Whom Chapter 701 first does raise? When Zhao Hai and Berry true merging into one organic whole, Zhao Hai felt that Berry within the body transmits a ten huge suction, but Zhao Hai energy actually by control emerging of frantic to the body of Berry, Zhao Hai complexion does not change, but he presently now is to withdraw is impossible. To the strength of his within the body almost by the Berry extinction, suddenly instead feeds in a strength from Berry within the body, this strength very formidable, but actually Wen He, enters to Zhao Hai within the body, integration slowly to the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai presently his strength compared with originally unexpectedly, moreover energy of his within the body was probably purer. Zhao Hai cannot help but pleasantly surprised look at Berry, Berry now is actually tightly closes one's eyes, her head actually in calm automatic, slowly is fluctuating, then center her forehead, suddenly sticks out suddenly a glare, that light very strong, Zhao Hai has to close the eye, when he felt that glare weakens, in opens the eye, actually presently on the Berry forehead unexpectedly appears scrap Crystal same thing, this Crystal same thing is becomes the diamond, is flashing blue radiance, very beautiful. Zhao Hai could not direct to kiss one in that diamond, but Berry was actually the tender body lightly trembles, one has opened the eye, face charming look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has kissed one on that Crystal, the body of Berry is one trembled lightly, cannot bear recited one tenderly, Zhao Hai actually like was present any new and odd toy, wanted several on that Crystal, stirred up Berry again and again shouted tenderly, this let off her, but another play actually just started...... From now on, Zhao Hai lies on the bed, Berry breathes heavily lightly is digging up on the chest of Zhao Hai, in a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai, I really have become God Rank Expert.” Zhao Hai chuckle said : I know that has not thought , your Succubus clan really also has such ability, was too great.” Berry charmingly angry said : that is so easy, our Succubus clan although has regulation, if some people can escape from our Spiritual Attack, must marry him, is this regulation is regulation, how at heart to think is actually a different matter, if we are not willing to marry him, even if were exempts compels to marry to him, married later although also to promote some strengths, will not actually promote these many, but if we were wish of sincerity marry him, after that marriage, the strength will be increased many.” Zhao Hai one hear of Berry said that cannot help but smiles said : to say you were wish of sincerity marry me? HaHaHa, it seems like I am very attractive.” Berry does not depend on hit Zhao Hai two lightly, Zhao Hai actually turning over sat, grasped Berry, stirred up Berry calling out in alarm, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to walk, we took a bath.” Said that holds Berry to walk toward bathroom.

Each in the room of villa has a bathroom, there can also regard the bathroom to use, moreover area is not small, inside is also putting a big bathtub, can direct release warm spring water. After they have taken a bath, this returned to on the bed, well has rested, thinks that Zhao Hai and Berry wore the clothes to come out from in the room, came out to see that Lizzy they were in the living room look at demon outside situation. Several people looked that Zhao Hai and Berry come out from in the room, is ambiguous looked at their one eyes, Megan has congratulated Sister Berry to blinking said : of Berry adjustment skin, it seems like you really became God Rank Expert.” Berry by the face that Megan teased one red, lowers the head does not speak, the Megan look at Berry appearance, cannot help but smiles said : Berry, had anything to be quite shy, in any case you are the Elder Brother Hai wife, all right.” Nearby Zhao Hai look at facial expression somewhat dim Ryan, showed a faint smile said : to be good, now is outside situation what kind of? What matter has?” Was saying while has arrived in living room, sat Ryan side. Ryan looked that Zhao Hai such does, cannot help but slightly stares, then immediately/on horseback complexion one red, lowered the head, the Lizzy look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile said : not to have what situation, the Demon Race person still to construct the city in there, Dwarf Race started dig saying that they were really fierce, quick that the tunnel dug, and has made concealing in cave entrance there, could not look from outside simply.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these years they are has been doing this, naturally was familiar and easy, was all right well, now we must do constrained Demon Race in here, I to have a look, God Race these fellows can endure how long.” Lizzy knit the brows said : God Race there not to have the sound, what wicked scheme also don’t know is hitting, Elder Brother Hai, you said how many armies God Race these time will send to get down?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to say certainly, the army can send many my don’t know, but this is God Rank Expert must certainly have, they had have made God Rank Expert get down the experience of fight, therefore these time also will certainly send God Rank Expert to get down, moreover perhaps also will have the means to make these God Rank Expert many keeps some time on Continent.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the brow of Lizzy wrinkles was tighter, her deep voice said : „, if really this, our troubles on even bigger.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he then shows a faint smile said : also not necessarily the light is our trouble, do not forget, Demon Race appears in too suddenly, not only we are caught off guard, I think that God Race certainly somewhat is also caught off guard, they wanted to cope with us before, now were also many Demon Race, Demon Race appears , they have no alternative but to consider that after all Demon Race fighting strength is not weak, so long as God Race appears , I believe regarding us, the aspect will be better.” Lizzy sighed said : hope so.” At this time a sound of footsteps transmitted, Laura, Meg also had Ni'er straight, on their faces brought weary look, Zhao Hai to stand hastily, moved forward to meet somebody, pulling Laura hand said : what kind of? Very tired? If too tired, rest, should not be exhausted oneself.” Laura smiles Elder Brother Hai that said : is all right to Zhao Hai gently, you do not need to be worried about me, what was just saying?” After the Zhao Hai pulling three people sit down, said : „was just was saying that the God Race matter, God Race there always does not have the sound now, I suspected that they want to wait for us to put together a mutual wounds, but we, if has blocked the attack of Demon Race in Buddha Empire here, that Demon Race will certainly go to attack to teach the country brightly, when the time comes God Race does not want to move is not good.” Laura nodded said : actually not only also this, if Demon Race has not gone to teach country's of really brightly, we attack teach the country brightly, when the time comes I think that God Race will certainly have the response.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought of this point, one hear of Laura said that his cannot help but two eyes bright said : good, this method to is really good, if God Race really motionless, we go to him, I to must have a look, gave to pull out in Ark Continent here last Stronghold them, did they have the sound.” Then grievedly looked at Laura said : well, you did not need to worry about these matters, took a bath quickly, sleeping well, Meg was also, Ni'er, you went, outside the present also nothing, don't worry, crosses several days to fear that in any case was you wants to rest does not have the means.” Laura complied with one with a smile, turn around walked, Zhao Hai looked at the screen, outside truly did not have what situation, they to rest in there, these Undead Creature also stood in there is motionless. Zhao Hai sighed, turns the head their said : you also earlier to rest to Lizzy, I had a look to in the city, Dwarf Race just came, to look at this time, Elven Race feared that was also almost must arrive, I went to have a look.”

Lizzy nodded, turns the head well to Zhao Hai said :, Elder Brother Hai, you add carefully, Demon Race these Expert, feared that will not let off easily your, after I want to undergo the contact of this twice, the Demon Race person definitely knew your fierce, if they all motions, each will cope your.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, I will not have the matter, said it, does not have Berry with me, but now Berry God Rank Expert, had our two God Rank Expert, will not have the matter, was right, I am having a matter to discuss that with you, currently in Space had many herbal medicine, can promote a person to God Rank, you said that we do want to promote to be good to God Rank whom first?” Lizzy thinks said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Elder Brother Hai, our first promotion should be Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, do not forget, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow is Divergent Warlock , if his these Doppelganger can also achieve God Rank, we certainly were many 1000 God Rank Expert, Elder Brother Hai, if can, we everyone not need to fear really like this.” Zhao Hai stares slightly, then immediately understand, right, Xu Wanying is Divergent Warlock , if he rose God Rank, his these Doppelganger can also promote God Rank? If his these Doppelganger also rose God Rank, they also had to fear anyone, even if were his these Doppelganger cannot promote 9th level, by the relations between Xu Wanying and these Doppelganger, they also compared with general God Rank Expert in many. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded said : well, that was Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow was good, this fellow nearest/recent in the Black Wasteland there help, it seems like it was the time is moving him.” Lizzy smiles said : past Black Wasteland there is too busy, now there arranged was similar, adjusts also well him, now makes Cai'er inform him, making his handle head matter process.” Zhao Hai nodded said : present Black Wasteland there is very busy, after all one must settle governs that many people , is not very easy, but well in these person also coordination, moreover various types of commodities very sufficient, therefore arranges not to need to take time, moreover Blockhead and Stone they also moved, earliest with my group of slaves, can manage a matter, what will move also should not to have matter Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow.” Lizzy nodded, stands got up said : to walk Elder Brother Hai, first makes that Potion, I have made Cai'er inform Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, wants to come him to arrive quickly.” ro! ~!