Zhao Hai one hear of Demon Dragon King said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said :...... Demon Dragon King Your Majesty, your under the hand/subordinate has not told you, did I just receive Succubus Berry to take my wife? ” Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then laughed said : to is this King has forgotten, to be honest, this King also really envied the mister luck to subdue Succubus to be your wife unexpectedly, HaHaHa, mister has the luck. ” Zhao Hai will certainly not say that is Cai'er tells him about Demon Realm all, to be honest, Zhao Hai also has sympathizes with these Demon Race people, if they can the peace will arrive at the Ark Continent here life, Zhao Hai will not prevent them, but they have not chosen the peace, they chose the war, Zhao Hai have not liked the war, but he did not fear the war. Therefore Zhao Hai will be leading army positive resistance Demon Race, but has not made Cai'er help him cope with these Demon Race ”, if Zhao Hai wants to make Cai'er help him really cope with Demon Race, he can definitely make Cai'er receive in the Demon Realm there branch her, when the time comes Demon Realm there possibly area very serious food crisis. Therefore he chose has resisted Demon Race directly, was not another one type of method, but he will actually not exist to say Cai'er that in that case, will have not the good influence to Cai'er. Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon King appearance, is shows a faint smile said : under the Demon Dragon King fox also to have Succubus to be wife not to need to envy me? Your Majesty this achievement Vanguard officer, entered Ark Continent, not only to construct city? ” Demon Dragon King deep looked at Zhao Hai said : matter of mister to also is really good, but this mister that our Demon Realm knew also really thought mistakenly our Vanguard officers are construct the city ”, so long as this city completes, my Demon Race had a fixed base in Ark Continent here, no matter when the time comes your Ark Continent here person did want, must recognize existence of our Demon Race. ” Zhao Hai shook the headforced smile said : existence of our not recognize Demon Race, but is Demon Race does not want to make us exist probably, to be honest Ark Continent this city is very big, but does not have Demon Realm to be big, Demon Race hits entire Ark Continent, is impossible entire Demon Race to move to Ark Continent here comes, why bother do you make war with us? ”, Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that his eye China , Tunisia flashes through color of the frantic, he shouts wildly „the reason that said : this why we battle against, why why your incompetent races are occupying a such good place, but our formidable can Demon Race actually only live in Demon Realm there? Why? This lands should be our Demon Race, person who any dares to preventmust die! ”, The Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon King appearance, sighed, he knows that the matter was impossible to discuss has gathered together, Zhao Hai take deep breathscalm look at Demon Dragon King said :, how, that only one fought!”, Zhao Hai is preparing command(er) army attacksuddenly Demon Dragon King said : to be slow, mister person Daozhen can wholeheartedly with our Demon Race for the enemy? mister is Dark Magician, these years in Ark Continent here, Dark Magician are subject to the suppression, but your Faith can't the god of Darkness, why with our Demon Race Faith Demon God similar mister extremely with our Demon Race together, conquer entire Ark Continent? By the mister strength, so long as you helped our conquer Ark Continent, crack earth conferred the title of prince upon is not. ” Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon King, laughing said : suddenly Zhao Hai thanked Dragon King good intent in here how, but Zhao Hai said that was also the Ark Continent person, my Ark Continent although had many races to compose, normally also had the friction, but Ark Continent here all races do not want to become others' slaves, no matter God Race or Demon Race, the head may breakblood to flow, wants to make us the slave, cannot! ” Zhao Hai this saying said categoricallynot a leeway of maneuver.

Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai, complexion sank said : how mister saying that” was I and our Demon Race undead continuous, offended on this King. ” Said that Demon Dragon King wields, face upwards the long and loud cry for that two Black Dragon that he pulls a cart, side Demon Dragon King these person of Demon Race, has cried out strangely his, overran toward Zhao Hai, it seems like they want to tidy up Zhao Hai first. Zhao Hai shows a faint smilehand to wield, his Bone Dragon will draw simultaneously back in the future, these Undead Creature immediately have pressed, but in the Zhao Hai front, appears one team of Undead Creature, have kept off in Zhao Hai front. Demon Dragon King ride slowly has also drawn back, like the fight, their these superior is ” that is impossible to lead troops to participate directly does not conform to their status. Quick, these Undead Creature fought one on these Demon Race, both sides have fought well-matched unexpectedly ” the situation of Demon Dragon clan look at fight, cannot help but the knitting the brows head of gently, although they collected about the Zhao Hai situation, but they have somewhat underestimated Zhao Hai, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such hard to deal with. Some Demon Realm there also races, they can control undead carry on to make the war, because Demon Realm there living environment probably favors undead evolution, therefore Demon Realm there undead fighting strength is very strong, undead also has become Demon Race Main Battle Race. Naturally, said that undead is Main Battle Race is inappropriate, undead in Demon Realm there, but also a control race, they independently did not exist, but continuously in control of male time by Demon Race in the wicked Demon Race Lich clan. The Lich clan is existence of very specialin their clan are not many to the population in Demon Race, moreover very mysterious, but they truly are Demon Race but does not harm true Lich.

True Lich is legend life form in Underworld, that is one type of does not have the soul body of strength, they will use inborn dark Black Magic, before will have Dark Magician to summon came LichLich to have is not lower than the Human Race wisdomthey not to be resigned by Human Race control, therefore general Lich could backlash summon their people, the people also slowly knew had like this existence of race. But the Demon Realm Lich clan, is actually Demon Race one type of, they are half soul body, is not the true soul body, will therefore call them partly the soul body, is useful to them because of ordinary physical attack, however their body actually very unusual, their bodies when will receive attackin a short time to carry on atomization, this will make the injury that they will receive fall to lowly, law atomization will be the short time, long time not line ”, therefore they will be called the Demon Realm Lich clans. Reason that the Lich clan in Demon Realm fighting strength, not compared with the wicked Demon Race difference, they have not become the Demon Realm ruler , because their population were too few, the entire Lich clan currently some population many ” the entire Demon Realm also nobody estimated that but some people general guessed, possibly does not arrive at ten thousand people. Entire Demon Realm is so big, but Lich clansman actually be only trivial ten thousand people, this quantity is to really let the person is startled, but fighting strength of Lich clan is very strong, therefore also nobody annoys them, even if the wicked Demon Race personregarding Lich clan also very polite. The person of each Lich clan, can control many Undead Creature, they most be able control many Undead Creature, nobody to know that only knows before Demon Realm, has left strongest Lich, he can the control Undead Creature quantity achieve the astonishing 1 million numbers, was Demon Race at that time a tyrant. However also because of this, the people of this witch clan clan became the eye-sore of wicked Demon Race person, finally was transferred army striking to kill by the wicked Demon Race person. In order to strike to kill the person of this Lich clan ” the wicked Demon Race person to use 3 million armies, finally in this 3 million armiesdied in battle 158, had 20 9th level Expertobviously fierce of this Lich clan. Meanwhile in encircling the process of nest Lich clan, makes the wicked Demon Race person know that the Undead Creature fierce place, these Undead Creature strength very strong, was seven to arrive at about the 8th level strength generally ”, in adding on them when made the war, will not fear deathwill not hurt, wanted frantic compared with Demon Race, therefore was Demon Race, will not provoke these Undead Creature easily. Original Demon Dragon King thinks Demon Realm Undead Creature is strongest, after all Demon Realm there suits the survival of Undead Creature, but this begin the exchange, Demon Dragon King presently has made a mistake, Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature, is more formidable than Demon Realm there Undead Creature, even has achieved the 9th level strength.

Must know that the Demon Race person since childhood in ”, therefore in their clan that in the fight grows up fighting strength of person veryis 8th level Expert, when also strength of the spellingspecially Demon Realm 9th level Expert of 8th level Expert facing 9th level Expert when facing Ark Continent, does not drop the wind. But because this time Demon Dragon King is the Demon Realm army Vanguard armed forces, he wants the fortification, must make Demon Race have place of having a footing in Ark Continent here ”, therefore this time his bring out is the elite troops capable general, not only these also his under the hand/subordinate, Elite of other Demon Realm influences, its fighting strength can also count in Demon Realm. But is such Elite also fought to a draw with Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, how this enables Demon Dragon King not to be surprised. The look at front fight of Zhao Hai calm, Zhao Hai really must estimate regarding Demon Race fighting strength now again, these with Demon Race of Undead Creature to war, have not achieved 9th level obviously, however their strengths actually are really very strong, fought unexpectedly with his under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature evenly, although his under the hand/subordinate Undead Creaturetoo many war essences have not examined, but this level disparity was placed in there, the Demon Race these person can achieve this point unexpectedly, was really too great. Matches the clothing/taking at the same time, Zhao Hai was also sadder, Demon Race 8th level Expert has such strengththat their 9th level Expert to have the strong strength, it seems like these time is not really good to hit with the Demon Race war. Both sides have from the sky carried on strangling to deathZhao Hai under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature, has met the enemy by Battle Formation, but Demon Realm these people, are not probably strange they also to compose Battle Formation regarding such forms of combatin the aerospace unexpectedly, is heavily engaged with these Undead Creature buckets.! ~!