Reason that Zhao Hai this time comes attack Demon Race, has not blocked Demon Race not to let their fortification, but Demon Race directly hitting, Zhao Hai knows that is impossible, his these time comes attack Demon Race is a probe, he wants to have a look, these Demon Race fighting strength how. However looks likethese Demon Race fighting strength is very now strong, regarding them, this will not be any good information, Demon Race fighting strength will be absolutely stronger, will be representing their later fights laboriously. Zhao Hai Ping Biao look at front fight, front fight, although in very intense, but death of Demon Race there is actually not manythese Demon Realm people, their fights splendidly very rich, he looks like the veterans in these battlefields is only same, little will be injured, attack that even if really cannot shunt, they will have let vital part, was received the lightest wound by oneself as far as possible, moreover they immediately after injury can withdrawal from combatwound treatmentthey custom very do this very much obviously, in adding on Demon Race body very formidable, not only very formidable defensive power, restores energy also very strong,, therefore wants truely. Kills them, is not that easy. Zhao Hai is clear remembering, previous time his fight with that several wicked Demon Race people, received the mortal wound, within however can also counter-attack, thinks that to present Zhao Hai feels fearful and apprehensive, if the people in Demon Race have such strength, that is really was too scary. Demon Dragon King and Zhao Hai they were away from the battlefield to look at oneto know that mutually today feared was everyone cannot obtain Zhao Hai although in hand also to have many Undead Creature cheaply ” ”, but now not certainly dying war, moreover Demon Realm army from Space rift there continuous coming out , the in other words Demon Race source armed forces were also many, moreover Expert that now Demon Race comes were getting more and more, has been hitting, Zhao Hai feared that could not obtain good going, will not do well will also lose some Undead Creature, therefore Zhao Hai planned to retreat. Undead Creature although called Undead Creature, but they were not true immortal body ”, if Demon Race came Expert, Zhao Hai will possibly lose, Zhao Hai does not want to go all out, he looked at Demon Dragon King one, showing a faint smile said : suddenly Demon Dragon King Your Majesty, arrives at here today, I will be waiting for Your Majesty in demon there.”, Said that Zhao Hai revolution of Bone Dragon, toward demon there fliesalong with turn around, these were making Undead Creature that fought with Demon Race, among suddenly vanish from sighton these Demon Race the moment still with these Undead Creature have been going all out, next quarter these Undead Creature vanishedthey to want with the enemy to go all out unable to find the person. These Demon Race looked that a Zhao Hai person stands on Bone Dragon fliesnot to be quick toward demon there, had thoughts ” to rush has killed Zhao Hai. Demon Dragon King deep voice said : stops, comes back to me.”, These Demon Race one hear of Demon Dragon King said that ” stopped, why although their don’t know Demon Dragon King does not make them pursue, but they actually know that the Demon Dragon King words can not violateotherwise the Demon Race military discipline not to be impolite. At this time a wicked Demon Race person has flown the Demon Dragon King side, to Demon Dragon King said : Your Majesty, why didn't make us pursue? Our in hand has these many people . Moreover the person will be getting more and more, good opportunity that pursues, if this Zhao Hai killing, to our Demon Race, is the good deed. ” Demon Dragon King looked at that person of one of the speech, that person is his under the hand/subordinate love, calls Lu You, does to fight bravely very ”, moreover command(er) army, but is the temperament is also irritable. What Demon Dragon King deep voice said : do not forget us now to be most important is what matter, we now most important builds this city, so long as built this city, my Demon Race will have place of having a footing to attack Ark Continent here having confidence, you, when you did lead these people able Zhao Hai to be what kind of? Obtains information according to us in Continent here, Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature more than these, moreover his strength is formidable, has achieved 9th level, is in Human Race Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation big Warrior, in this case, do you have confidence to cope with Zhao Hai really? ” Road one hear of Demon Dragon King said especially that has not been making noise, he personally in the frontline command(er) fight, how Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fighting strength he was just clear, just Zhao Hai received these Undead Creature, but was not killed by them, if they overrunZhao Hai same to be able these Undead Creature to cope with them when the time comes they certainly unable to take Zhao Hai in releaseto be what kind. Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai back said : this person not to eliminate, must for my Demon Race big trouble this matter I probably say that knows with Your Majesty. ” Said that Demon Dragon King is harnessing the Black Dragon car(riage), returned to Demonic Abyss there slowly. Demon Dragon King although was called Demon Realm northwest king, but he is not Demon Race advocates, he is only although he can also be called Your Majesty in his territory ”, but in Demon Realm advocates the Great Demon King fronthe is only an official, must say that the opposite party is Your Majesty.

Zhao Hai returned to Demon Capital City there, welcomed on Demon Capital City of person to cheer, these people have not heard Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King words ”, but these people in their combat process city actually sawalthough said the Zhao Hai not complete fight opposite party, but actually also hit well-matchedthis to arrive lets these person of very excited in city. Zhao Hai after is only a person, but Demon Realm these people cannot take Zhao Hai to be what kind, this is really one type of very much raises morale to the behavior. How fierce before the demon here people heard Zhao Hai, but personally has not actually seen, this time they were the Crown Prince eye arrived, Zhao Hai was really very fierce. In the Zhao Hai look at city the appearance of person, shows a faint smile , the face image rotation Demon Race large camp there, complexion was heavier. Some little time Zhao Hai turns the head to standing in his nearby said : present Demon Race possibly a short time will not have attacked, they must construct the city in good, you monitor them in here, I rest.” They complied with the earthquake sounds, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, slowly flew, then that Bone Dragon big mouth, Zhao Hai slowly entered the mouth of that Bone Dragon. On Continent all people know that Undead Creature of Zhao Hai big shape[ body], almost Spacecan let he goes in the rest ”, therefore looks at Zhao Hai to enter in that Bone Dragon mouth, has not felt surprised. Actually Zhao Hai enters Bone Dragon[ body], but is one conceals, Zhao Hai walked to enter Spaceto enter Space actually, Lizzy their immediately welcomed coming upLizzy look at Zhao Hai said :, Elder Brother Hai this weaponry was difficult to hit, fighting strength of these Demon Race people were very strong, moreover their Battle Formation were also unfolds for many yearsto want by Battle Formation to defeat them, was not easy. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : „” to be difficult to hit, in rare must hit, these Demon Race fighting strength are very strong, do you have presently, in process that today in fights with us, these Demon Race person although injured many, but true fatal actually few, by the Demon Race resiliency, feared that is today's fighting strengththey almost does not have what personnel losses, but now they many people, if other army, that on were all more troublesome. ” Lizzy nodded, brow deep lockMegan is also same, some little time Megan said : Elder Brother Hai present Buddha Empire there also needs to be able some time do the people in Empire give withdrawalus to drag how long in here? ” Zhao Hai shook the head said : only to be able completely the maximum effort, I have reached an agreement with Sea Race, they will enter in Buddha Empire various waterway \; first, to assist the reappearing slaughter Empire person retreats two is when necessaryuses these river channel to come Demon Race to block, moreover we give up demon here, can fight draws back, one will not retreat, finally is depending upon Dwarf Iron Mountain, Elf ForestAccra Mountain, gives to block Demon Race army. ” Does Lizzy frown said : this to be good? fighting strength of Demon Race army very strong Dwarf Race and can Elven Race block? ”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved certainly to block, has forgottenDwarf Race and Elven Race has Divine Artifact ”, moreover present Radiant Church there anxiousI think that they also soon took an action. ” This point Lizzy to is the agreement, although Zhao Hai does not search Radiant Church there to do, but this was also explaining the Radiant Church there situation, they certainly very anxious, not so cannot like this. On the Zhao Hai look at screen the Demon Race camp there situation, sighed said : this Demon Race to change the procedure, I remember that in the Dwarf Race there clan in history recorded, previous Demon Race attacked time disregarded, only knew toward Continent in attacks, finally managed for the depth is too big, by several clan allied armies hitting, but this time they studied intelligently, they must construct the city unexpectedly first, so long as this urban construction were good, they had a stable rearthis to be too disadvantageous regarding us. ” Does Megan frown said : that we to be able their this demon city destroying?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this to fear that is not easy, Demon Race very settles on this city, was impossible to make this city destroy easily, by my hand last present strength, feared that sufficiently has destroyed this city.” Does Megan frown said : well really? Currently our in hand Undead Creature fully has near 20 millions, did these people rush could not destroy this city? ” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to fear that” do not forgetDemon Race fighting strength strongly, what most important is, they have that self-exploding skill, if really compelling sharply, to come self-exploding, a person can extinguish several of us Undead Creature, like this trades, what to do finally our will Undead Creature put together upour undead fresh spelling light that? Feared that was can only these people on Continent fill in the life. ” Megan nodded, the meaning of her understand Zhao Hai, currently Zhao Hai in hand although has 20 millions Undead Creature ”, but this 20 millions Undead Creature, actually with Demon Race, with Main Force of God Race to war ”, if one spelled up, that can only make the major races fill in the human life, that was Zhao Hai most does not want to see. Lizzy nodded said : not to destroy this city to be also good, like this their lifting progress will not be about we to have more time to prepare, if God Race there has any sound, that God Race and Demon Race mutually will divert, our line staged a rebellion to facilitate. ” Did Zhao Hai nodturns the head look at their said : Laura and Berry? Also in busy?” Lizzy nodded said : „, Laura Elder Sister is handling these matters of materials allocation and transport, although has the Cai'er help, the commodity that but must locate was really too many, processes to be very easy, Berry now is actually the scenery in charming Space, she looked on Prairie that one layer invariable scenery looked that” how was really don’t know to say she was good. ” Zhao Hai sighed said : regarding my person, that scenery was too light, regarding Berry, that was the world most beautiful scenery Cai'er also said Demon Race there situation, you think that ” the leaf of Cai'er was not good things to eat, was actually the Demon Realm there Magic Beast principal food, can imagine from this point, what they crossed was what day, making her look that ” when she looked is tired of did not look. ”

Lizzy also sighed, Megan actually look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, these days Ryan Elder Sister probably was going all out, I thought that her body day was inferior a day, wanted you to urge her to make her in should not be so busy, otherwise her body broke down. ” Zhao Hai sighed, noddedpersonal appearance to move, appears in the Lyon Empire imperial palace, Ryan in inside has been processing some documents now, although Zhao Hai leave, but these Great Noble were actually nobody dares to neglect Ryan, so long as were an important matter, must make Ryan glance, this although can make Ryan better grasped this country ”, but also made Ryan tired. Zhao Hai look at Ryan, Ryan compared with they couple of days ago met appears became emaciated, Zhao Hai also somewhat cannot help but grieved, Zhao Hai currently also really has some sentiments to Ryan, everyone has been young, everyone has been frivolous, Ryan makes these many now, is for the price that her young pays frivolous, but Zhao Hai actually does not think that was looking she suffered herself like this. But Zhao Hai also thought that he is unfair to Ryan some, in his woman, feared that is only then Ryan don’t know Space matter, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat feel sorry, Zhao Hai plans to tell the Ryan Space matter today. Ryan hears the Zhao Hai sighing soundthen to gain groundsees is Zhao Hai, she cannot help but stares, then one happy, but quick you came on facial expression 1 gloomy said :.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at Ryan said : to come just Demon Race appears in Demonic Abyss there, I and they have fought, has not lost has not won, now looked like we can only block them using Accra Mountain that defense line. ” Ryan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then her does immediately/on horseback gain ground look at Zhao Hai said : that you not injured? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to not injured, but I thought that you to soon could not endure, was good, did not want to be busy, I led you to go to a place rest well. ” Said the past, then hand of Ryan. Ryan oneimmediately/on horseback face happy expression reverse grip hand of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai turns the head look at she to show a faint smile, the flashes body entered Space. ...... Chapter 694 this weaponry was difficult to hit...... Novel reading downloading performs in Chinese net renews the quick novel more: