The queen shook the head said : to be not so easy, although said that in the forest is our Elven Race domain, but our Elven Race population is not many, but the Demon Race population will not be certainly few, even if they rubs slowly, rubbed us, cooperated with Human Race does not have the issue, if Human Race their allied armies could not block Demon Race, you think that our Elven Race can the body exempt? Is impossible.”, Great Elder one hear of queens said that also nodded, she knows right that the queen said that their Elven Race has a shortcoming to be the same with Human Race, is the population are few, Elven Race and Demon Race are the same, have the long life, but similarly, ascends the sky also makes them very difficult to give birth, therefore in their clan the quantity of population were not many, if fights the battle of attrition with Demon Race, they cannot consume. The queen turns the head to Great Elder said : „, moreover guarantees of some present Mr. Zhao Hai, our Elven Race must dispatch troops, this is our Elven Race, on all races like Continent proves own excellent opportunity, Great Elder, if this Ark Continent various clan together have resisted Demon Race, has resisted God Race, has defended Ark Continent, after I think for a long time, various Continent clans will become the unprecedented unity, our Elven Race person did not use daily nest in Elf Forest.”, Great Elder nodded, they are not the people of unclear affair, do not look at the Elven Race good ten-day period in Elf Forest good, but they know that Elven Race also lacks various types of commodities, afterward contacted with Dwarf Race, their days will not feel better absolutely. But Zhao Hai actually has not managed these now, but has swept off in the royal palace of Beast God king, Beast King these days is also preparing, now entire Beastman Prairie knows the Demon Race matter, because is far from them too, they can do now, supports some commodities, or prepares to aid Human Race, other did not do. Zhao Hai arrives at the royal palace to go to look for Beast King ” the Beast King present to not quite to be busy, looked at Zhao Hai to come, after his immediately Zhao Hai welcome sat down to the living room, this to Zhao Hai said : what kind of? Front how?” Zhao Hai looked that the Beast King appearancecannot help but shows a faint smile said : frontline to be very good, nothing, this time I look for you, must ask Beastman Race to dispatch troops.”, Beast King has gawked, then great happiness said : really? fantastic, the following large clans worry now, what a pity, our here was too far from Buddha Empire has wanted to help unable to add on, when dispatched troops? ” The Zhao Hai look at Beast King appearance, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : not to worry this time I to come mainly to tell you matter that must dispatch troops, best to send the race that some can defend a city to go to demon there first, then we ............then Zhao Hai said the Buddha Empire there matter in this. After Beast King hear, again and again nod said : good, fantastic, my immediately/on horseback arranges, army of defense your feel relieved, you said? This I look at one appropriately, looks like Human Race, like the Human Race person their temperament very temperate, however their fighting strength are very strong, moreover they are also in Beastman Race few Infantry races, although they have Mount, because charges is not quick, therefore makes him help me defend a city is most appropriate. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, I also want returned to demon there to go, when your here army gathered, you must to me information, Buddha Empire there, if prepared, you also disappeared when the time comes I to arrange to me. ” Beast King nod said : good, my here your feel relieved, our Beastman Race already wants to fight one this time to with Demon Race these fellows well thank you. ”

Zhao Hai actually laughs said : well, I went back some frontline there also matters to process. ” Beast King nodded, Zhao Hai then returned to Space. However he does not have immediately/on horseback to go to demon there, but went to the Aksu Empire royal palace, sees Boris, now Aksu Empire army although restored, because these veterans in previous time lost with the Beastman Race war, therefore Aksu Empire fighting strength, the present is existence that in several countries sets the base, but the matter of this Demon Race invasion, Aksu Empire to is coordination, they commodity, moreover is willing to receive these Buddha Empire person to settle down to Aksu Empire here, therefore Zhao Hai these time must unable to meet with Boris, says his new plan. Boris and Zhao Hai beforehand personal enemy, but now the sentiment department is different, they have become the ally, moreover before has met, therefore their these time meets has not appeared awkward. Boris Zhao Hai welcome to his study room, having let people go to sub, is this to Zhao Hai said :, mister these time comes what accident because frontline does have?”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty not to need to be worried that frontline is very safe, these time came my lord to say a next segmentum anterius there fresh matter before Your Majesty.” The frontline there fresh matter after Boris said that Zhao Hai then turns the head look at Boris said : Your Majesty, I know that the Aksu Empire here situation, this time I will not adjust the armed forces from Aksu Empire here, but is getting more and more anxious along with the frontline there war, later this accent armed forces feared that cannot avoid, therefore asked Your Majesty here also to be a guest of the preparation, needed any commodity to tell me that I can other person place of move to you, Boris nodded said : well, invited mister feel relieved, my Aksu Empire certainly full coordination, my Aksu Empire can wrong one time, but cannot absolutely in wrong second time., Invited mister feel relieved.” Zhao Hai selected has selected said : so well, the here matter ended, I must go to Rosen Empire there, was not saying with Your Majesty.”, Boris has stood, bows said : Boris to thank mister to Zhao Hai in here, I and mister was the enemy, mister can also not count the past animosity helped us before, this made me deeply feel guilty, invited mister feel relieved, Aksu Empire certainly for these time with Aksu Empire strove to the war.”, Zhao Hai returned salute said : Your Majesty to be too polite to Boris, I and Your Majesty contradiction, but was our Human Race own contradiction, but these time was actually relationship to the Ark Continent life and death, how Zhao Hai can this time, no matter Aksu Empire, Aksu Empire belongs to the Continent rear now, I hope that Your Majesty can manage well this rear, provided some help for the front officers.” Boris said : asked mister feel relieved, Boris to know how the friend did.” Zhao Hai then nodded, to a Boris ritual, turn around left the imperial palace, he must go to Rosen Empire. Zhao Hai prepares from Rosen Empire and Lyon Empire there adjusts some soldiers to enter Buddha Empire, Buddha Empire by cavalry hear Bing, but Rosen Empire is actually well-known by Heavy Armor Infantry, Lyon Empire is well-known by Magic Beast Cavalry, Rosen Empire soldier Gueux very defends a city, naturally, field operation is not bad, but Lyon Empire these Magic Beast Cavalry, Buddha Empire there also happen to serves a need.

Zhao Hai sometime did not have returned to Rosen Empire here, although he enrolls now is Lyon Empire King, but Zhao Hai has not wanted to work as this King, moreover he every time sees Rosen Empire King, is as son-in-law, impression of old King to Zhao Hai has been also good. Zhao Hai these time to Rowson imperial palace here, is catching up with old King they to hold the conference in imperial palace there, said naturally matter about Demon Race. Was discussing, some outside suddenly court eunuches reported that Zhao Hai came, King and Lando they were startled, thinks that frontline has had an accident, immediately/on horseback said : made him come in quickly.” After Zhao Hai enters the room, immediately/on horseback they salutes to King and Lando, King look at Zhao Hai said : what's the matter Little Hai? Demon did there have an accident? Shouldn't, by your strength, impossible Demon Race just come demon there to be broken through? Had an accident?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Father-in-law, is this, frontline there does not have the matter, method that so long as we must change only in Accra Mountain clinging to tenaciously, but is the preparation in Buddha Empire there with ambush successively, I just had looked for Continent several big races Patriarch, has said to Boris, this time asked the father-in-law to the father-in-law do not say one, when I will adjust some soldiers in Rosen Empire here possibly.” King nodded said : this not to have issue, I also thought that in Accra Mountain there arrangement defense line, some were extremely passive, now is just right, happen to can wield the Cavalry superiority in Buddha Empire, but defends a city also has us, my here prepares, you must adjust many soldiers, momentarily.”, Zhao Hai smiles said :well, had father-in-law saying my feel relieved, I cannot remain in here, but must go to frontline, the there also has plenty matter wanted me to process. ”, Old King nodded said : „you are my son-in-law, I will certainly support you, was good, you go busily, our here you do not need to be worried, must in frontline there lesson well one these demon bastards.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to ask father-in-law feel relieved to be good.” Old King satisfied nod said : of was right, Lizzy and Megan these two girls? You are upon the jump daily, her person how? They cannot help, might as well lets his returned to here, avoid adds to the chaos to you.” Zhao Hai forced smile said :, father-in-law, this is really not good, they may not have to add to the chaos to me, instead to help me a lot, army that now my under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature compose depends entirely on their command(er), their two wrestle to wield goes to war is very fierce.”, Old King and Lando one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, old King puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : you were said that you did let Lizzy and Megan come command(er) these Undead Creature? Really?”, Zhao Hai smiles said : „my to dare to deceive you, naturally real, Megan and Lizzy command(er) these Undead Creature have carried on several times to fight, especially in Sea Race, helping Mermaid Race defeat Sea Dragon Race, they are the merit are not young, now and Demon Race to the war, I is just thinking lets their command(er) these Undead Creature army, if makes them come back now, that for me, the loss was too big.”, Old King laughs said : well, good, but also has not thought really these two girls really have such skill, good, that lets them with you, but your youngster may listen to me, must assure their securities.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Father-in-law feel relieved, I will.”! ~ Novel reading downloading performs in Chinese net renews the quick novel more: