Zhao Hai look at is floating Bubble that flutters in own front, this fellow although cannot see any expression ”, but Zhao Hai can actually feel his proud appearance. However Zhao Hai very happyhas not haggled over with Bubble now, because of the technique of Bubble finally learn Fire Refining, moreover in many plants with Space has performed the experiment, effect also very good also in other wordsBubble now can carry on refining to that lotus, Zhao Hai also really wants to know ”, if Bubble real refining that lotus, what pleasant surprise that lotus will have given him. Zhao Hai look at proud Bubble, snort|hum said : happy anything, has not worked, the quick point that lotus, in all thing including that pool, gave you refining, if built up badly, looked how I tidied up you.” Bubble does not fear Zhao Hai very much, he is very intelligent, he knows that Zhao Hai although normally is very ominous to him ”, but is really not what kind of him, but he also knows that Zhao Hai cares about that lotus really very much, if will spoil that Zhao Hai certainly to be angry that lotus really ”. although said that Bubble normally looks like, but he has recognized Zhao Hai give priority to after all now, therefore the relative importance of matter he knows. Bubble has complied with one, turn around ran up to having been putting in lotus that pool, then a revolution, lotus in that pool vanished, Zhao Hai to is not surprised, he knows that Bubble[ body] in can save thing, wants to come him certainly to save him lotus[ body], refining slowly. Zhao Hai makes Bubble come, careful looked Bubble[ body] in looked, Bubble[ body] in a small steam bubble, lotus in inside, Zhao Hai was nodding, look at Bubble said : Bubble has remembered, this lotus must refine well, cannot have any mistake ”, moreover must remembermust refining with every effort, to completely refining, understand? ” Bubble complied with said : is, Young Master feel relieved, I will complete.” Zhao Hai then nodded, turn around entered in the villa, now he various countries' King has hit to call, finally Lyon Empire therehis simply did not greet, there was his kingdom, although is only nominal ” the words that but Zhao Hai said that these Great Noble do not dare neglecting a little, not only because of the Zhao Hai strength, because also Zhao Hai now is various countries' common ally, if they dare a littlethat they to leave to Zhao Hai neglecting refuse stubbornly far. Zhao Hai also makes them prepare, he will possibly come here to transfer, simultaneously release some Magic Beasthave made Lyon Empire Magic Beast Cavalry again establishes, moreover was stronger than before. Zhao Hai just came back in Lyon Empire there explain/transfer, Bubble told him, he has been able refining these plants, therefore has not entered the villa Zhao Hai to the present.

Just entered villaZhao Hai to see that Ryan of face smiling face is speaking in Berry, but Lizzy they also sat in side, several people were directing to the screen, probably was discussing any Battle Formation and so on. Hears the gate sound, how many people turn the head to look that was Zhao Hai came back, immediately has stood, welcomed, Zhao Hai look at how many person of appearances, understanding smiled, raised at heart a warm feeling, how many person of said : did he to What happened? research leave what new Battle Formation with a smile?,” Lizzy smiles said : that to have is so easy these time introduced to Berry and Ryan Elder Sister situation in Space, Elder Brother Hai, after I prepare to let Ryan Elder Sister , the work in Spacelike this was also good to her body, moreover what matter there is, we can also discuss, do you look? ” Zhao Hai nodded said : these matters you to decide well, did not need to ask me, right Ryan, you later help Laura, Lizzy and Megan not suitable handle these matters, can help Laura, only then you present Continent war in, this material distribution, how mixed these issues, must complete, a Laura person somewhat unbearably busy ” the two days did not have what major battleLizzy they also to help, two days have gone to war, Lizzy they commanding a war, the matter that therefore this commodity mixed, can only give you with Laura. ”, Ryan immediately/on horseback said :, good Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, I will help Laura is mixing these commodities. ” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Berry, knows said : slightly, Berry, you want to stay in Space with them, wants to go out with me? If you want to stay in Space, oneself look for a matter to do, avoid being bored, to go out with me, that has followed side me.” Berry quickly said:, I several Elder Sister am busy my matter not compensating you with youin Space, your normally must make anything, but must begin, I with you, you had any matter I to consider, this was also just I we reached an agreement with Lizzy Elder Sister. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that as you like, now is the demon there situation what kind of?” Lizzy immediately/on horseback said : demon there to does not have what situation, but Dwarf Race there has gathered the army, you looked when makes them move into to demon there.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : your mister Billy Patriarch wait a moment my immediately/on horseback went to say with General Bass, making him give Dwarf Race independent arrangement camp, the present is Human Race and Dwarf Race first cooperation, this aspect must be careful that a point was good. ”

Lizzy selected has selected said : well, I informed Billy Patriarch, Sister Berry you with Zhao Hai, Elder Brother Hai depended entirely on you to look in outside, the matter that several of us must be busy at was really too many, the present situation you also saw, therefore can only look after Elder Brother Hai by you. ” Berry quickly said: Elder Sister feel relieved I will certainly look after good Elder Brother Hai. ”, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile has not said anything, actually he compared to be familiar with Meg to take care of him, because before , was Meg has taken care of him, he had anything to be familiar with Meg to be clear, but Meg is also helping Laura handle the matter that these commodities mixed now, busy being heavily engaged, naturally was impossible to take care of him. But Berry obvious is not interested in the matter in this aspect very much, that made her with good, they came out from Space, directly soar General's Residence. Bass was also worried now that he only knows Zhao Hai foughtthen returned to outside the city to enter in the Bone Dragon body to rest Demon Race these people, Bass don’t know Zhao Hai and Demon Race how fought to the endZhao Hai injured, if Zhao Hai has been injured, then regarding themwas an attack of ten partitioning lives. Now looks at Zhao Hai to come, side also with a pretty woman, this at heart cannot help but loosen, but he was immediately/on horseback welcomes has come up said : mister to come, quick please come in, does not know that mister with the Demon Race beforehand fight, carried on how?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be smooth, has not taken the too big advantage, has not actually eaten anything to owe, is one tie this Demon Race fighting strength to is really not weak, this time hit generalto the general say a matter. ” Bass quickly said:, Asked mister to tell.” Zhao Hai smiles said : general to be too polite, is far from anything to tell, but said one to the general, general several days must prepare three camp, the quicker the better, a while has some Dwarf Race people to arrive at demon here, helping our common tackled Demon Race several days have some Elephant clansman and Elven Race person, I want to ask you to arrange three relatively quite independent camp, enabling the people of their three clans to rest well, and has remembered, to disturb them, this after various we and clans will cooperate, very heavy must. ” Bass one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, the great happiness, he is very clear, although on Continent everywhere said now that various clans are willing to resist Demon Race with their together, but have not dispatched troops various clans to the present after all, therefore the people have not been serious, the people of this various clans arrive, horse equal to inflates to the people, lets people understand, various clans are are not cracking a joke, they will dispatch troops to resist Demon Race, this regarding the influence of morale is very big.

although Zhao Hai does not have understand, but Bass also knows that these different race people areBass that Zhao Hai invited really have not certainly thoughtZhao Hai will really have such big face, please this help to different race unexpectedly, this was the big good deed, his quickly said: mister feel relieved my immediately arranges. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the Elven Race person many to take fruits and green vegetables they do not eat the meat as food ”, therefore in material distribution, must pay attention to this point, but Beastman Race actually very much likes eating the meat, but also in Dwarf Race and Beastman Race very good liquor, prepares some to them, if no, told me that I will move to you. ” Bass quickly said: Yes, mister, I have taken down, will not harm the mister matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to remember, Elven Race camp cleans is cleaner, these Elven Race people like cleanly,” said one to the following these soldiers, like not looking at monster look at they, Dwarf Race and Beastman Race temperament is not quite good, the Elven Race temperament not necessarily is also good to breaking to pieces, when the time comes do not hit not to be easy to do. ” Bass quickly said: Yes, invited mister feel relieved, I arranged certainly.”, Zhao Hai nodded, look at outside sky, sighed said : I to Your Majesty our demon here will have constrained Demon Race as far as possible, but Your Majesty theywill arrange the second defense line in demon behind, after the people in Empire withdrew ”, we must turn into a giant battlefield entire Buddha Empire, a giant mire, I must make Demon Race fall to this mire. Bass one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes has cannot help but projected hatred said : well, mister invited feel relieved, I will arrange, was only as the matter stands, our Buddha Empire destroyed.” Zhao Hai sighed lightly said : has destroyed is the Buddha Empire land, so long as the Buddha Empire person, sooner or later one day, we will snatch here, the light is thinking defended the land useless such only to make our soldier white white sacrificeremember ”, no matter whentalented person is most important. ”! ~!