Before Zhao Hai, not to Ryan and Evan they said that arrives at the matter about Space, they only know that Zhao Hai meets Space Divergent Technique, actually and don’t know Zhao Hai also has such Space. When their flashes body enters Space, Ryan stares, in their present appears place Space villa, therefore Ryan saw Lizzy, saw Megan. Ryan cannot help but has pulled out from Zhao Hai in hand own hand, then lowering the head of slowly, she in Lizzy and Megan front is somewhat from sadone because of her status, two because of her past. Lizzy and Megan saw the Ryan movement, they show a faint smile, had not said that anythingZhao Hai also turned the head to look at Ryan one, nodded said : to be good, Ryan, you rested to let Lizzy and Megan told that well while convenient you in here here what's the matter, I must exit. ” The Ryan nod has complied with one, Lizzy and Megan then pulling Ryan sat, was telling her about Space all, the Zhao Hai actually flashes body came out from Space, this time his appears in Demon Capital City there, but went to Dwarf Race there, Dwarf Race Dwarf Iron Mountain itself in Buddha Empire, therefore Zhao Hai thinks, if they withdraw troops from Buddha Empire, most had the possibility directly faced Demon Race army is Dwarf Race. Zhao Hai just arrived at Dwarf Iron Mountain here presently the here atmosphere before him comes time complete is different, before Zhao Hai arrived at Dwarf Iron Mountain here, heard most was the Dwarf Race hammering sound, was not the look at these Dwarf Race women made full body armor and so on thing, but now entire Dwarf Iron Mountain here appears empty, he could not be seeing a Dwarf Race child and woman, kept here was the Dwarf Race soldiers. However Billy to has not traded placestill to manage the labor in his beforehand place, Zhao Hai appears in Iron Mountain here, immediately by their soldiers welcome to Billy there, Billy look at Zhao Hai to come, immediately asked Zhao Hai to sit down, this said : „did you come? Didn't walk to have an accident?”, Zhao Hai nodded said : Demon Race to come out, I just had fought them, has not lost has not won.” Billy complexion heavy nod, he knows Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fierce, Zhao Hai make a move hit one not to lose personally has not won, looked that the Demon Realm person was not really good to cope. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Billy said : Patriarch, our here preparation how?” Billy nodded said : preparation was very good, moreover had you to give our Magic Beast, we and Elven Race related to facilitate. ” Zhao Hai nodded, he after Dwarf Race these women and children have delivered to Black Wasteland there, on release large quantities of Water element Magic Beast has helped Dwarf Racehave these Water element Magic Beast joinDwarf Race to want with Elven Race to contact has facilitated, they walk also convenient in the Iron Mountain inland river.

Billy look at Zhao Hai said : „the present Buddha Empire here person has not ended a withdrawal, the words that wants to withdraw, minimum also takes about two months, when relying on demon there, feared that cannot block Demon Race, therefore I think that you should try to find other solution. Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to think that other means that demon there is impossible to block Demon Race army, therefore I want to carry on ambush successively in the Buddha Empire each every city to the Demon Race army. ” Billy nodded said : this means to is not wrong, but some issues want to ambush the Demon Race army, the only depends on Buddha Empire here army fears is incorrect, but Buddha Empire here builds up by the cavalry, their Cavalry very fierceEmperor Buddha here majority of is also some down countries, the very suitable Cavalry charge, therefore you do have to think, adjusts some Beastman Race Cavalry to come from Beastman Race there? Let Beastman Race Cavalry and Buddha Empire cavalry coordinates, ambushes the enemy in the place, but airborne also has your Blood Hawk spatial Cavalryto add on Beastman Race Hawk Clanalso to have your subordinates these Undead Creature, this can fights in Buddha Empire here and Demon Race . Moreover the battlefield depth has also increased, can definitely openyou to look with Demon Race deal with? ” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought of this point, now by a Billy such reminder, Zhao Hai has been remembered, now they are using the entire Continent strength to come to Demon Race to resist, why does not get up strength alliance of various clans, enabling various clans to display the biggest strong point, comes to fight with the enemy. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but[ is popular] exerted getting uphe in thinking the feasibility of this plan, Beastman Race Cavalry was very strong, but Elven Race archer was also very strong, in adding on they also own spatial Cavalry, these spatial Cavalry, if rode Blood Hawk to them, its was not necessarily worse than Demon Race ” can definitely divert Demon Race these air forces using Elven Race these Air Force, but the ground infantry unit, can definitely let Beastman Race and Buddha Empire cavalry alliance gets up the motion, in the city can also by Human Race army Dwarf Race the protection of army alliance, was really cannot defendhas also been able by Dwarf Race Digs several to remove to the outside the city tunnel directly, no matter like this retreats or wants attack, will facilitate many. Before this cannot actually blame Zhao Hai, has not thought that such does, must know that beforehand Zhao Hai may not have command(er) such fight, even if the present although Continent various countries listens to the Zhao Hai words to handle affairs, but also in preparing and Demon Race war, Zhao Hai said own idea, various countries have own management system, in other wordsZhao Hai has raised a openingbehind how must do, on looking at these person own. It can be said that Zhao Hai are most works as character of liaison officer, is not alliance leader of various genuine clan big alliances, he did not have such strength. But now a Billy such saying, to proposes one to awake to Zhao Hai, really if said according to Billy such does, that possibly did not carry on to cling to tenaciously in Accra Mountain here, they also met the choice of has plenty.

Billy looked that Zhao Hai quite a while has not spokenhe not to make noise, he also knows that Zhao Hai somewhat is defective regarding this aspect, but he was not worried that Zhao Hai is young . Moreover the strength is placed in there, so long as gives him the time, he bit by bit will be mature, can carry on with Demon Race fully fights. Some little time Zhao Hai gains ground look at Billy said : well, Patriarch I know how should do, but these time must ask your Dwarf Race to dispatch troops, first sends out some soldiers to go to demon there, no matter what, demon there cannot lose easily ”, if there lost, our equal to has given a Demon Race strategic depthsuch matter we undoable. ” Billy nodded said : this not to have issue, your feel relieved was good, we momentarily can dispatch troops.”, Zhao Hai nodded said :well, that first dispatches troops to fifty thousand to go to demon there, my immediately/on horseback goes to Buddha Empire there, discussed with Buddha King, first do not send reinforcement toward demon there, I will invite Beastman Race and Elven Race also exiting demon there, person together of several clans defended to be bewitched first, to Buddha Empire retreated to win some time, made army alliance of various clans enter to Buddha Empire these has the important strategic position city, the general small town city, we can give up. Billy nodded said :, „the Buddha Empire here situation is special, so long as we these had the city of strategic significance to be OK, the general small town city did not have the danger to defend, in Buddha Empire and Beastman Race Cavalry eye, simply is not useful.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, you prepare the first army, I look for Buddha King now, then and goes to Beast King and Queen Elf, this time matter must talk clearly with them is good Billy nodded, complies with oneto stand to get up the set army, but Zhao Hai flashes body appears in the Buddha Empire national capital cavalry city, the present cavalry city has looked like has probably actually bustled about compared with before, but Zhao Hai knows that this is the false appearance, currently pier here of cavalry city has the ship in passing and outthese ships to help in the city these people goes ” to say that to Lyon Empire thing this place magnificent city, now looked like one is only inserted sword wild beast, the blood outflow that kept from his wound, finally here can only turn into a place dying city. Outside the Zhao Hai appears place Buddha Empire imperial palace, now Buddha Empire imperial palace here strengthened stand guard, basically has declared martial law, the teams of Buddha cavalries are inspecting outside the imperial palace. Zhao Hai from Space, immediately has summoned Bone Dragon, then steps on to the head of Bone Dragon, flies toward the Buddha Empire royal palace.

Now on Continent all people know that Bone Dragon is the symbol of Zhao Hai, no matter knew that the Zhao Hai person, noticed some people are harnessing Bone Dragon, knows that is Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai now status on Continent very highhe can come and go out any Empire imperial palace at will, moreover with notifies, this is on Continent the decree of several big Empire common cloths. Zhao Hai suddenly appears in Buddha Empire here, has caused a in the city person tumult, these Warrior and Magician use one type of eyes of worship look at Zhao Hai, but these Great Noble actually with look look at Zhao Hai that one type of is worried about, they feared that Zhao Hai brings any disadvantageous disappearance. Buddha King is sitting in Great Hall is handling the domestic matter, to shift the entire Buddha Empire people, cannot the appears too big calamity, this not be an easy matter, Buddha Sovereign good several days not to have rest well ” the whole person to look like before is also thinner. Zhao Hai Bone Dragon fell to imperial palace insome immediately court eunuches told Buddha King, King one hear of Zhao Hai came, was startled, he was also same as these Noble, feared that Zhao Hai brought any too bad information, now Buddha Empire here also needs for a long time to be able withdrew the domestic average people, if Zhao Hai were bringing any not good information at this time, their troubles were big. When Zhao Hai arrives at imperial palace Great Hall, Buddha King is just about to come out to greet Zhao Hai from Great HallZhao Hai to look that King came outimmediately/on horseback to move forward to meet somebody, has seen Your Majesty to King ritual said :.”, Buddha King actually did hold on Zhao Hai hand said : mister to come? Did frontline in have an accident? mister asked feel relieved in having two days, our country will have about the 1 million Elite cavalry to arrive at demon there. ”! ~!