! After Xu Wanying static sitting in own in the room, he has not drunk that bottle of God Rank Potionhe just controlled one's breathing, now team his condition is the best condition, but he has not drunk that bottle of Potionhe to take that attire Potion small jar, turning look at. although in hand in rotating that small jar, however Xu Wanying thoughts actually not , in this jarhis thoughts have flown him and Zhao Hai first meeting, at that time they were the enemies, he was Assassin, has does not have tomorrow Assassin today. However now, now he is 9th level Expert, he is Buda Family Steward, arrives at Continent there, so long as mentions own name, even if will be these millennium Great Clan also to oneself several faces, now immediately must become unexpectedly God Rank Expert, existence of entire Continent second God Rank Expertthis Continent most apex besides Young Master. All these are Young Master give, his too clear present Continent was any situation, now Continent real very dangerous, do not look that Demon Race has not attacked now, but they wanted to kickfeared that was Young Master also is very difficult to block them. Before a Xu Wanying not only time lamentation own strength was too low, cannot add on the Zhao Hai anything gang, so long as became God Rank Experthe can add on Zhao Hai. Xu Wanying has not thought must carry to sentence Zhao Hai, this, not only because of Blood Oath, at the matter, Blood Oath is not big regarding the 9th level Expert use, but Xu Wanying has not actually betrayed the Zhao Hai thoughts, because his all arehe who Zhao Hai gives are impossible to betray Zhao Hai. Xu Wanying recovers, in the eye full was firm facial expressionhe has decided that that feared that was he became God Rank Expertthat feared was his 1000 Doppelganger turned into God Rank Expert, he has also followed in the Zhao Hai side, was Zhao Hai has stood. Thinks of here, Xu Wanying suddenly felt that an own loosen, the one type of unprecedented relaxed feelingmakes him feel own bones becomes two taels(100g) lighter at heart. Xu Wanying look at that bottle of Potion, showed a faint smileto turn on stopperto raise head to drink, a rushing strength entered his endo-abdominal along with Potion, started to batterwhy this strength in his body is such as tyrannical, Xu Wanying felt that own body was flushed fragment by this strength probably ”, but he has not been afraid, he believed Zhao Hai, he believes that Zhao Hai will not harm him, therefore he clearly was only defending strictly the Spirit Platform emptying clear(ly), was let batterhe in own body by that energy has not been trying a control that strength, because his understand, by. His present strength, simply control does not live in that strength ”, therefore he can only wait. Now Xu Wanying felt one are at the one type of very unusual condition, he probably is already has been separated own **, he is standing in a very far place, under static look at, his soul has separated with his body probably, this condition very marvelous, he probably by observer all of angle look at here.

don’t know how long, Xu Wanying suddenly had felt that energy in own body has subsided completelywas operating in his meridians with the one type of unusual line. Xu Wanying knows one have succeeded, his successful feeling, own strength so formidablecompared with former don’t know many, but suddenly Xu Wanying also had enlightenment, he knows that his these Doppelganger have not become God Rank Expert. Xu Wanying sighed, has stood, felt the strength of body, then incurred Doppelganger, that Doppelganger or 9th level, have not arrived at Level 10, the Xu Wanying knitting the brows head, slowly has stood, walked toward outside. But at this time Zhao Hai was sitting in Space look at outside the city the situation, at the matter Xu Wanying enters to in the room and didn't have long time, in addition also about two hours. Heard the Xu Wanying door sound, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to look, Xu Wanying also arrived in the living room at this time, he bowed to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master.” Zhao Hai looked that on the face of Xu Wanying has a depressed colorcannot help but at heart to sink said :, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow? Hasn't succeeded?” Xu Wanying worried said : Young Master, has only succeeded half, I now was God Rank Expert, however my Doppelganger was also not.”, Zhao Hai to does not have too many disappointmentsinstead to is laughs said : not to have relationship, this was very good HaHaHa, you also think that failed, looked at depressed of your face. ” Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I just some one type of felt, one type of very unusual feeling, so long as I am drinking one bottle of Potion, all my Doppelganger can beautifully become God Rank Expert.” Zhao Hai stares, then two eyes bright said : really?” Xu Wanying nodded said : is Young Master, ” that feeling was very intense, I can affirm that not whether hope at heart, is the one type of feeling. ”

Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good not to need to explain that many, I believe you, Cai'er ” the second batch can be used to make Potion medicinal herbs, when can prepare? ”, Cai'er has calculated, said :, Young Master, minimum also requires five days.”, Zhao Hai nodded said :to favor these medicinal herbs, after medicinal herbs receives, you were needless to say with me that made Potion these medicinal herbs directly. Cai'er has complied with one. Zhao Hai turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, do not use to be too many, when that bottle of Potion systems come out, your immediately/on horseback drinks goes, when the time comes we had more than 1000 God Rank Expert, not Demon Race and God Race these fellows sweeping away.” Xu Wanying face excited look at Zhao Haisuddenly kneels next step to Zhao Hai: Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow thanked thanks Young Master.”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, held Xu Wanying got up said : well Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, did not want that many us is the whole family, do not speak these modesties, now we exit, this several days I have harbored evil thoughts, daily look at these Demon Race people constructed the city in there, we actually can only look at, we probably give these Demon Race person one to teach the society today to make them know that wanted in the there peaceful constructing city, was not that easy. ”, Xu Wanying has stood, one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : good Young Master, I have not fought with the Demon Race person, wants to know them really fiercely.”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to Berry said : Berry let's go, how I to have a look at Demon Dragon King their this time to cope with me. ” Said that three people walked from Space. To outside, Zhao Hai immediately has summoned Bone Dragon, three people stood Bone Dragon head then he to summon 1000 Undead Creature, but these Magic Beast Undead Creature also turned into human-shapestanding of densely packed to compose Rubik's Cube Great Formation in the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai often smiles, in a soft voice said :, Lizzy, Megan your command(er) Rubik's Cube army, if appears God Rank Expert, we naturally on blocking, today I must let Demon Race person understand, under Ark Continent here is not the place that they can come to casually, in my eye hides the fortification, they were too not serious me. ” Lizzy and Megan have complied with one in Space, undead army surely, slowly has pressed toward Demon Race camp, city that Demon Race person time must build not small, therefore the present other people are still laying the ground. Saw that Zhao Hai their such big a batch army has pressed, is sitting Demon Dragon King cannot help but complexion in camp here changes, such that just like Berry thinksthis camp here five God Rank Expert assume personal command now, but five people have not restored their strength, their strengths have not been able 100% wielding. Therefore Demon Dragon clan of that day sent out oneself under the hand/subordinate most Elite army to meet head-on Zhao Hai to make Zhao Hai understandtheir strength very strong, making Zhao Hai have scruples not to dare to come attack they. Naturally Demon Dragon King also presently Zhao Hai is God Rank Expert, to prevent Zhao Hai attacked him to let in that several God Rank Expert that here assumed reveal the aura of such faint trace specially, must make Zhao Hai know that their here had five God Rank Expertto make Zhao Hai do not act rashly. His plan, very successful, Zhao Hai truly has not moved heedlessly, everyday defends in Demon Capital City there, look at their fortifications bit by bit ”, but when several one, their strengths can fully restore, when the time comes does not need to fear that Zhao Hai looked their has troubled, they must look for the trouble of Zhao Hai. However Demon Dragon King has not actually thought that in just, his suddenly felt besides Zhao Hai, opposite party pair many two God Rank Expert aura, moreover opposite party immediately attacked, simply has not given them point opportunity.

Before Demon Dragon King has cannot help but smiled bitterlyhim, thinks that Zhao Hai is a character, but he has not thought that response of Zhao Hai unexpectedly so quick. But makes Demon Dragon King feel what worry is, why did the Zhao Hai side leave two God Rank Expertthese two people to come from there? If Ark Continent here has that many God Rank Expertthat their this time to attack Ark Continent, feared that was troublesome is big. But most lets is actually ” why Zhao Hai that the Demon Dragon clan does not struggle they can not by the Law influence of Ark Continent here, they are God Rank Expert ” can actually wield they strongest fighting strength in Ark Continent here, but they actually must be affected by Law, want, when for a long time can adapt, can wield 100% fighting strength, this is unfair. However now does not have the time to make him want to be too many, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : prepares to meet the enemy.” Simultaneously puts up own Black Dragon car(riage) to shoot up to the sky, but several other God Rank Expert also from flushed with Black Dragon king together. These God Rank Expert appearance also very special, the Black Dragon clan is a appearance of Royal Family, ride is Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank, but left him God Rank Expert ” is actually black full body armorsits down to ride a black warhorse, the four hooves and tail of warhorsebrave the flame, two blood red eyes, the body to grow the scale, understands at a glance fighting strength to be good, in his hand also takes a Knight soldier, on the waist is carrying on the arm Double-handed Broadsword, ” carries on the back also carries at the same time the shield, is very standard Knight installs unexpectedly. Left second, is actually a Magician appearanceincluding Lich clansman that the face files live, in the under foot of this Lich clansman, is stepping on a giant skeleton, looks at the appearance of that skeleton, probably is a suck blood bat. Near his right hand, stands wear leather armor archer, here in hand is taking jet black longbow, by the waist is carrying on the arm quiver respectively, in each quiver thinks of 12 all over the body jet black arrow. Second near his right hand, is standing a person of Dead-soldier appearance, this person of cotton garmenthas wrapped up the whole person, besides an eye, you cannot be seeing him to have any skin dew outside the body, his carrying on the back at the back of Rapier, could not be seeing other weapon.! ~!