Zhao Hai cried loud and long, entire Rubik's Cube Great Formation one moved, aggressive threw toward these Demon Race there. The outside the city person looked that Zhao Hai such moving does, cannot help but scolded, but Demon Race there obviously also present Zhao Hai movement, their immediately branched out several teams of people, these people also slowly flew unexpectedly, meets slowly compels toward Zhao Hai. getting closer and closer that two teams of troops leave, Zhao Hai present, these meet head-on his, is Magic Beast and Demon Race that person some can fly, on them is winged, long is also bizarre, but understood at a glance that the strength is uncommon.

Two teams of troops were distanced several hundred meters to stop, Zhao Hai command(er) Bone Dragon, slowly flew from Rubik's Cube Great Formation, of opposite party also the small teams flew. This squad person is the wicked Demon Race person, protects in their middle is measuring horse carriage, this car(riage) meets a train is actually not the horse, but is Magic Beast of several dragon, These Dragon Xing Magic Beast with Patriarch Long resembling of ten points, but is all over the body is black gas, moreover on his scale is flashing the metal same gloss, two blood red eyes, looks like very scary. Two teams of people were distanced about ten meters to stop, Zhao Hai look at that car(riage), this car(riage), only then 50% carriages, were putting one table of chairs in the carriage, in the back of chair, the a piece back board, above was then carving the Magic Beast styles of makeup, the chair sits the wicked Demon Race person on that. This person with the general wicked Demon Race person long does not have what difference, but is more majestic, how sits to lie in there one in the lion of ground. That wicked Demon Race person also in sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai black Magic Robe, stands in the head of Bone, in hand is taking blood red Magic Staff, the although appearance is ordinary, actually temperament outside more however thing, imposing manner does not input this wicked Demon Race person. This wicked Demon Race person look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : comes, but Mr. Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai stares slightly, he has not thought that the opposite party actually knows itself, he shows a faint smile said : well, is Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that comes was the Demon Realm northwest king, Demon Dragon King Your Majesty, Zhao Hai is disrespectful unexpectedly.” Then was one's turn Demon Dragon King to be astonished, his look at Zhao Hai said : my Demon Realm person these for tens of thousands years, has almost not stopped understood Continent that nearest/recent collected the Ark Continent many Expert materials, Mr. Zhao Hai is Continent for the recent two years rises extraordinary Expert, therefore I know that Mr. Zhao Hai given name and being nothing unusual, below curious, to my Demon Realm why the matter of mister knew so clear? Does not know whether mister could tell?”