Zhao Hai looked that the King appearance knows he in thinking anythingZhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty not to need to be worried, in frontline there did not have issue we also to arrive says. 【】 【】 One hear of Zhao Hai said that frontline does not have issue, King then to nod, they arrived in Great Hall with Zhao Haiin Great Hall also has plenty Minister Empire, their also one person face anxious look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai after these ministers have salutedthen said : present Demon Race already appears Demonic Abyss there, but they the attack demon, they have not been constructing the city anxiously.” Constructs the city?” Zhao Hai said that the people in palace have gawked, but then the meaning of their immediately understand Demon Race, person complexion became very difficult looks. Zhao Hai looked at people said : everyone/Great Clan not to need to be worried that” my yesterday also tried to carry on a contact war of small custom with Demon Race these fellows, did not lose the aspect of not winning, therefore I want to constrain Demon Race in there should not to have the issue some time, in adding on Demon Race must be busy in the city, therefore a short time will not attack toward Continent, we also had the time. ” The people in Great Hall then relaxed, Zhao Hai turns the head this time I to look for Your Majesty to Buddha King said :, wants to ask Your Majesty temporarily toward demon there do not send too many armies.” Buddha King has gawked, then knit the brows said : „the meaning of mister is?”, Zhao Hai said : under fox, demon there although is situated in the strategic place, but area is not big, and not suitable large-scale army carries on to make the war . Moreover the Buddha Empire Empire Elite army by cavalry give priority to, cavalry not suitable is used to defend a city, but is Ultimate Weapon of field operation, therefore this time I look for the meaning of Your Majesty am, Your Majesty first do not send too many iron Cavalry toward demon there, but divides the show these iron Cavalry to various Buddha Empire grand strategy important places, I Dwarf Race and Elven Race there adjust some armies from Beastman Race, everyone/Great Clan alliance do to fight, was turned by the entire Buddha Empire land. A huge combat readiness depth, having made Demon Race fall into to this giant mire inunder fox you looks? ” Buddha King static has closed eye, he is not the person who does not understand the soldier, conversely, he byregarding soldier matter completely understand that the military exploit builds up, suddenly that too but Demon Race comeshe had not pondered that Demon Race here fresh allpresent one hear of Zhao Hai saidhe cannot help but carefully thinks these time with the Demon Race war. Buddha King is not a silly person, his very clear, Buddha Empire here will beotherwise he who will be possible to defend will not agree that the opinion of Zhao Hai, making the entire Buddha Empire people withdraw.

Therefore he to Zhao Hai proposed that changes accidentally the procedure of big battlefield entire Buddha Empire, is the agreement, his heart pain these cities, his very clear grieved these thing useless, with its heart pain these thing, have not been inferior to grieved grieved person now ”, so long as some people said inthat all. He was also considering meanwhile the feasibility of Zhao Hai this plan, the Buddha Empire cavalry is well-known world, is adding on nearest/recent their these cavalry armed forces, has used Zhao Hai Magic Beast ”, therefore fighting strength compared with former, but what Beastman Race same is well-known by Cavalry, has these two big Cavalry, they can definitely depend upon Buddha Empire broad region, opens with Demon Race deal with, but Dwarf Race Cavalry although is also good ”, but is actually not becomes famous ”, but Dwarf Race Infantry is actually very strongdo not think that their husband is short, but his in hand Iron Hammer, is actually each article. efficient instrument for murder, but Elven Race these year of although understanding are not many ”, but before , Elven Race on Continent moves, their archery and Magic are Continent are also well-known, but several clan alliance get upto be able absolutely with a Demon Race war. Thought of here, Buddha King has opened eye said : slowly, good, mister to said that should such do, my immediately/on horseback transmitted orders, now we first have another defense line the there people to withdraw after the demon towel in any case, happen to be used to fight, my Buddha Empire sonhad not feared died, these time must make Demon Race pay the price. u com Zhao Hai nodded said : under fox your here to prepare, I must go to Beastman Race and Elven Race there now mobilize soldiers, cannot wait. ” Buddha King has stood, good big ritual said : „I have represented entire Buddha Empire to Zhao Hai, thanked mister in here, if were not mister shows respect, rushing about back and forth, feared that was my Buddha Empire must remove on Continent, thanked mister.” Zhao Hai quickly said:, Your Majesty was too polite, I also consider for entire Continent, Your Majesty asked feel relieved, Buddha Empire to move into to the Lyon Empire person, I have arranged, to add on the war, Aksu Empire there was short of manpower in the past very much, therefore I am willing to go to the Aksu Empire person to make them travel by boat Aksu Empire these, moreover some there also people aided, invited Your Majesty feel relieved. ” Buddha King look at Zhao Hai, actually don’t know must say that for a while any was good, his very clear, if ” not possibly does not have Zhao Hai Buddha Empire absolutely like the present, feared that was present demon there is captured by Demon Race . Moreover the Buddha Empire eastfeared that will be will not have the auspicious day Zhao Hai bowed to King slightlythen turn around leave the imperial palace, Zhao Hai walked, Buddha King immediately/on horseback said : transmitted orders, Empire all armies in the shortest time moved in Yangping, below put down, next referred , the water wheel, Guangping and other cities, composed the second defense line by these five cities, in taking Ashi many rivers for the line, in the West Bank Group prestige third defense line, I will say with mister that asking the friends of navy to coordinate us, was solid in the according to tooth, Qi Bai, parallel, the tongue was often broad, Bai Hao, went against, good kingon such as and other cities, composed one. Huge strategic depthmust Demon Race to fall into to this mire inI must make their each advancing one step probably pay the bleeding price, finally is centered on the cavalry citycomposes water 6 parallel strategic depths, must turn into a big battlefield entire Buddha Empire. ”

These Minister Empire in Great Hall with one voice should be, Buddha King look at their said : Mr. Zhao Hai for us who frontline goes all out wins the time, he for is not we, but is entire Ark Continent our Buddha Empire excellent sonhad not feared warMr. Zhao Hai can pay all for Continentour Buddha Empire, our homelands must turn into the battlefield ”, but here is our families, nobody is more familiar than us he, we must let these Demon Race fellow understand, Buddha Empire, is not they want on to be able! ”, Speaking of here he used lightly pounds on the table. These minister with one voice said : in Great Hall Your Majesty formidable might!”, Buddha King look at these minister said : entire Ark Continent arrived at very special period, various different race brothers have also helped, I want you to remember, from now on, these different race will be our Human Race brothers, transmitted orders, all people can not have any unreasonable place to these different race, if made me know, decided not to cut bountifully!” The ministers acknowledged with one voice that Buddha King then nodded said :, gets down the preparation, commodity mixes you to be ready, then registers my here to come, I asked mister to help, to get down!” Has complied with one from the minister, after saluting, turn around walked. Buddha King after Minister here walksthen sitting slowly to dragon chair on, two eyes is actually the none remaining sparkleslaughing said : suddenly good, this passes quickly, Demon Race little bastard, makes me have a look is your Demon Race is fierce, is my Buddha Empire cavalry! HaHaHa! ”, Buddha Empire after just matter, startled of these days, the sentiment of obstinate abandoning clears off, instead to arouses the heroic spirit that he has soared to the heavens, like the past years he to gain experience in the armed forces, he can like the ordinary soldier, facing the several fold with already the enemy launches the charge, since King, he wanted learn to be calmthat warm-blooded sentiment to disappear slowly, but in just, his blood again hot. But Zhao Hai actually and don’t know these, he went to the Elven Race life city to set up here now, these Elven Race people also knew Zhao Hai, some immediately people told the queen information of Zhao Hai arrival under the foxalso Zhao Hai welcome to the imperial palace. Zhao Hai just arrived at the imperial palace, empress Your Majesty newly appointed Great Elder walked out, Zhao Hai hastily salutes said : to see Your Majesty to them, has seen Great Elder!” Queen quickly said: What matter „the mister dispense with ceremony don’t know did mister arrive at my Elven Race to have at this time? ” Zhao Hai nodded said :, had the important matter to with Your Majesty say, the matter was such......” Zhao Hai the queen told with the matter that Billy discussed him, waited for the matter to say he to queen said : under fox, matter this, my these time came to ask Your Majesty to dispatch troops, first sent some armies to help me defend a city to demon there, was dispatching troops toward there, I must , in discussed under one with Buddha King, does not know that the meaning of Your Majesty was?”

The queen knitting the brows head, to be honest, her liking does not let Elven Race and person puts together to make the war shoulder to shoulder, but she also knows that the plan of Zhao Hai is feasible, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : „, good, depends on mister, I will gather first 5000 arrow gentlemen, goes to demon there hear of Mister Hou to dispatch.” Zhao Hai nodded said : how to thank Your Majesty, I must go to Beastman Race there to mobilize soldiers did not remain in here, invited Your Majesty feel relieved, Elven Race appears on Continent, absolutely did not have anybody to dare to Elven Race to be unreasonable, otherwise my Zhao Hai first will not let off themalso to have Your MajestyI walked, will leave behind 5000 Blood Hawk, this was rations Elven Race Mountthis these 5000 arrow soldiers, must make war with the air force of enemy, but Blood Hawk compared with voiceless sound bird suiting air fight, when Your Majesty set good army, on can sit Blood Hawk directly the demon.. ”, The queen nodded said : well, all listen to mister to arrange, mister invited, my here will prepare.” Zhao Hai to a queen ritual, turn around leave. Zhao Hai walks, does Great Elder to queen said : Your Majesty, we now dispatch troops is too early? Actually by our Elven Race strength, so long as defended Elf Forest to be OK has believed that these Demon Race were impossible to cope with us fully, but didn't go to tube these Human Race? Why we must work with them, but also dispatches troops now? ” „ ...... Chapter 696 deploys troops The novel writing renews quickly......