When Zhao Hai they arrived at Universal Machine there, Cai'er arrived at there, moreover adjusted these medicinal herbs, placed Universal Machine side. That pile of medicinal herbs of Zhao Hai look at ground, the ginseng, black, Snow Lotus, Vajra Fruit, these have everything expected to find . Moreover the same quantity are many, Zhao Hai look at these thing sighed. Air/Qi, such big pile of medicinal herbs, but can make Potion, Potion that also don’t know manufactures really what is, must divide several times to take. although thinks that Zhao Hai or said : start.” Cai'er has complied with one, runs, swept button on a Universal Machine, in Universal Machine immediately/on horseback has projected a white lightto cover these medicinal herbs, then these medicinal herbs slowly vanished. After waiting for these medicinal herbs complete disappearances, the Space prompt sound transmits said : processing to strengthen Potion, the time needed is 48 hours, needs gold coins 1 million, to deduct, please patiently wait.” Forced smile that Zhao Hai actually not bears, this Space also is really dies to ask for money, works to him, in must deduct 1 million gold coins unexpectedly, Zhao Hai not bears the extreme. The Cai'er look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but smiled got up said : Young Master, you did not need to worry, so long as the later level liter, you have been using Universal Machine not to use in the hua money.”, Zhao Hai forced smile said : that must wait till that year, my don’t know can I live the day.”, Zhao Hai one said that ” Lizzy they have smiled, they know certainly that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, Zhao Hai does not give up these gold coins, but Lizzy they are not Zhao Hai lack gold coins to be worried, thing that now in Space everyday produces, can buy a today's article digit, even if were Ark Continent here cannot digest, Zhao Hai can also sell to Space, although sold to the Space price to lower many ”, but Zhao Hai can actually from Space here direct had appears gold coins comes, first time saw that this situation Lizzy they were startled, they also really want to know, if Zhao Hai really these. gold coins puts the words that Ark Continent there goes, can one separate the system to give to ruin the Ark Continent there [gold/metal], fortunately, Zhao Hai very low key ” has almost gained in Ark Continent here in his Ark Continent here hua money, does not go too far. 48 hours, is two days, this Potion can do, Zhao Hai although is somewhat disappointed cannot immediately see Potion, but has not said anything, was leading people returned to in the villa. But Xu Wanying there although not possibly obtained the notice of Zhao Hai however in a short time the work oneself on hand on to connect with complete, the person who after all Black Wasteland there must be occupied by now were too many. Elven Race, Dwarf Race went to the place that Black Wasteland there Zhao Hai has given back to them to divide them to like, Dwarf Race is needless saying that now temporary living in account number, but they started to dig a holethey to want on the Iron Ring mountain to have a look at here also to have the iron ore, even if no iron ore, they also prepare to sit in cavern, because they have been used. But Elven Race has more troublesome they to be familiar in Tree of Life city there, but Black Wasteland here is impossible to have another now Tree of Life city, what most important is, Black Wasteland here comes compared with Elf Forest, in the winter must freeze them unable to live on the Iron Ring mountain, therefore can only move to the plain to come life form. However Zhao Hai has delimited specially, has given them the a piece place, prepares in the planting tree that there Ha Ha they brave greatly, quite lets live in there that they can feel at ease.

Black Wasteland here area although is very big, but is impossible to result in Dwarf Iron Mountain and Elf Forest, therefore Zhao Hai they in giving Elf selected location planting trees time appears difficult problem Black Wasteland did not have the too appropriate place. Finally this plan, has to stop, after Black Wasteland here, must receive the massive people, therefore Zhao Hai did not have the means to have a Elf clan to arrange hua city there finally, in making them go to be broken lives. hua city there area is very big and in Carrion Swamp, is far away from the crowd, can make a Elf clan have the security sense, but hua city there impossible secure to govern all Elven Race, finally Zhao Hai does not have the means that must make Cai'er area of hua city increased someto make Elven Race temporary in there live. This can only temporary, Zhao Hai is impossible to make them live in too long time in there, because hua city there has one with Demon Realm interlinked Space rift, Zhao Hai cannot let others presently these. However Elven Race to likes regarding hua city here very much, although has changed an environment, but here can everywhere a, moreover things to eat does not need to worry that Zhao Hai can promote to them, therefore they to are quick on to settle down. However Elven Race is not the race that can be peaceful, they after hua city there livespresently nothing, cannot everyday eat resting, rested has eaten? That inadequate pig, therefore they look like Zhao Hai to propose that a requestmust plant trees in Carrion Swamp. Zhao Hai does not have the means that has to comply, then arrived at Elf Forest there to tell the queen this matter, the queen to was immediately agreedhas prepared many seedlings to them, these seedlings all were Elven Race are commonly used. Now has planted trees in the nearby of hua city Elven Race to start, Zhao Hai has not prevented them, goes along with them, moreover this can also make Elven Race practice fighting strength while convenient. Now Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast although will not run up to Black Wasteland here to disturbZhao Hai not to subdue them, but Zhao Hai does not have this strength, but is he does not think that he wants to let these Magic Beast in there[ from] by comfortable life. Elven Race these time runs up to hua city there to go, if honest, naturally cannot meet attack ”, but they actually must run to plant trees, such these Magic Beast naturally not with their politeattack they cannot go to attack anyone, nearby adding on hua city that present may not have 9th level Expert, therefore these Magic Beast also enlivened getting upalthough not to dare to enter the hua city, however in the hua outside the city surface extension dares. Zhao Hai when arranged Elven Race to plant trees to say these Magic Beast matters to them, but Elven Race to has not cared, actuallythese Magic Beast sometimes also meets some attack Elven Race in Elf Forest also had some Magic Beast, therefore Elven Race although has lived in Elf Forest thereto is also, no matter absolute security.

Because has this and that matter, therefore Xu Wanying they have to help Green they handle these matters, every was shortreally has also processed not well. Universal Machine is processing Potion, Zhao Hai does not need tube ” the Xu Wanying also two days to seek, can Zhao Hai does not need tubethese Demon Race to look like half attack for a while, Zhao Hai did not use tubepresent Zhao Hai instead to is idle. Handled the Universal Machine matter, Zhao Hai has made Lizzy they rest, he led Berry to come out from Space, to Dwarf Race camp. Dwarf Race although is digging a hole, but digs a hole also has more than enough that many people, they main digging a hole is command(er) Iron Armor Beast is also digging a hole, they do not need to do, therefore the majority of people kept camp there. Zhao Hai to camp there looked that ” some Dwarf Race are practicing martial arts in there, but in their camp outside, after many commissions, is adventurerin toward camp that in there looks around to look, because has not ordered, they do not dare easily to enter camp, these Dwarf Race also being disinclined manage them. Zhao Hai to camp there, these Dwarf Race immediately saw Zhao Hai, two Dwarf Race immediately welcomed, bows to Zhao Hai said : elder, in you came to be quick request personally. Did Zhao Hai nodto that two person said : Yari Chinese elder?” That Dwarf immediately/on horseback said : Yari Chinese elder was saying in command(er) dig that you can look for him?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to call me the Yari Chinese elder, but asks him to drink the hotel. ” That Dwarf complied with one, turn around ran. Zhao Hai entered Dwarf Race camp with a smileDwarf Race camp although is a private residence, just the here people withdrew, now is given to delimit by Bass, has become Dwarf Race camphere did not have what fence or revolves the fence, cannot encirclejust Bass to issue the strict order camp, any Human Race can not close here easily, therefore these adventurers do not dare to run toward here.

Zhao Hai welcomethen ask to be excusedZhao Hai to look at one that Dwarf to place that the Yari Chinese lived inhere is only a yardrelative independence, but also is not a Yari Chinese person lives in here, in this yard also has many Dwarf Racethese Dwarf Race to be busy own matternot coming to speak with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also doesn't blame they, he know that Dwarf Race is this temperament, in Dwarf Race, Dwarf in doing, even if were Patriarch came, they will not salute, this was that the custom of Dwarf. How did Zhao Hai sit down the Yari Chinese to arrive in courtyardto enter courtyard to laugh before long said : mister you to have the time to ask me to drink?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : nothing, asks you to drink two cups , and other Elven Race, wants to come them also soon to come.” The Yari Chinese smiles said : they to be possible not to have us to be quick, must say after mister this Space Divergent Technique , is really the convenience thinks that wants to go to there in the blink of an eye to arrive, this demon leaves our Dwarf Iron Mountain to fear that has to the thousand li(500 km), actually just walked several steps to arrive, was really convenient. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „” several days Beastman Race also to send one team of people to come likely, when the time comes demon here lived it up. ” The Yari Chinese smiles said : „, our Dwarf Race and Beastman Race broke the relation a long time this time to see Brother Beastman, to was really the good deed. ” Beastman Race and Dwarf Race temperament has some similarities, therefore relationship of beforehand two clans are very good, but afterward Human Race suppressed different race, Dwarf Race drew back returned to Dwarf Iron MountainBeastman returned to Beastman Prairie, two clans slowly broke the relation, now can in here met ” the Yari Chinese at heart be very happy. Is preparing in Zhao Hai with the Yari Chinese drinks, suddenly out of the door runs Dwarf Raceto them to bow said : Yari Chinese elder, Zhao Elder Hai, outside has a Human Race soldier outside the city present an air force, proximity slowly, possibly is being Elven Race, asking Zhao Elder Hai to have a look in the past. ”! ~!