After Gellar explain/transfer ends duty, Zhao Hai Gellar delivers the shell to their camp, but he actually cannot idle, he must meet Elephant clansman. Must say that the Beast King working efficiency is also very high, Zhao Hai just said didn't have long time, his there prepared unexpectedly, had asked Beast King, Zhao Hai only knows, Beast King has not made Elephant clansman gather to Beast God City this city, but in their clan there set, then on there, Zhao Hai directly went to there to take the person to be OK, as the matter stands has saved a lot of time, so long as made the Hawk Clan person deliver a letter is OK. Zhao Hai one hear of Beast King said that cannot help but sighed Beast King management Old Daoist, appears of his immediately from Space in shape Human Race camp not far away. Like the Human Race pasture, in Prairie is very goodalthough their temperament heat about ”, but must really be hits, they did not fear that on Prairie any race, they are also one of the War Clan on Prairie becoming famous. Is much higher than general Beastman Race like Human Race, the height before five meters, some shape people even can as long as six to about seven meters height, their in hand weapon also very special, their in hand weapon is divided into two typesMace of one type is large size, this weapon must be too more than Mace that general Beastman Race uses for both hands weapon ” ” many are strong/sturdy that very some beast bone make ”. But their another weapon bends the bow, but this bending the bow does not cause with the hand ”, but with their noses, spread a few words saying that on Continentlooked like the nose of Human Race their and is more flexible, these words had the truth. Like Human Race in hand Mace, brandishes to have thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength, each stick exits, is potentials of as powerful as a thunderbolt, but they Scimitar that uses the nose to cause, what actually walks is the light and lively small seven routes, Scimitar causes with their noses, is similar to bell Yang Guajiao, not having the mark may seek, is Blade Technique that on Continent became famous. When Zhao Hai arrived at looked like Human Race campthem to gather to have twenty thousand to look like the Human Race soldier and twenty thousand fights the shape, can regard Cavalry to use like Human Race, can regard Infantry to use, but they, if became Cavalry, the lethality did not have Infantry to be big, because looked like Human Race beast relative, their was not quickalso on equal to said that was Cavalry kills the impulse, so long as meets some Battle Formation armies, will not be attacked break the formation by likely Human Race Cavalry ”, because their degrees could not achieve that degree. If regards Infantry to shear them, is different, like Human Race Infantry each step is the steady advancement, although is not quick, but actually gives people one type of to withstand great pressure same imposing manner, little has the army to withstand the pressure. But like the Human Race war shape, is their beast relative, generally is not used to ride, these wars look like although not to be quick ”, but the carrying a heavy load ability level is strong ”, moreover when looks like Human Race coordinates to make the war, they do with also very big.

When Zhao Hai harnesses Bone Dragon is arriving to look like Human Race encampment, that twenty thousand soldier has prepared ”, but looks like Human Race Patriarch to wait for Zhao Hai in there. Like Human Race Royal Family is on Prairie the most famous raceknown as silver Elephant Clan, their skins are the silver-white colors, probably is the same in the remarkable silver light, this is doing of their skin uses, their skin defense capability veryin adding on likely the strength of personthey on Prairie absolutely is terrifying existence. Zhao Hai outside looking like Human Race encampmentmade Bone Dragon fall, like Human Race Patriarch saw that Zhao Hai cameimmediately/on horseback to move forward to meet somebody, bowed said : to look like Human Race Baht to see Crown Prince Your Highness to Zhao Hai.”, Zhao Hai returned a courtesy said : to see Baht Patriarch Baht Patriarch to be too polite hastily, has not thought really that you such quickly prepared. ” Baht smiles said : to see the Your Majesty letter, Baht has not dared to neglect, our Beastman Race already wants to fight with Demon Race, has not actually thought that we looked like Human Race first to be chosen this fortunately are really we look like the Human Race luck, therefore my immediately made child son gather, Crown Prince Your Highness can take away them at any time. ” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at these shape people, nodded said : these time present demon there really unable to leave the person on trouble Patriarch, I did not remain in here, later in looks for Patriarch to drink. ” Baht smiles said :, Crown Prince was polite, later you came, I well arrive certainly to entertain you.”, Zhao Hai laughs said : well, that settled.”, Said that he waves, in his appears Space rift, Zhao Hai that we were not many to Baht said : remained, Patriarch invited.” Baht nodded, beckoned with the hand ” this year's light shape Human Race soldier to walk, Baht to Zhao Hai said : this is my son Barres, his these time is Commander of this team of soldiers, Crown Prince Your Highness has any matter to tell freely he does. ” Barres immediately/on horseback bows said : to see Crown Prince Your Highness to Zhao Hai.” His sound magnanimity verybuzz the sound buzz the air/Qi, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, prepares to walk.” Barres has complied with one, gets down command(er) these armies slowly entered in Space rift. When all shape people entered in the crack, Zhao Hai then turned the head to bow to Baht said : Baht Patriarch, I walked, waited for the time to look like Human Race here to disturb.” Baht Zhao Hai bows, Zhao Hai then entered Space rift.

Zhao Hai comes out from Space rift, Barres led these shape people on the plain of demon this distant place to build up, Zhao Hai looked that they prepared, this turned the head to nod said : to follow me to Barres, in the city already to the place that you prepared living, first went to in the city to rest.” Barres complied with one, command(er) the army was walking toward in the city with Zhao Hai. But the here in the city person also saw Zhao Hai their this only army, but looks to arrive in Bone Dragon head Zhao Hai, in the city these people know that reinforcement came, they naturally are[ is popular] exerts. although said three clan times reinforcement is not many ”, but this regarding the in the city morale influence is actually very big, in the city these soldiers know that these reinforcement are three big different race people, this expressed three big different gentlemen official has dispatched troops, this absolutely is good information. Quick Zhao Hai was bringing these Elephant clansman to their camp, must say that these Elephant clansman camp underwent the special choice, was some quite big houses, if the house were not very bigthese Elephant clansman simply not to have the means to enter the room. But the arrival of this Elephant clansmanhas not looked like Dwarf Race and Elven Race that causes a stir, after all these years must say with Human Race contacts many are Beastman RaceBeastman Race and Human Race once for a while will explode a war, therefore Human Race regarding Beastman Race not too many favorable impressions. although Buddha Empire here does not border on Beastman Prairie, even if lives the war, does not close their anything matter, but this after is the fights of two races, therefore Human Race does not have what good impression regarding Beastman Race is also understandable. After looking like Human Race to settle down is good, this is true relaxing , the arrivals of these three big different race armies, true realization made Demon Capital City here defense strength stronger, moreover can make these three big different race know ahead of time Demon Race fighting strength, this absolutely was the good deed. Not only demon here, later three big different race armies also slowly will enter to Buddha Empire in ” the army together coordination with Buddha Empire, horse entire Buddha Empire slowly turns into a giant battlefield. These time was on Continent all race alliance got up, also the don’t know God Race there situation how, Zhao Hai is worried about God Race there now. After arranging these people, Zhao Hai was leading Berry returned to in Space, now Laura they got up, to eat meal, this Zhao Hai of tossing about somewhat was also hungry, after several people have eaten meal , in returned to was polite, the Zhao Hai look at screen, outside the city these Demon Race still did not have what sound, this arrived lets some Zhao Hai worries.

After these Demon Race came, wants such peaceful first builds the city? Is this probably not too likely the Demon Race in standard? This what's the matter? However now Zhao Hai wants also to be empty wisheshe now and other time, when so long as that bottle of God Rank Potion withdraw, has promoted Xu Wanying level, Zhao Hai in hand had four God Rank Expertwhen the time comes he to lead these Undead Creature army, well taught to Demon Race these fellow one. Time not this slowly passedoutside weather to get dark, was one day passedfrom Demon Race appears to the present already past three days, both sides although had fighting of some small scale, did not have what loss, looks like to the present in the peaceful coexistence. However Zhao Hai actually very clear, this simply is not the peace, this is just the tranquility before storm, the Demon Race person, is waiting for these God Rank Expert to restore their fighting strength, but Zhao Hai also, his and other Potion makes, so long as Potion makes, Zhao Hai immediately will carry on attack to Demon Race. After originally Zhao Hai wants waited for God Race there to have the response, ” in taking an action, but God Race there was actually slowly had not responded that this made Zhao Hai somewhat be worried, therefore he thinks that coped with Demon Race to have a look ”, if can repel Demon Race, he can cope with God Race with single-hearted devotion, even if cannot repel Demon Race, must make them know fierce of his Zhao Hai, avoid their line staged a rebellion unscrupulously. A night of safe, Zhao Hai comes out from Space next day, looked to outside base operation's base there, Zhao Hai yesterday does not have Gentes they to pass the night in base operation's base here, although they now are 9th level Expert, but they are different from Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai command(er) these Undead Creature, do not need to use spiritual force, but they are differenttheir command(er) these Undead Creature to need spiritual force, reason that Zhao Hai makes them daytime defend in here, is actually is exercising their spiritual force. Zhao Hai very clear , to promote Potion although very useful, can promote 9th level their level, but after the promotion, they are also need to adapt to 9th level this strength some time, therefore Zhao Hai makes them daytime defend a city outside, making them use spiritual force to come control these Undead Creature, is gives them an exercise opportunity, lets them regarding 9th level spiritual force, the use handy.! ~!