These two Heavenly Demon Race have not come attack, Zhao Hai actually not to idle, he distinguishes with Barres, Yari and Gellar met, then three people on approximately, met with Bass, after all later Demon Capital City here, needs everyone/Great Clan to protect together. After several people met, discussed after one next , the matter that moves, Dwarf Race now main duty or dig said that first dug saying that several tunnels. Naturally, Dwarf Race dig has not needed that many people, therefore they can also dispatch troops to help everyone/Great Clan together defend a citylook like Human Race are also, the point that their these time comes to defends a city, therefore they must send out the army, goes on patrol on city wallfeels embarrassed them who this is not intends, but must let the situation convenience of their familiar Demon Capital City here city wall as soon as possible after the fight. But Elven Race present duty was quite simple, Zhao Hai will certainly carry on the war with Demon Race outside, but Elven Race duty is when Zhao Hai and Demon Race war, they by swimming Cavalry situation appears , carry on attack in the surrounding with the remote precision to Demon Race. although Elven Race has plenty qin and sword Dual Cultivation big Warrior ”, but must know that like this big Warrior, they fight in the ground generally, carries on the handata-titleo-hand fighting in Space, they may not have to study, really if to Demon Race, that can suffer a loss ”, but these big Warrior, may be Elven Race fighting strength strongest existences, if makes them in letting the Demon Race close combat has to damage, that may on too the gain does not equal the loss. However as the matter stands had a trouble, this trouble is actually not other, but is Elephant Clan there comes, Elephant Clan fighting strength has about half onthese wars at their wars to look like the although motion not to be quicklikely, but their defense strength very astonishing, moreover meets some Earth element Magicfacing fightingthem regarding the help of Elephant clansman be very in a big way but two Demon Capital City here city wall is not very widebut these fight the alike build not to be small, therefore these fight are almost cannot come up likely city wall. Fights the shape unable to come up city wallfighting strength of although to Elephant clansman to have some influences, but will not be big, after all this is defends a city, but puts these multi- fighting strength formidable war not to need Zhao Hai somewhat not to give up likely ”, but looks like does not have what good means now, can only make these wars look like in the city to help to carry on the transportation of some commodities. In order to prepare to the attack of Demon Race, Zhao Hai this several days also to let these Human Race soldiers, these earth that Dwarf Race digs, has carried on the reinforcement to entire Demon Capital City city wall, is feared that Demon Capital City here city wall will be given to shatter by a charge of Demon Race. Two days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai now actually not in Demon Capital City ”, but Laura in Spacethey also, him stood before this Universal Machinein having two minutesUniversal Machine can that bottle of God Rank Potion manufacturing. Is standing Xu Wanying in the Zhao Hai side, when Xu Wanying heard that Zhao Hai must use God Rank Potion, gives when him raises promoted into God Rank Expert, he one tarrieshe also to know that has a God Rank Potion such matter, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai meets first to use on his body. However in Zhao Hai explained after him, Xu Wanying also understandwhy Zhao Hai must use God Rank Potion to him, Xu Wanying to has not said anything, after the Black Wasteland there matter arranges, on immediately/on horseback to Space.

Palpitations that the look at Universal Machine above digit keeps, the heartbeat of people one by oneatmosphere is also also getting more and more tense along with that digital beat. This is Zhao Hai first time uses this God Rank Potion to promote God Rank Expert, said not anxious there fake, so long as promoted God Rank Xu Wanying, on the strength by their present, completely has with the ability that Demon Race fought, so long as were giving other people some timethey to have many God Rank Expert, when the time comes struck back Demon Realm to go to also the sheep Demon Raceis not the difficult matter. Tenth, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one! „The Potion manufacture is completed, please as soon as possible gather.” Said not big small jar appears before Zhao sea surface. This small jar be only palm of the hand sizeis ordinary glass jarnot anything specially, in this jar, half most under dark blue Potion, this Potion color very beautiful, looks like like dark blue ocean, transparent, does not have point impurity. Zhao Hai takes up this jar, looked, looked at Universal Machine one, cannot bear said :, this also Taikeng father, that many medicinal herbs finally caused such vial Potion, was really. ” Said that gave Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow you to prepare the bottle medicinal preparation, adjusted own condition finally, then drinks this bottle of Potion. ”, Xu Wanying careful has raised this bottle of Potion, bows said : is, Young Master, my immediately goes.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, if this bottle of Potion can make your Doppelganger have the God Rank Expert strength, our anything did not need to fear, if did not have promotion not to need to fear that Space here cannot plant medicinal herbs in any case, did not have relationship. ” Xu Wanying complied with said : is Young Master, that Off I go. Zhao Hai nodded, Xu Wanying takes Potion to walk toward in the room, Zhao Hai their also returned to living roomLizzy look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow this time can succeed?” Zhao Hai nodded said : success to be certain, Space has not disappointed me I have been feared that his these Doppelganger have not achieved God Rank, if in that case, our strengths will reduce, can only spell with Demon Race hardly. ” Berry frowns said : also don’t know Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow this time to use how long, I felt that Demon Race these God Rank Expert soon restored, if they fully restored, we troubled.”

Zhao Hai sighed said : several days to wait, do not think that did not have these God Race Expert, Demon Race was good to cope, Demon Race self-exploding, the strength was very astonishing, this point Berry you should know.” Berry nodded said : I to know that the Demon Race person regards to defeat to be captured for the shame, therefore they have defeated, generally will also choose self-exploding, but 9th level Expert, if has put together self-exploding, is absolutely possible to wound God Rank Expertthis is Demon Race that body level is formidable God Rank Expert. ” Zhao Hai nodded, this is he most dreaded that Demon Race place, their simply does not fear death, they regard the war are the life, regards to defeat for the shame, a such race, no matter puts there is fearful existences. Laura they, as soon as listened to a Berry such saying, was the complexion big change, they have not thought of Demon Race person unexpectedly such aggressive, if in both sides fought, suddenly had several Demon Race self-exploding, lethality that created, was very big. Does Laura hidden in Demon Race have 9th level Expert to meet self-exploding to Berry said :?” Laura shook the head said : is not in Demon Race wants above 5th level, no matter Demon Race or Magic Beast, can self-exploding, because Demon Race and Human Race are different, what Human Race practice is Battle Qi and Magic, but Demon Race although also practices these, but has arrived at 5th level time, will actually have Demon Pill to come, so long as[ body] in appears Demon Pill, they have been able self-exploding, but other low level Demon Race, self-exploding gets up Might is also not very big, looks like 5th level Demon Race or Magic Beast, if they self-exploding, most on will kill or will wound 6th level7th level on must. In order to block their self-exploding ”, if 7th level self-exploding, can threaten the 8th level Expert life, if 8th level self-exploding, that general 9th level Expert were also very difficult to block. ” The worried looks on Laura their face were heavier, 8th level Expert self-exploding can threaten 9th level Expertalso the person in in other words Demon Race, if self-exploding of some 8th level Expert in Zhao Hai undead army, can threaten these undead absolutely, but Zhao Hai undead army, absolutely is Main Force of Human Race and God Race and Demon Race to war, now looks like, careful before Zhao Hai is correct. although the Zhao Hai body can Crystallization, almost nobody be able to break now, but Zhao Hai to the present with true God Rank Expert to fighting, the don’t know God Race Expert attack strength how, if God Rank Expert can break the Crystallization body of Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai was dangerous. said it, even if they cannot break the Crystallization body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai impossible, no matter what a person is defeating God Race and Demon Race, these Undead Creature army are very useful. How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, showed a faint smile said : to be good, did not need to be worried, now God Race didn't there have the sound? So long as their there had sound, we can make have arranged, now their these do not have the sound, my counter- was worried.”

Laura nodded said : „” also don’t know these God Race to be up to mischief in there, but can affirm, so long as they move, certainly will not be small-scale, so long as they will move, certainly will be as powerful as a thunderbolt, we must add carefully are good. ” Zhao Hai nodded, frowns said : you saying that they to Ark Continent here come except for the army that sending 9th level Expert composes, what method will also have? I remember that beforehand Iron Hammer has said that” difficult they to find what better means more inadequate than to Ark Continent Demon Race to Ark Continent here also wantingfrom God Realm? ” Laura they also knit the browsthey unable to guess that God Race is having any ideathey also to be able regarding Demon Realm here from Cai'er and Berry here obtains some information, but God Race there they are actually the places that point information cannot obtainthis is they most is also worried about. The enemy who you understand is not fearfulyou to find out all sorts of methods to defeat him, the enemy but who you do not understand is fearful, what card in a hand because your don’t know he hasyour don’t know his next step to do, this most fearful enemy. God Race these years in the arrangement of Ark Continent here, are certainly more than Demon Race, but Demon Race moved nowbut God Race there is a sound does not have, this lets Zhao Hai cannot feel the brains the time, feel headache. Zhao Hai does not fear underestimated God Race, God Race sent a person to get down in the past, making Heaven and Earth turning upside downthese time has prepared tens of thousands years of Ark Continent here, what methods does not know their. However Zhao Hai knows, what method no matter God Race has, he must then, dare then, and with the according to strongest counter-attack!! ~!