although Zhao Hai has not fought with that Demon Dragon King, but Zhao Hai has the feeling of this ju, he felt that Demon Dragon King is God Rank Expert, this feeling does not talk clearly, but Zhao Hai has this feeling, this is the reason that Zhao Hai does not dare to act rashly. But Zhao Hai also believes that Demon Dragon King feared also felt his strength, therefore that talent not in one vigorous effort overran to Demon Capital City to come directly, it seems like both sides mutually dreaded. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ If opposite party, only then Demon Dragon King this kind of ExpertZhao Hai will be impolite, he will certainly begin to Demon Dragon King, but now looks like the opposite party and not only Demon Dragon King this God Rank Experton the feeling of Zhao Hai, opposite party camp there minimum has five God Rank Expertfive God Rank Expert, Zhao Hai does not dare to act unreasonably, if he also dares to attack, certainly will be besieged by five God Rank Expert, even if he does not dare, but he is impossible to defeat the opposite party, if the opposite party does not hesitate really all attacks demon here, Other people's all plans must fail. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Why does not attack them as for the opposite party, Zhao Hai somewhat did not trace certainly, was the opposite party just arrived at Ark Continent heresome not to adapt from Demon Realm? ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Actually these time also really by Zhao Hai guessing right, the opposite party is because just arrived Ark Continent hereappears very does not adapt, therefore does not have to attack Zhao Hai. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Ark Continent here has Law of Space, God Rank Expert did not pass enters here too long time, way that their this breaking Space entered specially, was the limit of has plenty, the strength is stronger, the limit was also bigger ”, therefore after Demon Race these Expert to Ark Continent here, had some too did not adapt, their strengths cannot 100% wielded. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Because of this, is therefore adding on the Zhao Hai strength to be placed in there, these Undead Creature, this lets Demon Dragon King to Zhao Hai dreading, therefore does not have to attack demon here. ~~~~~

~~~~~ Berry stood in Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai you do not need too to be worriedDemon Realm there this time attacked Ark Continent, although population extremely numerous ”, but before a short time cannot all comeme, heard some of their plansthey must look for several God Rank Expert to assume personal command to here probably, first got up the urban construction, then in attack Ark Continent bit by bit ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Zhao Hai nodded said : this I also to look, how many God Rank Expert but do they have to assume personal command? Since they have God Rank Expert to assume personal command, why doesn't attack demon here?” Please remember our websites: You read renew Berry to smile said : quickly that easily not, although had God Rank Expert to sit, but I was heard these God Rank Expert after entering with Ark Continent here probably, will have some time to need to adapt well, otherwise was impossible to wield they 100% fighting strength ” . Moreover the time of this adaptation was not short, therefore they can keep Ark Continent here truly, wielded 0% hundred fighting strength time very not to be long, we can certainly very past. ” Zhao Hai frowns said : „I am shy Demon Realm there, if has plenty God Rank Expert, then they in turn attack Ark my 6 here, we troubled.” Berry one hear of Zhao Hai said that also knit the brows said : this to arrive is an issue I knows, our Demon Realm such God Rank Expert has many, if they attackthat really in turn also are really very troublesome. ” Zhao Hai sighed. Was mad said : looks like we must the quick start plan, Space there has saved many herbal medicine now, but wanted to promote to Prairie that God Rank needed really many 9th level Expert, in adding on these herbal medicine lived long time to be too long, in herbal medicine to present Space can also promote God Rank 9th level Expert largest, was too slow. ” Please remember our websites: Before you read renews Zhao Hai, quickly in Universal Machine there presently cross to be able 9th level Expert to promote to God Rank Potion, at that time he noted to have these herbal medicine, that this herbal medicine needs many levels to plant, had not actually looked quantity that herbal medicine needs. Afterward waited for Cai'er to start to plant these herbal medicineZhao Hai then presently, to promote 9th level Expert to the herbal medicine quantity that God Rankneeded is very astonishing, but these herbal medicine planted the request extremely numerous, just liked says the ginseng, before Zhao Hai when played the gameginseng is also divided into several seasons, can receive good several times, but the ginseng in Space is now different, this ginseng in Space had a season ”, moreover planted a ginseng, on needs about hundred mu Farming Groundon these hundred mu Farming Ground unable in type other's thing, most important was., Plants after the ginseng gets down, was unable like other plantstype not to need to manage, after the ginseng plants gets down, the land becomes love very does, results in the look at watering, because the land does, ginseng although will not die ”, but will actually stop life form, therefore in Space the ginseng that wants ginseng one to suit the Potion use, is not that easy. Please remember our websites: Quickly what you read renew most important was, made one to promote God Rank Expert Potion, the ginseng that needs was not one two, 81, this was only the quantity of ginsenghas not included other thing. If wants to make Potion, is only Prairie needs more than 100 kinds, each one type of very difficult type, in these Prairie has some are on Earth, some were Zhao Hai afterward were acquired, looked like Vajra Fruit is the same, Vajra Fruit was also onamot Prairie, but the quantity, were more than ginseng. Please remember our websites: You read the quickest renewal because had this all sorts of limits ”, therefore has not promoted the Green teams Zhao Hai to the present to God Rank Expert, because of in hand now herbal medicine quantity, just sufficed to raise promoted into a person is God Rank Expert. Therefore regarding Zhao Hai, is the time that now he needs, so long as the time is sufficient, he can promote God Rank large quantities of 9th level Expert, when the time comes no matter faced the energy that Demon Racehe one fought facing God Race. Please remember our websites: You read the quickest renewal to make Zhao Hai not dare with reason also one that the Demon Race person went all out, was existence of God Race, now teaches country there more lane more mysterious brightly, Zhao Hai was unable to go to there scout, butZhao Hai has not actually relaxed regarding their dreading. When God Race these fellows come, Zhao Hai don’t knowwhat plan they have, Zhao Hai also don’t know, therefore Zhao Hai does not dare to go all out with Demon Race these people, he feared, if went all out finally to lose with Demon Race these fellows reallyis too big, can God Race these fellows come, he was incapable of resisting.

Please remember our websites: You read renew although Zhao Hai to save quickly have made the God Race person divert the idea of Demon Race, but God Race there did not have the sound now, this instead to was makes Zhao Hai dread, therefore Zhao Hai is thinking must make into a giant battlefield in Buddha Empire, making Demon Race not have the means full advancement, so long as they did not have the means full advancement, thinks that what must attack teaches countrywhen the time comes God Race these fellows not to have brightly to move not the line. Berry one hear of Zhao Hai said that can promote 9th level Expert to God Rank Potion, she extremely in being startledyesterday Cai'er introduced with her many herbal medicine, know regarding this matter Berry. However Berry somewhat embarrassed look at Zhao Hai, in a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai, I am 9th level Succubus, our Succubus clan after the marriage, the strength will obtain very big promotion.”, Please remember our websites: You read quickest renewal then Berry to blush downward were not saying, Zhao Hai looked at the Berry appearance, changed mind one to want on understand the meaning of Berry. Berry was 9th level Expert, if she has now married, her strength will obtain very big promotion, may very much becomes God Rank Expert, thought of here Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one brightly. Please remember our websites: You read renew the marriage that his understand Berry said certainly quickly are any meaning, although Berry must marry Zhao Hai nowZhao Hai also recognize her status, but they have not actually consummated a marriage, in other words they did not have to be the true marriage. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Berry said :, real?” Berry shy nod, Zhao Hai laughing said : suddenly that also waits for anything, walks.” The pulling Berry flashes body entered Space, but this time he has not gone to the living room in villa, but was directly to the villa in his room. Please remember our websites: You read renew Berry also to know that quickly then must live anything, but she did not have point rebel, but lowered the headface red standing in there, such was more charming. Please remember our websites: You read renew the Zhao Hai look at Berry appearance quickly, has held up her hand gently, deep voice said : Berry, has sorry, now the situation is urgent, I did not have the too much time to hold the wedding, therefore can only put in great inconvenience you.” ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Berry looked up Zhao Hai one, shook the head said : not to be suffering from injustice, Elder Brother Hai it doesn't matterI did not care, so long as you made me become your wife were really good. ”, ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Zhao Hai look at Berry, in a soft voice said : silly girl.”, Said Zhao Hai slowly drew the Zhao Hai bosom Berry, gently has kissed one in her forehead. ” Berry actually gently closed the eye, Zhao Hai has then kissed her eye one, then walked her nose, her earher neck...... ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Berry felt that the lip of Zhao Hai brings giant electric current, the lip of Zhao Hai to live to bump into her probably, probably had electric current to flow in her body, let her body unconscious hemp, moved unable to move, a strength did not have two everyday serializesOx Pipi floating astronomy site hundred degree celsius direct search then Zhao Hai gently towed the Berry clothes, his mouth was still kissing on the body of Berry, finally his mouth contained with the tongue that a delightful cherryhe has kept is provoking that cherry, let that cherry stiffening slowly, became delightful. everyday serializesOx Pipi floating astronomy site hundred degree celsius direct search then Those who most make the Zhao Hai shed few is relenting ison the Berry cherry a unexpectedly really have very delightful flavor, making him want to stop but cannot, Zhao Hai could not bear with the tooth has nipped lightly, but in his ear has also transmitted Berry chanted the sound tenderly, that sound increased Zhao Hai. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ The tongue of Zhao Hai is wavering on the Berry mountain peak, ” he also contained another cherry from this mountain peak to that mountain peak, after biting one lightly next, his mouth vacillation upward slowly, to the mouth of Berry, tongue light bucklehas then curled upwards the mandibular joint of Berryto pester together with the tongue of Berry, they also lying down slowly to the bed on, the intention of Zhao Hai moved, his transformation clothing/taking, already automatic was separated from his, ~~~~~ ~~~~~ After Chapter 700 marries,...... ~~~~~ ~~~~~