The demon here average person almost withdrew, the although has plenty army enters, has to be filled up with, therefore Bass has arranged quickly three on the other hand very independent region, has divided into three independent camp there. Moreover Bass has conveyed a message ” the Dwarf Race army to enter the city over the two days, making in the city these people do not provoke them, must know temperament that Dwarf puts not good, but on Continent became famous. However this information passes on, the entire demon was actually instantaneously, the demon here person was the same with the idea of Bass, although before the legend on Continent, said that Dwarf Race and other big General different race and Human Race formed the alliance, common tackled Demon Race, but such long time passed, had not actually seen that Dwarf and Elven Race sent out the army to help, therefore the people on Continent also think that this was sound of the wind/rumor that major Empire release came, for the calm and steady Zhao Hai mood, actually has not thought ofamong suddenly several big different race on to. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them is anything responded, after Bass arranges camp, Zhao Hai also specially brought Berry to go to camp there to look, presently after there does not have what issue, Zhao Hai was then leading Berry leave Demon Capital City, to outside the city not far away, then opened Space rift, received the Dwarf Race person. What Dwarf Race this leading is an elder, Zhao Hai believes that the name Yari Chinese of this elder, he is in Dwarf Race a quite young elder, normally and Zhao Hai relationship is also good. The Yari Chinese from Space, has bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister, we came, this time we altogether came a fifty thousand soldier, 10,000 Iron Armor Beast.” After Zhao Hai returns a courtesy, smiles said : well, this thanks a lot you, come, follows me, camp has arranged to you, you rest first well.” The Yari Chinese nodded turn around to go according to these armies that brings exclusive, these that comes are in Dwarf Race the most outstanding soldier, each of them is bringing War Hammer, the body puts on iron armor everyone also iron shield, besides these, each of them's body is also bringing several small hatchet, that is used for long-distance attack. Before long a fifty thousand team has gathered10,000 Iron Armor Beast also to prepareZhao Hai to look at these Dwarf Race one, shows a faint smile said : brothers, our immediately must go to the battlefield this these years, our first time makes the war with Human Race together, they somewhat will possibly be startled will gather round us to look, no big deal, they are curious, the time of when truly hitting, we will let have, if some people that they are surprised dare to ridicule you, did not need the tube they to punch them one in saying first, everyone/Great Clan with me! ” Zhao Hai with these Dwarf speeches is this, therefore these Dwarf were also used to it, one hear of Zhao Hai said that loudly called the sound well then to walk toward Demon Capital City with Zhao Hai, walked curiously while sized up all around, this point cannot blame them, they too long time did not have leave Dwarf Iron Mountain, naturally look at here thing was curious.

The quick large unit approached Demon Capital City, the demon there people present Zhao Hai their soldier, because has depending on the service in the body, therefore and can only stand in own position, elongated neck curiously, but these risks actually do not use the tube these much, their each and every one ran from in the city came out curious look at these Dwarf, but nobody said anything, their very clearthese Dwarf, but Zhao Hai met personally, really what if they dare to speak irresponsibly, Zhao Hai will be will not let off their. These adventurers very much fear Zhao Hai actually, Zhao Hai vicious and mercilessone night the Aksu Empire several hundred thousand armies turning into Undead Creaturethis is not everyone does on Continent may go out. Therefore these adventurers are only curious look at these Dwarf, has not actually been irresponsible in word and deedZhao Hai is very satisfied regarding this situation, he received their camp there Dwarf Race, then led the Yari Chinese to see Bass, after all, he impossible daily, when Bass and megaphone of Yari Chinese, had any matter to want their direct communicate. The Yari Chinese with Zhao Hai to General's Residence, Bass welcomed, he looked at one curiouslythen to their gave a salute, the straight sea shows a faint smile said : to him General Bass, I give you to introduce, this is the Dwarf Race elder Yari Chinese, the Yari Chinese, this is General Bass, is Buddha Empire now in the demon garrison troops general.” Yari and Bass mutual gave a salute, Zhao Hai was then good we to go to say to their said :. ” Three people entered doing of General's Residence to fight the hall. In the hall the pendulum was bewitched nearby topographic diagram, Zhao Hai before the map, points at map said : present demon here is being copes with Demon Race most frontline, Demon Race is constructing the city now, but they also had Magician, believes that soon this city will construct, moreover I think that Demon Racealthough of God Rank Expert appears on Continent will possibly say the side carried together Continent here to have the Space Method restraint, their God Rank Expert cannot come to be too many, impossible on the Ark Continent here dull too long time ”, so long as were God Rank Expert, our troubles also on. Dwarf Race came now, I give the order of Dwarf Race, only then, you must in the shortest time, how many dig out from the demon to the outside the city tunnel, width that enough the depth that must dig, meanwhile must dig, suffices to be long, this is our escape routes, what kind of? Yari Chinese. ”, The Yari Chinese nodded said : this not to abandon the issue, gave us to be OK, your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded, this turns the head you to coordinate Dwarf Race to Bass said : these tunnels is very really important regarding us well, if Demon Race God Rank Expert came, your immediately from these tunnel leave, remaining I tries to find the solution. ” Bass nodded said : mister feel relieved, I know how should do, you do not need to be worried.”, Zhao Hai noddedturns the head to Yari Chinese said :, „the Yari Chinese, you also restrain Dwarf Race, often do not begin, this time war relationship to entire Ark Continent, the major races needs alliance get up, if you come up to fight against these people, then regarding the later cooperation very disadvantageous. ” The Yari Chinese nodded said : feel relieved I to arrange, this time we are cope with Demon Race, may not come to go to war with Human Race. ”, Zhao Hai noddedturns the head look at Bass said : Bass you also to restrain that these mercenary and adventurers, do not make them go too far, if they go too far, do not say Dwarf Race, will be I will not let off their. ”

Bass nodded, he also knows that this is the important matter, time that now entire Continent must unite, if these fellows dare to go too far, Zhao Hai will not be lenient. Zhao Hai looked at their said : Dwarf Race this tunnel of digging, the entrance wanted very secretive to be good, do not let person present entrance easily, best was we withdrew do not make them find, like this, if we counter-attacked, can use these tunnels, understand? ” The Yari Chinese selected has selected said : understand, feel relieved, I know how to do.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, the Yari Chinese, you goes back to rest first, tomorrow in starting to work I to go to outside the city to have a look, Bass, your here also makes the person who these defend a city pay attention to a point, this several days possible Elven Race person also meets, Space that under all their these time comes, lets the person carefully. ” Bass also nodded said : well, mister invited feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nods, to Yari Chinese said :, „ walks, I deliver you to go back, while convenient in giving some of your liquor, lets big guy happy happy well. The Yari Chinese laughs said : that sentiment to be good, this time we do not have Ping liquor, is waiting for your liquor.” Zhao Hai laughs, the pulling Yari Chinese went out of General's Residence. Bass look at Zhao Hai and back of Yari Chinesehe now some understand, why these different race so were looking pensive good with Zhao Hai relationship, because Zhao Hai simply has not regarded any different race these different race, he has regarded ordinary Human Race these different race, without point specially ordinary Human Raceis such simple. However truly saying is easy, can achieve few ” the people on Continent have actually been used to the mentality of that keeping aloof, they look down upon different race, they more look down upon different race, these different race naturally more cannot have a liking for them, both sides do not like anyone, was naturally impossible to have anything to cooperate.

Bass sighed, turn around returned to has made the fighting room, to be honest, he also looks down upon one in these different race people, but this Zhao Hai was raised one to awake by him, now the situation was different, cannot look down upon different race. Zhao Hai returned to their camp the Yari Chinese, then has left behind many liquor, this returned to outside the cityother living materials have not needed him to worry, Bass has arranged , compared to appreciate Bass regarding this Zhao Hai. These Demon Race people who Zhao Hai look at distant place bustled about, sighed, he wants to call really all Undead Creature, then killed directly, but Zhao Hai knows that such is not goodpresent Demon Race there definitely to have Expert to do to sit, if although Zhao Hai came all Undead Creature release, he in the population can certainly these Demon Race people ”, but Zhao Hai does not think that these Demon Race people have not prepared, they dare such flagrant constructing city, certain had the completely safe preparation, was he attack, feared that will be will not obtain to be good. Moreover Zhao Hai suspected now that opposite party there will possibly have God Race Expert to sit, but their all consider for the fortification now ”, therefore these God Rank Expert have not begun. Reason that Zhao Hai will have such idea , because he has thought a person, this person is not othersDemon Dragon King, Cai'er gives in his information, this Demon Dragon King material are not quite many, in fact in Demon Realm there, so long as is the God Rank Expert information, Cai'er here acquired is not many, these God Rank Expert very mysterious. But this Demon Dragon King is in Demon Realm very low-key Expert, some of he strong strengths, Cai'er and don’t know, but Zhao Hai actually felt that ” this Demon Dragon King is God Rank Expert.! ~!