Zhao Hai has stood, turns the head „to Yari Chinese said : please with your drinking well one cup, now looked like does not have this opportunity. Elven Race these fellow although fighting strength are good, but is a little arrogant, to be honestI do not like having to do with them, but they are also one on Ark Continent, we cannot abandon two them Reason that Zhao Hai dares to say these to Yari , because he knows, after previous time matterDwarf Race looked that Elven Race was not quite pleasing to the eyes. although Billy knows that these Great Elder and Crown Prince how to him , because they are the Radiant Church people, but Billy actually also very clear, Elven Race looks down upon Dwarf Race actually real, this lets Billy anger. But after Billy returned to Dwarf Iron Mountain, ” also said to his clansman this matter, Dwarf Race is such disposition, in their eyes does not rub point sand, therefore Dwarf Race puts not to have what good impression to Elf now, to cope with Demon Racetherefore Dwarf Race has not lived the conflict with Elven Race. Dwarf Race also Hu Shi has the capital of doing this, weapon that opportunity has plenty that they and Human Race contact, they manufacture in Human Race here very popular, but therefore they can obtain large quantities of commodities from person there especially, can in several big different race, what their days pass are best. But Elven Race arrogant completely is the motion that in the one type of bone passes, the incomprehensible one type of motion, can say, in does not have before Dwarf Race contacts, their day does not feel better, in contacts after Dwarf Race, in Dwarf Race helps in the situation that they sell some artwares, their days slowly felt better. In this caseElven Race looks down upon Dwarf Race unexpectedly, Billy their there can bear, but can also obtain the relative importance in them well, therefore not with Elven Race cause disturbance , but this gap was actually lived. Therefore Zhao Hai can feel relieved bold was in front of Dwarf Race saying that Elf malicious remarksthis not only will not cause Dwarf Race dislike, their counter- with Zhao Hai pro- secret. As soon as the Yari Chinese listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed said : line, you had a look at these fellows I to think that quickly understandwhy now these Elven Race people are not better than our Dwarf Race temperament, was too strange. ” Zhao Hai one hear of Yari Chinese said that also cannot help but laughs said : „, was too interesting was good, the Yari Chinese, waited for the time I to ask you to drinkwalks. ” The Yari Chinese nodded said : well that I’ll wait for you. ” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, turn around walked.

Left Dwarf Race campreally a Human Race soldier to stand in there, that soldier looked at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately/on horseback has seen mister to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : „, just the soldiers in West District city looked at distant place sky to have a spatial point probably are Spacehe make me invite mister. ”, Zhao Hai nodded said : to walk, has a look.”, Said that he summons Bone Dragon, a capture that soldierbody one vertical to the head of Bone Dragon, dragon's head two wing rackets, shoots up to the sky. That soldier some[ is popular] exerts, standing of some fears in the head of Bone Dragon, this is his first time flies in sky ”, moreover stands in a head of Bone Dragon, this lets his ten points[ is popular] exerts. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at western city wall there, Bone Dragon fell slowly, Zhao Hai has put that soldier, this gained ground sky of look at distant place. sky fair and honest of distant place in piece of black spots in the quick proximity, quick Zhao Hai on presentthat is not piece of black spots, but is red, then Zhao Hai can affirmwas the Elven Race person comes certainly. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback stood the head of Bone Dragon, Bone Dragon has carried on the back Zhao Hai to fly getting upto move forward to meet somebody, quick that piece of black spots getting closer and closer, slowly before Zhao sea surface not the far place, Zhao Hai looked ” is really the Elven Race person, majority was archer, only then a few Magician, looked like that several Magician takes the lead. Zhao Hai also saw an acquaintance, Gellar virtue 1 i, the Elven Race little princess, she led unexpectedly personally, Zhao Hai Bone turn around, flew with Gellar shoulder to shoulder, Zhao Hai turned the head to welcome Gellar Captain to Gellar said :, Captain please come with me.”, Said that Zhao Hai flies toward in the city one, before Elf clan of there, Bass to camp that keptthis camp also passed through careful cleaning, wanted to be cleaner than Dwarf Race and Beastman Race camp. Gellar has not said anything, command(er) these Elven Race people are flying toward demon there with Zhao Hai, these time arrives at demon here archer with Gellar, mostly was harp Sagittariuspopulation is 5000 people, before Zhao Hai alone arranges in a Demon Capital City rich person area them, the there environment was better on some on the other hand. After Gellar they fall, Zhao Hai led Gellar they to be familiar with their camp environment ” then Gellar Captain to Gellar said : „, here did not have your camp, I have issued the strict order, without my order, will not enter your camp any Human Race to the army, if one dares to enter your camp casually, can allow you to kill it, the commodity that you needed, has prepared, if there is anything to request, can send for looking for me directly, can be told Demon Capital City defense general by these soldier, now please. Gellar Captain sees the in the city garrison troops general with me. ” Gellar nodded said : well, elder invited.” Zhao Hai nodded, leading Gellar to walk Zhao Hai actually to note to have two qin and sword Dual Cultivation big Warrior has followed in GellaroutwardZhao Hai not to care, Gellar after is the Elven Race little princess, the careful point is always good.

But arrival of this Elven Race, compared with the Dwarf Race arrival time must make a stir, thinks that is Elven Race, on Continent the most beautiful race, entire Demon Capital City has caused a stir, these mercenary and adventurerswere filled with the path person. These mercenary see the Gellar appearance, each and every one[ is popular] the again eye that exerts is red, some mercenary blew unexpectedly. The sentry post, was not swept by the eye of Zhao Haistiffly suppressing. Gellar they regarding person who these surround also is not very familiar with, three people are cold a face with are being the time are paying attention to that two some people's responses in Zhao Hai side that two big Warrior, probably feared that will have to be disadvantageous to Gellar anytime. Zhao Hai to has not cared, now in Demon Capital City has plenty mercenary and adventurer, these person generally family backgrounds are not very good, they come to demon here, withwants by own family member to live better that own life changes money, these people ignore the life and death, therefore their line stages a rebellion lawlessly. However Zhao Hai wants to warn them to be the same, Elven Race person colorful broadcasts, if these fellows have dared the bad thoughts, guarantees does not permit some bold fellows to dare to run up to Elven Race camp there to cause trouble. Zhao Hai stopped, Gellar somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has swept some these mercenary and adventurers, deep voice said : I don't care you in here are any status, but I must tell you one, now Elven Race, Dwarf Race Beastman Race is our allies, is ally that my Zhao Hai invited ”, if who dares to be impolite to themdoes not need them to begin, my Zhao Hai first under the hand/subordinate was not forgiving, do not think the world chaos, you finished up in here noisily can be inescapable, I told you, if you have done the misdemeanor in Demon Race here, even if were runs up to the horizon to go, my also your exterminateI lived up to one's words, therefore you best to receive to me the improper small thoughts, otherwise I did not mind that lets in my undead army in many several people. ” Said that Zhao Hai coldly look at these person, this led to cover look at they to walk. These mercenary and some adventurer Zhao Hai said that actually really honest, in these mercenary and adventurers, the has plenty people have the criminal record, they have done the misdemeanor in other places, could not stay in Continent other places ”, therefore can only arrive at here to come. These fellows also really have some are bold, after seeing the Elven Race beautiful appearance, but also had the will of the people really a little small thoughts, in their opinion, so long as capture Elven Race, gave that Great Noble on Continentthat is riches and honor for a lifetime, moreover now on Continent immediately will be the chaos will havethem to believe that did badly howeverthen to rush to other place free and unfettered to be merry in here, simply nobody can catch them. However the threat of Zhao Hai is actually effective, must say that these lawless people most fear who, that first on was Dark Magician, on Continent the hearsay about Dark Magician mostly, listening to the person to say some Dark Magician, even can the soul imprisonment of person in his body[ body], then asked that his family in there, in the family had who, then made this person go his body person to kill. But was imprisoned the person of soul, regarding all that oneself make is knows that but he by his control, still will actually not be, then said on equal to is, their look at helplessly killing of their fellow each and every one, such pain, almost nobody can withstand.

Therefore on Continent no matter the ferocious person, they will be afraid Dark Magician, because Dark Magician computes labor in terms of money evil existence compared with them. But on Zhao Hai Continent ominous strongest Dark Magician outside, these adventurers in lawless, does not dare to disregard the threat of Zhao Hai. After a Zhao Hai such threat, these mercenary and adventurers were really honest, they did not dare to act unreasonably, most tube that now entire Demon Capital City here, says was Zhao Hai, they offended Zhao Hai, don’t know how that died absolutely, they did not have that courage to dare the indifferent life and death ”, therefore can only honest was staying. Zhao Hai was bringing Gellar to General's Residence there, introduced Gellar to Bass, said to Gellar her duty, these time asked Elven Race to come, was makes them feel the battlefield the atmosphere, simultaneously at an appropriate time will make them start with the Demon Race junction, the foundation with the experience that Demon Race battled, Zhao Hai has not looked at them to kill many Demon Race people, the Elven Race population were too few, Zhao Hai does not dare by them extremely in the risk. 【...... Chapter 703 threat writing renews quickly......】 a!!